When Love Falls Into Your Arms


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Desc: Romantic Story: Marriage can be great, or it can be very bad. Somewhere in between, love turns to hatred. But in this story, the love is gone until it falls into your arms.

We were lying in her bed still in a loving embrace as my mind began to clear the fog of the last hour, an hour that was destined to change my life as I knew it.

I should not be here, but I was.

We should not have done what we did, but we had.

But lying here in this warm bed, her head resting peacefully on my shoulder and her arm holding me close, a blanket covering our naked bodies, the comfort of post coital bliss and the gentle possessiveness of our embrace was more than I had felt in several years, and I did not want it to end.

She stirred and we turned to face one another, her smile melting me.

Just one more kiss to thank her for what she has given me, I thought. Just a few more minutes to hold her close and feel the warmth of someone who wants me to be here, I thought. Just a few more minutes.

The few more minutes became more as the warmth of our passions fueled the furnaces of our long neglected needs and we consummated our friendship once more with an intimacy that was reserved for those with whom we had committed our lives.

Finally, we reluctantly crawled from her small bed and shared a quick shower. Removing the outward physical evidences of our time of passion might clean our bodies of the scents and residues of our unplanned union, however, it would not remove the memories of our dalliance from propriety.

It was difficult to leave, but I had to make my way from her tiny garage apartment back to the large Victorian mansion in the adjacent community. The warmth and affection in that four hundred and eighty square foot second floor garage apartment far exceeded what awaited me in that almost four thousand square foot mansion, and now that I had once again been warmed by a woman who cared for me, I did not desire to return to the cold, uncaring environment that awaited me, but I did not have a choice.

The woman I was leaving behind in the tiny garage apartment was not a raving beauty, nor was she a young impressionable girl, but she was a grown woman whose body showed her age, late forties, our birthdays being less than a year apart, and whose hair showed streaks of natural grey, but whose eyes glowed and glistened with affection, and whose body was now filled with the evidence of our affection and burgeoning love.

It was wrong what we had done, however, I felt no guilt for having once more experienced loving affection, although I did have a sense of guilt for having violated the vows of my marriage of a quarter century. It was the first time even though most of the years of marriage had been cold and calloused and many opportunities had arisen to stray, however, I had not, although accusations had been many that I had been unfaithful.

An incident earlier in the day had precipitated the evening's clandestine meeting, and now, that chance occurrence had resulted in both my straying from my vows and my evening of affectionate passion.

I had entered the small warehouse that was across the street from the main office in search of a missing box of parts for an upcoming project.

The one employee on duty in the warehouse was a woman I had hired several months earlier who was currently performing duel roles of warehouse clerk and security. She had taken it upon herself to inventory the six-thousand square foot building in an attempt to validate the grossly inaccurate recordkeeping of her predecessor. As I walked down the rows of shelves, I called out to her so that she would know I was there and so that I could obtain her assistance in finding the parts that I was going to need. She was standing precariously near the top of a rickety step ladder with a pad, pen, and marker digging through a box and writing down its contents.

She began to descend the ladder, however, when she reached the third rung, the old ladder swayed and she lost her balance and reached out to catch herself, the result being her arms around my neck as I caught her.

"OOPS!" she said with a chuckle. "Glad you were here to catch me. I could have hurt something! Thank you!"

I was instantly captivated by her grayish-blue eyes as they sparkled with her smile, her full feminine charms instantly attracting attention, too, as we accidently embraced. I hesitated for a brief second before replying.

"I'm glad I was able to rescue a damsel in distress," I said with a smile as I continued to hold her close.

Our eyes met and she lowered her face to mine, planting a long, soft, and simmering kiss on my lips that had me returning it with equal pleasure. Finally our lips parted and, seemingly embarrassed at our unplanned and inappropriate intimacy, she bowed her head and gently pushed away from me.

"Sorry. That was wrong, but I just couldn't help myself," she whispered.

"That's alright. A damsel is allowed to reward her knight for rescuing her from danger," I replied, gently resisting her withdrawal from me by keeping my hands in contact with her body as long as possible until we stood almost a foot apart, her hands on my shoulders and mine resting on her hips. When she looked back up at me, I could not resist the longing in her eyes, so I softly repaid her kiss with one of my own. She responded as we loosely embraced and exchanged another kiss like I had never experienced. The warmth, the controlled passion, the longing, it all said words that could not be spoken.

"Now I am the one who should apologize," I whispered as we concluded our kiss.

"Please don't," she said with a smile that lit her entire face. "It's been a long time since someone held me and kissed me like that, and I enjoyed it immensely." She looked down and then looked back up into my eyes. "I guess I am just so lonely that any attention feels wonderful."

"I understand loneliness," I confessed, our hands now joined as we tried to gracefully part.

"I can see it in your eyes," she said, raising my hands to her lips and kissing them. "We are just two lonely people wishing it to go away." She lowered my hands to her breasts and pressed the palms against her ample bosom, holding them in place as our eyes met. "Just two lonely people wishing things were different."

"Very lonely," I whispered as my fingers caressed her breasts, her obviously large nipples firm and erect and poking thru the thin material of her bra and blouse.

She gently squeezed my hands as she removed them from her bosom and raised them to her lips to once more kiss them, our eyes never parting.

I squeezed her hands in appreciation and then, realizing the situation, shook my head and loudly cleared my throat.

"Uh, I guess we had better get back to work," I suggested.

"Yeah, I hear that the big boss is a stickler for hard work and propriety," she snickered.

We searched and found the box of parts that I would need the next week for a special project and added it to the new inventory, noting where it was located so it would be easy to find when needed.

"Thank you for everything," I said as I started to leave and return to my office.

"Thank you," she replied as she offered her hand.

I took her hand and felt a business card hidden in her grasp. Holding hands much longer than was appropriate, we again looked deeply into one another's eyes.

"I know it's probably wrong of me to say, but if you ever need to talk, I'm a pretty good listener," she offered.

"Thank you," I replied with a true sense of trust for this woman whom I barely knew. "I will keep that in mind. I would like that a lot."

We smiled and parted, our hands staying connected as long as possible, and then I turned and quickly returned to my office.

Before I left the office that afternoon, I called the house to let my wife know that I might be late, thinking that I really needed to take a long walk in the lakefront park to clear my mind and think about my life. She curtly replied that she was going with some of her friends to a party and would not return until well-after midnight. I just told her that that was fine and I would see her in the morning. She hung up the phone without even saying good-bye.

I stopped for a sandwich for supper and then drove to the lake just outside of town. As I walked along the calm, quiet lakefront, I thought about my life, about my career, and about what had happened earlier in the warehouse.

Marie was her name and she had been correct about me and my life. I was a successful business man; however, I was not enjoying the fruits of my labor. Sure, I enjoyed what I did, but emotionally, I was dying. And my wife could care less. She was involved with her friends and their activities, but she had shut me out of her life two decades ago. It had been years since we had had sex, and even then, it was just that, sex, and not love.

After walking a couple of miles along the paved paths, I returned to my truck. As I dug the keys from my pocket, I found the card with Marie's name and telephone number. For several minutes I hesitated, but then I picked up my cell phone and dialed the number.

"Hi," she answered. "I'm glad you called."

"Hi, Marie. I've been out at the lake walking and thinking about things," I tried to explain. "Would you like to meet somewhere and talk for a while? Would that be OK?"

"That would be fine, Mike. You are just a few blocks from my apartment. Why don't you just come by here and I will put on a fresh pot of coffee for us."

"Are you sure? I mean, uh," I stuttered.

"It will be fine and I will enjoy the company," she said with a laugh that reassured me. "Just turn down the driveway next to the convenience store and come all the way to the back. I will leave the porch light on for you. Just park next to my little yellow car. OK? Here's my address..."

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