Revenge - Someone Must Pay!

by murrayphillips

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, ft/ft, Teenagers, NonConsensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Horror, Revenge, Rough, Sadistic, Torture, Snuff, First, Anal Sex, Spitting, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: A vicious little tale with absolutely no redeeming features! Sex-a-plenty along with torture and more. Slightly cathartic for the writer. Pure fiction and I hope no one ever tries to emulate it. If you are offended by nasty vicious events then don't read it!

What the... !

I heard the sirens long before I reached the corner. "Shit" I thought to myself "Someone's got a heap of trouble!" An ambulance screamed past followed by a police car and a Fire and Rescue command vehicle.

I turned the corner and ran straight up the back of a large red fire engine. Everything went black and some time later I heard a voice asking if I was alright. Groggily I looked up to see a medic from the ambulance peering into the interior of my now crumpled BMW. Through the airbags, I mumbled that I thought I was okay and soon the Fire and Rescue guys were cutting me out of my car. As they placed me onto the stretcher I saw that the house that was burning was mine. All that was left were burning beams and roof rafters as the roof had now collapsed down. I tried to get off the stretcher but everything went black again and I went down.

The next time I woke, I was in hospital. A nurse was attending to all manner of gadgets and tubes while in the corner of the room a rather sombre man sat looking out the window at the failing light of the day now almost past. I asked him who he was and he replied gently that he was Detective Inspector John Carmichael from the city homicide squad.

"Homicide squad?" I croaked "Why, homicide? Who's dead? Where are Suzy and Jess?"

"I'm sorry, Mr Carboy" he said sadly "I am afraid they are both dead! They were both killed in the blaze that destroyed your home" He went on "Are you aware of anyone who bore you a grudge? The fire was deliberately lit and we found signs that both your daughter and wife were restrained at the time of the fire."

"No ... At least I don't think so..." I replied hoarsely, "Where are they?"

"We have taken them away for forensic testing" the inspector replied "You don't need to see the bodies as we have already positively identified both bodies from dental records." "If you do become aware of any threats or grudges, please contact me" He handed me a plain business card we his nation and telephone number. He left quietly.

The nurse came back and I asked her how long I would be in the hospital. She told me that I had a severe concussion and that I would probably be in for a couple of days while they monitored me.

The time dragged! I wracked my already hurting brain to find some reason for this monstrosity. Who would want my beautiful Suzy dead? We had been married for 16 happy years and at 39 she was still as gorgeous and beautiful as she was when I married her. Why our beautiful daughter Jess? She was only 14 and the spitting image of her mother, gorgeous, vivacious and so alive. But not anymore. They were both gone, taken, but by whom?

By the third day, I was due to be released. The doctor told me to take it easy and to see my local GP in a week just to be sure. I thanked him and left. I haled a cab and got the driver to take me to the remains of my home. Like my house, I was gutted when I arrived. The brick walls had fallen in and the roof and floors were gone. I walked slowly towards the gate in the still standing fence. My neighbour, dear old Mrs Collins came up and hugged me, weeping. "We're are all so sorry, Jim" she sobbed, "Suzy and Jess were just the nicest girls we all knew." I hugged her back and let her go. I saw the remains of my BMW still there and on impulse rang the dealers and asked them to come and pick it up and assess the damage. Walked up the path towards were the front door used to be. A uniformed policeman stopped me. "I am sorry sir" he said "But you can't proceed, it is a crime scene and also it is highly unsafe."

"But it was my house" I cried "And my wife and daughter died here"

"Oh!" he exclaimed "I am so sorry Mr Carboy. I didn't know. The inspector is still around so if you wait here I'll get him for you"

A few minutes later Inspector Carmichael appeared. "Terrible, terrible business" he mumbled "We found handcuffs and other restraints. Bad, very very bad..."

"Anything survive?" I asked

He pulled a small ziplock bag from his pocket. "A few piece of jewellery survived" he said "They have been damaged but you may have them..."

I thanked him and looked at the items - Suzy's wedding and engagement rings, Jess's locket and a few other items, all that remained of my family. I turned to the inspector with tears in my eyes. "Would it be alright if I accessed my shed?" I had a double 6m by 6m shed in the back yard that had been untouched by the fire.

"No problem" the inspector replied.

I thanked him and turned and walked away from the dreadful sight. I walked the 2 kilometres to the local motel that was in the area. At reception I asked for a room and told the young girl that I didn't know how long I would be staying but at least a few weeks. I asked if she had a room the overlooked the lake. The same lake that we, Suzy, Jess and I used to walk around often.

The girl was about to say that there weren't any rooms available with lake views but then recognised me. "Oh, Mr Carboy, I am so terribly sorry about your wife and daughter. I am sure we can find a room to suit you"

She showed me to a room at the end of the complex with a wonderful view of the lake. The room wasn't fancy, but it was comfortable. I thanked her and took the key. I lay down on the bed and sleep overtook me. I awoke hours later to find it was dark. I left the room and locking the door went to the small restaurant attached to the motel. I really didn't feel like eating, but I knew I need something in my stomach if I was to function. I ate a small steak and the accompanying salad drank my coffee and left. Walking past my room I soon found the track that circled the lake and followed it around to the back of my house. I jumped the fence and went around to the door of the shed. Noiselessly I opened the door and shutting it behind me I placed and old towel at the bottom of the door and placed an old blanket up against the window. I didn't want anyone to know I was there let alone know what I was about to do. I opened the old cupboard and switched on the computer that was in it. I knew that the hard disk would contain all of the footage from the 5 security cameras that I had installed in the house. At least they would show the footage up until they burned or melted!

While the computer booted and the camera footage was loading I reflected on the fact that I ran a successful electronic and computer security company and that the cameras were just a normal part of my business.

The footage was ready. I knew the fire had started around 3:30pm just after Suzy had returned home after picking Jess up from school. I started the footage at 3:00pm. Suzy and Jess weren't home yet but there were people moving around the up and down stairs of my house. As yet I couldn't distinguish who they were. I heard a man's voice shout "Lookout Bev, they're here!" I saw the door open and Suzy and Jess enter. The were laughing at some joke as the shut the door behind them. The man's voice told them to get into the lounge room. Flicking to the lounge room camera I saw a man with a Glock automatic waving it at Suzy and Jess.

A woman's voice then said "Get them up stairs, George" George? George who? George and Bev? George and Bev who? Of course George and Bev Bailey! I knew them! Now it came flooding back! Nine months ago they had employed me to set up and electronic surveillance system to protect their proprietary manufacturing processes. I had specified and designed an excellent system, but George had wanted to use a particular brand of camera as he had a share in the company that distributed them. As it turned out there was a shortage of that brand and the system was delayed in installation by 3 months. In that time George and Bev's business had been compromised by hackers and that had lost everything. "But" I mused "It wasn't my fault. I advised George about the brand of camera he wanted as I had heard there were supply difficulties, but he had insisted on his brand!" Obviously in his own mind it was all my fault...

I went back to the camera footage and switched to the upstairs main bedroom. Bev had Suzy and Jess tied to chairs in the centre of the room and was screaming at them. "Your fucking husband and father lost us our business" she yelled "He ruined us. We have nothing now, not a fucking thing. Now it is his turn to lose something."

She pulled out a large knife and cut the clothes from both Suzy and Jess leaving the naked and tied to the chairs. She took out handcuffs and handcuffed them to the chairs as well. She went over to Jess and grabbed one of her little tits. With an evil grin she sliced Jess's nipple off and then sliced the other nipple off. She took both nipples over to Suzy and jammed them into her mouth and forced her to chew them and eventually swallow them. Blood was pouring from Jess's tiny breasts and she was crying. Bev went over to her and backhanded her sharply across the face and told her to shut the fuck up. She went back to Suzy and hacked her clit out with her knife. Blood spurted everywhere and Bev took the clit to Jess and rammed it into her mouth and held it closed while she tried to swallow it. Both Jess and Suzy were crying hysterically now. With an evil grin she turned to Jess and said "Ill bet you still a virgin you little slut, aren't you?" Jess nodded. Be to the knife and rammed it up to the hilt into Jess's vagina. "Well" Bev drawled "I don't think you are a fucking virgin anymore, slut" Jess just screamed in agony.

I heard George telling Bev to get her arse downstairs as the place was going up soon. She walked over to Suzy and calmly cut both of her 38C breasts off. She grabbed a huge jar of vaseline and started smearing it all over Jess and Suzy. "Fucking hell" I thought as I watched "That stuff will burn like hell"

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