Through an Open Window
Chapter 1

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, True Story, Cheating, Analingus, Masturbation, Oral Sex, Petting, Tit-Fucking,

Desc: Sex Story: Chapter 1 - It's amazing how an over heard conversation can lead to so much fun!


The early morning sun was shining in through my bedroom window when the buzzing of my mobile phone told me there was a text message waiting to be read, it was my Fuck Buddy, she was asking if I could ‘talk’, I knew that ‘talk’ meant she was horny and wanted to indulge in some raunchy phone sex. It was something we both enjoyed as we only got together once every month or so.

I called her and after some brief pleasantries, I told her what I was going to go to do to her, how I was going to do it, graphically and in great depth. I told her how I wanted to eat her pussy and her ass, that I wanted to finger her as I sucked her clit and that I wanted to make her as wet as I could before I would drink her cum from her sexy little cunt.

It was all very erotic and all very graphic, and she loved it.

I also told her that I was going to make her suck my cock until I filled her mouth with thick hot cum. I could hear her excitement building and the rustling of her bed sheets as her hand went to work, her breathing getting harder as she worked herself into a sexual frenzy.

She loved me to go into great detail and to talk dirty to her. She came twice as I described our next session of fucking and I stroked my cock while she told me what amazing things she was going to do for me at our next meet. Once both our sexual needs had been sated we said our goodbyes and I set the phone down next to the bed.

I needed to shower, as I got out of my bed I heard a noise as the gate in my next door neighbours garden closed and I heard footsteps on the path. I thought nothing of it as I stripped off my boxers and went into the shower room to wash away the results of our early morning phone sex.

The rest of the day was just filled with housework and shopping...

Monday On Monday evening I left the office and ran to my car, the weather was bad and the rain was pouring down. It was a real downturn in the weather as the weekend had been glorious. Our office car park was a giant puddle and the roads were like rivers. I had to drive out of the city and through a small town before I reached our village. The town’s streets were almost empty, the usual throng of people had obviously been driven inside by the sudden bad weather front.

As I crawled along the high street I spotted my next door neighbour at the bus stop. I knew the buses only ran every hour and she would be there for quite a while so I pulled up and shouted out of the window for her to jump in. she did so and I edged back into the stream of traffic.

“Hi, Ashley, “I said, trying to concentrate on the traffic.


“Hello Zak, thank you so much for stopping “she replied “I was not looking forward to that trip in the rain”

I knew little about Ashley and her husband Chris, they had moved into the village a few months earlier but, like most people these days, they keep themselves to themselves.

She was blonde, pretty and petite. I guess her age at mid-twenties making her at least fifteen years younger than me. She had a great little body, cute ass and a nice pair of tits. I had seen her sunbathing in the back garden once or twice and she was easy on the eye.

We had chatted a few times in the garden or if we met in the local pub, but tonight she seemed a little stifled, so not much was said. Once we were home she jumped out of the car after a quick goodbye and she was gone.

Friday Another change in the weather, bringing sunshine, meant that Friday night for me was a night in the beer garden of the local pub. I ordered a pint and a sandwich and then found a free table in a shady part of the garden. A couple of drinks later I saw Ashley walk in, she saw me and waved but did not come over to say Hi as she normally would. I guessed she was waiting for friends.

Saturday Another great day, the sun was beaming down and I was in my garden trying to tidy it up. Ashley walked past without a hello, a goodbye, or a kiss my arse. Later I did begin to think what I could have done to upset her, as the last thing I wanted to do was fall out with the neighbours!

I sat in the garden reading all afternoon, hoping to bump into her and find out what I had done, but she did not reappear Sunday I had a late breakfast before strolling down to the village green to watch some cricket. I sat in the shade of an old oak tree and watched as the village team played their local rivals. It was a low scoring match but our village won with a few runs to spare, which was good to see. As I walked home Ashley was walking the other way, down the path, with some letters in her hand.

I called out to her and she seemed flustered.

“Hey, Ashley is everything okay?” I asked, giving her my best smile.

“Yes of course “she was blushing and seemed uneasy in my presence.

“Look if I have done anything to offend you please tells me?” I asked, “I hate this uneasiness between us”

She blushed and looked at the ground ... what had I done I wondered!

“You have done nothing it’s just...” she did not end the sentence; it hung there in the silence.

“Just what?” I pleaded.

“Look Zak ... it’s difficult to explain “she looked like she was going to burst into tears.

“How about a drink...” I started to say, she took my hand in hers and squeezed it.

“No, Chris is in the pub with his football mates, I will pop round to yours later, “she said, her hand gripping mine more tightly.

She let my hand go and was gone, walking up the road at speed, her cute butt wiggling as she went.

As she walked away a whole wave of emotions and thoughts swept through my mind, I was worried and excited, scared and happy. It was mad!

It was nearly eight o’clock when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and Ashley pushed past me into the hall, and I shut the door behind her. I ushered her into the kitchen and she took a seat, I did the British thing and offered her a cup of tea which she gladly accepted.

As I made the drinks the room was silent and there was a real atmosphere hanging over us and it was really worrying me.

I placed our cups on the table and sat down opposite Ashley.

“Okay Ashley, spill the beans, what have I done to upset you?! I asked, wanting to get things out on the table as soon as possible.

She cupped her cup in her hands and let out a long sigh...

“It’s like this, well how do I start? urrhhhhhh! “ she groaned loudly. It was obvious she was trying to find the right words.

“Look just spit it out, whatever it is, just tell me!” I said, my hand reaching out for hers. She took my hand in hers and looked into my eyes.

“Okay “, her voice was no more than a whisper now.

“Okay, the other Saturday I was sat in the back garden and...” she stopped.

“ ... and?” I asked.

“And I heard you “her face was flush

“Heard me?” I asked.

“Yes heard you, “she said, her face reddening.

“Okay heard me what?” I asked still confused.

“I heard you telling your girlfriend what you were going to do to her”, her eyes locked onto mine and it was now my turn to redden.

All I could say was “Oh...”

“I know I should have moved away, should have gone back indoors but it was well, it was nice, it was sexy,” she said, her fingers entwining with mine.

“Oh...” I was lost, unsure what to say, unsure how to respond.

“Do you really do all that stuff for her?” Ashley asked her voice full of innocence.

“Do what exactly?” I asked, my voice, in turn, becoming all innocent...

“All the stuff you told her on the phone” she blushed.

“I am not sure what you heard! “ I replied.

“So do you really lick her pussy until she orgasms” Ashley asked, her voice now sounding really nervous.

“Yes of course “I responded, “does Chris not do it for you?”.

“Does he hell, we have been together since school, he has been my only lover? “she said, her voice now a little sad “and he never does that kind of thing”.

“That’s so sad”, my mind was whirling, wondering where this was all going.

“I feel like I am missing out,” she said, her eyes again locking onto mine. There was a strange smile on her lips now.

“Okay so...” I was so lost for words it was unreal.

The room stood still and nothing was said, neither of us talked for a good ten minutes.

Then Ashley broke the silence and what she said was like someone setting off a rocket in my head.

“So I was wondering ... so would you do it for me?” she asked. At first, I thought it was a windup and she would burst out laughing or something.

I was gobsmacked, I sat there stunned. Here was this young fit bird from next door asking me to eat her pussy. My head was buzzing and my mouth suddenly went dry. I thought about it for a good, Ohh, ten seconds before I replied.

“errrm are you sure this is what you want?” I asked I wanted to make sure I had not misheard her.

“I want it, oh fuck do I want it!” she said, her voice now sounding more confident.

“Now?” I said, hoping I did not sound too eager.

“No, not now,” she said, her hand touching mine/

“okay...” I replied.

“Chris is away next weekend watching football, how about Saturday afternoon?” she smiled.

“Well that sounds good to me” I replied, trying to sound cool about the whole thing.

“Good,” Ashley said as she stood up, see you then” and with a kiss on the cheek she was gone.

The following week was just a blur, I could only think about Saturday afternoon, on Friday night I had an early night and when I woke up on Saturday morning it was bright and sunny. I ate a light breakfast and read for a while.

I saw Chris drive off and used that as my trigger to get ready. I shaved and showered and got dressed. Had a tidy up and even changed the bed, I know what you are thinking, what an old romantic...

To be honest I was sure she would have an attack of the nerves and not turn up.

I had been sat at the kitchen table for an hour or more when there was a knock on the door. I opened it to a vision of loveliness. Ashley had a summer dress on that was low enough to show off her amazing cleavage and short enough to show off her great legs. I ushered her in and led her into the kitchen.

“Hi,” I said as she sat down

“Hi” she replied.

“Sooooo,” she said, her voice a little high.

“Sooooo” I replied, “not changed your mind yet?”

She blushed and shook her head.

“I am a little nervous, but I think as soon as we start that will wear off,” she said.

“Okay let’s get started,” I said, and took her hand in mine, leading her upstairs to my bedroom.

She kicked off her shoes and I pulled her to me, my hands wrapped around her and we kissed, soft and gentle at first but soon it was a full on animalistic snog. Our tongues fought and our hands roamed each other’s bodies.

I soon had my hands under her skirt and was cupping her naked buttocks.

She pulled away and reached around and unzipped her dress, letting it fall to the floor. She stood there in white hold up stockings, a lacy white G-string and white lacy bra.

She took my breath away, she jumped on the bed and I was down to my boxers in seconds. I was beside her on the bed and kissing her before you could say, Jack Frost.

At first, we just snogged, I was eager to have my way with her but at the same time, I did not want to pounce on her and have her running out screaming. So we kissed and cuddled for a few minutes.

I knew the time was right to pick up the pace when I felt her hand run over the bulge in my boxers.

I stroked the soft skin of her inner thighs, slowly working my way to her pussy. My hands grazed the edge of her pubic mound through the panties, and she gasped loudly.

“Okay lover man, show me what you can do!!!” she said with a giggle.

I lifted her hips and pulled off her G-string. Her pussy was completely hairless. It looked so smooth and so sweet. It did indeed look good enough to eat and my aim was to eat it long and hard!

I ran my hand over her soft skin and she moaned, I knelt beside her and started to kiss her abdomen. My lips skirted her gorgeous pussy and I kissed up and down her inner thighs, I felt her hand stroking the back of my head as I licked and kissed her silky smooth flesh. I kissed and licked all over her groin, all the time skirting her pussy. I could tell she was enjoying it from the sighs she was letting out and the sweet aroma that was emanating from her pussy and assailing my nostrils.

I gave it a single, delightful lick with the very tip of my tongue, tasting her tangy juices in my mouth for the first time and boy oh boy she tasted divine.

I blew on her pussy and I heard Ashley let out a low moan, I ran a series of soft kisses along her gorgeous silky smooth quim, and she opened her thighs wider giving me loads more access.

I felt her hips starting to move on the bed and I knew that I had teased her enough, I ran the tip of my tongue along her pussy lips again, this time harder and she groaned a low deep groan that told me she wanted more. I used my fingers to hold her fanny open and I ran my tongue inside her, licking and lapping at her gorgeous juices. She felt so soft and tasted so good, it was amazing. The more I licked the more I wanted and the more I licked the more Ashley moaned.

I ran my tongue all over the pink folds of her pussy, kissing licking sucking.

I licked and sucked on her pussy lips and licked up and down her crack, every time I got to her clit I let my tongue play with it for a few minutes before retracing my steps.

She was really wet and as I licked up and down I pressed my face deep into her and sucked up some of her sweet nectar. Her juices tasted amazing, and I drank more of her essence. Ashley lifted her hips to meet my tongue as I ate her pussy. Her fanny lips starting to thicken as she became more and more aroused.

I was soon French kissing her pussy, pressing my mouth deep into her pussy, my tongue slipping inside to lick her as deep as I possibly could, then I began thrusting my tongue in and out of her moist pussy as if I was fucking her with my tongue. Deeper and deeper I ate, harder and faster I licked and she adored every touch, every thrust and every lick.

Ashley was writhing around and lifting her butt up off the bed to meet my tongue, I could feel her hand on the back of my head, I was not sure if she was guiding me or just holding me in position.

“Oh, yes, eat me deeper, eat me, please ... oh, my good god, that feels good!” she was panting.

I lapped and licked along the total length of her crack and she moaned loudly, I sucked up some of her luxuriant juice and she tasted amazing, I lapped and sucked up more and more of her syrup.

“Oh Jesus!” she said, grabbing my head with her hands and forcing my face into her pussy. I licked harder and deeper, drinking up as much of her nectar as I could. I used my tongue to part her labia and she squealed as I lapped up her juices. The room was full of the sounds of me slurping and her groaning. I was glad her husband was out as I was sure she would have been heard through the walls.

I sucked and slurped and she moaned and groaned. I licked and sucked at the swollen nub of her clitoris and that made her wetter and louder. I ran the tip of my tongue around it in ever-decreasing circles before sucking it into my mouth. The more I worked her clit and pussy the more she asked for, no, the more she demanded.

As I used my tongue to lick and lap at her sweet cunt my fingers stroked her and slid inside her, feeling her tightness around them as they clamped and released, She began to writhe beneath me as I finger fucked her and ate her at the same time, she came with a low groan and I felt her juices thicken as her cum ran from her pussy. I kept eating her as she came, as she sighed, groaned and writhed beneath me.

She called out for me to lick her ass and I was eager to do it!

I licked lower and lower until my tongue was licking all along the flesh that is the no mans land between pussy and asshole. Ashley tensed as I used a finger to slide along her butt crack.

“Are you sure you want this?” I asked.

“Yes I want you to eat my ass!” she moaned, “do you mind?”

I did not answer, grabbing her hips and rolling her over, her bum looked like a ripe peach. I slipped down the bed until my face was in line with her cute bum.

I ran my tongue up and down the crack of her arse while my fingers played with her pussy. She was so wet my fingers were soon slick with her excitement, I ran my fingers into her a few times before pulling them out and sucking them clean, she really did have great tasting cum. She must have heard the slurping as I sucked my fingers clean.

“Do I taste nice?” she asked, I did not reply, I just fingered her again and when my fingers were coated with her thick tasty juice I presented them to her and she sucked my fingers eagerly.

“Wow that’s nice, I have never tasted myself before!” she exclaimed. I pushed my fingers back into her hot box and again coated them with her amazing juice and presented them to her, and she sucked them clean like a cheap porn star.

I slid back down the bed and positioned my face over her cute sexy bum.

I used the fingers of one hand to open her buttocks, exposing her sexy anus, it drew me in like a homing beacon and I kissed it gently, licking around its rim. I took my time as I licked and kissed around her cute arsehole. I eased her into the experience slowly and she took to it like a duck to water.

I soon had two fingers inside her cunt as I licked down to her tiny puckered asshole, teasing it gently, licking around it before forcing it open with my tongue; she let out a little squeal as she felt me enter her ass. She tasted tangy and I licked and sucked and kissed her hole. All the time my fingers were slipping in and out of her tight quim. The room was now full of the sound of our excitement, the moans, the groans, the whimpers and the squeals.

I wanted better access so I pulled her up into a doggy style position and grabbed a little buttock in each hand. Opening her as wide as possible I started to lick up and down her asshole. She loved it; she was pushing back at me as I rimmed her cute arse. I soon had a hand on each peach buttock as I licked, lapped and kissed her butt.

Her breaths were coming in little gasps now, a certain indication that she was getting near to coming again. I started to finger her pussy again as I ate her ass and that was like lighting the blue touch paper.

Ashley let out a low deep growl like sigh and I felt her pussy tighten around my fingers, she was soaking wet and her juices were literally running down my fingers. Her excitement had my cock standing proud and as hard as steel. I wanted to fuck her so much but I knew that making her happy first was my first priority. I lapped at her butt as if my life depended on it and every now and then I licked and sucked on her pussy.

She came again with an explosion of grunts and sighs, falling face first on the bed.

I lay next to her for a while before she looked at me and smiled.

“Hell, that was good” her face was red, either blushing or with exertion I was not sure.

I let her get her breath back before I started kissing the soft skin of her back until I reached her firm sexy buttocks. I grabbed her hips and flipped her over. Her thighs fell open as I kissed her lower stomach.

As I moved toward her pussy, she asked me to stop, telling me she was a little sensitive, I changed my direction and started to kiss up along her stomach. Her boobs were still encased in the lacy bra.

I reached around and unclipped it, and watched as she shrugged it from her shoulders, exposing her amazing tits. I had one of her cherry red nipples in my mouth in seconds, at the same time my hands started to caress and fondle her apple size boobies. I grazed the tips of her nipples with my teeth and felt them grow as I teased, and sucked and bit on them. She obviously liked them being bitten gently, as this soon had her purring little a cat that’s got the cream.

I switch from one teat to the other time and time again, licking and sucking as my hands massaged the firm warm flesh. I rolled her nipples between my fingers and thumbs. They grew hard beneath my touch and a low groan emerged from Ashley’s mouth. I suckled and slurped on her nipples and I felt her hand on my head, pushing my face into the flesh of her tit. They felt warm and firm against my face.

She had great tits but I wanted to taste her pussy again, as I sucked on her boobs I let one hand slide down over her taut belly and slipped my fingers into her wet pussy. She gasped as two digits entered her tight cunt. She was very tight but at the same time very well lubricated. I fingered her, slow firm thrusts into her tight, wet pussy.

I started to kiss my way south, over her stomach, I heard Ashley groan in anticipation as I headed toward her treasure. My fingers were now sliding in and out of her tight juicy cunt, finger fucking her hard and slow. Every time my fingers bottomed out into her tight gash Ashley emitted a low groan of pleasure.

I pushed my face between Ashley’s legs and ran my tongue over her thick sexy love lips, before using one hand to open her wide and sliding my tongue into her. She whimpered as my tongue touched her clit and moved down to lick her wet pussy. I licked and sucked at her wet cunt, before I ran the tip of my tongue rasped over her clit, making her groan louder. The more I kissed and licked it the more she groaned, the more she groaned the more I licked and kissed it.

I ran my tongue around it, over it, lapping at it. Her love bud was almost throbbing at the touch of my tongue. Ashley was writhing around the bed and her moans filled the room, echoing from wall to wall. Her hands were sometimes on my head and sometimes hammering against the mattress.

I felt her pussy clamping and unclamping around my fingers, I heard her warning me of her impending orgasm and I sucked on her clit for all I was worth. I could feel her pussy getting juicier and I knew she was very near the point of no return.

She exploded, and her bum rose off the bed and she wailed with pleasure and at the same time, my hand was flooded with her ejaculation. I just kept licking and sucking and driving my fingers into her. It took less than 2 minutes for another orgasm to rip through her body.

Again she called out, called for God to help her, called for me to stop and as I did she screamed at me to carry on. I felt her hand on my head and I thought her fingers would pierce my skull as she held my face over her clit and urged me to lick harder or as she put it fucking harder.

The next climax was the biggest and she locked her knees and lifted her hips, crying with pure excitement as the orgasm spread from her pussy to every extremity. I stopped eating her and watched as her body lifted and shook and trembled as if she had been taken over by a poltergeist.

It seemed to take ages for the power of her orgasm to run its course and for her body to settle down. She was soon on her back, smiling at the ceiling and sucking in breathe like a marathon runner that has just crossed the finishing line. It took quite a while for body to settle down.

I lay beside her propped up on one elbow and she leaned over and kissed my lips

“Hells bells that was amazing “she panted “I have never felt so excited or so alive!”

“Glad to be of service,” I said with a smile.

I felt her hand reach out and take hold of my erection, I was only semi-hard but her hand slipped into my shorts and slowly brought me back to a state of complete arousal. She soon had my shorts off and was kneeling beside me, licking her lips as she gazed at my cock. Her face was a picture, an absolute portrait of lust and

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