Chapter 1

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Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Banditti: [ban-dit-ee] >Robbers or outlaws. >Plural of Bandit -or- Banditto. >A band, or company of Bandits. ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the story of Tommy & Jennifer 'J Lo' Manara. A young newlywed couple in West Texas who never were bandits, they just happened to be in the wrong place at the time of a robbery.

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Tomas Lee 'Pancho' Manara and Francisco Luis 'Cisco' Lopez were friends since childhood. They attended school together from the time they met in the first grade, through high school. They married their high school sweethearts in a dual wedding ceremony on graduation day.

Upon graduation, they enrolled in night classes at a Community College near their hometown, while working fulltime for a local construction company.

The two close friends had dreamed of becoming Texas Rangers since the first grade when they saw a news clip about Rangers.

The next year, they became fathers.

Laurel and Tomas 'Pancho' Manara are now proud parents of a son, Tommy Lee Manara.

Selena and Francisco 'Cisco' Lopez are now proud parents of a daughter, Jennifer Lee Lopez.

Tommy and Jennifer grew up together, bathing together and sleeping together as kids. Though they lived next door to each other, the two kids virtually lived with each other. When they learned to talk, he called her, J Lo ... She called him T Lee. She still calls him T Lee, when it's just the two of them. He, and everyone else who knows her, still call her, J Lo. To Tommy and her friends, she looks just like Jennifer Lopez, the singer/actress – J Lo – as she is known in the entertainment business.

They rode the same bus to school until Tommy bought his own car the year they were juniors. They spent their days and most nights together when not in school ... In school, Tommy was the BMOC, excelling in sports, and actively involved in student government. Still, the girl of his dreams was J Lo.

J Lo wasn't sitting idly on the bleacher seats as Tommy Lee made the papers each week for his heroics on the gridiron or the baseball diamond. She was on the womens track team, basketball team, softball team, tennis team and swim team. Her number-one and most ardent sideline cheerleader – sometimes to the point of embarrassment - was none other than, Tommy Lee Manara.

They played tennis together, each and every day they could after school, weather permitting. If they couldn't get up a mixed doubles match, they played each other. Their singles matches of were some of the most intense, hard fought battles ever played on the city courts or school tennis courts. Many times, they had ten to twenty spectators in the bleachers during their marathon matches. Neither of them would let up. They were just as relentless in their athletic competitions as their fathers were in their quest to become Texas Rangers.

Tommy Lee and J Lo were inseparable!

Her bedroom had twin beds, and so did his. Even as teenagers ... many, many nights, they stayed together, sleeping in separate beds even though they were in the same bedroom behind closed doors.

Their mothers were Catholic, and they put the trust issue on their teenagers.

NO SEX! ... At least until they graduated from high school. There were times when temptation was so strong, they cheated. MBC Sex – they called it – Masturbation by Committee. Yet, that reciprocation of mutual stimulation was as far as they would let their lust for each other take them.

Their love, and their lust for each other was as strong as their fathers' ambitions to become Texas Rangers. The two families were already planning the upcoming wedding, for graduation day in May of 2015.

The dreams of their fathers since the first grade, was to become Texas Rangers. They never stopped dreaming. They planned each detail and each step, working hard to make their dreams come true. By the time the young men graduated from high school, they knew each and every crucial step, of the very strict requirements a recruit must meet before they are even allowed to appear before the review board.

The foremost requirement—either thirty-six semesters at an accredited college or thirty-six months in the military ... After that, another very strict and very lengthy requirement—a minimum of eight years of law enforcement, serving in a major-crimes investigative unit.

At age twenty-one, they joined the San Angelo, Texas, Police Department. That same year, they enrolled at San Angelo State, taking night classes and online classes to finish their required credits.

At the San Angelo Police Department, they worked hard to make the rank of Detective, in order to join the Criminal Investigation Division.

Pancho and Cisco were twenty-nine when they applied for and were accepted by the Texas Department of Public Safety, requesting assignment as border control, officers in training ... another very strict requirement toward their goal.

The next requirement, reaching the level of Commissioned Officer with a rank no less than Texas State Trooper II.

A must, to even be considered for The Rangers.

They had worked hard, taking classes, working double shifts, and overtime – including numerous weekends. They had invested seventeen years of their lives toward their goals, and now, they were within reach of their lifelong dream. They had taken hours of family time away from their wives and kids along the way. They were now ready to make up for it all.

Thirty-five year old Francisco Cisco Lopez and Tomas Lee Pancho Manara presented their lengthy and detailed resumés to the board in order to take their written exams.

Only the highest scores would be accepted. Some years, as many as two hundred applicants would apply and take the test – for only five or six available positions.

Pancho and Cisco earned the two highest scores among all the applicants. Now they would face the Oral Review Board in hopes of being selected to join one of the most elite law enforcement agencies in America. The average age of a Texas Ranger is forty-seven years old. Currently, there are only one hundred and forty-four Texas Rangers on active duty.

Just as it has been with Cisco and Pancho – getting there – takes a lifelong commitment.

If and when, a Texas Department of Public Safety officer reaches the level Trooper II, and is accepted into the Texas Rangers, he must still commit to forty hours of in-service training every two years of his employment with the Texas Rangers.

On the morning of Friday, May 22, 2015 – Texas Rangers, Tomas Lee Pancho Manara and Francisco Luis Cisco Lopez, with their wives, attended the graduation of their son and their daughter.

The proud parents intercepted their newly graduated teens at the west end of the football field. They were still in their caps and gowns when they saw their parents. The race was on, as each of them ran toward their respective mother and father. Both of them had tears in their eyes. Their parents were bleary eyed too as each couple congratulated their son, then congratulated their daughter.

That evening at 7:00, they were at St. Mary's Catholic Church...

One Texas Ranger was the best man, the other Texas Ranger gave the bride away.

This wedding had been planned in detail, as much or more so than the two men becoming Texas Rangers. The Rangers had taken seventeen years to reach their goal. This wedding had been in the making for most of eighteen years and now the two best friends were Texas Rangers and they were closer than family, already looking forward to being grandpas to the same grand-babies...

Since they were twelve years old, walking home from the tennis courts on a Saturday morning, Tommy and J Lo, each had dreams of owning a new Camaro. That Saturday morning had been the beginning of their dream, as they saw an auto-carrier parked on the lot of the Chevy dealer. There were eight new Camaros being delivered to the dealership. Two of them were glistening, shiny, sparkling, black.

Either one of those two vehicles, was the one they wanted. Each of them planned to ask for a new Camaro as a graduation present.

As the man continued to unload the cars and park them, the two twelve year old tennis players looked through the windows at the sporty vehicles. With big smiles and eyes wide, they looked at each other in the reflection of the dark tinted windows.

Over the years, they never stopped dreaming of that solid black supercharged beast with the Chevy emblem on the hood. Eventually they had combined that dream into one – One, sleek black Camaro convertible – About the time they reached puberty, each of them realized they were head over heels in love with their best friend.

Today, as they walked out through the archway at St. Mary's and looked down the long steps to the circle drive, there sat a sparkling black, 2015 Camaro ZL1 Convertible.

From the five hundred and eighty horse supercharged beast, bolted to the six-speed manual transmission chained beneath the hood ... to the — Siri, Bluetooth, USB port, Sirius Radio, Remote Start, Wifi, OnStar Navigation — laden cockpit ... this was indeed, their dream Camaro.

Dreams do come true – and it pays – to dream big in Texas.

With tin cans filled with marbles, bouncing and rattling behind them. With Lone Star Texas flags fastened to the front and rear bumpers and 'Just Married' painted on the sides, they roared off on their way to El Paso. Their plans were, to spend the weekend there, then travel to Las Vegas, Nevada. From there they would continue out to the Pacific Ocean and drive up the California coast, before heading northeast Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming and Montana.

After leaving the church, the young couple stopped by J Lo's house to change. Their parents were still at the church, and the temptation to fall naked onto a bed was evident. They resisted one more time, wanting their first time to be more than a quickie.

Before leaving San Angelo, J Lo programmed their trip into the OnStar GPS. They had originally planned to leave San Angelo on highway 67 south, intersecting with I-10 West, and then driving to El Paso before they stopped. There was construction showing up on 67, so she entered highway 87 up to intersect with I-20 near Odessa. They were on their way, and the world which now belonged to them, tagged along behind.

J Lo called The Camino Reál in El Paso and told them they were being delayed by construction and would arrive tomorrow around mid day.

They spent their first night together as newlyweds, at the Ramada Inn, just off I-20 in Odessa. It was after 11:00 when Tommy Lee carried J Lo over the threshold into their room that night.

The waiting was over. The years of touching, feeling, masturbation and frustration were over. They stood facing each other as they stripped off their clothes, to fall across the bed. They made love into the early morning hours before falling asleep in each others arms. They awoke and made love again before showering, packing, then grabbing a Danish and orange juice in the lobby before hitting the road again.

"Tommy, we need to stop at a bank somewhere and cash this money card Granny gave us. Dad said we may have trouble cashing it after we leave Texas."

"I saw a Chase Bank Branch just down the street from here last night. It's 9:00 now. They should be open."

"Let's stop by there before we hit the interstate. If they need to check my ID, at least we both have an account at the branch in San Angelo they can verify."

All the drive-through lanes were backed up with three or more vehicles waiting. Tommy drove around to park near the side door on the west side of the branch bank. He parked in the No Parking Zone, since J Lo would only be in there a minute, and he'd be with the car if anyone told him to move it.

J Lo ran into the bank and Tommy saw a trashcan at the far corner of the building. He bagged up their cups and napkins from where they'd stopped to get drinks the night before, and walked down the sidewalk to dispose of them. Just as he dumped the garbage into the container, he heard a loud security alarm sounding. It was really close, wherever it was coming from. He had just returned to their vehicle and started the engine when he saw J Lo run from the entrance. She leaped over the door of the convertible and screamed for him to GO!

"GO – Tommy – GO! Get the hell out of here! There's a bank robbery taking place in there. I had just left the teller's window and turned to leave when I heard the alarm going off. I saw three men wearing ski masks run from behind the counter, and out the door on the other side of the building, they were carrying three large money bags! One of the men wearing a ski mask came out this side ahead of me! I was afraid to come out until I saw you. Didn't you see the one who ran out the door, past you on this side?"

J Lo was screaming as she tried to tell him what had happened. He was entering traffic by then and gunned the engine.

"I'd gone over to put our cups and empty sacks in the trashcan while you were in the bank. Just as I turned back to the car, I heard the alarms going off. I was just starting the car when I saw you run out. I didn't see anyone else."

"Pull into this convenience store up here, I need to pee again. Shit! That scared the hell out of me!"

Just as Tommy parked in front of the convenience store, five city police cars roared southwest out of town with their sirens wailing.

"Here, you take this money. I had to show that lady everything but what color panties I was wearing, just to get that money card cashed."

"I thought your grandmother told you the card was for two thousand? I count five, if these bundles are the same!"

"I know. The lady had to get it OK'd before she could cash it for that much. That's what took me so long ... Anyway, you know how Granny is about giving me money all the time."

They stopped to kiss before they went to separate restrooms. When J Lo came out, she didn't see him. Tommy was standing just around the corner. As she walked past looking for him, he grabbed her, pulling her around the corner. He kissed her, stifling her screams until she realized it was him.

"T Lee, you're going to get fucked right here in this store, if you keep that up!" They were still laughing as they went to the fountain dispenser to get cokes on ice.

The next day at Cisco and Selena's home, the men were relaxing with their wives. The two friends had yet to spring the biggest surprise they'd ever pulled on their wives. They had in their pockets, ten-day reservations at a Five-Star Hotel and Beach Resort in Cozumel, Mexico.

The couples were laughing and telling stories about when their kids were younger and the two teenagers thought their parents weren't listening or watching. Selena and Laurel were sipping away on yesterday's wine ... they were so happy, laughing at anything and everything their husbands said.

"Heyyyyy Pancho?" Cisco spoke loudly, imitating The Cisco Kid from the early days of Television.

"Heyyyyy, Cisco."

"Hombre, do you know what they call a Mexican with a fast horse and lots of money, across the border?"

"What, Cisco."

"A Bandit!" he answered and the two men laughed at the silly routines they'd learned as kids.

The television was on and the sound was muted as they laughed. The men were just about to spring their surprise on their wives.

Suddenly, Cisco leaped from his chair, grabbed the remote and turned the volume up. They were showing a news bulletin about a bank robbery in Odessa.

"LOOK!" Cisco yelled.

"OH NO ... That's J LO!" Selena screamed as they watched their daughter run from the bank, then leap over the side of the convertible. Tommy Lee was driving as they roared off down the busy street.

"Something's wrong here!" Tomas told them. "There's no way those two would ever rob a bank. There's got to be more to this!"

"Let's go! We'll get to the bottom of this!" Cisco shouted as they hurried to gather their hats, guns and gear. Their wives followed them in Selena's vehicle.

When they rushed into the San Angelo Police Department, they were escorted immediately to the police chief's office.

"Pancho, Cisco – have a seat and I'll go over each of the four bank videos with you...

"Tommy and J Lo had nothing to do with that bank robbery, and I can prove it!

"I have already put out a bulletin to all law enforcement agencies across the state and on into New Mexico, Colorado and Oklahoma. My deputies have already notified the local TV and radio stations that the Black Camaro with your son and daughter in it, has been cleared of any wrong doing. Texas Highway Patrol has been notified with the order to pass this information on to all patrolmen across the state.

"Show us what you have, Don. We have to tell our wives about this. We left them in tears, out in the lobby. After Tommy Lee and J Lo were married late yesterday, there couldn't have been any happier in-laws in Texas than the four of us," Tomas told him as they watched him switch from one video to another.

"Look at this closely."

"I see that! The Camaro convertible parked by the door in the No Parking Zone, is identical to the one we gave them for a graduation and wedding present!" Cisco all but yelled as he pointed to the screen.

"Exactly. Now watch this," he said as three men ran from the bank on the opposite side from where Tommy and J Lo's vehicle was parked, and the first video recording was made. Each of the masked men were carrying bags with the armored car logo on them.

"LOOK! There's another one running out of the bank from the other side, then around to where the other three are. He's waving his hands as the driver starts to pull away from the curb!" Tomas pointed out.

"Now ... let's look at this first video ... Notice the time on this one, then notice the time on the one the newlyweds are in...

"Tommy is walking toward the trashcan when the masked suspect exits the door, runs past their vehicle, stops to look inside it, then waves his arms for some reason, before running around the bank. Tommy then turns and hurries back toward their vehicle – immediately, J Lo runs out," the chief says, pointing out the events to them

"That guy must have thought Tommy and J Lo's black Camaro was the getaway car, from the way he looked at it, hesitated, then ran around the bank."

"YES! Tommy is getting into the vehicle just as J Lo runs out of the bank. Then she leaps over the door into the front seat. They immediately leave the bank property, well before the fourth man has made it around to the other side where his partners in crime, are about to drive off and leave him!" Cisco shouted.

Tomas was already on his way out to the lobby. They had to bring their wives in to show them this new evidence.

Unknown to the newlyweds, the news of the bank robbery was all over the news. The video showed J Lo running to leap into a waiting black Camaro convertible. That video was the only one initially released to the newspapers and TV stations ... and the reporters swarmed the branch bank, hoping to get a lead on the robbery.

The police didn't have the license number of the getaway vehicle. They released the video to the news outlets in hopes of getting a tip from someone who may have seen the suspects or the vehicle. The local TV station received a phone tip from an anonymous caller in San Angelo, who had recognized the newlyweds, J Lo and Tommy Manara.

In a matter of minutes, on the scene news reporter, Sharon Hierra-Garza, was providing physical descriptions of the young man and young woman – with a description of the vehicle. After she was informed of the suspect's names, the news reporter referred to the daring, daylight bank robbing couple as modern day, Bonnie and Clyde.

During a break to prepare for their next, on the scene report, Sharon Hierra-Garza overheard a conversation between two Mexican women nearby as they spoke in Spanish, referring to the two bank robbers as Banditti —


Before noon, the story of the West Texas Banditti bank robbers, a newlywed couple from San Angelo, was spreading across West Texas. Their high school pictures were plastered all over the TV screens, internet and newspapers.

It was 1:00 pm before the news outlets began retracting earlier statements and posting the newly released videos of the real bank robbers ... One of whom had already been apprehended at his apartment in Odessa. The remaining three were still at large and described as armed and dangerous. They were last seen by neighbors, leaving the apartments, in a black Camaro convertible, matching the getaway car.

The next morning, Tommy and J Lo had been driving for two hours on I-20 west, when they began to see signs indicating the junction of I-10 up ahead. Before they reached the intersection, Tommy pulled into a small convenience store off the service road. They had been laughing and talking above the wind noise, with the Boston Acoustics nine-speaker stereo cranked up to full throttle.

They used the restroom and got another coke on ice and a snack bar before heading back to their car.

"J Lo, you drive. You haven't had the pleasure of wrangling that herd of wild horses corralled under the hood of this beast!"

They were both wearing shorts, T-shirts and sandals as they ran toward their vehicle. Each of them placed a hand on the door as they leaped into the front bucket seats, without spilling a drop. When they were strapped in, J Lo looked over at him with an big grin... "I'll show you how to tame these wild horses. By the time we reach El Paso, I'll have all five hundred and eighty of them eating out of my hand and begging for a cool drink of water!"

"Do it, Baby. Kick them in the ass and let those horses run. You may need to sit on that towel by the gearshift. The feel of all this power and the way this beauty handles will make your little kitty drool."

"I'll save my kitty-drool for you, Baby. The sign said we only have a little over a hundred miles to El Paso. You better get some rest, 'cos I'm going to ride your ass like you are a wild horse when we get there!"

"Ride me, Baby. Spank my ass and make me buck until you give out!"

J Lo was in third gear by the time she hit the entrance ramp on I-20. When she glanced back to see no traffic behind them, she popped her whip over the wild horses, shifting to fourth and stomping the gas pedal. Instantly, she and Tommy Lee were pinned to their seat backs. She rounded the long curving ramp and merged onto I-10 West. When she shifted to fifth, they were running ninety and the horses were still eager for more. Hitting sixth, she leveled off at a hundred, before backing off the pedal to let the overdrive kick in. She set the cruise at a respectable eighty-five.

She glanced over to see Tommy giving her a thumbs-up for her handling of the powerful, supercharged engine and the six-speed tranny.

"UH OH! We've got traffic stacked up ahead of us! Better back her down!" Tommy shouted less than three miles onto I-10, as he pointed ahead.

The westbound lanes of I-10 were backed up for over a hundred yards already as more and more vehicles slowed to a stop in front of and behind them.

"This is a roadblock. I see the Texas State Trooper's vehicles in the median and off the shoulder up ahead. There must be twenty or more of them the way the lights are flashing," she told him as she dropped to second gear and eased along with the traffic.

"They must be looking for those bank robbers you saw at the bank in Odessa."

"Heck Yeah! That has to be what it is! Look, they're looking inside the back seats and trunks of all the vehicles."

Just as J Lo rolled to a stop beside the first officer, their car was immediately surrounded by troopers.

"Ma'am, please pull your vehicle to the shoulder slowly. Do not make any sudden moves!"

"What's this all about?" Tommy asked. There were two troopers walking slowly beside their car on both sides. Each of them had their hands on their guns.

"Stop your vehicle and take the keys out of the ignition. Lay the keys on the console and both of you step out of the vehicle. We'll need to see your driver's license, and registration." The officer spoke, ignoring Tommy's question.

The trooper in charge spoke into his transceiver mic... "Sergeant, this is the vehicle. These two were there when the bank was robbed!"

"Say that again, Sir!" the trooper spoke into his mic once more as his radio clicked and the sergeant's voice came in loud and clear.

"The call just came through. Those newlyweds were not involved in the robbery. They were there, but they were not involved in any way. Both their fathers are Texas Rangers. They are on their honeymoon!"

By the time the sergeant stopped speaking into his mic, he had walked back to stand beside J Lo and Tommy.

"You actually thought we were bank robbers?" J Lo asked when she saw the troopers remove their hands from their guns, smiling in relief.

"When the call first came in, you two and your vehicle were identified as leaving the scene of a bank robbery. They now have video evidence of an identical Camaro convertible parked on the opposite side of the bank building ... then leaving the scene with four armed suspects inside. Did either of you see the suspects?"

J Lo spoke quickly, telling them what had happened, "I saw them, but they were wearing ski masks and they were running away from me. I was inside the bank when the alarms went off. I was scared as hell when I ran out and leaped into our car and told Tommy to get the hell out of there!"

By the time she finished waving her hands and telling her story, the troopers were laughing.

"Where are you headed? Are you stopping in El Paso or traveling through into Mexico or New Mexico?" The sergeant asked.

"We have reservations for the weekend in El Paso. Then we'll be heading into New Mexico and on to Las Vegas," Tommy responded.

"You'll have an escort all the way to El Paso, just to make sure you're not stopped again for this. Where are you staying?"

"The Camino Reál on South El Paso Street," Tommy told them.

The sergeant turned and waved for a young trooper to come over, then gave him his orders. "Did you hear their destination?"

"Yes, Sir. Loud and clear."

"Escort these newlyweds all the way to the front door of their hotel. Don't let anyone stop them ... and don't let this young lady run over you on the way!"

"Yes, Sir!

"Ma'am, if you will drive down the shoulder to the front of the line. I will be happy to escort you to your hotel."

"Thanks, Guys. Sorry about the mix-up," Tommy told them.

J Lo told them, "I want to thank you also ... I hope someone will officially notify our parents back in San Angelo that we're alright and we're not bank robbers running from the law."

"We'll take care of it, Ma'am. You should call them yourselves as soon as you can get a signal and safely do so. Have a wonderful honeymoon and congratulations."

"Thanks, Sergeant. I'll call them when we get going. J Lo will be busy shifting gears and whipping her horses!"

As she drove slowly past the line of cars, they saw the young trooper waving to them over the top of his Dodge Challenger.

With the lights flashing atop of his sporty patrol car, the trooper leveled off at ninety. The black Camaro was running in his draft, right on his tail. Since all traffic had been stopped at the checkpoint, there were only a few scattered vehicles in the west bound lanes ahead of them.

The sight of flashing lights coming up fast behind them, made what few vehicles there were ahead, pull over to let them pass.

"DAD! Did you get the call from the troopers yet?" Tommy asked when his dad answered.

"We just got off the phone with them. They gave us all the details and told us they were escorting you to El Paso. You two had us scrambling around here like hell for a while, until we discovered you weren't bank robbers and they had taken you off their wanted list."

"We were there, Dad! J Lo was inside the bank when the robbery was taking place. We left there like they really were chasing us, and didn't think any more about it until they stopped us at the checkpoint."

J Lo screamed at him in the wind. "Tell him we had other things on our mind most of the night."

"I heard what she said ... Cisco and I both agree ... you've got your hands full, Son ... Listen, call us when you reach your hotel. We're here together and we'll be waiting for your call. We love our son and our daughter, you two be safe!"

"Bye Dad. We love all of you too."

"Can you believe this shit? Us being accused of robbing a bank?" Jo Lo asked as they raced along I-10 toward El Paso, at nearly a hundred miles per hour, escorted by a Texas State Trooper.

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