Memoirs of Ida Mae Jensen (Redacted)
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Scarlett Griffin

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Some people would call me a bad girl and I guess that is fair. I just don't see it that way because I think men should be taken care of when they have certain needs.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Incest   Father   Daughter   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Petting   Sex Toys   Squirting   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Analingus   Clergy   Public Sex   Workplace   Prostitution   Cat-Fighting  

This is a true account of how I somehow got on the sinful road to perdition because of my weak character and poor judgement.

My mama Billy Joe and my step-father Harry (The Dog-man) never paid mind to what other people said about me and that was a blessing in disguise because those neighboring women-folks with wandering husbands were bad-mouthing me from one end of the county to the other morning, noon and night.

Of course, my name isn't Jensen.

Only a fool would think that was my real name but our first names are real enough but I suspect only folks from our valley would put two and two together to figure that business out excepting for the fact most of them didn't have a whole lot of boot-learning and proper reading instruction.

I had taken up the sinful habit at a very early age to seek the company of persons of the opposite sex because of the God-awful itch I had up in my female private parts whenever I saw a man with some good muscles and the hint of a hard-on. Generally, I would look for an older man with a wife and children at home to take care of because I didn't want any "Romance" silliness to spoil my tender years when I was only window shopping and not meaning to buy the goods.

It had always seemed to me that taking things for a "test drive" was the best policy and I was a real "hot to trot" test driver from the time I was sixteen until I reached the ripe old age of eighteen. By that time, I guess I had taken almost every married man in the county for a spin at one time or another with real mixed results. I was real happy that the family planning clinic at the crossroads was so generous with their "free contraceptives" program because it sure did save me from some embarrassing outcomes on many an occasion.

Shortly after my mama married my new step-father Harry the Dog-man, he was kind enough to give me some intensive training in sex education so I would be prepared for the sneaky ways of men who would try to trick me into dropping my drawers like some naïve schoolgirl. He was a believer in "hands-on" training and told me to keep quiet about our sessions so as not to upset mama who might not approve of her sixteen year old daughter learning such hard lessons about life. I have to compliment my step-father Harry about his careful use of the free condom program and that he was circumspect in not getting overly excited when he was buried deep inside my female parts.

My older sister Hannah had gotten married shortly before Harry arrived and she never did see that side of him and perhaps that was good because it was Hannah's husband Hank that gave me my first taste of taking it up my backside like the animals out in the barnyard. I asked him pointblank if he gave it to our Hannah like that and he admitted she screamed bloody murder and told him to save it for the two-bit girls down at the still.

Hank filled me in on the girls at the still who were making lots of money just by letting the men-folk poke them every now and then and it seemed pretty innocent to me because those fellows needed some relaxation and those girls were certainly desperate for some cash money to buy some doodads for themselves and food for their families since hardly any of the men were still working after the mine shut down.

I think my first meeting with what I would describe as "sinful relations" was with the preacher man that visited us at least once a month to insure our souls didn't get on the wrong side of the Lord in the absence of sanctioned religion. His name was (Redacted) and he came from the (Redacted) church of God in (Redacted) county. Sorry about all the redacted stuff but one of my clients is an honest-to-God Lawyer and he helps me by editing my writings.

Anyway, this preacher was a big handsome fellow and I found it too tempting to resist his invitation to bend over the back of the pew and let him chase the devil from my sinful brown eye that most certainly had been hiding the much to be despised fallen angel for quite some time. He was adamant that he had to finish the job before I could stand up and I have to say he impressed me with his determination to save my soul no matter how much I to stretch to accommodate him.

It was the reverend who also introduced me to the whole spanking thing and I still have a fondness in my heart for his heavy hand coming down relentlessly on my tender flanks without mercy. I learned all sorts of interesting facts about how men and women react to such things and put it to good use in following my profession of a skilled "Happy Ending" expert. It is really strange which things are valued by men or women looking for the answer to scratching their "itch" of satisfaction. I even had a few city fellows who were so much into my feet that they licked my toes till the cows came home.

When I was working at my chosen profession over in (Redacted) county, I happened to make the acquaintance of the much revered Sheriff, the honorable (Redacted) who worked diligently to educate me on the power of restraining your partner's extremities with handcuffs and other devices and then giving the detainee a complete lesson in proper humility. I learned to be real humble whenever Sheriff (Redacted) was in the middle of a lesson and that's a fact.

Lately, the Sheriff has been feeling poorly and I make it a point to visit him at his comfortable little home since his wife is now departed and he needs to have his cookies tuned up just like any other man with special needs. I always had a special place in my heart for his oversized manly equipment and it was a pleasure to squeeze out some happy juice no matter how sick or tired the poor man had become. I know he appreciated it because he started kissing me way down yonder where the grass grows greener and he had never done that before when he was in full charge. It was always me on my reddened knees paying homage to his glorious big boy.

When the (Redacted) club and the members of the (Redacted) society asked me to perform at their annual get together at the (Redacted) country club, I was really happy that they thought of me when they wanted something special.

I lined up two helpers to assist me.

First, I got (Redacted) from the library over in (Redacted) and she did her enemas and full spa workover to get spruced up for a tiring night. I never knew why she had never gotten married because she was without a doubt the prettiest girl I had ever laid eyes on. I swear on a Bible that her hair came almost down to the top of the crack of her ass and when she bent over you could see her perfectly formed slit without a single strand of hair visible anywhere.

(Redacted) was certainly a female with a lot of class and she knew details about almost every subject imaginable. I remember one time we had taken turns playing with the Sheriff and I loved to hear her squeals of passion when he did her backside with his skillful way of doing such things.

If I was the kind of female that was inclined that way, I think I could find a way to couple up with (Redacted) but I would be far too embarrassed for anyone to find out how naughty I really had become and kept my silly thoughts well hidden.

I think I was the first girl up in (Redacted) county to actually pole dance. I just sort of took to it naturally because I had an awful lot of strength in my legs and my upper arms. I guess I had gotten lots of exercise just hanging on tight to fellows whilst they were giving it to me.

My family knew I was doing something good folk didn't talk about at the dinner table or in church on Sunday but they loved me just the same. Even my step-daddy Harry the Dog man had a place in his heart for me and patted my behind every time he saw me. Of course, he was extra special careful mama didn't see him do that because she was a mite on the jealous side when any other female came too close to her man.

When I was down in the big market city, I got a job at one of those swinging on the pole places and enjoyed it a lot because we only wore a garter on one leg to stuff the dollars into and the six inch high heels that every girl had to were like it was some sort of uniform. I found out the pole dancing was real good for taking off some of those inches I usually picked up eating the store bought fixings down in the city.

Unfortunately, I got a little too rambunctious one night and tumbled off the pole upside down and managed to cause my leg an injury that laid me up good and proper unable to do much pole swinging for a while. In a sense, I guess that was a good thing because it caused me to answer an ad for a female singer of the old time songs which I had memorized up deep in my head from my sainted nana who had rhythm from her fingertips to her dancing toes.

The nice fellow from the (Redacted) recording studios called (Redacted) was extra special nice to me and didn't mind my cast at all when he bounced me on his lap telling me what a good singer I sounded like on his recording machine. I even recorded a sweet little love song on that thing with his thing inside me the whole time and you could only tell it that one time when he spurted hot and heavy inside me just when I was trying to hit a high note at the very end.

That record was on one of those new small sized ones that people liked to play because they were easy to carry around and trade with other music lovers. Every time I listened to that particular song I burst out laughing at the point when Mister (Redacted) made my high note sound like a scalded cat at the end. It was enough to get me all hot and bothered just thinking about it because it was so clear in my mind.

I hope you enjoyed reading this first little introduction to my wayward lifestyle and found it interesting despite my terrible weakness for letting men do those things to me that I loved most of all. The next time I will try to be more organized and just tell you what happened to me on a weekly basis and not be rambling all over the place like a cow with the sickness out in the pasture.

I got to get going right now because they are yelling for me to get up on the pole and show them the upside down slide that I do real easy. None of the other girls are able to do it proper no matter how much time I spend with them showing them the correct way to grab hold of a pole and get it done the right way. It is sort of like tending to a man's business and having a proper attitude about it right up to the end no matter how much time it takes to reach that moment of truth.

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