Lawman From Hell
Chapter 1

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Western Sex Story: Chapter 1 - This is a dirty, gritty western. There is violence throughout the story. If you like character development in a story, you'll like this one. You'll meet each of them up close and personal, though you may not like the characters after you meet them. There is some sex in the story but the story is about the characters not about the sex. This story contains Voodoo - Blood and Gore. Be ready for it!

Caution: This Western Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Consensual   Coercion   Magic   Western   Incest   First   Masturbation   Pregnancy   Slow   Violent  

Luta Netdahe (Red Death)

alias: Eutah Red:

No man alive knows exactly what it was that set him off, but the young renegade Indian who would later take the name of Eutah Red – raped, killed, burned and tortured the settlers of the western plains seemingly for the pleasure of it. Born the son of a renegade Blackfoot warrior and his Apache slave, Eutah proved that one lone Indian could cause the horror from which nightmares are born.

Though Red Death was thought to be long ago dead, Raymond and Laura Belle Leatherwood, find him living on the mysterious, Diablo Ponedero Rancho near a small border town in Texas when they arrive from Pennsylvania.

Out of respect for his notorious reputation, the bounty on his head, and the fear for their own lives otherwise – his friends called him by his new name, Eutah.

When Eutah was ten years old, he bore witness the pillage and plunder of his Blackfoot village by the horse soldiers dressed in blue. He was left for dead as they rode off, leaving the raped, dead and dying bleeding in the dirt.

Blood ran between the teepees like rainwater in a summer storm.

Though Eutah had a bullet hole through his chest and a saber wound in his side, miraculously, his body healed. Crawling inch by inch, he made his way into the mountains to reach the magic hot springs where he packed his wounds with moss and molten hot red earth to restore his soul and stave off the recurring ghosts that came at him, beckoning him to step away from a life of pain and sorrow, to a spirit world of eternal peace.

His heart and his mind never healed, and until this day, the memories of seeing the rape, slaughter and butchering of his mother and two sisters at the hands of the horse soldiers still haunt him. His screams of horror and pain could be heard echoing in the canyons as the soldiers of death come upon him in the night each time he dared close his eyes in exhaustion. He never overcame them, they were always with him. To this day, the demons lurk behind his closed eyelids, beckoning his return to the horrible death they had planned for him, where no man escapes.

By the time he was thirteen, his body had completely healed, though he carried the scars of death from the wounds inflicted upon him years before. He carried the scars of a lifetime in his heart and in his mind. He carried the hate of a generation with him as he made his final walk down from the hills where he had crawled to the valley of the magic springs for the healing of his body and his scarred soul.

When he was fifteen, he was more than a man. Not having a horse, he ran for miles and miles each day to plunder settlements and homesteads. He was tall and lean and his skin was as red, just as the red earth beneath his feet. He was a tortured soul seeking relief from the demons of hell. He killed and maimed, offering sacrifice to the soldiers of death who came each night as his eyes closed. Yet no hideous deed he offered, appeased them.

He had just yesterday tracked a single wagon which had been left behind by the long wagon train headed west. He had followed the tracks of the wagon many miles before he smelled the smoke of a campfire near a distant stream. The night was slowly covering the hills with shadows as he stalked the camp. Without a weapon of any sort, he crept closer and closer until he could make out the shapes of a man and woman squatting by the fire. Suddenly, into the glow of the fire, there were two tall, slender figures running from between the two wagons. Both wore long, loose sleep dresses and both had long yellow hair down their backs as they ran and laughed and played next to the family campfire.

Using the skills taught him long ago by his now dead father, he squatted on his haunches and tossed a small stone into the dark, near a wagon wheel. He knew if there was a dog, this would bring him up from his slumber to sniff out whatever made the sounds.

After more small pebbles were tossed to other parts of the camp, Eutah knew there was no dog. He saw the man and woman when they entered the wagon, early on. He saw their shadows against the canvas-cover made by the lamp before the flame flickered and died. He had seen the woman strip her dress over her head and watched her naked silhouette step over to where the man sat with his arms raised for her. Just as he knew they were about to mate, the woman snuffed the flame into darkness. He heard their mumbles and whispers in the dark.

Eutah knew the two look-a-like girls were asleep under the first wagon. He crept closer and peered down at them through the wooden spokes of the front wagon wheel. He could see the fluttering of their eyelids as they slept. He could see the soft, clean, peaceful features of their faces as they slept unaware and unafraid. Slowly, Eutah reached his hand through the spokes and pulled the blanket from both girls. He could see the deep swell of their young breasts under their worn and threadbare sleep dresses. He rolled the blanket further down to see their bare legs where they had kicked the hem of their sleep dresses up over their knees.

One girl was facing away, with her back to him. The other girl was facing him. The one facing him had rucked her sleep dress up over her hips and her naked body lay exposed in the dim shadows of the flickering, fading campfire.

Eutah looked at the milky white skin of her upper thighs exposed to him and felt his loins stir with the urges of manhood.

He had watched his own father and mother mate many times in the close quarters of their tipi. His father was a proud man, knowing his cock was as large as any man in the camp. He was always eager to throw the covers off the sleep mat and mate with Eutah's mother in the red glow from the smoldering coals of the lodge fire. Eutah would prop his chin on his hands and watch with pride as his father mated his mother like a wild stallion rutting among the mares.

Eutah could never forget the memory of his own mother being stripped naked, mounted, mauled, raped and butchered by numerous horse soldiers after they had walked among the captured and tethered men, killing them all.

Those horror-filled memories of the pain came back to haunt him even years after the death of his family.

Though the hurt was always there, as it was now, he looked upon the naked loins of the white man's daughters and his urges grew into a rage as his young cock stirred to its own man-size fullness.

With a small stick, Eutah hooked the tail of the other sister's sleep dress and lifted it to expose her pure white buttocks. As he squatted on his haunches, his cock bloated to a size that would no longer be ignored.

Slipping past the wagon wheel, as silent as the smoke rising from the dying fire, Eutah lifted his breech-clout and lay on his side. The swollen glans of his cock was no more than three inches from the young girl's naked buttocks as he fisted his meat in the manner he had been shown early in life by the older boys in the camp.

As he stroked his cock, the young girl stirred in her sleep and shifted her leg to expose her mating split. Eutah's young cock reared in his fist with eagerness and excitement as he looked at the sight of the girls pure nakedness.

He reached his release with his young cock slickened by his secretions, his fist flying up and down the length of his warrior's lance. The first glob of his cock-seed arced over her fleshy buttocks and plopped right in the middle of her sister's nest of hair covering her loins. This caused Eutah to become even more urgent as he stroked many more splattering globs of his cock-seed across both girls. The sister facing him had rucked her sleep dress up over her breasts and now caught two healthy globs across one of her tender nipples where it drooled and fell to her other nipple, slowly dribbling onto her sleep dress.

As the force of the spurting globs of cock-seed weakened, he saw many of them land between the mysterious split of the nearest girl's buttocks and stick to her skin.

With his raging cock now satisfied, Eutah rolled away from the sleeping sisters and knelt by the wagon as he covered his cock with his breech-clout once more. Crouching – ever watchful for movement, he made his way to the warm bed of coals at the campfire. Careful not to make a sound, he lifted the heavy lids of the cook pots and found bread and meat. Raking up a handful of the warm greasy meat with one hand, he took two thick pieces of bread from another pot. After covering the pots, he held his greasy food and his bread to his naked chest as he softly, silently swept his tracks from the dry dirt with a small leaf cluster.

Hunkering down a few feet from the wagon where the sisters slept, Eutah ate the food of the white man and smiled as the taste was pleasing, though different.

He saw the girl facing him reach her hand up to caress her young breast, then with her hand moving in circular motions, she smeared his cock-seed over her young breasts. All the while she did this, her lower body was moving forward, in an undulating, mating movement. She lowered her hand and clasped it over her mating split, smearing and fondling her nest of yellow hair, pulling aside the curls to smear his cock seed into the inner folds of her young split.

Her slow, lazy movements during her deep sleep aroused Eutah to another, extremely pleasurable stirring in his loins. He was tempted to slip close once again and spray the sleeping sisters with the seed of his cock. He knew the light of dawn would soon creep across the plains, and daylight would expose him as an intruder in their camp.

Thinking quickly, he moved away from the camp and slipped around to where their team of horses were tied, still in full harness. He was tempted to score the tendons of their hind legs, crippling them so they couldn't pull a wagon.

Having been taught to never harm an animal of burden, he loosened the leads that kept them tied to the wagon wheel and mounted one horse to lead the other three away in the early dawn of morning.

Once he was away from the camp, he rode the horses hard for miles toward the wide, wildly splashing, white-water river in the distance. He swam the horses across the river and took the rope halters from their heads, spanking them with the ropes as he ran after them, chasing the horses down a trail into the valley below as their harness chains dragged and rattled on the ground.

Eutah was in no hurry to return to the white man's camp. He knew the white people would be there, or close by. They had wandered off the main trail and had camped alone for the night.

Now they were without horses.

A man without a horse was lost and defenseless. A family without horses was at the mercy of dangerous predators which were sure to come their way.

Eutah swam the river and walked slowly back toward the white man's camp, ever watchful for the man. He knew the man would be searching for his horses, they were his life here on the prairie, without them, his family would surely perish.

Before mid-day, he saw the man as he tracked the horses. He watched as the man started up the rocky slope where Eutah had ridden the horses to lose anyone who trailed them. He hunkered down and waited, watching the man walk across the rocky slope, back and forth, up and down, looking for sign.

The man carried a big knife and a handgun on his side. Eutah wondered if the girls family had guns to defend the camp while their man was gone. Surely no man would leave his family defenseless and go off for hours alone.

Eutah sat on his perch above the man and looked down upon him until the man finally gave up and started back toward his camp. The man was walking in a direction that would take him past the camp, not toward it.

He watched the man slip on the loose rocks and slide down the slope, scraping his hands on the sharp stones as he tried to break his fall. As the man slid down the slope, the bigger rocks broke loose and slid down with him, rolling over him. Near the bottom, he stood and tried to walk, but his right leg gave way and he fell back to the small, sharp rocks once more.

Like a vulture waiting for an animal to die, Eutah watched his prey stumble and stagger, slowly making his way back toward the camp. The man found a dried limb and used it as a crutch, stumbling his way closer and closer to camp.

Staying above the crippled white man, Eutah kept within a few yards of him the entire way until the white man reached his camp.

From his vantage above the camp, he watched as the man staggered to the wagons. He was quickly surrounded by his woman and daughters as they helped him over near a wagon to sit. He saw the man waving his hands and talking loudly, almost as if he were speaking with anger as he talked. The girls were the first to walk away, leaving him to speak in a rage as if blaming them for the horses escaping from camp.

His woman was next to walk away. She turned twice and shook her finger back at him, yelling white man words at him before she walked over to the girls where they huddled with arms around each other. When darkness fell upon the camp, the woman and the girls tried to help the man into the wagon. He couldn't lift his leg and kept falling back to the ground, screaming in pain.

By the light of the fire and two lanterns, Eutah watched as the woman cut away the man's breeches leg to expose a swollen and badly bruised leg with the jagged end of a bone exposed. When the woman tried to lift him to his feet once more, the man brushed her aside with the sweep of his arm, knocking her against the wagon wheel.

During the night, Eutah was awakened by the screaming and cursing of white man words. He rose up from his bed between two warm stones and saw the outline of the white man as he staggered naked toward his wagon. His leg was black and swollen from his ankle to his hip, and he hobbled to the end of the wagon where his woman slept.

Calling to her, cursing her, the man finally awakened his woman. As she knelt in the back of the wagon and her daughters stood beside their father, he reached out to grab his woman's hair, pulling her out of the wagon head first. She fell at his feet with her sleep dress over her loins and white buttocks. Still the man screamed at her. When she stood, he reached out and ripped her sleep dress from her body as the two sisters watched.

The white man slapped the woman with his hands until she bent forward, protecting herself from his blows to her face. The man grabbed her hips and turned her naked buttocks toward him. With his naked cock aimed at her back split, he rammed his hips into her buttocks, making her scream into the night, like the sound of the big cats which lived in the high country.

With the two daughters watching, their father mated with the backside of their mother until he was too weak to stand. When he stumbled backwards, he fell to the ground on his back, his cock still spurting his cock-seed into the air.

With a quick look at their mother, the two young daughters reached down and swiped up their father's cock seed then rucked up their night dresses to smear it all over their breasts and loins.

Seeing her daughters doing such a vile and despicable act, the woman stepped over with her hands back to slap each of them. Before she did, she looked down at her man's cock as it continued spraying cock seed into the air. Still naked, and laughing like a crazy woman, she bent to swipe both her hands in his cock seed and smear it all over her own breasts and loins.

When the man had stopped spraying his seed, the daughters walked to the front wagon and crawled underneath to their bed. The woman climbed naked into the wagon and left the naked white man lying on the ground.

Eutah knew white people had strange customs, but this was one he'd never seen nor heard tell of. As he thought of the reasons behind this, he decided this meant the women are in their breeding days and would soon be in their bleeding days.

Before morning, he crept down to the camp and looked at the man again. He was asleep and making noises in his throat. Leaving him as he lay, Eutah slipped silently to the campfire and made a meal with meat and bread from the warm pots. He sat next to the smoldering coals and ate his meal, looking back toward the bed where the sisters lay. He was amused that both had shed their sleep dresses and lay naked in bed on the blankets, cuddled together as man and woman.

White people sure have strange customs, he mused as he watch them while eating. As he watched, one girl turned to lay on her back, her legs splayed wide, her arms flung out as if ready for a man.

Eutah had not planned to spray his cock seed onto the naked girls since it would be light soon. But, he could not resist the urge to have a look at the girl's small, exposed mating split.

As he ate the last of his bread and licked his fingers, he closed the pots and slipped underneath the wagon with the two white look-a-like sisters.

Squatting between the legs of the girl whose legs were spread wide, he knelt and raised his breech-clout to tuck it in his waist band. He took his aroused cock and fisted it in both hands as he hurried to gain release before dawn.

As the pleasure began to seep through his loins and his seed sacs began to swell and jerk, the other sister rolled to lay on her back. Eutah lifted his left knee and put it down astride both girl's legs at their knees. His pleasure was mounting quickly when both girls lay their hands on their mating splits between their thighs. As they ran their fingers through the sparse yellow hairs, Eutah sprayed their furry mounds with his hot cock seed and watched as they smeared their fingers through the sticky yellow curls and swabbed their fingers through their pink splits.

His cock was doubly pleasured by this sight and he left them with twice the load they had received the night before. When he had wiped his sticky hands on both their sleep dresses, he lowered his breech-clout and crawled from under the wagon. In the gray light of early dawn, he saw a small patch of wildflowers near the rear wagon wheel. He smiled as he remembered his father bringing wildflowers into the family lodge and placing them, stems down, into the hair of his mother's mating split after she had pleasured him repeatedly during the night before.

Eutah wanted to feel what his father felt as he decorated his mother's slick, wet split with wildflowers. He gathered a handful by their long stems and eased back between the sister's bare legs. The thin, curly hair on their naked loins was matted with his slick cock-seed as he threaded the stems of small wildflowers into the soft yellow curls above their splits.

With the tip of a finger, he swiped through one mating split, then the other – smelling, then tasting the tangy, bitter-sweet flavor of a woman for the first time in his life. He was still smiling and smacking his lips as he made his way to the back of the wagon to retrieve the white man's knife and gun belt. He was pleased with his new found pleasures he'd discovered with the white women. He walked quickly back to his vantage above the camp to await the awakening of the family.

Lying between to small boulders, Eutah closed his eyes as he snuggled against the warm rocks. He drifted off to sleep with the sun rising on his face. His mind rushed back to the dawning of the day his village was raided by horses soldiers. In his tormented, restless sleep he saw his father being shot in the head while he slept. He saw his mother and his sisters tied naked outside the lodge with their legs spread wide and staked to the ground as the horse soldiers took turns mounting them and mating them. He remembered only parts of where he ran to his mother and was struck with a rifle butt. He remembered lying in the dirt, unable to move as the men walked by, dropped their blue breeches and sprayed cock seed over his mother and sisters' naked legs and loins. The thought made him weak as he remembered his own actions at the camp below.

The memory of his mother finally being run through with the long-knife of a soldier in blue, was branded in his mind. He turned his head as if to make the eyes of his mind look away from the memory. He saw both his young sisters being run through with the same bloody long-knife and he was helpless to lift a hand to stop it. His arms and legs were numb and he couldn't make them move to protect his family. Then he felt his own side burn from the bloody blade of the long-knife. He saw the flash from the rifle barrel and felt the burning in his chest as the smoking black powder and the ball of hot lead entered his body.

Eutah jerked awake and shook off the tormenting memories that continued to haunt him each and every time he closed his eyes. He thought of the white women at the camp below and remembered their lean, white bodies spread out before him, as if knowing it was him that sprayed his cock seed on their white loins.

Suddenly, he jerked out of his haunting reverie when a distant sound came to his ears. The sound of a voice calling from far off in the distance.

Crouching with the big knife in one hand, his other hand resting on the gun at his side, he peered over the rocks to see that the camp below was still asleep. He raised upon his knees and looked to the east where he saw a man leading four horses in harness.

He knew the others from the wagon train had come looking for the family.

He was undecided about letting them go. He liked spraying his cock seed on the loins of the look-a-like sisters and knew he would like spraying it all over the tall, skinny white woman with the big breasts. He made his decision and ran down the hill toward the east, hiding behind the big rocks, slipping between the smaller ones. He would kill the new white people and keep the three women at the camp for his own.

He ran close to a half mile before he spotted the man again through the tall rocks. There were two women with him. Both wore long black robes and had black shawls with white bonnets folded back upon their heads. Both were young, barely older than the two white sisters at the camp. The man was old. Very old.

When the women and the old man came to a narrow gorge on the trail, Eutah was waiting. At first he wanted to kill the two young women dressed in black robes that dragged the ground as they walked. Now, when he looked down, ready to roll a huge boulder down on the trail, he saw the pretty faces of the white women. They were pleasing to his eyes and he could see the large swells of their proud young breasts under their black robes.

In an instant, he decided to keep them and spray his cock seed on their pure white loins just as he did the two sisters back at the camp. His young cock jerked as the thought raced through his mind. He smiled as he thought of them walking along the trail naked in the bright, hot sun.

Without another thought, Eutah grabbed two small, smooth stones and threw one at the lead horse as hard as he could. He had the other one in his left hand, ready to throw as soon as he let the first one fly. He threw that one and hit the second horse almost as soon as the first rock bounced off the head of the lead horse. Both horses jerked back from the old man, breaking away to run back down the sloping trail with the other two horses following.

Eutah ran down the slope out of sight and came out a few hundred yards away from the two women in black. He saw the old man running after the horses. Then the old man fell against a tall rock, bent forward, heaving for air – coughing and spitting up blood – then coughing until he gasped for air. Before Eutah reached him, the old man was on his knees on the rocks, holding his chest with both hands and still gasping for air to fill his lungs.

He ran straight to the man. Coming up behind him, Eutah was about to slip his knife around to slit his throat, just as the man gasped and fell sideways, his eyes and mouth locked open in death.

Eutah had no idea how to present himself as a savior to the two women in black robes, but he had to try. He ran after the horses, gathering them up easily, after he'd caught the first one, then riding that one to catch the other three.

He rode back up the trail leading three horses to where the two young women stood looking at him. They both cowered back as they saw he was Indian and he had the four horses.

Eutah only spoke a few white man words and tried to tell them about the old man dying as he'd chased the horses. They seemed to understand him, yet they feared for their lives.

"Come – you see," he said, motioning for them to mount up.

"Are you savage?" one asked and he thought he knew what she asked.

He answered, "No," telling her he wasn't thirsty.

"We are Sisters." The other said and he knew that word, he thought of the two sister back at camp.


"Yes, we are Nuns, we are Catholic."

"Yes, none but sisters and mother."

"Have you been taught about Catholics?" The other sister spoke when he talked about the Mother.

"No, come. See white man."

"Yes, help us on the horses, we'll go see about the white man.

"Sister Agatha I think he's trying to tell us Mr. Pollack has been injured."

"I do believe you are right, Sister Aldee."

"Have you ever ridden a horse bareback, Sister?" Sister Agatha asked as the young savage motioned for her to step into his hands so he could give her a leg up.

"No, have you?" She answered as she watched Sister Agatha step into the young Indians hands. Her long robe caught under her foot.

Sister Aldee watched in shock, then turned her head to snicker as she saw the wild Indian throw Sister Agatha's long robe up over Sister Agatha's knees out of the way, exposing her soiled and torn undergarments.

'Bless you, Sister' she thought as she saw her hairless split exposed. She just knew the young savage had seen her companion's privates.

'So be it' she thought as the savage came to help her mount. She was prepared for him and lifted her robe just past her foot as she raised her leg to be helped onto the back of the big draft horse.

Sister Aldee was much too helpful, as the Indian lifted her quickly. She was a tall slender young woman as it were, and her momentum carried her over the horse's back where her long robe became entangled in the harness. She was hanging head down, with her feet in the air and one hand on the harness. Her robe was flung back over her head. Her undergarments had caught on the harness and was stripped from her pure white loins as she hung there with one leg over the horse's back, the other splayed wide open with her barren split exposed.

Lord, please forgive her, she is much too unstable to be out here as it is. Now she's exposed her privates for me as well as this young savage to see. At least she keeps her garden clean, Sister Agatha prayed silently.

When Eutah reached up to help the young Nun back upon the horse, her legs closed and his hand slipped right between her thighs, cupping her hairless privates with his big rough, calloused fingers.

When she was astraddle the horse finally, she looked down at the heathen savage. He smelled his hand, then licked his fingers.

He smiled up at her and she could have killed him right then, had she not been a woman of the cloth.

"Sister, I do believe you have become a favorite of the young savage," Sister Agatha said and stifled her laughter as she was stared down by her red faced companion.

Just as they thought they were about to leave in search of Mr. Pollack, Eutah looked up at Sister Aldee and smiled again as he licked between his long fingers.

"Sister pussy good."

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