Shared Guilt
Chapter 1

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Heterosexual, Polygamy/Polyamory, Oral Sex, Petting, Pregnancy, Voyeurism, Size,

Desc: Drama Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Three friends find themselves embroiled in a real unusual situation. Through some trial and error, they arrive at a solution that might really work.

I was only nineteen when this happened. I was living in a three bedroom house with my two best friends, Byron Headly and Greg Bowers. The three of us were enrolled in a few courses at the local community college, but we didn't take our classes too seriously.

Mostly, we drank beer and chased women from the college. We were much more successful at drinking beer than we ever were at chasing the women. The only time any of the three of us got laid, it was almost always because we had found a girl too drunk to have the good sense to refuse us.

I'm not talking about rape, or non consensual sex, nothing like that. I'm referring to the girl being so drunk that the idea of having sex with one of us seemed good to her. It happened, very seldom to be sure, but it did happen.

The three of us weren't exactly trust fund babies, but we did all have more money than was probably good for us. Byron's uncle had hired the three of us, back in high school, to work in his start up tech company. He didn't have any money to pay us any wages back then, but he promised us, if or when his company took off, that he wouldn't forget our helping him out.

Mostly, we drove around San Jose, picking up raw materials, or else delivering finished goods for him. None of us had any real technical skills. We were just his go'fers.

A year or so after we started working for him, a much larger tech company bought the little start up, for ninety-two million dollars, all cash. Dennis, Byron's uncle gave each of us one percent of the company, just prior to the sale. After taxes, the three of us ended up with a bit over seven hundred thousand dollars each.

Dennis also pointed us in the right direction, concerning which of the many other start up companies had actual growth potential. The three of us formed a small investment partnership, each putting in a half million, and bought shares in ten of the companies that Dennis thought might do the best.

Only three of the companies survived and did well enough to show us some return on our investment. The other seven all went bust, going bankrupt, without any fanfare.

Of the three companies that made it, only one of them really did well. Our sixty thousand dollar investment in them paid off at a multiple of one hundred thirty to one. The other two showed a return, but nothing even close to what that one big winner paid.

So, this is how we all ended up living in a nice three bedroom house, driving three sporty looking cars, and goofing off at the local community college, while we were all only nineteen years of age.

I should probably mention one other thing about my friends and me. None of us were good looking or popular. In the silicon valley, it wasn't necessary for you to be that good looking, not if you were a "brainiac" or some nerd genius type of guy. Unfortunately, none of us fit into that category either. Homely, and none too bright, that would be a pretty apt description for the three of us.

I was the smartest of the three of us, and Greg was the best looking. Byron had the best social skills. Still, my smarts had only managed to earn me a solid "B" average in high school, Greg's good looks had only gotten him laid twice, all through high school.

As for Byron, his social skills weren't quite sufficient to land him a date at either our junior or senior proms. Greg and I did give him some major props though, for having the intestinal fortitude to ask several girls to be his date for the proms. That was far more than either of us had managed.

After we ended up with more money than any of us had ever imagined we'd likely ever have, we started mostly just drifting through life. Personal ambition wasn't ever in any state of abundance when it came to us three. Twenty years before, and we would have been called slackers. I personally preferred dilettante, while my father thought "lazy bum" pretty much covered it.

All this preface is leading up to that part of the story that some of you might actually be interested in. Sarah Kunkelman, and her baby. First, a little background information about Sarah. Like the three of us, she was nineteen years old. She was also an avid gamer, and loved to play various multi player war games on her Xbox.

We knew Sarah from back in high school. In fact, we all had gone to the same schools together, as far back as any of us remembered. Sarah was the first girl I'd ever kissed, and this was back in the sixth grade. She was also the first girl that Byron ever took on a date, back when we were fourteen. She was also one of the two girls that Greg had sex with when we were still in high school. That was back when the four of us were juniors.

It was right after the three of us had moved into our new house when the thing with Sarah had occurred. We threw this housewarming party on a Friday evening, inviting just about everyone the three of us knew. Only four people showed up. Byron's Uncle Dennis, and Marcy, his date, Fred Martinez, the real estate broker who sold us the house, and Sarah Kunkelman.

Needless to say, our party wasn't very lively, and three of our guests took off after only an hour. Sarah stayed on, because she was playing Call of Duty with Greg and me. After the others left, Byron joined us.

"Not much of a party, was it?" Byron grumbled.

It was right after this that we all started doing shots with beer chasers. It wasn't too much time before we managed to talk Sarah into laying flat on the sofa and letting all three of us suck tequila out of her navel.

We were finally all so drunk, that things quickly degenerated into an all out gang bang. Greg was the first one to start fucking Sarah. I just watched them at first, until Byron went over to the sofa and started playing with her tits.

When Greg finished doing it with her, I hurriedly made my move, mounting Sarah before Byron was aware that Greg was finished. I think that Sarah quickly realized that someone new was starting to fuck her. She didn't say anything, or even open her eyes, but I think she knew. I'm quite a bit larger than Greg is down there, fatter, not necessarily longer. She'd almost have had to notice the difference.

By the time I was done, which was a good ten minutes, (I came twice before pulling out) Byron had his jeans down, and he was anxiously waiting to take my place. That was how the whole thing with Sarah got started.

When Byron was finished, Greg and I each took another turn with her. After that, Byron got her up from the sofa, and the two went into his bedroom to take a shower together.

The entire time all this was unfolding, Sarah hadn't spoken a single word. She'd made some grunting noises, and moaned quite a few times, but hadn't said anything to any of us.

After their shower, Byron and Sarah went to bed together in his bedroom. It was getting late anyway, and I was already all fucked out.

Sarah left the next morning, not talking to either Greg or me. Byron said she'd talked to him, but he wouldn't tell us what she'd said.

We were all a little surprised when Sarah showed up at our house, uninvited, that next Friday. It started off with the four of us playing another multi player video game again. After an hour of this, Greg stood up and asked everyone for their drink order. By the time the second hour had passed, all four of us were feeling the effects of the drinks.

Sarah was naked to the waist by then, her panties wrapped around one ankle, and her skirt pushed up over her waist. She was balanced on her hands and knees, while Byron fucked her from behind, and Greg had his cock buried a few inches inside her mouth. I stood there, again watching, waiting to see which of my friends would be the first one to cum so I could take his place.

It ended up with all three of us again fucking her that night. When it got late, I took Sarah into my bedroom and showered with her. We slept in my bed, spooned together. It was the first night I'd actually spent in bed with a woman. It felt pretty awesome.

Sarah stayed at our house until Sunday night. All three of us had fucked her again on Saturday morning. We were stone cold sober this time. We all ended up taking her to our individual bedrooms and each fucked her by ourselves for most of that day.

The only weird thing was that Sarah didn't say anything. She didn't object to anything we wanted to do with her either. Greg had her bent over the coffee table in the living room when I got up early on Sunday morning. He and Sarah had slept in his room Saturday night.

So, when I came out of my bedroom in the morning, Sarah is bent over the coffee table, on her stomach, and Greg is sticking his cock in her ass. Byron is in the kitchen, eating a bowl of cereal over the sink, and I just stood there, about five feet away from what was happening, wondering why Greg was doing that to her. I didn't want her getting mad and cutting the three of us off.

I watched them for awhile, then I went back into my bedroom, hoping to keep Sarah from getting mad at me for what Greg was doing. I found out later that Byron fucked her in the ass too, after Greg had finished with her, and also after he'd finished eating his breakfast.

Sarah came looking for me a few hours later, letting me know that dinner was ready. She had made us a huge pot of spaghetti. She even made her own meatballs, from scratch. After dinner, I went back to my bedroom.

An hour later, Sarah came into my bedroom. She didn't bother knocking, just opened the door and walked right in.

"Are you mad about something, Richard?" she asked.

"I'm not mad. I just didn't want to take any of the blame for what Greg was doing to you."

"You've never done that before?"

"In a girl's ass? Not hardly! I read where almost all girls hate it when you try to make them do that."

"Some girls do hate it. I don't mind. After you get used to it being in there, it feels pretty good. I'm not too sure that yours would feel good like that though. I'd try it I guess, if you wanted me to?"

"I think I like it the regular way. That other thing looked unsanitary, messy, you know?"

"We can just do it the regular way if that's what you'd prefer. I showered after Byron and Greg finished."

So I fucked her the regular way, twice. I kissed both her tits while we were fucking, but I sure wasn't going to go down on her, which she had been hinting about wanting me to do. After our shower, she told me she had to leave, so I walked her outside to her car.

"Do you think I should come back here again, next week?" she asked me.

"That is really up to you, Sarah. We'll all be here, so if you do come, probably the same thing will happen again."

"I know that. What I meant was, do YOU want me to come back here next week?"

"Did you ask Greg and Byron?"

"No, I'm only asking you. Yes or no?"

I wasn't too pleased with myself, or with my friends, for the way we'd all been treating her. It felt a lot like we three were taking advantage of her, just using her for our own selfish pleasure.

It actually never occurred to me that she had returned this time of her own volition, probably pretty much expecting what had taken place. I didn't think what happened could possibly turn out to be something that was good for her.

"I think you'd be a lot better off staying away from us, Sarah. I'm afraid this is going to end up being very bad, for all of us, if we let it continue."

So, that is how we left things. Sarah looked sad to me as she turned and got into her little Honda. After she drove off I went back into the house and nuked some of the left over spaghetti. I was happy to see that there was plenty still left in the big pot of it she'd made.

None of us saw Sarah anywhere for the next six months. Greg ran into her about then at the bank. She was very definitely pregnant.

"Damn, Sarah, when did that happen?" Greg blurted out.

"Six months ago. Probably over that weekend I was over at your house."

"Are you claiming that this baby you're carrying, that one of us is responsible?"

"Unless it is another immaculate conception, I am."

"How can you be so sure?"

"I've had sex with exactly three people in my whole life, Greg. You, Richard and Byron. How could it be anyone else?"

"You should have come and told us. We could have helped you get it taken care of. Its probably too late now."

"Abortion? Is that what you mean by taking care of it?"

"I'm just saying that you should have come over, so we could all have talked about it. That would have been the right thing to do, not let us find out about it this way. You just stopped coming over, so we figured you were upset about something."

"I was upset, but it wasn't me that decided not to keep coming over there. Richard told me he didn't want me coming back."

"That's crazy! Why would he tell you that? We were all very disappointed when you stopped coming over. We really were looking forward to seeing more of you. That weekend you spent at our house, that was totally awesome!"

"I asked him if I should come back again, and he said no. He was very clear about it."

"Why would you pick him to ask? You know Richard is the last one of us you should ask about stuff like that. He always gets worried that something bad will happen. You know he never takes any kind of risks. Come over to the house tonight, and we'll all talk and make some decisions."

"If Richard calls and invites me I'll go back to your house. Otherwise, I won't. I'm not asking any of you for anything, for either me, or this baby."

When Greg got back to the house later, the three of us had a real donnybrook of an argument, screaming at each other, and swearing too. I got so mad at something Byron said to me that I almost got up and decked him for it. Luckily, he saw the look on my face and apologized first.

"I'm sorry too, Rich, but you had no right to tell Sarah not to come back here. Maybe you didn't enjoy spending quality time with her, but Byron and I sure did. You can't make those kinds of decisions, ones that affect all of us, by yourself. It isn't fair, and it isn't right."

"She asked me, so I answered her, for me. I really enjoyed those times, but I didn't think what we were doing was fair to Sarah, and I didn't want to see her getting hurt from it."

We argued for over two hours, heatedly, but in the end, I refused to call Sarah, or to invite her over. Greg was a lot more upset about things than Byron. I think he mostly agreed with my assessment, that what we'd been doing with Sarah had to be bad for her. Byron understands me better than Greg does, and Byron doesn't try to pretend that everything is okay as long as some of the participants feel good about it. Like me, Byron has some empathy for others.

Greg phoned Sarah and told her that she was always welcome to come over to our house and talk with us. When she asked why I wasn't the one calling her, Greg exploded.

"He's just being a dick, that's why. He's on some kind of a power trip, wanting to control all the rest of us. He wants you to come over too, he's just too stubborn to admit it."

"If he calls me, I'll come talk to you guys; if not, then I won't."

After getting off the phone with Sarah, Greg came into my bedroom and started up with the same things we'd already gone over, about how selfish I was, and about how I didn't have the right to make decisions for the three of us. I mostly ignored him, hoping he'd get discouraged and go away. It finally worked, but not before he gave me a blinding migraine. When he noticed I was in considerable pain, he finally relented and left me alone.

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