Claudia's Condition, the Healing
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Three women are abducted, destined to die by the date on the calendar. Another woman is abducted because a killer wants deadly revenge. What if you are shot and left for dead because you're not a woman? Miraculously, the women are rescued. Soon their stories become old newspaper headlines and faded memories. Life goes on but how will they survive? How will they live on? How do they heal? Dan Davenport said it best. "The more we live our lives, the more those two bastards lose!"

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   mt/Fa   Fa/Fa   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Mult   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Tear Jerker   Cheating   Slut Wife   Wife Watching   Incest   Mother   Father   Daughter   Cousins   Niece   Aunt   Group Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Cream Pie   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Double Penetration   Public Sex  

Life had returned to normal for the people of Tampa except for Claudia and Dan, Allison, Julia and her family, Erin and Wayne. Investigators recovered 439,700 of the 500,000 dollar ransom money. The remaining monies were destroyed. Dan and Claudia donated the money on behalf of them to the Women’s Sexual Assault Victims Groups in Tampa. The Building they were held captive was days later leveled to the ground.

The request to give the kidnapped victims their privacy was largely ignored by the media. When Claudia, Allison, Julia and Erin were released from the hospital, their homes were besieged by numerous members of the press, newspaper reporters, and national television stations. The Police had to be called to each residence to keep the media and public away.

“The interest will soon die down. In a few says, we’ll be yesterday’s news,” Dan said escorting Claudia to their front door. Voices shouted over voices trying to get a statement. The whiz of video cameras and flashes of light announced another entry into history that will soon be forgotten. His cell phone continued to chirp and he shut it off for the desired silence.

“I didn’t know if you’d want any company or not,” Kim, Tracy, and Brooke went to comfort their lover. “The others have gone home.”

“We’d like to stay a few days before flying home,” Kim asked.

“Of course you can, I’ve missed you all. This isn’t exactly how I pictured us meeting again but it’s better than you being at my funeral. Thank you for coming to help Dan,” Claudia said hugging and kissing her girls.

“I had the sexiest search team in history looking for you!” he kidded hugging Brooke and Kim to his sides.

“I do want to see the others and thank them. Let me rest a few hours and I’ll call them to come over.”

Dan helped Claudia walk to the bedroom and lie down. Her pussy and ass still felt like they were on fire. Almost as soon as her head hit the pillow, she was sound asleep for five hours. The girls wanted to climb into bed with her and make love but knew it was far too soon.

Claudia awoke and took a long, long bath. It felt so soothing to her tormented pussy and ass. Relaxing with her eyes closed, she wondered how her sweet, young Allison was doing. She missed her desperately. There was something regarding Allison that attracted Claudia, like a moth to a light bulb.

She came from the bedroom and was gently hugged and kissed by her lovers. She said she was starving and a large omelette was prepared to her liking.

Claudia called the other nine girls and asked them to come over. Again, hugs and kisses were shared and tears flowed once more in relief for her safe rescue. Paula, Karen, Emma, Tessa, Rita, Morgan, Stacey, Susan, and Tina each offered their love to her.

Dan gazed at the magnificent twelve beauties that he has fucked. It wasn’t stated plainly but each one hinted at wanting to be the first to make love with Claudia.

“I don’t know when we can make love again. I want to be with all of you but don’t want it to seem one lover is more important than the other. What I’ll do, except for Kim, Tracy and Brooke is put all your names in a bowl and pick out one for every other day. Whose name I picked can come over and you’ll join Dan and me for a threesome.”

“But I’ve never had sex with you before,” Tina admitted, “Or any woman for that matter.”

“We’ll soon change that honey,” Karen offered and they laughed.

Claudia’s suggestion was fully accepted and pizzas were ordered, as her omelette was prepared. She again thanked them all for helping Dan to look for her and the others.

“Several of us even tried to get Dan to fuck us while you were missing to help get his mind off you. But none of us could betray you,” Paula mentioned.

“Then Dan has a lot of fucking to make up for. My pussy and ass may be out of action for now but that doesn’t mean my mouth and fingers aren’t!” she kidded and they laughed.

All the women wanted to know about her abduction and all the sex that happened but didn’t have the nerve to ask her.

“I’ve written the nine women’s names of a piece of paper. Claudia can pick out the names in order of going to bed with her and Dan,” Brooke instructed.

She held the bowl of names up out of Claudia’s view. She swirled the pieces of paper around. All nine sensual women hoping their name was picked first.

“The first in bed with us is ... Morgan.” the smile on her teen face anticipating her fun. “Next is ... Stacey, then ... Emma and you can bring your stud brother, Ryan,” Claudia smiled. “Then next is ... Tessa and then ... Rita, and next ... Karen and please bring James. Then on to ... Susan and then ... Paula and please bring Jerry. And finally, it is ... Tina.”

“I wish I could be in bed with all of you at the same time. Normally it’s okay, let’s get to it but my body can’t handle it right now.”

“There is a calendar in the kitchen and each girl can write down your name on the date. We’ll start with sweet Morgan after Claudia has her Doctor’s appointment, just to make sure she’s able to have sex now. Make sure each of you is available on that date and if necessary you can change with another if there is a scheduling problem,” Dan explained.

Dan’s eyes admired young Morgan’s sexy body as she came to him, “You and Claudia are the first ever members of the Diplomat Club that Stacy and I have allowed to fuck us away from the Club.”

“Thank you very much, Morgan and Stacey,” he acknowledged her also. “That proves how special Claudia is to you both.”

“And you too Dan,” she caressed him and wasn’t ashamed to give him a long kiss. His cock stirred in anticipation.

Two days later, Claudia had an appointment with the gynecologist. “Doctor, I’m normally very sexually active. When can I resume having sex again?” she asked.

“I examined your vagina and anus and they’re still very bruised. Sadly you’ll have to wait six to eight weeks before you can have penetration sex. I mean no cocks, fingers or sex toys.”

“Six to eight weeks!” she shrieked, “I’ll go crazy without fucking that long!”

“However, you can still have fun. How easily can you climax?”

“Hmm, most often very easily, why do you ask?”

“You can still enjoy having oral sex,” the doctor suggested.

“I love having oral with men ... and women,” she revealed.

“I’m not here to judge you. Actually, the clitoris is as sensitive as the head of a man’s penis. Do you climax from having your clit stimulated?”

“Every time!” she grinned.

“There you are, lucky for you! Have oral sex as often as you like. The spasms and contractions your uterus experiences during a climax and your natural juices will help it to heal.”

“Oh boy, am I ever going to be one busy girl!” she smiled.

Claudia practically jumped into Dan’s arms leaving the Doctor’s office, “I’m allowed to have my pussy eaten as much as I want!” she announced.

Dan drove her home and she told her three loves she could have lots of oral sex. It was decided that Kim should be the first to eat Claudia’s pussy.

“We are going to have so much fun!” Claudia’s eyes gleamed, “And while my girls take a turn eating my pussy, Dan will be fucking you.”

“I feel as nervous as our first time,” Kim said. “I love you honey but your new first time should be with Dan.”

Tracey retrieved Dan from the living room, escorting him to the bedroom. “You can’t be finished already! I didn’t hear one single climax!” he joked.

Claudia went to Dan, embracing him. “I see the sparkle returning to your eyes,” he kissed her.

“Please Daniel, my love, I need you!” Those sensual words were all he needed to hear. He cupped her face in his hands, her cheeks still showing evidence of bruising. He made her naked and tried to overlook her additional marks.

She let his clothes join hers on the floor and the girls eyed his body while hiding compassion for her contusions. “You and Allison are the two most incredible women, I’ve ever known!” her hands visibly shook as he kissed her. A tear trickled down her cheek and he kissed it away.

Dan tenderly laid his love on the bed and nestled gently between her legs. She instinctively bent her knees to keep her man in place. They kissed passionately and she urged him to her nipples. He kissed his way down her body adding extra lip care to her healing bruises. He turned around and gazed at her battered pussy.

A light kiss to her mound and then her clit received an immediate reaction. Dan wanted to love her with his fingers but had to resist and concentrated his mouth on her pussy. She had him straddle her head and he felt the familiar warmth of her mouth. Brooke, Kim, and Tracy watched the lovers in a sensual sixty-nine. Those three casually stroked a pussy, fondled a tit or kissed.

Claudia needed her husband, her lover and moments later she released her pent up frustrations in a strong climax. He soon followed, grunting his cum into her mouth and she eagerly gulped down his cream. Dan moved to cuddle her and they rested. In minutes, she was asleep again and any further fun with Claudia would have to wait.

“Just because Claudia is asleep doesn’t mean we can’t have any fun. I’m not flying back home to my dull sexless marriage without Dan fucking me first!” Kim stripped naked and took Dan to the spare bedroom.

Brooke moved to Tracy and took her hand, “Claudia told me how you three girls have been lovers for so many years. Since those two will be fucking, why don’t we introduce ourselves while lying beside them?”

Tracy caressed Brooke, her fingers touching her soft, flawless face, “I’ve never had sex with another woman beside Claudia and Kim.”

“That’s about to change,” Brooke smiled making Tracy naked and her clothes followed. While Dan and Kim fucked, Brooke and Tracy became sensual friends.

“I know I might seem tired but please don’t let me fall asleep until bed time,” Claudia smiled seeing Brooke and Tracy eating Dan’s cum from Kim’s pussy. She crawled into bed with them, spreading her legs. All three went to her pussy and taking turns and had her cumming in no time.

The three girls became spectators when young Morgan visited. She ate Claudia’s pussy while Dan fucks her then Morgan’s pussy was besieged by the three women. Dan became the spectator but Morgan had other ideas and while her pussy was being devoured she gave him a sensual blowjob. Tracy also had her enjoyment with Dan, recounting their date at the golf club in Middleton.

Sadly, Kim and Tracy had to fly home two days later. Plenty of tears were shed by all three. She and Dan informed her girls when Doug and John were going on a fishing trip, he’d pay them to fly and spend the holiday in Tampa.

Brooke stayed several more days using the opportunity to view a number of hobby farms and ranches. Finding the perfect home was more time consuming than she anticipated but Kyle reassured her it would be worth the extra time later on.

The next to visit was luscious Stacey. As Dan fucked her, she wished for him and Claudia to soon return to the Diplomat Club. Young Emma and her brother Ryan sure made Claudia and Dan’s afternoon interesting. While Dan fucked her, Claudia gave Ryan a sensual blowjob. Then the brother and sister fucked for their enjoyment.

Tessa was more concerned for her lover and co-worker than actually having sex. “The Station hasn’t been the same since that day,” she commented. Young and energetic Rita was almost out of control when she and Dan were together.

Karen and James made for a more pleasurable foursome. Susan was happy for both her time with Claudia and Dan plus their happiness with their new home. Paula was a complete mess and did a lot of relief crying for Claudia. She felt better once Dan was fucking her and Jerry were surprised with a second blow job.

The last of the sexy dozen to share their bed was Tina. Unlike the others, she was actively trying to get pregnant from Dan. She was on her own now as her soon to be ex-husband Andrew had moved to work at another Station in Wyoming. Claudia lovingly talked Tina into eating pussy for the first time. Her inspiration came from Claudia saying how beautiful hers and Dan’s baby will look.

Claudia welcomed a restful few days and talked with the three most important new women in her life, Julia, Erin, and Allison. They each said how they missed her and Dan wanted their first face to face visit.

“Do you feel well enough and return to doing our sexy walks through the park?” he asked taking his love in his arms.

“You bet I am!” she smiled kissing him then going to change. She always looked so sexy and sensual, certainly slutty to most, in her low cut top and very short skirt. Comfortable high heels accented her long sexy legs and the general appearance of a married slut or whore.

If someone remarked about her choice of clothes and called her derogatory names in including a prostitute, she considered it a compliment and enjoyed the erotic sensation even more.

Holding hands as they strolled along the sidewalk, curious neighbours more accustom to seeing her in revealing clothes, now envisioning what she must have endured during her abduction. Dusk was setting in and it would soon be dark.

In the park, Claudia would tug on her top to reveal as much tit as possible without them popping out. They’d alternate hand holding with Dan’s hand now under her short skirt to caress her bare ass. Several times he’d use his arm to pin her skirt against her to show her bare ass in motion.

A lap or two around the path would set the mood for them to include, the amount of darkness and weather but most importantly, the people also walking in the area. They kept to their strict rule of not showing her tits or bare pussy to children. The guessed age would have to be mid-teens and older for them to see her.

Claudia stopped at their usual bench underneath an overhead light. The hem of her short skirt met her ass cheeks on the bench. Her long, slim legs looked so sexy in their natural overlapped position. They had a clear view of the walkers and enjoyed the changing colours of the lights reflecting the water spraying up from the fountain located in the center of the large pond.

As men, women, or couples passed by that Claudia favoured, she’d uncross her legs, allowing her pussy for viewing. She liked commenting to Dan on the reactive stares she’d receive and teasingly suggest which man, woman or couple would look good in their bed. She always made eye contact with everyone and a polite ‘hello, ‘ or ‘nice night for a walk, ‘ would draw their gaze.

Dan would always rest a hand high on her leg and would sometimes be the one to prompt her legs apart to show her pussy. On the rare occasion, someone would lecture her on the morals of a woman dressing inappropriately in public and she’d rebuff their comments. As the stay progressed, Dan would begin to rub her pussy. She was still too sore for Dan to finger her.

Sometimes they’d recognize a neighbour by sight, not name. They would introduce themselves, expressing their gratitude for her safe rescue and received a view of her pussy. As their fun progressed, she’d expose more tits allowing a nipple to feel the night air and curious eyes.

One particular person who frequently visited the park that she liked was Stewart. A man she guessed to be in his early to mid-sixties, he had a distinguished looking appearance. He was originally from England and she enjoyed hearing his accent when they talked.

The first time he stopped to sit beside her and chat made her heart quicken. While they talked, he’d glance politely at her revealing breasts and bare pussy. Dan always kept his hand high on her leg and she prompted him to move it higher. Dan figured, okay, give the guy more of a tease and his fingertips stopped several inches from her pussy.

Claudia went further, touching his hand, urging it closer. Dan looked to Stewart as his fingers separated her pussy lips and two slid slightly inside her. She found it highly erotic that Stewart kept the conversation going as normal as could be, yet stealing glances of Dan’s finger fucking her pussy.

Claudia would look into his clear eyes and enjoy their conversation. She saw Stewart look to Dan’s fingers inside her pussy but didn’t make any vulgar comments or suggestive hints to include him. Then, as suddenly as he appeared, he’d say goodnight and resume his walk home.

“If there was any man I’d want to let touch me here, it would be Stewart,” she remarked. Their normal walk time was shortened with her still recovering and she gave him a sensual blowjob when they returned home.

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