Seed I

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Seed I - "I have always believed intellectually that life must exist beyond our planet. I just never expected to find that life in the hallway of an LA hotel at 3 am. Nor did I expect said alien to look like a very curvy blonde in short shorts and a minimal crop top." This is my tribute to Aubie56, cmsix and others in the time travelling / alternate earth genre. This story is complete and is in 4 parts and 16 chapters. Enjoy :)

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Science Fiction   Time Travel  

I have always believed intellectually that life must exist beyond our planet. I remember Carl Sagan's line in Cosmos, that there are more stars in the Universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches on Earth. So even if life is a once in a billion proposition, there must be sentient life elsewhere right?

I just never expected to find that life in the hallway of a Los Angeles hotel at 3am. Especially not when I was pissed off my nut from too much tequila after three horrible days dealing with lawyers, my ex-wife and assorted other legal parasites. Nor did I expect said alien to look like a very curvy blonde in short shorts and a minimal crop top.

OK, I was very cut, but not dribbling fall-down drunk. I still had a small amount of wits about me. When I saw the young woman stumbling from side to side down the hallway of a sleazy hotel's fifth floor, I thought something was wrong. I walked toward her intending to ask if she wanted some help, but before I could speak, she gasped "help me, please..."

I grabbed her around her waist and stopped her from falling flat on her face, given my present state it was a miracle we both didn't end up on the floor. I was struck by two things. Her skin was cold to the touch and her eyes were a weird colour of blue, almost as if they were back lit like an LED. I know I registered something wasn't right, but joining cognitive dots at that moment wasn't my strong point. Being that I am a reasonably large guy and she was a small girl, I scooped her up.

"I'll take you downstairs and get an ambulance" I started, but she started to panic and wriggle muttering "no, no, no..."

This was turning very strange indeed.

"OK, I'll take you into my room Miss and lay you down, I'm worried about you." She relaxed into my arms then. Kicking open my door I laid her gently on my bed in the bedroom of my small suite. The thought crossed my mind that maybe this was some kind of scam on the dumb tourist. Was her accomplice about to come busting in and demanding what had I done with her? I quickly went back to the main door and set to locking the door. Given I was drunk this took more coordination than I anticipated.

I suddenly felt immensely smart when a loud hammering came on my stoutly chained door, I opened the door with what I noticed was a very heavy door chain still attached and peered through a gap that was about eight inches wide. On the other side were two young men in suits, both looked very fit with cropped hair, they quickly waved some official looking ID's and started pushing on the door demanding entry.

My befuddled brain somehow managed to get working and I responded with an eloquent well-reasoned reply, "Goandgetwellandtrulyfucked I'm and Aussie and if you want to come in here you can find someone from the embassy..." This was said while waving my distinctive red diplomatic passport. Yes I was a bona fide diplomat, but omitted to mention I was here to finalise my divorce from my American ex-wife. Not very professional I know, but I was well and truly ready to kick anyone in the cods who wore a suit and tried to boss me around after several days of lawyers.

One of the young men in suits was stepping back in order to either get out his phone or boot open the door. Either way my inebriated state helped me out again. Out of the blue I did something I've never done before. I projectile vomited with extreme gusto. Both of the men looked with disgust at their beautiful suits, now covered with stinking bile and diced carrots. Have you noticed that whatever you eat, there are always some diced carrots that come out? I have a theory there is a diced carrot gland in the alimentary canal, just for this purpose. Anyway, while they both looked down in disgust, I just slammed and bolted the door.

Turning around I walked unsteadily to the door of the bedroom to look in on my charge. I was just in time to see her lying on the bed and carving her abdomen open with a kitchen knife. Something like blue blood oozed out as a flap of skin fell down. Underneath a series of mechanical servos and arms were operating in a "goo" of what looked like organ tissue.

I did the only sensible thing given the circumstances. I feinted and collapsed to the floor.

When I came to, I found myself lying face up on my bed. My head was throbbing and guts were churning. There were several suits walking around with guns drawn, and I could see the outer door was hanging loose on its hinges. I almost shat myself when I looked up and saw my cute blonde was holding onto the vaulted roof like Spiderman, and had turned the same colour white as the paint from head to toe, even her clothing.

I was in the presence of Geckowoman. This made me snort with laughter and I winked and smiled at her. Apparently everyone else hadn't looked up, she just smiled back.

I started to sit up, but a hand pushed me down on the bed. "Fucking touch me again cockbreath and you will start an international incident" I gasped out. A red headed suit started to respond, and I pointed at my diplomatic passport on the door side table. While they all looked over at the table I drew a snub nose revolver from my waistband, tucked into my back and pointed it at them.

"Who the fuck are you and what fucking agency are you from?" I growled, and they turned their guns on me. I took up the first pressure on the trigger and in the dead silence they heard the click.

"Fuck, the passports legit!" the one by the door said.

"Take it easy buddy, we're only after illegal aliens" the red headed leader said soothingly as he led his charges out the door, stepping backwards all the way. As they disappeared out the door I followed them and pushed the door back into its frame, setting every bolt and catch I could and shoving two rubber wedges under the door to secure it. I carried those wedges everywhere in my suitcase, as I'd had plenty of experiences with dodgy hotel rooms in places where it didn't pay to be insecure.

As I turned back to the bedroom, my house guest dropped gracefully to her feet like a cat and turned to me. She also took on the normal hues of a young blonde woman.

"That's a pretty amazing trick you have there..." I started. She smiled and gestured to a sofa.

"Have a seat and I'll answer your questions, I think we'll have to wait a while before they give up looking for me outside and move on their way." Her voice was sweet and soothing, and I felt an overwhelming urge to comply and make her happy.

I sat opposite her on the couch. "What, who, where, you are, why..." Yup I was in fine form, everything was crystal clear. "Do we need to get out of here?" I said as I finally got some cognitive processes going.

Her eyes seemed to soften a bit and she looked at me intently. "I know I'm supposed to be answering your questions, and you're obviously suffering from alcohol poisoning, but why are you helping me?"

After a few long seconds reflection I shrugged my shoulders and replied "Because pushy arseholes piss me off, and because I don't like it when they gang up on a woman."

She placed a hand on my cheek; I vaguely noted her skin was now warm. Her eyes were also a more normal looking shade of pale blue, and it was easy to get lost in them. I hadn't realised how affection starved I'd become after the divorce. As I was sitting there I felt the adrenaline and the tension leaving my system. I was just aware of myself slumping over and falling asleep in her now warm lap.

I found myself coming to in a bed, but not the hotel one I was used to. As my sleep fuddled brain started to kick in the first thing I noticed was how good I felt. For the last few months I had regularly awoken with a pounding headache and churning guts courtesy of a drinking habit that was uncomfortably verging on alcoholism. My personal implosion in the wake of my divorce had led to a professional collapse. I was a senior intelligence officer with ASIO, and intelligence officers with a drinking problem are a major security issue. The Australian Security Intelligence Organisation is Australia's national security service, similar to Britain's MI5 or the US CIA.

My boss, Colonel Robert 'Bob' Mason had put me on paid leave and told me to sort my shit. I had sat with him and told him my story of woe whilst crying in my beer. He said one thing to me and was inordinately pleased when I recognised where it came from.

"A man can be destroyed but not defeated." These words allowed me to soldier on.

A little introduction is in order. My name is Jack McKinnon, I am 43 years old, and was described quite accurately by my father as 'a large lump of lad who couldn't sit still or stay quiet under six feet of wet concrete'. Now days I think I would have been diagnosed with ADD and medicated. What of course happened was I left school as soon as I could and entered the ranks of 'boy soldiers' in the Australian Army. It doesn't exist now but once upon a time 16 year olds could enlist, they could not go on hazardous duty but could learn the trade. It did wonders for me, I am sure if I didn't end up in the ranks I would have ended up in gaol.

Early on I was tapped on the shoulder for General Service Officer training. Owing to the fact my parents had passed on and I had no other family or connections I actively sought the postings others did not want. I sometimes think my lack of connections was why I fell so hard for my wife.

My saviour was my ASIO supervisor, who used to be the Colonel commanding my regiment. Colonel Mason took me with him when he went to ASIO. I was a Captain in the Australian Army, and was due to be assigned to a staff job in Canberra. I loathe staff work, and jumped at the opportunity to become an ASIO 'spook'. My first posting was to Thailand where I met my soon to be wife Meagan, at an embassy function. She was an executive for an American pharmaceuticals firm. After a whirlwind romance we got married. The problems came with my next posting to Singapore. She was still based in Bangkok, and the long distance relationship became difficult. It all came to head when I came to her flat early for a weekend and discovered her in bed with not one, but two other men. She was on her knees on the bed. Her long tanned limbs were wrapped around both of them and one was pounding her from behind and the other had her long brunette hair fanned across his crotch as her head bobbed up and down while making grunting noises. They were co-workers of hers I recognised from a Christmas function.

I quietly closed the door behind me and went to a nearby bar. I called the flat and told her where I was and announced I wouldn't be coming back to Bangkok again. She started with tears and pleading to forgive her. I defy anyone who has seen their spouse in a 'spit roast' to unsee it. I knew two facts, it hurt like hell, and I was never going to allow her a chance to do it again. It was also fun to sit in the bar and watch two guys leaving the front of her apartment block looking for a taxi in frilly dressing gowns. I had put their clothes into an open sewer, and given their money, phones and credit cards to some street kids with the admonition to use them quickly before their loss was discovered. Before I'd left the flat I had also quietly taken some pictures and video of them in action in the flat. These had also been emailed to their bosses and wives from my phone. Gotta love the high-speed Wi-Fi you can get at just about any café in the world these days.

This brought me forward just over one year to wet cold day in Los Angeles in January. Meagan's tears and pleadings had given way to anger and frustration. As is usual in these circumstances, the photos had resulted in her co-workers being 'counselled' while she was sacked. I hate double standards normally, but in this case I didn't really care. I had just shut down and refused to communicate with her. She'd started divorce proceedings with an aim of forcing me to be in the same room with her. It didn't work; my anger had just decayed into an ache in my soul that only alcohol could dampen. I was spiralling into a deep black depression.

Bringing myself back to the present I sat upright from this strange bed and swung my legs over to sit on the edge of the bed. The first thing I noticed was that a knee I had badly damaged in a training accident no longer protested. I carefully stood up and vaguely noted it felt strong and healthy. In fact all of me felt pretty good, I hadn't felt this good since I was in my twenties. Moving my gaze to the room I noted it was all metal and white plastic. There was no visible source of light, but rather the walls and roof just glowed. There was a large glass of water on a bedside table which I quickly downed, but I was startled when the glass seemed to refill without any source.

As I started to look around my new surroundings a part of the wall slid to one side and my blonde friend came in from a corridor. She was dressed in a short blue silk looking dress, and bare footed she came silently into the room.

"Hello Jack, you are looking a lot better now, do you like what we did for you?" she asked with a big bright smile.

"Umm ... thanks, what do I call you, and who is the 'we', if I can ask?"

She cocked her head to the side and smiled endearingly as she answered. "You can call me Opel, and 'we' are what you might call 'The Federation'. We are an association of life forms who all believe in a set of ethical principles, and act together to protect those principles."

"I am what you might call an Android, I am designed to act and look like a human, I have sentient intelligence like a human, and can do anything a woman can do except bear children.

"ANYTHING a woman can do?" It came from my lips before I could think it through. I was blushing within seconds.

She had a bemused expression, which then became wider with her reply "Anything and a whole lot more. I was made to seamlessly blend in on your world."

Opel then went on. "I was serving my master, who was approaching the major governments of your planet. The aim was to integrate you all into The Federation over time. We thought negotiations were going well until our party was ambushed and killed while trying to meet representatives from the United States of America. All six members of our party were killed, and you found me badly wounded. You managed to help me for long enough for help to come."

"Killing diplomats of The Federation is regarded as the greatest of all travesties. We are currently waiting for a battle cruiser to arrive, at which point your planet will be obliterated.

Opel must have seen the look of utter disbelief on my face, but she answered the objections forming in my mouth by waving at a wall which slid aside to show a distant view of Earth. It was clearly a window, not a clever display.

She went on "One of our ethical principles is the sanctity of sentient life forms; note I said 'life forms' not 'life'. We will ensure your species and companion species from your planet survive. But it has already been decided that the planet and most of its humans must go."

"We have another planet we have seeded with your species and most of the other species of earth. The humans are either indigenous to that planet or they will be humans chosen at random from your planet after they have had their memories wiped.

About this point I recovered the power of speech. "What THE FUCK gives you the right to wipe out an entire planet and most of its inhabitants, there are billions of innocent people who know nothing of the actions of the American government, and many of them are Americans."

Before I could go on she came quickly back with "Firstly it is not me deciding, it is the Ruling Council of The Federation. Secondly, there are more stars in the universe than your capacity to conceive, a slightly smaller number describes how many planets sustain life similar to YOUR kind. We haven't even started on the Multiverse, what you might call parallel universes, and most of them contain alternate worlds a lot more functional and ethical than your planet's societies. Thirdly, it is clear your society only has a short time left to run before you totally destroy the planet you are on anyway."

At this point Opel's eyes drifted to the window and became hard. "As civilisations go, and I use that term loosely, you represent a society that is what you might call 'a train wreck heading for the bend'. Your society is embarrassing and insignificant to the rest of us and this last act to our diplomats has snapped our patience. The Council has unanimously decreed the planet in this plane of the Multiverse must go. We only seek to preserve a germ of this life form as a gesture to our sacred principle of the sanctity of sentience. There are many on the council who question whether this planet is even truly sentient with such a streak of self-destruction being evident.

While I wanted to argue, I couldn't for the life of me think of a persuasive counter argument to that. After a long pause I looked over to her and nodded.

Looking back at me her eyes softened a bit and a smile came to her lips as she continued. "The lead diplomat killed, my master, was close to the heart of many in The Council, his soul was truly great. Your efforts to save me and allow me to escape to tell their story, has put you in good standing with many of them. You are to be granted some boons in recognition of your actions.

"Firstly you will be one of those transported to the new planet, but unlike the others transported you will have your memories intact. In preparation your body has already been treated and nanomites; tiny microscopic machines currently guard your body and make many repairs to you. Secondly you will be allowed the use of a LevTrolley, this is somewhat like a large shipping container in your world, but it is self-propelled. You can fill it with as much as it can fit from your own world, you will have assistance obtaining anything from your world you wish. Lastly you will have me, you will become my new master." With that Opel again smiled brightly.

I smiled weakly at her and slumped back to sit on the bed. This was just too much to process at once. She sat down beside me and took my hand in hers. My subconscious registered she smelled lightly of jasmine in flower, and her skin felt warm as her arm pressed lightly against.

I started with "How long?"

"The battle cruiser will be here in just over what you call a week."

"Will I be allowed to go back to Earth?" I asked.

"Yes, we can come and go as often as you like, to wherever on your Earth you like. I will be able to help you get anything you like. I can be very persuasive." With that she gave a little self-conscious giggle. That started me and we were both laughing loudly and rolling around on the bed like kids play wrestling. Don't ask me why, I think if I didn't go slightly crazy I would snap. I noticed she was very fast and very strong, and despite some hard drinking in my recent past I was well trained and physically adept myself.

As we stopped I looked into Opel's eyes again and asked "What's to stop me from warning people on Earth about what's going to happen?"

"Absolutely nothing." She met my gaze and became serious again. "But even if you could get someone to take you seriously, there is nothing they could do about it anyway. If every nation on your Earth was to fire every weapon they had at our ship in one simultaneous effort, our monitoring systems would swat them out of space without even having to notify a single crew member until after it happened. Your people have an expression 'ignorance is bliss', let them live out their last hours in blissful ignorance Jack..."

I nodded, acceding to my new reality. I would probably get slung in the mad house anyway if I spoke up. Not a great use of my last week on Earth.

"Tell me about you?" I asked.

"Well, I'm a Series 537 Android system built by Cyberdyne Systems. I have been configured to blend in amongst your species. I have a Titanium alloy frame with a motor system that allows me to lift about a metric tonne in your measures and run at up to 43 km/hour without breaks. I can perform underwater and do not require oxygen. My biological layers will be destroyed by adverse environments like your body can, but I can self-repair much faster than you can, even with nanomites.

"But you sound like ... well you sound like a real person..." I stuttered.

Opel looked at me quizzically for a minute and then replied, "That's because I am. I have a latest design self-aware intelligence, and I can interact with you as anyone with awareness would."

"Is it like AI, artificial intelligence?" I asked.

"Nothing artificial about it, I know this and many other things are a huge jump for you, but I think and reason, even feel and remember, just like you do. My memory is of course much more expansive than yours and I can acquire new skills by just uploading and calling upon them. While I also have self-will, I am made to serve, so my basic motivation is about protecting myself and my master while serving.

Recalling Asimov's tales, I asked, "Can you harm humans, are there any rules?"

She smiled comfortingly as she gave her reply, "My basic motivation does not require me to harm or kill humans, unless they threaten my master. But if required I can kill, very effectively too." She grinned at this point, almost mischievously, before continuing. "But you must understand I am a Citizen of The Federation, as much as you or any other spontaneous life form is, and I am subject to the law and its sanctions. If my data were reviewed and I killed out of spite or even whim, without need, I can be terminated remotely. But I am not motivated to kill or harm for my own sake.

"What about if I ordered you to kill out of spite or programmed you to do it?"

"I would not kill or harm for you unless I decided that it was required to protect you..." Opel again gave a feral grin "and you are not up to programming me. Even if you were the data logs would show it, and The Federation's Justice Squads would hunt you down instead. Just remember, I have some parts that you might think of as machine like, but my society thinks of me as a fully self-contained individual. If it is easier, just think of me as a woman who cannot have babies but can do many other useful things."

I paused as I spoke. "But a woman who is programmed to serve me."

Opel cocked her head for a moment before she responded. "I know this is still hard for you to understand but my former masters colleagues asked me, and I happily agreed to give you my service. I was designed to serve, but I choose who I give my service to..."

I flopped back on the bed, my head swimming with a million conflicting thoughts. After a few minutes I sat up again and asked. "Why?"

Opel looked at me again and there was a long silence before she answered. "Because when you saved me, I saw you understood the importance of service."

I flopped back on the bed again and she snuggled up beside me. My brain was clearly more limited than Opel's and I fell into a deep sleep.

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