Hansel and Gretel

by HAL

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story: The real story of Hansel and Gretel. Grimms definitely tidied it up. Old Mother Hubbard follows on from this but stands alone as a short story too

Hansel and Gretel's stepmother has had a bad press. Actually their mother was a much scarier person. She was a puritan of the strongest order. Hansel, Gretel, Maria (the mother) and Franz (the father) all washed in cold water every day. On Fridays the two children had to go to the river and bath, every Friday, right through the year. Even in the winter of '78 when the river froze and could be skated upon in the flatter parts, Maria had them 'showering' at the rapids where the Small Falls of Dochery still flowed. Gretel caught pneumonia and nearly died, but Maria would never admit it was as a result of washing in in freezing water every day. As is the way with fundamentalists, there was good reason why Maria did not have to bathe in sub-zero temperatures in winter; but her children did.

They lived on the edge of the forest and, father being a woodsman, could have as much wood – and meat – as they wanted; but again Maria insisted on a puritan existence of only one hot meal a day and bedrooms with no fires. Hansel and Gretel shared a bedroom and at around 13 it was not surprising that they were playing 'show and touch' with each other (having received no information on why boys and girls were different); Maria caught them and started to beat them both, Hansel for being a voyeuristic spawn of the devil and Gretel for being the whore of Babylon. Franz came home and took the broom from her and broke it over his knee, Maria went crazy and, well, the three never admitted who actually hit her with the shovel. Perhaps they really didn't know, but she fell and hit her head on the hearth and the pool of blood spread out slowly underneath her. It is possible that prompt action and a bandage could have saved her, or not, who knows. What is certain is that there was no prompt action. An hour later she was dead, and then one of them (Gretel) rushed for the medical man, who announced that Maria was dead, wrote up a death certificate detailing "Suspected heart attack resulting in collapse and accidental trauma to the head". Maria wasn't well liked in the area and anyway, what benefit would it have been to charge one or all of them? Maria was dead and life had to move on.

It probably wasn't surprising that Franz took a new wife, nor that she was young, pretty, and very different to Maria (though, to be fair, Maria had been pretty). She was vivacious, liked warm water, warm rooms, and warm affections. Unlike their real mother, Zucchinia encouraged the two children to explore each other, she liked to watch, to help. She would undress Hansel and stroke him in places which were both pleasurable and yet which also made him uncomfortable. Zucchinia always said it was entirely appropriate for a step-mother to see her 13 year old step son naked, and for him to see her in the same way. They were family after all. When Hansel started getting erections at the sight of his sister in the new tin bath in front of the fire, Zucchinia showed him how to get them to go down again. The white fluid that came out, she said, was what made him stand up and it just needed stroking to encourage the pus to come out of the blister. It wasn't like any blister Hansel had ever seen before. Gretel was surprised the first time her father was present and came over to wash her back while Zucchinia washed her front. She tried to turn her back as she stood up to be dried, but Zucchinia turned her to face her father and asked if he, her husband, didn't think his daughter was turning into a fine woman.

It is obvious to all what the final result of this pre-incestuous behaviour would have been; but something that Gretel said at school was picked up by a teacher, who passed it to the pastoral care liaison officer, who contacted social services. When the message came back from school that social services wanted a 'chat' Zucchinia became agitated. After much cajoling, and a regrettable lapse into violence, Franz managed to get the truth from Zucchinia. She had been charged in Upper Silintia (unproven), The Forest of Darkholm (case adjorned) and Mandible County (case still under investigation following reports of bestiality); in other words, she had form. Franz had caught her giving her step-son a blow job the night before, so he was already rather angry with her; she'd never offered him a blow job!

Promising that he would punish her, he set his anger aside briefly and the two worked out a plan. They packed up several day's food, warm blankets, and a change of clothes; and then sent the children into the woods. "Use a trail of breadcrumbs" advised Zucchinia "so you can find your way back"

When social services arrived the next day with a temporary orphanage accommodation directive (a TOAD as it was known), the children were long gone. "They've run away, children do that" said Franz, and because they were overworked and underpaid, the social workers put the case into 'Pending' and thought no more about it. By this time of course the children were hopelessly lost as Zucchinia was a towny and didn't realise that in the countryside birds like breadcrumbs and would eat them all.

The punishment of Zucchinia isn't relevant to this story in the slightest; but since you're curious, and it is rather unusual, I'll tell you.

When the social workers were gone, Franz pointed out that he had never been offered a blow job (this seemed to annoy him more than Zucchinia giving her step-son one), and that had he known she was a suspected paedophile he might not have married her. He was a little unsure on this point, he had met her in the town one evening and their relationship had rapidly moved from casual discussion to casual sex and he had clearly enjoyed fucking the bejessus out of this attractive, slim blonde. He was extremely well built in the erectile department and took great pleasure in hearing her groaning to accommodate him; that she had asked him to fuck her fully twice more that evening, despite (as she said) being as sore as a virgin had made him fall in love with this sex-mad lovely.

She made the mistake if using his size as an excuse for not sucking him off. Half an hour later she found herself naked and bound, kneeling beside their stallion, who had an enormous erection due to the next door's mare being in season. "Go on!"

"I can't, it's not right"

The cane came down on her buttocks again, she already had red wheals criss-crossing her bottom "Just do it, I'm not going to stop whipping your arse until you do" he brought the stick down again and this one opened the skin, she screamed and blood started to seep from the cuts. "No one will come, this is the countryside. People keep themselves to themselves and wives regularly get beaten for offences. I've been too soft with you." He lifted the stick and she finally gave in.

"Okay, okay!"

"And swallow!"

"You are disgusting!"

"Says the paedophile, dog fucker!"

She crawled closer to the tethered stallion, who was delighted to find the tip of his two foot long penis being licked and kissed by something. He stood still, giving little whinnies of pleasure; she just about got her mouth around the tip; and finally, as she thought her lips couldn't stand being stretched this far much longer, he produced a massive ejaculation. A horse produces a lot of spunk. Her mouth could not take it all in, once full it started to flow out of her mouth and down her chin. "Swallow!"

She tried to swallow, choked, tried again and then retched as she found the salty horse semen dribbling down her throat. She didn't actually vomit but it was a close thing.

Then she was dragged back to the house where, bent over the kitchen table, Franz angrily and violently fucked her. She would be more careful not to let him see, she decided, if she got further with Hansel.

So, now you know. Back to our hero and heroine.

The two children walked for miles, slept under the blasted oak by Samson Green (though they didn't know it was called that) and both gained more pleasure than they admitted in cuddling up together for warmth. By this time Hansel was 14 and fully capable of producing erections at the thought or sight of a naked girl also aged 14 – such as Gretel. When she went behind a bush to urinate, he found the thought of her crouching, with her bottom bared, was quite enough to cause him to not be able to piss himself. She had small breasts which were barely visible through her clothing, but when they curled round each other that night his hands found them apparently by accident, yet he did not relinquish them once they were in his grasp. Neither did Gretel suggest he let go of them, nor that the boner sticking into her bottom should be removed. She felt a small, girlish thrill in the knowledge that her big brother had the hots for her developing body.

The next day they came into another clearing where a house stood. "Sweet House" it said over the door, and the building itself did indeed seem to be made of sweets, but that was just decoration. Painted and bedecked with flowers and fruits it looked like a box of cakes and biscuits; and intentional piece of marketing. Inside, an old woman sat knitting, when they knocked she bade them enter, looked at them and smiled. "Have you come from The Old Woman?"


"The Old Woman in Shoe House, the orphanage. Have you come from there?"

"No, we're lost, could you help?"

"Oh excellent! I mean oh yes, of course. But have something to eat first"

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