Chapter 1

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Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - I was surprised by the little girl from across the street.

I live on a gravel road about 20 mile from town and half mile off the main road. I Live in the center of a section, which I own south of me is farm land that I lease out, except for two houses that I rent to others. North of me is all wooded and posted, so I do not have blinds or drapes on the back of my house. I rent on house about 200 yards back towards the main road to a couple. The other house is directly across the road from me. I rent that house to Barb and her young daughter.

One Saturday morning, I woke up late and went into the bathroom and took a shower. After my shower, I walked naked across my bedroom to get some clothes, when I noticed something moving outside. I went out to a side patio to get a better look. I didn't bother with clothes, because nobody could see through the hedge.

Being a quiet as I could be; I got down on my knees and looked under the hedge and around the corner of the house. I really was surprised to see Jill, my Barb's daughter looking in my window. She was stooping behind a bush with her ass in her tight shorts sticking out. She was stretching her neck and looking in the window trying to see me.

My cock immediately came to attention at the thought of her wanting to see me naked. So I went back into my bedroom and walked around naked, letting her see all of my naked body. I was so turned on, that I got some lotion and laid on my bed. I poured the lotion on my cock and began stroking it, spreading my legs wide so that she could get a really good look.

I could see her head sticking out from behind the bush, but I pretended not to see her. The longer I masturbated the more she looked and forgot about hiding. By the time I was ready to cum, she was standing up and not hiding at all. Still, I pretended not to see her. As the cum started to rise, I grabbed some tissue and sat at the end of the bed only a few feet from the window.

I held the tissue a few inched from my cock so that she could see my load as it shot out of my cock. I milked every last drop of cum and then laid back resting from my intense orgasm. I went into the bathroom to clean up and went I return, she was gone. I went to a front window and watched her run across the street and go into her house.

Jill's mom works double shifts at a café in town, so she isn't home very much. She is off on Sunday and Monday, so I didn't see her. But I looked for her on Tuesday after school. I work from home, so I can take time off whenever I want. I set up a small mirror on a dresser so that I could see her looking at me while I looked away from her. About 10 minutes, before she got home, I took off all of my clothes and waited.

About 15 minutes after she got home, I saw her walk across the road and into the woods by my house. I went into the great room and watched for her. I saw her come out of the woods and hide behind a bush by my bedroom window. I went into the bedroom and put things away rubbing my cock frequently and making sure that she could see everything.

After a while, I put some lotion on my cock and masturbated on the bed. I really enjoyed being naked and showing off for her. I spread my legs wide and turned toward her, so she could see as much of me. A couple of times, I had to stop and recover, so that I didn't cum too soon. However, I couldn't hold off too long. I don't think that I have ever been more turned on. I grabbed a couple of tissue and moved close to the window. I stood there for about a minute, before I shot my load into the tissue. Just before I did, I looked right at her, but pretended that I didn't see her.

After I came, I sat on the bed and milked the last few drops of cum out of my cock and letting her watch as long as she wanted. After my cock shrank back to normal size, I went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

It was too wet for her to go out Wednesday, but she did come over on the rest of the week and I made sure that she got a show. This went on for about two more weeks, until summer vacation.

Two days before summer vacation, it rained. I always drove down to the main road and picked up Jill at the bus stop so that she didn't have to walk a half mile in the rain. I just wore a tee shirt and shorts; but I didn't wear underwear. While I was waiting, I got really turned on thinking about being naked for Jill. My cock got really hard. It was hanging down one of the legs of my shorts, so there was a really obvious bulge.

I made no attempt to hide it when she got into the truck, but she didn't notice it right away. She was wearing tight shorts and a tee shirt. However, she was acting differently than she had in the past. Her eyes were big and she had a big grin. I noticed her book bag was open and her panties were sticking out slightly. I looked at her and it was obvious that she did not have on panties. Also, her nipples were sticking out, so she wasn't wearing anything under her shirt. She must have taken off her underwear at school, before she got on the bus. I kept staring at body on the way back and that kept me real hard.

Jill was really giggly during the ride to her house, so I asked her what was so funny. She just laughed and shook her head no. That is when she noticed the bulge in my pants. She just stare at it the rest of the ride.

On her first day off school, I decided to do something different. This time I took the screen out the windows and opened the casement window before she came over. After masturbating for a few minutes, I got up and walked over the window and stuck my cock out. She was only a few feet away and I could plainly see her, but I still pretended not to. This time, I shot my load out the window and onto the ground. I really like the fact that I was so close to her that she could count the hair between my legs.

On Wednesday, I decided to take it even further. This time, I walked around the house naked for a while and then went out on the patio. Jill was hiding behind a bush only a few feet away. I sat on the lounge chair facing in her general direction and masturbated. It felt really good to be naked outside and so close to her. I could plainly see her through the bush that she thought that she was hiding behind. I wondered what she looked like naked as I masturbated and fantasized about sliding my cock into her sweet pussy. When I got ready to cum. I jumped up and walked over to the bush and shot my load right next to her. I stood there a long time stroking my cock and I ended up masturbating and cumming again. Jill didn't move during my show.

On Thursday, I did the same thing, only this time, when I got up, I walked around the bush and asked her why she was hiding. My cock was only inches from her face and really hard. She didn't answer so I grabbed her arm and pulled her over to a patio chair and made her sit. I pulled a chair over just inches in front of her and sat down. I continued to rub my cock while I talked to her.

I told her that I could have her arrested for trespassing and asked her what she was doing there. Finally, she said that she was just looking. And I said, "At me naked?"

Her eye dropped like she had been caught. "You've been looking in my window too, haven't you?

She reluctantly shook her head yes and I asked her "Why?"

'I don't know. I just like to look at you."

"Naked?" I asked.

She shook her head yes.

"Why didn't you just knock on the door and ask. I would have let you look all you wanted. You know that I anybody finds out that I don't have you arrested for trespassing, I won't be able to keep anyone out." I said. That wasn't true, but she didn't know that.

"Please don't tell my mom or have me arrested."

I won't tell you mom or the sheriff, but you have to promise not to tell anyone about this, OK.

She shook her head yes and I told her that she could come over anytime she wanted and I would get naked and let her look at me all she wanted.

We went inside and I got her a drink. Then, we went into the bedroom and I took a shower. She sat on the edge of the tub and watched my rub soap all over myself and the rub my cock.

She asked "Why do you do that?" And I asked "Why so I do what?"

She said, "Rub your thing."

"I said, "Use the right word. Why do you rub your penis?"

After a little coaxing, she finally said "penis." Then, I laid on the bed and she sat next to me while I rubbed my penis.

I told her that it made me feel really good, especially when a pretty girl watched me. We talked for a while and she stared at me penis for most of the time. When she looked up at me, she mouthed the words, "I love you!" I told her that I loved her too. Then I told her that she was the reason that my penis was hard and that I really liked it when she watched me masturbate. She just giggled.

Then I asked her if she had ever kissed a boy. She said no and I asked if I could be her first kiss. She enthusiastically said yes. I pulled her close to me and started kissing her tenderly at first and then more passionately. While we kissed, my hands explored her body. My right had dropped and rubbed her sweet ass and slowly moved between her legs to her vagina. My other hand moved up to her small breast. Then I told her about French kissing. When my tongue first touched her tongue, she gasped and pulled away. Then, she kissed my again and our tongues met for a long time. One hand went inside of her panties and around to her vagina. My other hand went under her blouse to her nipple.

When the kiss broke, we had a long frank discussion about the facts of life. I told her everything and got her to use the proper terms for all of our sex organs. It really turned me on to hear her say "penis" and "vagina". While we talked, I continually touched her body and she really enjoyed it. I told her what people to on dates and at night in bed. We talked about oral sex and intercourse, and several different fantasies. When we were done talking, I asked her if she would be my secret girlfriend. We talked for a while until she understood why it had to be a secret.

Then, I told her that we were on a date and that we should do some of the things that people do on dates. She giggled but she didn't object when I unbuttoned her blouse. Her budding breast were firm and her nipples were sticking out. I took off her shoe and stockings and then pulled her short down. She wasn't wearing any panties and I almost shot my load when I saw her hairy vagina. I had her turn around so that I could see every inch of her naked body.

Then, I pulled her into bed and kissed her. I kissed my way down her body to her small breast and sucked on each of them and kissed them and licked them. She really enjoyed that, so I continued to fondle them as I kissed my way down her body. When I got to her vagina, I just stared at it for a long time. Its hair was so soft.

I kissed her softly and then licked her. When her vagina opened up, I tried to see how far I could put my tongue inside of her and I buried my face in her. When she was really wet, I inserted a finger inside her and masturbated her while I ate her and sucked on her clitoris, until my sweet Jill had her first orgasm.

I held her for a while until she came down, then I mounted her. I was not sure if I should penetrate her vagina, so I just rubbed my cock against her vagina. When I got close to an orgasm, I sat in front of her and had her masturbate me until I squirted cum all over her. She really laughed when I came. I told her that she really made me feel good by rubbing my penis. I tasted my cum to show her that it was OK. Then, she tried it. She seemed to like it and tried more. We took a shower and clean up. I rubbed soap all over her naked body and told her how beautiful she was. I got behind her and fondled her small breasts with one hand and masturbated her with my other hand.

When we were done, I told her that I didn't want her to get dress yet. We talked for a little while and then I showed her some videos and told her which things I wanted to do with her.

We ate lunch and then when back into the bedroom. I told her that I wanted to make love to her and explained that I would put my penis into her vagina and that it might hurt a little at first, but it would feel really good after I was inside of her.

She said OK, so I started touching her and kissing her everywhere on her naked body. Then, I kissed my way down her body and licked her to another orgasm. I kissed my way back up until I was on top of her and began stroking my penis up and down against her wet vagina. She giggled while I was doing that, but she grimaced as I slowly pushed my penis up inside of her. I asked her if she wanted me to stop, but she said no.

When I finally penetrated her, I waited until she was ready and then slowly began to thrust my penis in and out. After a few minutes, she began to breathe deeply and moan softly. We kissed passionately, until she took a deep breath and said, "Oh my god!" I stopped for a second to make sure she was OK, but she screamed, "Don't stop, please don't stop!"

It was very obvious to me when she finally came, and I emptied my load deep inside of her at almost the same time. We laid together for a long time after until she told me it was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to her.

I helped her clean up and she got dressed. It was almost time for her mother to come home, so she left.

Now she comes over every day when her mom is away and we play naked together and make love.

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