Allender's Hunt

by blackrandl1958

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: An elk hunt turns bad and a woman finds herself in trouble. She deals with the consequences.

Thanks again to the team that makes me look like I'm not stupid, my editor, PapaKilo14, second editor Dan, my beta readers Denny and Black Phoenix. Everyone worked their usual magic.

This story is a challenge from a friend. He knows I hate a cheater. He asked me to come up with a situation where a normally faithful, moral spouse might be caught up in cheating. This is my response and it's a damned rare situation. I'm not justifying it, just saying it could happen. I'm sure readers will have pros and cons. I look forward to seeing them.

"Allender, are you ready?" her husband called. They were leaving for two weeks in the mountains on an elk hunt. She was looking for her foam pad. She knew sleeping on the ground would become very uncomfortable without some high density foam between her body and the earth, and the ground could be miserable and cold.

"Brian, have you seen my Ensolite pad?" she called.

"I put it in the truck already," he called back.

She grabbed her backpack off the floor by the door and they went to the truck. It was going to be a long drive. Brian Saline watched his wife come outside and down the sidewalk. He still couldn't believe he had talked her into marrying him. They had been married three months and his heart still pounded every time he looked at her. She was a tall, slender dark haired girl. Her hair was that dark, blue/black color you sometimes see. She was wearing tight blue jeans and a button-up white blouse. She looked so sexy he wanted to take her back inside and fuck her right then. She was obviously not wearing a bra. He could see those large, firm breasts sway and jiggle inside her top and as she swung her backpack into the truck he marveled at the way she filled out the denim of her jeans. She was a gym rat and it was easy to tell in the way her ass jutted out, making men drool on themselves.

She climbed in and looked at him. "What?" she asked.

"I just can't believe how beautiful you are," he told her.

She smiled, her teeth flashing white in her creamy face. She had that rare pale, almost translucent skin and she was careful since she spent a lot of time outdoors, running through their neighborhood every morning and spending many afternoons by the pool in their backyard. They both loved hiking and camping and shared a love for hunting. This was the second time they had gone together and he knew she was a crack shot with any kind of weapon. Her father had raised her deer and moose hunting on the Upper Peninsula and she had taken many deer and two moose. Neither of them had ever killed an elk and they were looking forward to the hunt. She was hoping to take one with a bow. Brian wasn't much into bow hunting, but he admired her for doing it. She looked at her boyish husband and felt all warm inside. She knew how lucky she was. She was a little horny looking at him. He was an amazing lover and Allender couldn't get enough of him. They were going to wait a while to have kids. They were just enjoying being married to each other.

Brian was a dream come true to her. They'd met their senior year at college and she knew she'd found the other half of her soul. He just had an air about him that melted her. He was scary smart, witty and he had a sense of humor that matched hers. He was an outdoors guy just like she was and she thought he was the hottest man she had ever met. Those big brown eyes, a swimmer's body and he was the most amazing love she'd ever imagined. She couldn't get enough of him and he obviously felt the same way about her. Allender was in love, in lust and married to the man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

It was a long way to Colorado and they stopped for the night in Des Moines. Late the next afternoon they rolled into Salida and met their guides there. They were hunting the Big Baldy Mountain area and they were driven back into the wilderness where they found their base camp. The journey from there was by horseback and they would begin the next day. They had two guides and a third man that tended the camp for them. They were introduced to the guides and they liked one of them right away. Peter Thompson was a little cowboy about five feet eight and a hundred and twenty pounds. He looked to be in his late forties and he was wiry and light on his feet. The other guide was Raines Parker. He was a whole different animal. He was about six five, looked like he weighed two hundred and fifty pounds and appeared to be a refugee from the sixties. He had long black hair, tied back in a ponytail and he was very quiet. Allender thought he looked like he was in his late twenties and was very good looking. His arms were heavy with muscle and his traps were so large he looked like he had no neck. When he shook her hand she felt very small. Since she was nearly six feet tall herself, she was a little unsettled.

"Don't mind Raines," Peter chuckled. "He ain't said five hundred words in the three months I've known him. He's a college boy. Played football for the Raiders for a while. He knows the woods though. His daddy was a Forest Ranger around these parts and he knows Big Baldy like the back of his hand."

They ate dinner and Brian and Allender got their first taste of bison. Raines cooked and she went over to ask if she could help him. "No, I've got it," he said. His voice was the lowest bass rumble Allender had ever heard. If a grizzly bear could talk, she thought that was what it would sound like.

"You can set the table if you want," he told her. "Dishes in that cabinet over there. Silverware in the drawer underneath."

She got the table ready and Peter poured a nice red wine. The bison was delicious and Raines was a good cook. They talked about where they would go and when she mentioned that she wanted to use a bow Raines' eyes lit up.

"Do you bow hunt?" she asked him.

He nodded. "What kind of bow you got?" he asked her.

"I'm shooting a Bear Motive 6 with a 65 pound draw weight and Quest Power Punch arrows with 125 grain HellRazor points," she told him. "I'm learning longbow, but I'm not confident enough to try it yet. I'm making my own bow, but it's not done yet."

He looked at her for a while. "I'm surprised," he told her, "impressed too. Most women can't handle that heavy a draw."

"Well, that's a change," Peter laughed. "Raines ain't easily impressed. You a bow hunter too, Brian?"

"No, it's too much work for me," Brian laughed.

"Well we'll send those two off to sneak around and we'll actually kill something," Peter told Brian.

"We're going to kill something too," Raines told him. "My clients have taken elk with a bow, Allender. We killed five last season."

Her big blue eyes were shining with excitement. "I want something nice," she told him. "It doesn't have to be huge, but I want a nice one. I've killed a moose and a black bear with a bow. Brian just wants an elk."

"He'll get one," Raines told her. "If he can get Peter to shut up long enough to get close. Peter's really very good. He could sneak around too but he's lazy. He always gives me the bow clients."

They made an early night of it and got up at six in the morning. It was still very cold and Allender shivered until she got her cold gear on. They put on lots of layers and by the time Allender was dressed Raines had breakfast ready. They ate quickly, eager to get going and when they were through, Raines had the horses tied outside. Allender tied her bow on the back of her saddle and they climbed on. She was a little stiff from the ride the previous day and she felt like her joints were creaking. She soon limbered up and when they left the trail she kissed Brian. Brian and Peter continued up the trail they had been on and Raines led her on a winding route that led around the mountain and steeply up the slope. They rode for an hour and suddenly the vista opened up and she was looking down into a large canyon.

Raines pulled glasses out of his saddle bags and she followed.

"Three o'clock," he told her, "about two miles out on the other side of those aspens."

She looked and she made out half a dozen elk moving in a clearing.

"What do you think?" she asked him. "That second bull looks pretty big from here."

"He's pretty nice," he told her. "He's no record but he's nice. You interested?"

"Do you know of anything better?" she asked him.

"Yes, but it's a ways," he said. "Let's have a go at this one and see how we do. It's better to take a nice one than miss on a really nice one."

She agreed and they rode into the canyon. It was warming up and Allender was beginning to get hot by the time Raines pulled up and dismounted. They tied the horses and she took off two layers. She felt like she was being watched and she glanced at Raines. He was looking at her in obvious appreciation. What the hell? She felt a little self-conscious. Her face flushed a little and she turned to face him.

"What?" she asked.

"Nothing," he said. "You're a very beautiful woman. I'm sorry if I made you uncomfortable."

She shrugged it off. "Brian tells me that." For some reason she felt like she should mention her husband. "Forget about it. Let's go hunting."

She pulled down her bow and got her arrows. They made the stalk and when they got close to where the elk had been they took a peek. Allender's heart sank. They were half a mile away and moving farther.

"Well, should we try to get ahead of them?" she asked.

"No, I don't think so," Rains mused. "We'd have to climb that wall and we couldn't take the horses. By the time we got up there's no telling where they would be. Let's take the next canyon south and see what we spot.

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