Neighborly Invasion
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including FemaleDom, Masturbation, Voyeurism, BBW,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Divorced 40-something George has a crush on the girl next door, Chrystal - a 15 year old cheerleader. On her mom too. Of course they do not feel that way about him, but they're friendly neighbors anyway

"His penis is even smaller than my brother's."

I need to go back in time a bit to explain how the 15 year old girl next door could know that.

And say this to her friends, with her mother (my neighbor) within hearing distance.

Let me introduce myself, although I don't think I'm special.

46 years old. Average length, average looks, although a bit out of shape. I'm a nice, gentle guy, I usually don't swear. My lady friends often say that I'm too shy, too slow, in the love and dating area.

There's a reason for that: I've been hurt quite a few times because of my small penis. It's a little over 3", sometimes I cheat and say that it's 4". With a webcam during online chats I can get away with that.

I've been married for about 15 years, until my wife (now ex-wife) finally decided she wanted a real man. I didn't know at the time that she wasn't even sure if our two daughters were really mine.

As an online entrepreneur I am home a lot, working 60-70 hours a week.

In the summer I enjoy my backyard, often being naked. I'm not an exhibitionist (because of what I mentioned earlier), but I really like feeling the sun rays on my bare skin.

Most of my backyard is private, although it can be seen by the neighbors when they're upstairs. The parents' bedroom is looking out over the backyard, so I never worried about the kids seeing me. And the parents ... well ... they're adults, right?

So I heard the girl – Chrystal – say to her friend "His penis is even smaller than my brother's".


They didn't know I could hear, but it was humiliating nevertheless. I blushed, I wanted to run, to disappear, but also wanted to hear the rest.

"Did he show it to you? You should report it to the police" her friend answered.

Chrystal laughed.

"No, he's not like that. I saw it when I was in mom's room. Mom saw it too. And Kevin".

Kevin is her brother. He's 12. He has a bigger penis than me.

I guess you can imagine why I'm insecure about dating and sex.

The mom joined the conversation: "Yes we've all seen him, and had a good laugh. He's a sweet guy, but it's clear why he's single".

They laughed.

I cringed.

I did not want to hear more of this.

Upstairs, in my study, I tried to focus on work, but I couldn't. The girl's words kept coming back in my mind.

I peeked outside – my study is at the back too – and saw the girls and the neighbor sitting in their backyard. The girls wearing bikinis, the neighbor – Angela – wearing a nice sun dress.

My little dick was getting hard, I often watch them while I jack off.

That's humiliating too, that I get aroused by watching a young girl in her bikini and a plump older lady who's completely dressed.

Yes, Angela is a bit of a BBW, never showing much of her body. Well ... she does show cleavage and bare shoulders, and sometimes pulls up her dress or skirt to feel the sun on her bare legs ... But that's all.

I was pretty sure they could not see me – this wasn't the first time, after all – and I masturbated, peeking through the window. Stroking my small dick, squeezing and pulling my balls...

I never need more than a few minutes.

Thinking about the girl, about touching and kissing her, smelling and tasting her. Fantasies about the Angela as well, imagining her large floppy breasts, sucking her nipples...

That always does it to me.

They were still sitting there, chatting and enjoying the sun, when I cleaned up and went back to work.

Still naked, sitting on a towel to protect my chair from getting sweaty and dirty.

The neighbors are a friendly family. We don't have a lot of contact, but we always greet or wave when we see each other. We had more contact after my divorce – it turned out they didn't like my ex-wife at all. But we don't really visit each other's house for coffee or drinks.

So I was a bit surprised when I heard the doorbell later that day, and saw the neighbor – Angela – standing there. I had put on trunks but nothing else, and decided to open the door anyway, knowing that she apparently had seen it all already. Worrying – of course – that she might have seen me in my room earlier.

"Hey George, can I come in for a minute? There's something I'd like to discuss."

I blushed and suddenly felt quite nervous, but I let her in anyway.

"I know it's much too ask, but ... Chrystal would like to learn playing the piano. We don't have one, and we don't want to buy one unless she really wants to go on with it".

I felt relieved. It was not about me peeking at them, or anything embarrassing!

Then I wondered. I do have a piano, and I can play reasonably well, but I don't do lessons. Although ... To have Chrystal around regularly for piano lessons ... my cock twitched.

"We discussed it with a piano teacher, who said she should practice daily."

I nodded. You cannot learn to play if you only play one hour per week during the music lesson.

"We thought, maybe she can practice here, a few times a week? I know we're not really close, but we've always gotten along well, right? Once she's serious about this for a couple of months, we will get our own piano".

Really? That hot little nymph spending time at my place, regularly?

I didn't reply right away, and Angela probably thought I was looking for words to refuse politely. Truth is, I immediately had this vision of Chrystal sitting at my piano in her bikini, and me casually stroking her bare shoulders when passing by.

"George? If it's a problem, don't worry. We don't want to impose on you."

"No ... no, it's not a problem ... I'd be delighted to have her here. I'm working most of the time, and she can use the headphones anyway."

Which is true. I don't use my living room a lot, and the piano is digital. Great for practicing with headphones on.

I didn't expect Angela to stand up and give me a hug.

"Thank you, thank you.

Shy and stiff I accepted the hug, not knowing how to respond. Being hugged while I was almost naked, my penis not entirely soft. I'm glad she didn't notice.

"How do you want to do this?" I asked.

We discussed what days and times would be best for her. But we didn't know exactly when Chrystal would be home from school every day, or maybe if she'd prefer to practice in the evenings.

I said it didn't matter to me much, "even when I'm watching tv it wouldn't bother me to have her around.".

We decided that she could just visit me when she wanted to practice, and take it from there.

Completely innocent (honestly!) I suggested: "I could even give her a key, so she can come in as well when I'm not around, or if I don't hear the doorbell".

At first Angela objected, but then gave in, since it would be a simple solution.

"Are you sure you don't mind? Her invading your privacy like that?"

No I didn't mind. Although I had not thought about all the consequences.

A few minutes after Angela left, she returned to my house together with Chrystal, to get the key and to tell Chrystal how it was going to work.

Chrystal hugged me as well. "Thank you George".

Then she sat down at the piano, switched it on and put the headphones on her head, tapping some of the keys.

Angela and I smiled at each other, confident that it would work out well.

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