Give Me, Another, Hand
Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - The next generation of incestuous nudists

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Hi I'm April, my sister Jane and I are Melanies twins. Roz's twins are Jason and Beth while Jacqui's pair are David and Abbey. Roz's younger twins are Paula and Julie and Mel's triplets are Daisy, Peter and Sally. And we all live together as one big happy family. Yeah, Right! Three boys with eight girls means there's the usual teenage 'interactions' multiplied by a significant factor. Fortunately our parents made an interesting building decision a while ago and built a 'bunk-house' for all us kids. Beside the main house but far enough away so we have to sort out our own problems. Don't have many, actually, as the bathroom has four of everything so there isn't a big queue, we're pretty good at sharing showers, it's fun washing each other. Oh yes, better mention that around home we are all always naked, our dad started that and we've carried on the tradition.

A year ago we buried Grandma James, she was Roz and Jacqui's mum but we all looked to her as our grandma. I just reread Mel's story of how Grandma got involved with this extended family and I couldn't help smiling, she was always able to surprise us with her dry humour.

Mum and Dad are still doing websites while Roz and Jacqui are now running the James farm with David, Abbey and Jason doing a lot of the work. Beth has started University doing Hotel Management and I'm in my final year of a Business degree. Paula and Julie are both doing Chef courses. The triplets have just finished High School and are trying to work out what they want to do.

In fact most of us were working away without any sort of long term goals, until mum came out one lunchtime and,

"You'll never guess who I've been asked to do a website for,, the River City Nudist Club"

Well that started a bit of a tease

"Did you have the webcam on when they contacted you?" (mum always works nude)

etc, etc, until David spoke up

"That... 's Interesting"

Now when David speaks, EVERYONE listens. He's the quiet one in this family but he's got the sort of mind ... Well, you've heard of lateral thinking with multiple tracks, he's like grand central station where all those tracks come together and one little comment can trigger absolutely brilliant ideas.

He looked slowly around at us all, obviously deep in thought, almost as though he was analysing us.

"We have over two thousand acres including a fifteen acre lake and 300 acres of forest, April's doing Business Management, Beths doing Hotel Management, Paula and Julie are doing Catering, we all live nude. Hm ... how about we open our own Nudist Resort. We're all sexually active, we could make it one of those hedonistic places where sex is allowable."

Dead silence ... then other brains started catching up

"What about ... noo that would work"

"Could we ... yeah, thats ok"

Little work got done that afternoon, little planned work that is. Lots of planning work though. This was going to be the family business to end all family businesses, we'd have people wanting to be adopted!.

Every question that came up, there was a ready answer, mostly David but the rest of us weren't dummies in our fields. Dinner was finger food as ideas kept enhancing the core idea. After dinner I started typing up "The Business Plan". Grandma Jane's Hedonist Resort. We decided on the name to remember a lady who LOVED getting her pussy shaved every day and really got quite vocal during the 'quality checks'. Daily shaves were going to be a part of the hedonist experience as a special feature.

There are so many little factors and features that we wanted to include. We decided to have homegrown produce for all meals so we had to plan a cropping schedule, Daisy and Peter took that on. The lake had a couple of small islands, so we had to build some cabanas there and get canoes and boats. The list went on and on. The website was probably the easiest, and after mum did such a good job with the Nudist clubs one we had easy access to advertising.

The hardest was sorting out accomodation cabins. We decided to keep them simple sleeping rooms and have a central shower block until David and Beth came in from the hot-tub and made it clear that every cabin needed a hot-tub experience. We decided to do twin cabins with a shared bathroom between them. Privacy was not on our agenda.

I don't know what Grandma would have thought of some of our plans but we'll see what our guests think when we get started.

We decided to use the US idea of 'Spring Break' as our platform to open our resort so we did a lot of promotion among New Zealands six universities (SIX universities not SEX universities for you dirty minded readers) and timed our opening for straight after final exams. Fully booked - One Hundred and Fifty registrations! Maybe they are sex universities after all.

It was bedlam with everyone arriving but with such a large family we manged to have someone in the right place at the right time. First activity was dinner. Paula and Julie in charge had them eating out of their hands, (no, we weren't short of plates!) excellent food, home grown just adds to the taste.

After dinner I had the job of welcoming all the naked bodies and running through the 'rules'.

"Welcome everyone, to the Grandma James Hedonist Resort. I'm April and I don't wear a name tag because there's no-where to pin one on a naked body! However all the staff will have their names written on them – right here," I pointed to my left nipple "And to give you an excuse to look closely at my tits, it'll be in small writing!"

"As you know, you are our first guests. We are realists and we know we won't get everything right first off so don't be afraid to complain. Everyone that points out something we are not doing right gets a 10% discount, add to that, everyone that suggests a way we can improve gets a 20% discount. So if you are full of bright ideas you could have a free stay here."

"Grandma James, may seem a strange name for a resort, but I'd like to tell you a little about my grandma. My dad REALLY likes shaving my mum and my aunts and he does an EXTRA special quality check. Grandma decided she wanted to join the bare pussy brigade and she absolutely loved the quality check, got very vocal in her appreciation. Kept all us entertained as we were growing up. Shaving is much less painful than Brazilian wax's and a LOT more fun. So the daily activities here will start after breakfast tomorrow on the outside tables. Everyone who wants to get shaved just park your butts on the tables and volunteers to shave drop your names in the bucket, we'll draw names based on how many pussys, and the lucky shavers will get to do a couple each. My dad and my brothers are experts and will happily demonstrate especially as we don't want any accidents down there, do we. Ladies line up at the north end, guys who want to get shaved at the south end and any of us female staff can give lessons there. I hope there's lots of guys because I like any excuse to hold a cock."

Well that caused a lot of laughter.

"Another thing that is most important. On the table up here are baskets of wrist bands. These indicate your sexual availablity. Most important is Left Wrist – only looking, Right Wrist – lay me down and do it. The colours indicate preferences, ladies wearing a pink band want a lady, ladies wearing a blue want a guy, same for the guys. The numbers on the bands indicate: '1' means pussy, '2' for oral, and '3' for ass."

"What about between my tits?" came from a well-endowed young lady.

"I guess we'll have to get some with a '4' on them, for now just wave them around and do your own advertising"

"So any questions?" "Let's give you a test" I put some bands on

"OK I've got a blue '1' and '2' on my right wrist and a '3' on my left, and a pink '1' and '2' on my right, what am I up for?"

The hunk in the front spoke up

"The pinks mean that you are available to any lady for a sixty-nine, the blue on on the left means you might be talked into getting your ass fucked but the blues on the right is an invitation for right now."

"Correct, so what are you waiting for?"

He responded as I hoped. A moments hesitation then 'click' and he stepped forward and took me in his arms.

Jane stepped up and took over "So the first thing is to make your choices, get your wrist bands on IF you want to be sexually active. Those that don't want sex, don't put on a band. Other activities tonight have a couple of movies in the theatre, and the games room has a Mine-Craft challenge for up to 15 players."

"the baskets of bands will stay here and you can change them at any time."

By this time the hunk was deep in my pussy, my dripping pussy. The pussy that had been dripping steadily for the last six months as we anticipated this moment. I was not disappointed as I came for the third time. This was the first time I had ever had sex so openly, with my brothers and sisters around, they are family, but now, I had planned to be on display. To set the mood, I had been thinking about this for months, then I realised that Abbey must have had the same ideas as she was getting ass-reamed on the next table, she had her blue '3' on the right and was delivering what she advertised. Abbey loved it in the ass, I think she started when she first got her period before she got on the pill and had 'never looked back' since. Me, I've got a hot pussy with a clit that sticks out a good ½ inch, straight out, looks like a small erect penis. And it's very sensitive. When I go horse riding it makes constant contact with the saddle and I come back with the saddle soaked. Needless to say if I go horse-riding my brothers know they haven't been paying me enough attention.

Brothers and sisters, well half-brothers and sisters, we're an incestious lot. We know that my mum and dad are siblings and with dad shaving each of us with the quality check we are very open about genital contact. All of us are great at shaving and enjoy doing who-ever needs it. I know Peter, my younger brother, learnt by shaving mum. He seems to like shaving me, is very careful about holding my clit while he shaves around it, leaves me with rubber legs most of the time. Yes, we have had sex, how else could I thank him properly.

Day 2.

Another meal to die for. The breakfast buffet was very well attended, I think 100%. Hmm, wonder why?.

"OK folks, line those pubes up." HOLY! I think we had about 25 females rushing over. The bucket of shavers names is full also.

We had to spread around to a few more tables. Started with one girl up on the table with Dad doing the demonstration with everybody watching. Then we drew 5 names and each got to do 5 pussies.

Alisons Story

I got selected to be the demonstration! Oh my goodness, everyone was watching my pussy! This is such a buzz. Now I know why exhibitionists expose themselves. Finished the shave and I got off the table and I could feel I was dripping. Started to walk away and suddenly realised I was walking differently. I know what it is, I've got my pelvis tilted back so my pussy is on display. Hell, I'm even pushing my tits up even though they're only little 'B's.

I stopped, wrist bands! I looked at my left wrist and decided, YES! And moved the blue 1 onto my right wrist. I want it, and I want it now! My wish was quickly granted.

"I've been waiting for you to do that."

Hands placed on my hips, I was bent over and a cock was inside. No idea who but he's got a cock that is filling me very nicely. God, I'm coming. So's he!

"Yes, Megan, Yes, come together, I love you."

Megan? Megan? Who the? "Nnnnggggghhhhh aaaahhhhhhhh." I don't care who he thinks I am, I'm still coming!.

"Scott! You ... Youuu ... why are you calling her Megan? I'm Megan."

Scott? Megan? I flipped over and looked at him.

"Scott! What are you doing here? Meg ... an." Shit I'm looking in a mirror."

"Alison! What are you doing here?"

"Scott, who is Alison? Oh shit, your sister, you ... you're fucking your sister."

"How the ... but ... I waited for you and she ... shit, turn around ... both of you."

"Hey, you guys, can you tell these two apart." He asked a couple walking past.

"Actually no, same hair, same body, let me guess, ones your girl-friend. Well, girl-friend, don't be too hard on him, from behind I can't spot a difference. Turn around. Shit, you're twins?"

We looked at each other and, yes, it was like looking in a mirror.

"Megan, Scott has told me a lot about you, but he didn't tell me we looked nearly identical."

"Scott, did you choose me because I look like your sister and you've always lusted after her?"

"No, no, no, well, maybe a little. But it wasn't your looks that first attracted me, and anyway with university and work I haven't seen her for three years and she's grown up."

I think he was starting to panic.

"Well Megan, I'm ok with my brother fucking me, he's always been my hero looking after me. Ever since I was five and he chased away a dog that I was frightened of, I've wanted to be able to show how much I love him, and now I guess I have. Please, don't be angry with him, I know he really loves you, he talks about Megan this, Megan that, every time he phones. I'm looking forward to having a sister that likes many of the same things that I do, I just know we'll all get on really well."

I think I was starting to babble but I knew that Megan was very important to Scott, he had PLANS for her.

"Dog? What dog? oh ... you silly pumpkin, that was a Chihuahua."

"I know now they're only little, but I was little then and it wouldn't stop yapping and I wet my pants and then my big brother came and chased it away and took me home and looked after me, he even changed my panties for me, so my brothers my hero."

Megan laughed at us.

"Looking at you Alison, I guess I can see how this mere male could make such a mistake. He's told me lots about you. He's never once called me Alison, so maybe he doesn't really have incestous desires. Although it is suspicious that we do look very similar, I wonder if we should mess with him a little?"

"Hey you two, stop ganging up on me, I'm only a hignorant man after all. I really did think it was you up on the first table, I knew you said you wanted to try being a bit of an exhibitionist and I was gob-smacked that you were on full display."

"No, I was on a table further along, I must admit I didn't look at her face either, like everyone, we were all looking at her pussy."

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