Caught Her Cheating
Chapter 1

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True Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I caught my buddies wife cheating,including pictures of her.

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Reluctant   Heterosexual   Fiction  

Hanging out with my buddy next door the other day and he caught me checking out his wife.He laughed about it and said "Shes hot looking but shes a cold frigid bitch"

He also said shes been fucking around on me for a while, went on to say he didn't care he had a side piece too.

Me I just got laid off from my job for the winter months, so I'm home most of the time.So my buddy ask me to do some work in his basement for him.I told him sure, I wasn't doing anything away. So he gave me a key to the outside basement door.I went over one morning and started working when I heard a truck pull in the drive.I looked out the window and it was a guy.Kay let him right in so I knew she knew him.

I started hear giggling noise from up stairs, and heard footsteps going toward the back of the house.S0 I went up the steps and opened the door a little and could see down the hall into the bedroom. He had her bent over the bed feeling her up real good.He unzipped her dress and took it off her, showing her white lace panties and bra.He soon had her bra off, and went to town on those big damn tits.Finally he pulled her panties off and fucked the shit out of her!! I mean her was pounding that pussy hard.Had her screaming out, she sure must have liked it.They fucked for quit a while, till he finally busted a good nut in her pussy.

He told her he would see her next week, and left.

Me being a perv I pulled out my phone and took pictures! Only got a few showing her face, but a few would be enough.I thought if my buddy didn't care, why not try and fuck her too.

The next morning I went over and made some noise on purpose so she would hear me, she did.She yelled down the steps and I answered her.She ask me what I was doing and I told her.She she ok, and I yelled back and said "I was hear yesterday too.She said "you were" and I said in a firm voice YES.

After a pause I got the nerve up and yelled up the steps and said" I also know what happened too.She came down the steps and ask what do you mean.I told her to come hear and I would show her.She walked over and I had a pic of her up on my phone.It was a full front shot of her complete naked.

She turned white as a sheet.looked at me and ask where I got that.I told her I took them yesterday while she was getting fucked! I thought she was going to pass out.She started begging me not to tell Larry, said he would divorce her if he found out.She finally said I'll do anything, I shot right back anything.She reluctantly said anything.

I walked around her back, and reached up and slide my hands across her sides and up onto those big tits.She jumped away, and turned around and just looked at me.She knew what I wanted, for my silence.I told her if she didn't want me to tell, she had to come over my house tomorrow morning.She ask why and I told her, you know why.

A little back ground on Kay, she's got it made.Never worked a day in her life, A husband that makes real good money, a very nice home, car ect, two grown kids.Always very well dressed, and looking good, never a hair out of place.

Shes about 5 foot tall, kinda heavy but by no means fat.Very large tits, one super looking ass, long jet black hair.A MILF if I ever seen one.

The only reason I wanted to do it at my house is that I wanted more pics.So I set up all three of my camera up in my bed room.Played with them all evening getting them set up.

The next morning I heard a knock on the back door, and it was her.She looked hot as always, had her hair pulled back, nice low cut short dress.

I looked at her for a minutes, took her by the hand and lead her into my room.Turned her around, just where I wanted her.Sat down on my bed and told her to strip, but I said I would tell her what and when to take off.

I had her turn around and unzip her dress, then turn back around and take it off, slowly.She slowly pulled her dress over her shoulders and then it feel to the floor.She had on blue lace today, that bra was struggling to hold in those tits.I had her turn around and show me that ass.I turned her back around and and to pull her bra straps over her shoulders one by one.Then I had her pull one strap down till that big tittie popped out, then the other.Man that was hot watching that, those big ol tittie hung down a bit, but they sure looked good.

I motioned her toward me and I reached up from behind and got me two big handfuls of those tits.Nice and soft in my hands and those big brown nipples.I turned her around and starting sucking on those big tits.Giving those nipples a good work out, she likes to rough so what the hell.I started nibbling on her nipples, they got nice and hard ad poked out.I was playing with her ass the whole time, rubbing my hand across that lace covering her ass.I reached up and unsnapped her bra, leaned down and pulled her panties off.She stepped out of her dress and panties, and I told her to turn around and give me a nice look at that ass.She turned around and I put my hand on her back and she bent over.

Damn that was a sight, nice big ass, tight looking little butt hole and that nice hairy pussy, She had some nice big pussy lips, with a touch of grey in her bush.I reached up and ran my finger across her pussy lips a few times before sliding in her pussy.I fingered her foe a bit then pulled out and ran my finger up across her ass into her crack.I slide back down and slipped back into her pussy, pulling out again I ran my finger across her ass again, stopped and pushed on her butt hole.She pulled back and said 'NO". I said "ok" and dropped it.

I stood and dropped my pants, my hard cock jumped right out toward her.She looked down at my cock for a minute till in took her hand and put in on my cock.After a second or so she started jerking me.After a while I put my hands on her shoulders, she didn't get the hint so I pushed slightly.She looked at me and said "what". I said looked at her and then looked down at my cock.Then she got the idea, she spoke right up and said " I don't do that" I said "yes you do". She agian said she didn't, I said never and she said never.

I said to her at her age (min 40s) she has never sucked cock.She said no, never that is sick.she said.I knew right then what I wanted. Virgin lips!I said well you will do it for me ... right.She didn't say anything at first, till I said you told me anything.She looked like a kid that was waiting on a ass busting from the old man.

I pushed down her on shoulders again and she slowly and very reluctantly got down on her knees.My cock rubbed up onto her cheek and she pulled away.She wouldn't even look at it, I guess she was telling the truth about sucking cock.I took my cock in one hand and her head in the other.I turned her head toward me at the same time i moved my cock toward her.My cock head rubbed across her cheek onto her lips.She tried to pull away but couldn't.I rubbed my cock across her lips and cheeks.I finally sopped on her lips, she wouldn't take my cock in her mouth.I finally had to tell her to open her mouth.She did very damn little.I pushed my cock past her lips and felt her teeth rack my cock.

I pulled back turned her head up and told her she had to open her mouth farther.I let her go and took my cock and lead it back to her mouth.She opened up a little more, but I had to keep telling her to open more.Finally I stopped feeling her teeth.I said that is better. I stroked her mouth giving her direction the whole time, had her giving me a nice blow job, till I got greedy and gagged her.She pulled off and spit up, I thought she was going to get sick.I thought she looked good with cock slobber hanging off her chin.I pulled her back toward me and she oped up this time and I slide my cock right in.I wanted to gag her again so bad!!

I then told her to stick out her tongue and go down on me, she did and started gagging right away.She pulled off again, I puled her back to me again.I then stepped back, had her sit down and lean against the bed.It has been a fantasy of mine for a long time to mouth fuck a gal, even though of getting a hooker to do it.I stood in front of her and told her to open up.I took my cock in my hand and pushed it past her lips, as soon as I felt her loosed up I slide my cock deep into her mouth.She gagged but was trapped up against the bed and couldn't pull off.I felt her tighten up around my cock, so I pulled back and let her stop gagging.After she caught her her breath I started s roking her mouth, not enough to gag her, to much.Every once in a while I would slide it jut deep enough to gag her.

I wanted to make this last, so I stepped back and looked at her.She had cock slobber dripping off her chin all down between her tits, down onto her stomach.She was panting, her eyes were watering, making her make up run down too.She looked like a mess.

I stepped back toward her and she ask me to hurry up.I told her I was almost ready.She went back down on me, putting her hand on my hips.I took them off and leaned in and slide deep into her mouth.Gagged the hell out of her too, I pulled back and she stopped gagging.I knew what I wanted to do, feel the back of her throat.

I leaned in held her head back and slide my cock all the way in her mouth.I felt my cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged like hell.I pulled out to the tip and slide right back in.I knew this might be my only chance, so I pulled out again and pushed all the way in her mouth.I could feel her throat as she gagged on me.I also felt my balls slap up against her chin.I held there a second before pulling out, she leaned down and gagged.She said that was it she ws done and started o get up.I told her ok I wouldn't do that anymore and pushed her back down.

She looked up at me and told me one more time she would quit no matter what.I said and she went back down on me.I was almost ready anyway.I started stroking her my and my cock got harder, she knew I was getting ready to cum.She pulled off and ask if I was going to cum in her mouth.I told her i wanted t, she ask me not to so I finally said ok I wouldn't.

I stepped back and told her to how her tits up.She grabbed her wet tits and held them up.I jerked my cock a few times and reached up and held her head, I leaned in and started cumming, all over her face.My cum went up across her face into her hair and down across her face.She tried to pull away but I wouldn't let her.I shot the biggest load I have shot in a long time.Her face was covered with cum, it was running down her face and dripped onto her tits

She was trying to pull away and I finally let her go.She jumped the and up ran into the bathroom, calling me a asshole the whole time.

She was gagging and spitting, she finally came out still cussing me.

She grabbed her cloths, got dressed and stormed out.She called over about an hour later and ask about the pics, I told her I wasn't done with her, she hung up on me.

I went back over her place the next day, showed her some video of the day before.She was very mad and upset that I had taped us.I told her she was the one that was cheating and would continue to pay my price.

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