The Faces of Vengeance


Caution: This Fiction Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Drunk/Drugged, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Fiction Story: Actions have consequences, and consequences have faces, faces that will eternally appear as ghosts of the past, as victims of our actions, including those whom we never intended to be touched by our sins. Actions have consequences, and consequences have prices that are far more than can be afforded.

When three girls out of a high school population of almost a thousand students can dominate, control, and create an unbearable life for everyone else, something is wrong, but that is the way it had been for three years, and it looked like my senior year of high school would be more of the same. Right or wrong, these three girls were the only daughters of the three wealthiest and most powerful families in our town, and most of the residents depended on these families' factories and warehouses for employment as we were a "company town", dominated by three factories that employed over seventy percent of the working people. Even if you didn't work for them, your small business depended on them, too.

It had not been just the high school years, but it had been our entire lives that these three girls had been given latitude to do as they wished, and anyone who did not like it, well, there were ways to make sure they paid for their insensitivity and arrogance. More than one family had been forced to find out-of-town employment and move away, some of them leaving behind houses that remained unsold until they had to be sold at auction for pennies on the dollar.

These three families controlled the main churches as well, serving on boards, providing major financial provision, and demanding moral behavior that met with their standards. They were abhorrently anti-abortion, professed loudly that contraception was an excuse to allow promiscuity and illicit sex, and would defend their positions with their power and money. The congregations had sat silently as numerous wonderful men of God had left the pastorates of numerous local churches because of the word being given by one or several of these powerful families.

The way the parents controlled the town was tantamount to a local mafia. No one ran for public office or held a public position of power unless they received the blessings of the powers that be. And none dared to cross them.

Learning from their parents, the three girls controlled the student body, and the teachers, too, for that matter, with the same sense of power and privilege.

So, although I knew that the best way to handle them was to stay quiet and out of their sight until graduation when I could move far away and never return, my eleventh-month younger sister was intent on exacting judgment and vengeance on the Society Hill Trio. It was the brainchild of my sister and I went along with it out of a sense of protection of my sister and the possibility of a taste of vengeance. As far as I could tell, the trio had no idea how much they hurt everyone with their sharp tongues, arrogant attitudes, superiority complexes, and their holier-than-thou morality, but neither could they imagine how two highly intelligent individuals could exact vengeance, but they would soon discover that life would never be the same for them.

Wendy had been the target of the three girls for years and I was the recipient of their disdain because I was not a jock. And, since Wendy and I were both top honor students, their jealousy and anger boiled even more. The real beginning of the problems started when Wendy had been blackballed from several high school clubs and groups because she offended one of the "Society Hill Trio" by refusing to be her tutor. She had already heard how they used tutors to do her homework, and then blackmailed them into submitting to their other devices, including providing sexual favors. Refusal was tantamount to declaring you were better than the "Society Hill Trio" (whom Wendy and I privately called "The SHiTs"). That was absolutely not acceptable to them and they would exact retribution.

So my sweet, loving sister concocted a plan to exact a final vengeance that would bring "The SHiTs" down from their lofty positions. The plan was simple, yet complex, and it involved making sure that the results were a permanent solution to their arrogance. It took almost three months of planning, observation, and research before Wendy came to me with the detailed plan and how it was to be implemented.

Wendy, who was a junior, scheduled Friday and Saturday dates with three freshmen who had been friendly. They were all nice guys and deserved to be treated kindly, so, after meeting them discretely, since she was a Junior, she drove them to a secluded location where the food she had prepared became a private picnic meal, followed by some 'get to know you' talk. Once she was sure they would be discreet, and had their promise of silence, Wendy allowed them to experience their first long session of necking and petting, with a promise of more opportunities if they were discreet.

The following weekend, she had dates with the same three freshmen, providing a picnic meal and opportunities for petting. This time, however, she went further than they could have ever expected. With clothing strewn around the blanket, she taught them the joys of oral sex, both giving and receiving. And she was such a good teacher and companion that the boys never questioned when she asked them to expend their semen into condoms rather than take the risk of any of their baby-makers accidentally finding their way "home" due to a momentary loss of control. She promised to properly dispose of the heavily loaded condoms, which she stashed in a zipper sandwich bag in her handbag.

Sunday evening Wendy came into my bedroom carrying a thermal soup cup like many used for carrying hot soup in their lunch.

"Guess what I have?" she asked sheepishly.

"I don't know," I replied, smiling because I knew what she had in the container.

"It was a lot of 'hard' work and required a lot of wonderful 'sacrifice' on my part, but I have the results of emptying a full box of condoms, and three sets of balls, I might add. And it is all staying nice and warm until we need it."

"And it's needed tonight, right?"


It was about midnight when we entered Cheryl the ringleader's yard. It wasn't as big and fancy a residence as everyone thought, but it did have a nice swimming pool, hot tub, and pool house. The SHiTs were doing their normal thing, having another overnight in the pool house apartment. Since Monday was a school holiday, we had anticipated that it would be 'behavior as normal' for them, and we were right.

Quietly, we slipped into the pool house.

Cathy was asleep on the couch and never made a sound as we slipped the ether-soaked handkerchief over her mouth and nose. Within seconds, she was limp as a leaf in the wind.

Mindy was asleep in the first small room on a daybed. It looked like this doubled as an office, but tonight, it was where the second of the trio was put into a deep sleep.

Cheryl was in the main bedroom, sleeping nude in a queen-sized bed. Within a few seconds, she was also out for the count.

Thus began 'Operation Impregnation.'

The SHiTs had made it very plain that they were all virgins because there was not a high school 'boy' worthy of having their virginity, and that, as a result, they had no need for contraceptives, since they were saving themselves for "a wealthy and handsome, real man from somewhere besides this hick town." And they had let it be known in physical education class that it had been "their week" only two weeks earlier, thus making the timing for the operation perfect.

Carefully, Wendy and I lifted Cathy's butt and placed two pillows under it, spreading her legs wide. With her exposed crotch displayed before me, I couldn't resist stroking her slit with my finger.

Wendy chuckled and reached for my crotch, squeezing me.

"Just what I thought!" she said disgustedly.

"What?" I responded, still stroking Cathy's now wet lips.

"She still makes you hot and horny!" she replied. "While you're admiring her hot little body, loverboy, why don't you check and make sure she's still a virgin, just in case she's a liar."

I nodded and began to stroke my fingers into her now wet and slippery slit and barely visible lips, then spread the inner lips open as wide as I could, exposing her vaginal opening and her intact hymen to the light of the flashlight.

We looked at each other for a moment, and then Wendy smiled wickedly and carefully inserted a very long plastic soda straw into Cathy's vagina, pushing it slowly and carefully until it was all the way into the furthest depths of her female reproductive anatomy. She then opened a box that held a medium diameter syringe, and three small bottles of viscous fluid. Opening one bottle, she filled the large syringe and stuck it into the end of the straw, emptying the contents forcefully into Cathy's pussy. Without hesitating, she stowed the syringe, then leaned over and blew thru the straw, clearing the straw of semen and, hopefully, pushing it into the right place for the 'little swimmers' to find what they needed. The sound of air escaping from her body sounded almost like a fart, but it confirmed that the straw's contents had been emptied deep inside the still-virgin diva.

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