The Upstairs Playroom


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Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Young people discover love and each other in this coming of age story. It is a repost of a story I wrote years ago. Hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

We were the only kids on our street, so we played together a lot. Sometimes it was outside in our adjoining yards, or in the shed behind my house, but many times it was in the big upstairs room that her grandmother had designated as a playroom. Several big boxes held toys; a few bookcases held games and coloring books; a table sat in the center of the room under the only light, (a low wattage bulb to save electricity), an old bed piled high with blankets was on one end, and a long-abandoned couch was at the other end.

Lisa and her brother lived with their grandmother who worked afternoons and an occasional evening as a waitress at a local restaurant and bar. When her grandmother came home from work, she usually settled down in front of the television downstairs and drank until she was sound asleep, leaving the children to play quietly upstairs so as not to disturb her rest.

I was the only other neighborhood kid that was Lisa's age, so we naturally spent a lot of time playing together, even though I was a boy and she was a girl. Our brothers were both eight years younger than us, so we would get together and let them play their pre-school games while we played, talked, and laughed, or worked on homework.

It was a cold and rainy Saturday and we both had chores to do. She had to watch her little brother Chris while her grandmother worked a long afternoon and evening shift. Her grandmother, and my mother who was checking on them during the day, had said that we could play upstairs after we finished our chores, so we had hurriedly finished the chores and gathered in the big room for a quiet afternoon.

Chris and Davey were busy with Lincoln logs and building blocks in one end of the room, taking advantage of a warm rug that covered the wood floor. Lisa and I had decided to rearrange the furniture and were busily playing house. We moved the bed away from the window and set it against a side wall, the bookcases and boxes giving it a semblance of privacy, and arranged the couch and other furniture into a living room arrangement.

After a while we sat down on the bed to rest and admire our handiwork. That's when we realized that it was getting colder in the unheated room. I walked over to the stairway and opened the door to get a little bit of heat from downstairs and noticed that the little boys had fallen asleep on the big rug among their toys.

"Lisa, look over here." I whispered.

She came around the book case and smiled at the sight of the two exhausted boys then grabbed a couple of blankets from the couch and we gently covered them.

"I'm cold!" she whispered. With that she gathered a couple of the heavy blankets and spread them on the couch, then slipped her shoes off and crawled under them, sitting with the blankets drawn up to her chin.

"I am, too." I replied.

Lisa lifted the blanket and invited me to join her under the covers.

We sat there for a while, talking, scrunched under the covers. Without warning, she leaned over and started scooting closer to me.

"I'm still cold. Can I get close to you? You're warm!"

"Sure," I replied as she scooted between my knees and leaned her shoulder into my chest.

The warmth of our bodies touching was a new sensation. There was something suddenly different about us cuddling together under the blankets, especially when she laid her head on my shoulder and curled herself as close to me as she could get. As she snuggled closer to me, actually crawling onto my lap, I found no place to put my hands, so I just softly wrapped my arms around her under the covers and held her lightly.

"U-u-h-m-m! This feels good," she whispered.

And I agreed, it sure did.

In fact it felt so good that I realized I was as hard as a steel rod and getting much warmer. The palms of my hands were starting to perspire and I nervously moved my left hand along her bare arm, petting her like I would my cat. My right hand was lying open along her curled legs. The sudden realization that I was holding a girl on my lap was causing me to almost shake from nervousness, but touching the bare skin of her arm and leg was making me anything but nervous.


Lisa stirred from her comfortable, semi-sleepy state and almost purred. She snuggled some more, moving slightly, and my left hand slipped off her arm and onto her small breast. She clamped her arm down on my wrist, preventing me from moving my hand as my fingers felt the hard nub of her nipple. She snuggled some more, causing my hand to move tighter over her breast.

I felt her breath on my neck as she whispered softly, "I like that. That feels good."

"It feels good to me, too." I softly replied, straining and trying to look down at her face.

She moved slightly and before I could even realized it was happening, our lips met and she softly kissed me. I responded by gently returning her kiss and we began to slowly, ever so slowly, massage each others lips.

After a few long minutes, we began to shift our positions on the couch until we were lying down, Lisa on top of me. Her arms were wrapped around my neck as we continued slow kissing, and then opening our mouths, we began to touch each others tongues and lips with soft passion. I held her close, and then began to run my hands along her back and shoulders, inching further toward her waist, feeling the curves that I had not noticed she possessed.

Slowly, we stopped kissing for a moment and just held each other. She rolled slightly onto her side, then grasped my right hand and held it to her small left breast. Taking her cue, I slowly began to knead it, running my finger over the hard spot that poked through her thin bra.

Continuing to run my other hand slowly up and down her side, I allowed it to slip past her waist and onto her hip, then her thigh, then slowly back up to her ribs. She snuggled more, purring softly. Encouraged, I continued to slip my hand along her side, feeling the line of her panties, and reaching as far as I could along her thigh.

Then I felt bare skin. And when I moved my hand back upwards, the hem of her loose dress continued to slip upward. Then my hand felt her panties. I paused for a moment, expecting her to stop me, however she did not.

Before I could move my hand further upward, I felt her petite, soft hand overlay mine, then slide it around her toward her crotch. Then her hand left mine there and continued down to my throbbing hard penis.

We began to kiss again as our hands explored each other. Her fingers were running along the outside of my jeans as my fingers gently and softly caressed the front of her panties from waist to crotch.

Lisa's fingers started struggling with the zipper of my jeans, so I stopped caressing her breast and helped her unzip my jeans. She slipped her hand inside my jeans, and then retreated, pulling at the snap on the waist of my jeans until they came open. Her fingers slipped around my penis, holding it thru my shorts. Then she slipped her hand under the waistband of my shorts and her hand began to caress my throbbing hard penis.

Oh it felt so wonderful!!

I moved my left hand from the front of her panties up to her left breast, caressing her gently as we continued kissing. With my right hand, I followed her lead and found the waistband of her panties, then slipped my hand into her panties, feeling her soft belly, then the sparse pubic hair, then the slit between her legs. As my fingers arrived, she spread her legs, moaning into my mouth.

She was wet, very wet; making it easy for my fingers to caress their first female and explore what was actually there.

Suddenly I was there. I felt a hard spot along the top of her slit as my finger slipped slightly inside her. She moaned, jumped, then gripped my penis tightly as I slowly responded to her reactions and kept my finger touching that special place. She became much wetter and groaned into my mouth as she moved her legs like a person kicking a ball.

And then it was over. I grunted a deep growl as I felt myself explode all over her hand, making my caressing of her become momentarily erratic as my fingers slide inside her wet canal and my hand caressed her entire crotch. As my body shot wave after wave of semen into her hand, her body quivered and jerked, then collapsed on my shaking body.

We laid there quietly for a few moments trying to regain our composure and slow our panting breathes.

"Wow!" we both whispered at the same time.

"That was absolutely wonderful!" Lisa said as she raised her head from my shoulder and looked me in the eyes. "I guess that's what the big deal is all about!"

"Yeah," I replied. "That was great." Our lips met again and we thanked each other without words for our first sexual experience.

A few minutes later Lisa slipped out from under the covers and quietly went downstairs. She returned a few minutes later with a washcloth and towel and helped me clean the remains of our lovemaking from my clothes and the blanket.

We rearranged our clothing, then cuddled back beneath the covers and held each other tightly, savoring the moment and not wanting it to end.

Chapter 2

The couch became our favorite place to spend time and talk, especially when our little brothers weren't around or were asleep. Fortunately it was still wintertime and we could find a convenient excuse to have the blankets over us as we discovered ways to touch and caress even when the brothers were there playing.

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