Sweet Sixteen

by Helena Handbasket

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Pedophilia, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Sadistic, Snuff, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Cream Pie, Double Penetration, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: Happy Birthday!

It was finally my sixteenth birthday and I was so excited. My daddy had a celebration planned for the evening. A few of my friends from school were invited, but weren't going to be able to make it. They already had plans to go out of town. Instead, a few of Dad's friends were going to show up. Barbecue and beer for the adults, but Dad said he might let me have a beer. I've never tasted beer before.

Daddy kept me pretty sheltered, especially since losing my mother. She died from a brain hemorrhage when I was eight. I think it broke him, he was never the same. He became very protective of me, never letting me leave his sight until a few years ago. About the time I got my period, he started distancing himself from me a bit. He doted upon me with many gifts, being his only child. The gifts he gave were wonderful, but I felt I needed something more. Something physical. He hadn't hugged me in such a long time.

I just got my driver's license two weeks ago and Dad was letting me drive to the store to pick up a few last minute items for the party. I got back to the house about an hour later. I noticed that Dad's buddy, Murphy was already there. I was grabbing the bags from the backseat when Murphy walked up behind me.

"Need some help, shorty", he asked?

"Here ya go", I said handing him the heaviest bag.

Murphy followed me inside, but I could feel his eyes on me, watching my ass as I walked. I turned around quickly to catch his gaze and he gave me a childish grin.

"Hey Daddy", I said as we walked into the kitchen.

"Oh, Hi honey, did you get everything? ", he asked me.

"Yes, of course I did", I told him, unpacking the bags.

Dad walked outside to tend to the barbecue grill, while I continued to put things away. Murphy slid past me to get to the fridge, rubbing his body against mine as if there wasn't enough room to pass. He grabbed a Coke and popped the top, giving me that childish grin of his again.

Just then, Brad and Cort walked in with hands filled. More beer, some liquor and a few gifts.

"Just put the gifts over there, guys", I told them pointing to the side table.

Dad walked in to greet his friends, shaking hands and hugging each other.

These three guys were Dad's best friends, since college.

Murphy was the tallest, standing six foot two, sandy-blonde hair, dark blue eyes. He was good looking, thirty four years old with a few acne scars on his face. Not fat, but not thin either.

Brad was the oldest at thirty seven, but didn't look it. Smooth, baby-faced, dark hair and eyes with an athletic build.

Cort was the same age as Daddy, thirty five. His brown hair accented his green eyes and sharp features. His jaw line very pronounced, leading to his broad shoulders. He was built like boxer and always wore the tightest pants. He was the best looking of all of them, not to say the group of them wasn't pleasing to the eye.

And Daddy, his black hair made his icy-blue eyes stand out much more, as if looking right through you. He was very athletic, working out pretty much every day.

They all had ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and such, but none of them had a girlfriend currently. So they felt free to be just guys and do guy stuff together.

"I'm going up to take a shower, Dad". So the guys kept talking and drinking while they walked outside to put the meat on the grill.

Upstairs, I had began undressing as someone knocked lightly on my door.

"One second!" I said grabbing a towel to cover myself.

The door opened, I was surprised to see Cort walking in. He closed the door behind him and sat down on my bed. He motioned for me to sit beside him.

"You know your dad loves you very much and has something great planned for your birthday. I'm so happy to be here for you. I've watched you grow into a beautiful young woman", he said, brushing the hair from my shoulders.

"I wanted to give you a special gift before the party gets started", he said softly in my ear. Cort stood up slowly. I tried to stand, but he gently pushed me back on my bed, taking the towel as I fell backwards. I covered myself with my hands as best I could. He moved my hands slowly away above my head. He knelt down at my feet, taking my leg in his hands and started kissing and caressing it till he reached my inner thigh. He took my other leg and did the same to it until he reached my other thigh. He placed both my legs over his shoulders and then licked both thighs working his way to my pussy.

I was a bit frightened, I've never been touched like this before. I'd only ever kissed a boy so far.

Cort moved in closer, grabbing my ass and pulling me towards his face. He kissed the crease of my hips and working his way back to my puffy, wet pussy. He could see I was getting excited, then he spread my pussy lips open with his fingers. His tongue slipped between the creases of my labia, moving up and down slowly and carefully. I let out a quiet moan as he continued. My breathing had quickened and my body quivered each time his tongue lashed at my clit. His pace had grown faster and I could no longer hold myself together. I felt a rush take over my body, from my feet to my head. An explosion of joy took over and I must have let out a little scream of delight, because Cort put his hand over my mouth. My body finally stopped writhing, I hadn't noticed that Cort had slipped out of my room.

After my shower and getting dressed, I went back downstairs to join everyone. Dad and the guys were sitting outside on the patio, so I sat beside Dad. My eyes looked across the way capturing Cort's gaze. He licked his full, pouty lips and winked. I quickly looked away. How would I ever be able to look into his eyes again without thinking about him French kissing my twat.

The evening progressed and we all had finished eating.

"It's time for you to open gifts, dear", said Dad handing me a small box wrapped in red paper with a white bow. I took off the bow and tore off the paper excitedly. I opened the box and inside was a set of keys. I jumped into Daddy's arms and squeezed him tight.

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