Niki's Home Life
Chapter 1: Cyndi's home visit

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, ft/ft, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, BiSexual, Incest, Brother, Sister, MaleDom, Humiliation, Light Bond, Spanking, Anal Sex, Analingus, Bestiality, Exhibitionism, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Voyeurism, Water Sports,

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Chapter 1: Cyndi's home visit - Continue to follow Niki's Descent under the hands of her brother, and her 'friends'. Oh, and Cooper too. Can't forget the dogs. This branch will concentrate on Home life versus School, as some gentler sensibilities will prefer staying in school :) Enjoy...TW

Note to readers of all things Niki and Max. We are diverging here, splitting home life from school life. Things will be a bit nastier at home, and the codes will reflect that. While Niki’s School life may have a little of everything, Niki’s Home life will have ‘more’ - just in case there are those of you that prefer the voy/exh/forced nudity of the school, versus the pack submission of the home life ... now you have a choice. Both paths will continue in concert, and while they may reference each other, skipping one should not make the other one unenjoyable

There is no summary of the previous stories included. In fact, it begins directly after a paragraph in Niki’s New Life - the branching point. It is strongly recommended that you read the previous Niki and Max stories and find out how our heroine arrives at this juncture in her life. For those that cannot be bothered - Niki was caught by her step-brother Max in the woods ‘playing’ with a dog. Rather than rescuing her, he leveraged that into making her his pet. They have had many adventures together, and today her best friend, after talking with her the last couple of lunch hours at school, decided to visit and make sure she is ‘ok

Cyndi watched, eyes wide, as Niki easily, almost naturally, stripped naked just inside the door of her house. She ‘knew’, sort of, what she had told her, but seeing her act so ... well ... slutty, was still a bit of a shock. She could tell that Niki wanted to explain, but it was also obvious Max had other plans, and as he swiftly took her under control, even snapping a leash onto her collar. Cyndi stared at the choker/collar with new understanding. She had thought it was merely decorative, something anti-normal Niki had just chosen to wear.

Following Max back into the house and down the hall towards Niki’s room, Cyndi watched as Niki followed along placidly, submissively even, her eyes cast downward. A tinge of pink colored her cheeks, betraying her less that total comfort with what was happening. As Max opened the door and called to the dogs, they were inundated with the excited greetings of a couple of Huskies and two German Shepherds. Big dogs, all four of them. They filled the small confines of the hall.

“Settle, settle!” Max called before, slapping his hand in command, “Down!” turning to glare at the rambunctious beasts. “Sorry, they are usually much better behaved. It must be because we have company, though they do enjoy welcoming Niki home. I’m not sure they quite understand the concept of ‘school’, only that their playmate had been gone ‘for-ever!’.

Looking at Niki, who appeared bit stunned, Max motioned her up with his hand. She had dropped to her knees, setting her behind onto her heels, reacting instinctually (it appeared) to his sharp command. This was not something he had trained into her, nor was it anything he was sure he was interested in. However it was very interesting to see her immediate obedience to a perceived command. Actually, it was rather intriguing.

Corralling the herd, Max turned and led the dogs outside. Niki still quietly followed along behind ... Cyndi could sense a nervousness in her friend, and she looked from one sibling to the other, trying to understand the dynamic between them. The dogs were bouncing all around the three of them, eager to get outside.

“I keep them outside, it’s well fenced, or in Niki’s room. She likes the way they keep her warm at night. During the day, they need someplace to chill and not get into things ... it only makes sense” Max explained, as he opened the door, making the dogs sit and wait, before releasing them to the outside.

Following the four dogs out the door and leading Niki over to a couple of chairs on the patio, Max stopped, unhooking her before sitting down and motioning Cyndi to the other chair.

“I like to watch them play around a bit, then usually leave them be for a couple hours while I play a game, or what a show or something, you know, relax, before working on getting them dinner. So, feel free to just hang out here, or if you get bored, come inside and find me, you can help me with dinner or something. I assume you can stay for dinner. When do you have to leave?”

Cyndi watched as Niki moved, off into the grass, looking back at the two of them, a questioning look in her eyes. Max ignored his sister and simply talked to Cyndi about his routine, all the while watching the dogs running around.

Nodding noncommittally at Max, Cyndi watched as Niki moved a bit away from the patio, over towards the fence line. Curious, wondering what Niki was up to, she watched as her friend got down on all fours in the grass, pushing back on her hands, poking her behind far out behind, with her knees spread about a foot apart. One of the dogs began licking at her face. She seemed to not mind.

“Is she ... peeing?” She turned, surprised, to Max, watching his smiling face as he too was watching Niki.

“Of course! I said we had to let them out. That includes Niki. You can’t expect her to hold it all night, can you?” he asked, as if making a naked girl urinate in the backyard was completely normal.

“No, but ... uummm” she said falteringly as she spotted one of the Huskies moving over behind the nude girl, its nose immediately going between her legs.

“Oh, that’s Milo. He seems to have a thing for her wetness ... whether it’s from one thing or another!” Max’s eyes were darting between the animal scene in the yard, and the shocked teen sitting right next to him. Seeing her stunned look, he decided to let that feeling percolate a bit. “I’m going to go take care of some things inside, enjoy the relaxing afternoon sun while the dogs play, hmmm?” he said, getting up and moving towards the door, the unused leash hanging down from his hands. She could see Max as he closed the door, hanging up the leash right next to the door.

Turning back to the yard, Cyndi could see the large Husky eagerly lapping at the hind end of her friend. One of the German Shepherds seemed to be avidly watching from his shady spot under a nearby tree.

Niki had somehow hoped that Max would change things up. That everything that had happened to her would not happen with her friend over, but as he unhooked her, she had realized that she had been hoping in vain. Swallowing her pride and her fear, nervously she moved off into the yard, dropping onto all fours as she neared ‘her spot’. Not daring to look back at her friend, she still felt a strong wave of embarrassment and shame, as she struggled to relax. It was harder, more difficult, knowing that someone she knew well, besides Max, was watching. Filo, one of the German Shepherds, came over to sniff at her face, licking her cheek and shoulder as Niki waited in the grass for her bladder to cooperate. As she finally began to pee, lowering her hips even farther towards the grass, her backside stretching, taut, exposed, she flushed with embarrassed arousal, acting like a dog in the grass. When Milo’s tongue found her, and began to lick at her, tasting her as she peed, making a bit of a mess of her thighs, she groaned aloud. Her intense arousal heightened by Cyndi watching, combined with Milo’s long tongue, seemed to send her body into rapturous orbit almost instantly. Her hips came up, eager, wanting to be licked, and as the dog continued to satisfy his own oral fixation, Niki could feel her body reacting, warming, rising to her oh so familiar horny state. Her bladder still emptying, her hips sending her back side hard into the dog’s snout, his tongue lapping at her, she felt the heat of her own fluids, and the softness of his tongue, turning her into a bitch in heat. She stopped caring about her friend watching, she stopped worrying if Trent was at his peephole, she simple wanted to be mounted ... now.

Cyndi’s eyes were captivated by her friend’s body, kneeling in the grass, acting like little more than an animal. She could not look away, it was the most perverse and nasty thing she had ever seen. She could feel her own pussy tingle a bit, as she watched, and she knew that she would be wet when she got home. Crossing her legs, she pressed herself with her thighs, trying to keep her arousal hidden, under control, secret even.

Niki groaned as she finished with her toilette. Her sex was still damp,, her thighs splayed. She was wet with her own fluids as she knelt in the grass like a dog. Milo’s tongue kept licking at her, cleaning her and driving her mad with desire. Reaching back, she slapped her behind, begging him to get up. It had just been this morning when she’d tried to get them to mount her faster. There was still a lot of training to be done. She groaned in frustration, wishing those canines knew better what she wanted. Knowing she’d just have to wait until the beast decided on his own to fuck her, she nevertheless waggled her behind, slapping it a couple more times, urging him to mount “Up ... god ... Up!” she begged.

“Why is he not mounting? You have a friend over, yet still you have to be outside?”

Trent’s voice came through the fence, and she moaned as Milo continued to just lick at her. “Dunno” she panted, her head dropping to the grass. With a grunt, she felt Milo finally jump up on her backside, his red darting cock seeking her entrance. His hips hammered into her blindly, but as she moved under him, her increasing familiarity with the canine method of fucking enabled her to quickly align herself, and in only a few seconds, she felt him slam home. Rapid fire thrusts seemed to spear his cock into her like a hot knife through butter.

“Fugggggg” she cried, the intensity overwhelming her almost instantly.

Cooper had noticed the bitch playing around. At first, he was content to watch and to let the others have a couple goes at her. But the more she egged the dogs on by slapping her behind, begging to be mounted, the more interested he became. He saw that there was another female outside, but she did not seem to be getting into position or anything. He loped on over, chain jangling, to the kneeling naked wench and licked at her face, growling at Filo to back away. Licking at the panting face of the girl being fucked by the Husky, Cooper quickly decided that it was his turn, and with an angry nip he began to fight the Husky for the bitch.

“They are fighting, they are fighting!” Trent’s voice came through the fence, a bit excited, a bit shocked.

“Yes ... Cooper is ... demanding...” Niki grunted, feeling Milo twitching and pulling away at the same time that his hips kept pushing his cock faster and faster into her exposed cunt.

“Who are you talking to? “Cyndi’s voice broke into the chaos that was surrounding Niki. Two dogs growled and nipped at each other while the third, Filo, contented himself with licking at Niki’s lowered face. Turning towards the voice, Niki saw Cyndi walking over, wrinkling her nose a bit at the strange smell of aroused cunt, sweaty dog, and recently wetted grass.

“Wha? Oh, um, no one. Just the dogs you know” Niki lied as she knelt there with the large Husky’s frame covering her small body. She let a yelp of pain escape as Milo wrenched away from Cooper. Clawing at her sides as he abruptly disengaged leaving his freely flowing cock coating her ass and thighs liberally with his unique canine pre-cum as he backed away from both Niki, and Cooper’s intense attack. With a loud bark, Cooper chased the other two back away, and nosing at the wet sex of the girl, claimed her for his own. The canine alpha male jumped up, savagely taking her, his claws sharp as they drew a bit of blood down her side, his thick cock easily finding entry, as Niki’s cunt had been abruptly left gaping and eager to be refilled.

Niki felt Cyndi’s eyes as she approached and she felt a new round of shame as she knelt under the dog, taking his cock like a well-trained bitch. Her pink slave collar her only item of apparel. Long red slashes and claw marks on her sides gave mute testament of the intensity of her debasement.

Trent was not sure why Niki had lied to her friend, and he contented himself for a moment, just watching as the dogs seemed to be taking turns with her. He had so many questions. Looking nervously back at the house, nervous for no real reason, he continued to stroke his exposed cock while hidden among the bushes along the edge of his aunt’s property. He knew she would not be back for a couple of hours, but he was still nervous. If she caught him masturbating, there would be no end to her recriminations.

Cyndi watched, mesmerized as the large dog jackhammered his hips into the kneeling girl, driving his cock (she assumed) in and out of her friend’s cunt with amazing speed. Niki’s head hung down, her whole body held steady, taking the dogs pounding as her ass shook with every thrust. “Oh ... fuuuuck...” Niki could be heard moaning from beneath the beast, as Cyndi watched the bestial scene.

“You really do like fucking them don’t you. Look at you, your face is aglow with lust. Such a dirty, dirty girl”. Cyndi’s voice had an almost surprised quality to it, as she was still not quite able to reconcile this vision of her friend with the one she had known for the last six years. Since they were in grade school, actually, and Cyndi was the ‘new’ kid in town.

Now, it was like Niki was the new kid, or at least the new slut, and Cyndi was both aroused by the display, as well as a bit worried for her friend. This was pretty intense stuff, and those scratches looked a bit painful.

Cooper began to whine and yelp as his cock exploded inside of the girl. A knot formed at the base of his prick, and he began humping trying to force it inside of the bitch. Eventually, his slamming it inside her narrow opening caused her to cry out in a bit of pain. “Oh ... fuck ... he’s the biggest of them all...” she gasped, looking up at her friend, her eyes a bit glazed over with lust. It was so surreal ... fucking in the yard while ‘talking’ with her friend. And knowing that Trent was watching too. She knew that the part of her that was getting off on being watched was so very, very happy.

“Fuck did that hurt?” Trent’s voice called out, forgetting that he probably should have been silent.

“Who’s there?” Cyndi looked over at the fence, and back at Niki. She had been getting aroused herself, and her hand had been dangerously close to her thighs before she jerked it away, alarmed, as soon as she heard that voice coming through the fence.

“That’s just Trent ... don’t say anything. I don’t think Max knows he watches me,” Niki said, trying to not move too much. Cooper’s thick knot was still stretching her insides. She knew that as she relaxed a bit, she’d be able to get free, but she sort of liked the knotting, even if it was not ‘real’ like it would be with two real dogs She could feel his thick shaft quivering and she knew that he was still squirting his stuff into her. She’d be a mess again.

“Oh”, Cyndi said, momentarily at a loss for words. Someone was watching them, well, at least was watching Niki through the fence?

“You are OK with that?” she asked her friend, still trying to get a handle on how she felt about it.

“Yeah ... um” Niki paused, groaning as she squeezed the canine prick with her internal muscles, a shudder running up her spine. “I talked to him like, yesterday or the day before. It’s kind of a blur. He’s kinda nice...”.

‘It was actually just yesterday” the young male voice came through the fence, a bit of movement could be seen behind a knothole just about waist high on one of the boards. “Although, um, I had watched you for a couple days before that. I was afraid to say anything”

Cyndi shook her head, disbelieving for a moment that Niki was so ‘different’ now. She knew that her friend had been on the shy side at school. Still, she seemed quite embarrassed by all that had happened, but, here she was being speared by a large Husky and talking and acting as if it was not that big a deal that the neighbor boy was watching through a hole in the fence, not to mention talking with her friend. All this after giving her step-brother’s huge dick a blow job on the way home from school. It was almost too much for the girl.

Cooper began to get restless, whining a bit and pulling at the knotted girl. Niki responded by squeezing his prick one more long, satisfying time before relaxing and pulling away in tandem, letting his thick knot slowly ease out of her plugged pussy. “Oh ... fuggg. He’s sliding out,” she said as his long red prick slid out of her cunt, letting loose a mini flood of juices following its removal that dripped down over Niki’s thighs and on down to the grass.

“That is still so cool, though you are not as close to the fence as you were yesterday. That was better” Trent said wistfully. He was slowly stroking his prick while he watched, his perverse action hidden by the fence. He did think that Niki would mind, but as for her friend, he was not so sure.

Cyndi’s eyes watched the dog move away, but they were drawn swiftly back to her friends wet red sex and the dripping fluid that was seeping out of her. It looked like a lot. “They ... um ... cum a lot, do they?” she asked being not very conversant with the way of male dogs other than what little Niki had told her.

Milo was swiftly back, his cock still dripping as he licked at the girl. His tongue seemed to be everywhere at once. ‘Oh, shit he’s ... damn ... you would not believe his tongue. I told you that was the beginning of the end when that dog in the park ... fugggg”. Niki was rapidly rising to another orgasm, her hips bucking against the air as the long tongue of the dog darted deep inside of her private places.

“I can’t see. Would you move please?” Trent called out quietly, but sounding a bit short of breath.

Niki looked towards him and then up at her friend, she was really unable to answer as she was in the throes of her small but intense orgasm. “Nnnnggg,,,. K?” she managed to eke out since her voice sounded little more than a groan.

“He’s probably jacking off while he watches you. You know that, don’t you?” Cyndi hissed at her friend, but she herself was becoming aroused in spite of her qualms. The intensity with which Niki was moving and displaying herself had tapped a primal urge deep within the still fully clothed girl.

Cyndi watched as her naked friend, head hanging down a bit, obviously enjoyed an orgasm kneeling there in the grass, right in front of her, the neighbor boy, and Max for all she knew. The dog rapidly licking at Niki’s sex set off a nasty twinge deep inside of her jeans, and she wondered what it would be like to be that nasty ... that free to indulge in every carnal pleasure. Shaking her head, satisfied to live vicariously through her unashamed friend, Cyndi enjoyed the spectacle, and the sight of Niki’s naked body writhing under the attentions of the large Husky’s tongue.

“You should show him, you know you want to, you like people to look at you. Move so he can see right up your backside and see how wet it is. I dare you Niki.” Cyndi had no idea that she did not really have to dare her friend. Niki was becoming so submissive that if she had simply told her to go put her wet cunt against the hole in the fence, she probably would have.

Niki looked at her friend, surprised at her acceptance of her actions, even encouraging them. “You sure I should move?” she gasped around Milo’s torturing tongue. Moving on hands and knees over closer to the fence and turning around, she presented her bare bottom to Trent’s uninterrupted view.

“You going to let this dog fuck you too? You slut! I can see you are almost begging for it already...” Cyndi berated her friend. Moving over to lean against the fence, out of sight of the boy, Cyndi ran a hand between her thighs, squeezing it, thinking “This whole scene is so intense.”

Niki only nodded, red faced as she lowered her head to the grass, laying it across her folded arms Her movement tilted her sex up and out a bit, cocking her hips and presenting herself to be mounted ... mounted like a bitch in heat. She moaned as she felt the cool breeze hit her wetness, knowing that Cyndi and Trent were watching everything. As Milo moved around, no longer content with licking, she could feel the spray from his bouncing cock coat her thighs and buttocks as he jumped up onto her, searching for his bitch’s entrance.

Trent was indeed stroking his prick having carefully taken it out while facing the fence, still worried that his aunt might come home unexpectedly and catch him at his peep hole. He felt fairly safe tucked back between a tree and the shrubbery, but it was still an intense, naughty feeling to masturbate out in the bright sunlight in his aunt’s back yard. He had to admit the slutty girl next door was more than enough inspiration, though. He wondered if he would get an even better look when he went over to mow their lawn. He sure hoped so. He had thought he had detected a gleam in the eye of the girl’s older brother?, but he was not positive.

When Niki had moved over to be just a few feet away from his knothole and presented herself for the dog (and him he assumed), he had gasped. He could see ‘everything’, and it was so fucking nasty. He ran his hand faster and faster along his shaft, unable to hold back. Soon he peppered the fence with his cum as he groaned aloud, no longer hiding what he was doing due to the intensity of his reaction.

“I told you he was jacking off. He just came as you turned and showed off that naked, shaved pussy of yours. How do you like knowing a strange boy gets his rocks off while looking at you?” Cyndi’s hand was busy between her own legs now, having undone the snap of her jeans and darted two fingers down deep. She was no slut. She was not going to parade around naked. But she was no prude either, and this whole debaucherus situation was kinky in the fucking extreme!

Niki could only groan, the words and ideas only intensifying her submissive fantasies as she felt the furry stomach of the dog rub against her pretty young ass. Milo darted in eagerly, missing the mark low a few times, his prick spraying its mist of cum all over the belly of the bent over nastily presented bitch. Keeping at it with instinctive urgency, when his cock did find her hot center, he slammed his big red cunt wrecker home. Clamping onto the bent over female, he hammered his long red prick in and out of her well fucked cunt.

Grunting in rhythm as the dog took her, her debasement no more and no less than any other day recently, Niki could hear the chants of her own voice being forced out of her with every stroke of the beast’s furry hips. “Ungh ... Ungh ... Ungh ... Ungh...” she just grunted over and over, as the dog had its way with her readily accessible cunt.

Max looked out the back window, and did not see his sister or her friend. Curious, he grabbed the leash and walked out onto the patio, finally spotting them over by the fence, quickly noticing Cyndi backed up against the wood fence, her hand in her unsnapped pants. They had not noticed him yet and he pondered whether it would be better to ‘catch’ them, or to let them continue to get even more worked up. It seemed as if Cyndi was enjoying her very up-close and personal look at one of the Huskies fucking his sister. Again.

Cyndi saw Max walking over so she quickly turned away from him, slipping her damp fingers out of her panties, and closing up her jeans. “Your brother is coming. If you don’t want him to know about Trent...”

Niki looked up and saw her brother approaching and nodded thanks to her friend. “You better go Trent ... um, maybe see you Sunday?” she said, gritting out the words as Milo continued to finish off inside of her. Her pussy was a little numb from the constant friction, and she could feel their combined juices running out around the base of his prick, coating her thighs, all the way down to her bent knees. Closing her eyes again, she lay there moaning aloud as she let the beast have its way with her, her own sex grasping and squeezing at his prick as she found herself approaching another orgasm.

“Getting quite the show I see!” Max said, smirking at the fully dressed girl. He nodded at her groin, ensuring she knew that he was well aware of what she had been doing. Not making more of her actions for now. He stood still, slapping the leash idly against his thigh as he waited for Milo to finish. It did not go well if you tried to interrupt.

“Erm ... yes. I guess” Cyndi replied, embarrassed now and flushing with shame at being caught out. Although compared to what Niki was doing, her activity was very minor.

As Milo yelped and clawed his way toward release, they could see his knot slamming up against Niki’s backside, sliding in with every stroke. However, rather than staying locked in his bitch’s fuck hole, her abused cunt greedily allowed the thick knot to slide in and back out with every stroke. She was taking his knot-thickened cock all the way inside of her battered pussy!

Niki’s partially numbed sex spasmed around the sperm spewing prick, feeling the extra thickness, even welcoming it as a strangely erotic pressure as it thickened. Feeling an intensifying slam inside of her, she bent herself farther, reaching back with one hand to spread herself just a bit farther apart, somewhat easing the thick knot’s entry and egress.

“God, she loves being fucked on the grassy lawn. Look at her helping. Taking all the dog can give her. I am so glad I found her that day in the woods. You have no idea how good she is getting at sucking my cock. Well, perhaps you do, with your front row seat this afternoon.

“Come, extract yourself, it’s time for dinner...” he called out to his sister, waiting as the two bestial lovers slowed down. Niki eventually pulled away, her body covered with new scratches and layers of excess canine semen.

Bending down to hook the leash onto her collar, Max got a good look at just how much of a mess she was and he ‘tsked’ in disapproval. “You can’t go in the house like that ... come.” As he stood and began pulling on her leash, he glanced at Cyndi with a smirk on his face as he led the crawling girl over to the coiled garden hose.

“Use this. You got stuff flowing out of you and it’s all over your legs, your stomach, and especially your behind. We can’t have you staining the carpet with your mess. Don’t worry. You can stand while you wash off. Hurry up, I’m hungry” he ordered, pointing to the hose. As he stood there waiting impatiently, he seemed to be amused at her predicament.

Niki looked up at him, and over at Cyndi, then back at her brother, before slowly standing and walking over to the faucet. She knew that water would be cold, but not seeing an alternative, simply gritted her teeth as she prepared to feel that first blast of cold water on her naked skin.

Turning on the hose, she was pleasantly surprised that the water was warm from the hose lying in the sun. So she hurried, spraying the water over her stomach and thighs, letting it flow between her legs, rubbing herself clean shamelessly, as the water fell onto the grass. As she reached behind herself to wash her back side, she felt the water turning colder, so she hurried to get clean before she completely froze. Running her free hand up and over her flesh, she got herself as clean as possible without a real shower. Then she went back and rinsed one more time over her front, gasping as the now cold water made an abrupt shift of temperature on her skin.

Cyndi just stood, bemused, watching the now soaked girl stand there shivering as she air dried. There was no towel in evidence, as if Max had not even considered the need.

Nodding at her, Max smiled, “Good girl ... back down now” he ordered. He opened the door, and led her into the kitchen and hooked the leash over a hook on the end of the counter. “Wait here puppy. I need to get the boys back in your room, and then I am going to get our dinner. Oh Cyndi, did you need to freshen up? Unless you used the outside facilities? “he laughed as he walked down the hall with the four dogs in obedient single file. He returned to the stove and took up stirring the macaroni and cheese he had left warming while he went outside to retrieve his sister.

Later, sitting at the table, Niki at his side on the floor, he explained to Cyndi, “See, I’m not one of those brutes that force their pets to eat without their hands. I am actually quite progressive I think!” He smiled, watching Niki sit on the tile floor, bowl in hand, eating swiftly with her spoon. “Pets still need to eat quickly though. I did have to teach her to eat fast as ... TIME!” he abruptly said, calling out the end of dinner, at least for Niki. ‘Dogs are just so hungry all the time...” he smiled. Nodding at Niki and patting his crotch as she set her bowl down. “I do make sure she gets dessert though. Am I not a kind master??” he added as Niki moved between his legs and opened his jeans, swiftly getting his rapidly thickening prick back into her mouth.

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