My Aunt - My Pimp
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Aunt, Size, Prostitution,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - He was just 16 yrs old and was caught fucking his neighbour's wife. They sent him to stay with his lesbian aunt until the ruckus died down. Unknown to them she likes both cock and pussy - and she shares him with her personal training business clients (for a fee).

It was the worst possible moment for all hell to break loose.

My long fat cock had breeched her cervix allowing my 16 year old cock to slide fully inside her 40 year pussy. She was in the midst of a massive cum with her pussy trapping my cock - I was unable to withdraw at the moment. All I could do as pump my cum into her depths.

That did not please her husband who had walked in and caught me fucking his wife. He went ballistic at me, yelling and screaming at me. It was fortunate that he was not a gorilla type husband otherwise my life expectancy would have been much less.

Two days later I found myself in exile. It wasn't safe at home.

I had been sent to stay with my aunt Jenna for the summer holidays. I thought that this was quite ironic given that Jenna was the black-sheep of the family according to my father. Jenna was a lesbian, and she wasn't accepted by some bigots in the family.

I liked her, and I got on well with her during her infrequent visits. I thought she looked hot and sexy but she was just out of my league on a number of fronts - she was family, she was lesbian, and she was 9 years older than me.

Jenna stood just over 5ft tall - quite short compared to my 6ft. She was a size 8 (petite and slim with the exception of a good set of rounded tits) ... and a redhead to boot.

She was a personal trainer, who had a thriving business servicing a number of ladies of varying ages. It got me wondering if personal training services weren't the only services that she provided.

My mum and dad had asked her to take me in for the summer holidays - explaining that they had some issues to deal with at home.

Jenna and I were sitting out by the pool - her in a bikini and me in my baggy swim shorts.

"Hey Grant ... tell me the truth behind you coming to stay with me ... I don't buy the story from your mum and dad" Jenna asked.

I paused for a moment to consider whether I should tell her the truth. After a moment to contemplate I decided to be truthful.

"Hmmmm ... please don't hate me for this but ... I got caught fucking the neighbour's wife" I explained in a soft voice.

Jenna looked at me stunned for a moment, and then she roared laughing which started me chuckling too.

"The hypocrites ... the fucking hypocrites" she finally commented.

I then went on the explain what had happened, and the leadup to me being in bed with the neighbour.

"Was she your first?" Jenna asked.

"She was ... and she taught me much about what a woman liked and disliked. I'm just sorry that we got caught and she got into trouble with her husband" I admitted.

We swam and lazed about the pool for a couple more hours.

"Hey Grant ... can I give you a massage? I need to practice before my practical exam tomorrow" Jenna explained.

She had been learning to do massages for the last six weeks, and if she passed the practical test tomorrow then she would get her certificate, and be able to offer the service to her clients.

"OK" I responded, just a little excited to have her hands on my body.

"Go have a shower to get rid of the chlorine and come back here. I'll setup the table in the shade over here" Jenna explained.

It took me a couple of minutes to have my shower. I dried off and wrapped the large towel around my waist before returning to where she had setup the massage table.

"Hop up on the table ... leave this towel loosely covering your butt please" she told me as she headed inside to retrieve her massage oils.

I climbed up on the table and picked up the much smaller towel that she had left on the end of the table. It only just covered my butt. I tucked my half-hard cock under me, hoping that it would behave itself.

"I'm ready" I told her in a slightly raised voice.

Jenna returned, still in her bikini and started on my back. For the next ten minutes she worked my back nicely, and the backs of my thighs and all of my lower legs. I'm sure that she would be getting glimpses of my large balls as they nestled between my thighs.

My cock had not behaved and was at full erection underneath me.

"OK ... I want you to turn over" she asked me as she held up a large towel to shield me from her eyes whilst I turned over.

I quickly turned over and draped the small towel back over my cock. It just covered it, but left no doubt that a sizeable chunk of meat was laying below the towel.

Jenna's eyes bugged out at the sight but she said nothing as she started on my chest. She worked my chest and my arms, and that caused my cock to start to lift the towel.

"Oh fuck" I gasped when I saw what was happening.

"My god ... what have you under that towel?" Jenna enquired with a big smile.

We just looked at each other silently for a while until she surprised me by saying "Can I have a look please?" I was very surprised given that she was a lesbian, and I didn't expect that request. When I didn't reply, she took matters into her own hands - she removed the towel.

"Oh fuck ... that's enormous ... and very beautiful" she commented whilst grasping my cock in her small oily hand.

"So hard ... and yet so soft to touch" she added as she slid her hand up and down the full 10.5 inches of my cockshaft.

"I ... I didn't expect" I stuttered.

She laughed. When she had stopped laughing she explained.

"I love cocks ... and I love pussies too. I have just let people think that I have an exclusive love for pussies. That way I don't get hit on by horny men and other imbeciles".

She continued to stroke my cock.

"I think I'm going to break my self-imposed cock drought in a few minutes ... that is if you are interested" she commented.

"What does my cock tell you about my interest?" I responded with.

"True ... true ... it is sending me a message" Jenna said softly.

"Let's go inside" she added.

Jenna was a little breathless having just experienced her second cum resulting from my oral attentions to her beautiful pussy. Her mound has a small tuft of red hair (confirming that she was a natural red head). Her whole pussy area was soaking wet, as was my face from her latest cum explosion which had covered it.

I continued my teasing by taking one of her fleshy lips between my lips and sucking gently on it, before releasing it to repeat on the other lip.

"Oh fuck ... that's amazing ... what the fuck are you doing to me?" she gasped.

I glanced up from between her thighs to see her grasping her rounded tits, and pinching her own nipples.

"Mmmmmm ... tasty" I murmured into her pussy. She was very tasty ... quite tangy especially after her cums.

I slipped a finger into her tight canal when I moved my focus to her excited clit. I licked it, and took it between my lips to pull gently on it. She had a nice-sized clit that allowed me to capture it. I worked my finger around inside her pussy, looking for her G-spot ... and finding it based on her reactions.

Stroking her spot and licking her clit had an immediate effect - she exploded again with her hips convulsing and pitching about, making it difficult to keep my lips on her clitty.

"Oh god ... oh fuck ... that's so good ... but I want to be fucked" she gasped.

I continued for another 5 to 10 seconds before I eased back, and came to a kneeling position between her thighs. I rested my hard long cock across her mound - it looked huge compared to her petite body.

Jenna reached out and grabbed a small tube from her bedside table.

"Here ... lube your cock and my pussy ... I want it inside me".

I applied the lube to myself and then to her pussy, discarding the tube onto the bed beside us. She reached down and grasped my cock, sliding it up and down between her wet lips and then positioning me at the entrance to her pussy canal.

"Please fuck me slowly".

I pushed forward gently but firmly ... encountering some resistance before the head breeched her outter entry.

"Fuck..." she gasped.

I had a couple of inches inside her before I started to rock back and forth, fucking her tight wet canal. Placing my hands under her ass, and lifting her I changed the angle of my penetration. The change yielded results ... with my cock slipping deeper in to her.

"Oh yes ... oh yes ... oh fuuuuuuuucccccccckkkkk!!!!" Jenna yelled as a massive cum rocked her body. My cock was suddenly very wet but held tight inside her canal until her orgasm started to wane.

I gently rolled up over until she was now perched on top of my cock with just over half inside her. She moved so that her feet were on the bed either side of my thighs, then she plunged up and down until my cockhead was butting against her cervix. I had approximately three inches still visible when I touched against her cervix.

"No deeper ... just not yet" she groaned.

We fucked steadily with her controlling the depth whilst I molested her beautiful tits, pinching and pulling on her hard red nipples.

"I'm gonna cum soon" I warned her.

"It's Ok ... I just had my period ... but I'm going to need some birth control with this monster spewing its cream into my pussy on a regular basis".

"Regular?" I queried"

"Yep ... this is definitely not a once off" she admitted with a huge smile on her face, one that was soon replaced by a grimace and then a facial contortion when a another massive cum exploded. This one pushed me over the edge too.

"I'm cumming too" I gasped.

My cock spewed its cum deep inside her, painting her cervix with my hot cream.

"Fuuuuuucccccckkkkk!!!!" I shouted just before I dragged her down so I could kiss her. The kiss was passionate and long, with lots of tongue as we rode through our respective massive cums. Jenna finally collapsed onto my chest with me wrapping my arms around her to hold her close.

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