It Took Two

by Nina Newsome

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, .

Desc: Sex Story:  I went to a downtown night club with some of my girlfriends and tonight I met a cute guy. I decided that yes I want to be with him so we went to his place and then...well you'll just have to read the rest of my story.

Hi my name is Nina Newsome. I live and work downtown in the city I live. I love downtown because everything I need is right there. I share an apartment with my roommate Jessica and Lauren and Amy live in the same building as us. All four of us almost go over the the local night clubs on weekends. It's where you meet guys and maybe you meet the right guy for the night.

I'm five foot two inches tall and I have brown hair and green eyes. I've had a few people say I look like Zoey Dechenel from the TV show that I can't remember the name of right now but I only watched it a couple of times and didn't really like it. I don't think I really look like her and I certainly don't have the wide eyed dumb expression on her face all the time. I just see it as maybe my face shape and my hair is not as dark as hers but whatever. It doesn't really describe me and I'm not sure how to describe myself to you except height, hair, and eyes. My roommate Jessica is a beautiful hispanic girl and a few inches taller than me and so sexy and gorgeous while I'm always trying to lose five pounds.

So Lauren, Amy, Jessica, and I went to one of our downtown nightclubs this might. I was 23 at the time. I'm 25 now. I'll just call the club Happy because I don't want you googling the name and figuring out what city I live in. I'm just sharing my story and not looking to meet any readers though I'm sure most of you are very nice and we'd have a good time partying at a club like Happy or any of the other places me and my girlfriends like to go. So we get to Happy and we find a table for the four of us and I like to start off with a white wine though when we go to the cowboy club I'll go ahead and start with beer. I watch the dance floor and I watch the other tables and I see what cute guys are around and I see who is looking back at us and we guess who is going to have the nerve to come over and talk to any of us and maybe ask out onto the dance floor or sit down.

I like to get a little buzz just like anyone. I go here to party and to have a good time. It doesn't take much for it to effect Amy and she'll start hitting on the guys but I like for guys to come ask me to dance like most girls do. If a guy has no balls he probably doesn't have much of a dick! Just kidding! So this one guy comes over and asks me to dance and he's kind of cute so I go on the floor and I can tell that he's already had way too much to drink and it's still early like only 10 pm and so we dance a couple of songs and I excuse myself to the bathroom and I use it then hang out there for a while checking myself in the mirror. It's the perfect place to ditch a guy especially when he's too drunk as some will forget about you. So I come out and the drunk is already dancing with some other girl but he's leaning on her like she's holding him up and she looks miserable and I'm so glad that's not me.

I dance with a couple of other guys and they seem nice but they're not really what I'm looking for tonight. I just go by my feelings and some nights those guys might be who I'l looking for but tonight I'm looking for someone else but if those guys are still around once it gets later I might consider them if I really want sex but I'm alright going home without it.

So I meet Brandon. He comes over and he says he noticed me from over there and all the stuff most guys says but it's ok because what else is a guy going to say and I don't mind if some guys says he thinks I'm pretty and he likes my eyes and hair or even my elbow. What girl doesn't want compliments from a cute guy? So we go out and dance and it's a dance music club so there's not slow dancing. It's just dancing with each other and not talking because it's too loud on the floor but it's great fun and Brandon isn't bad at it. He asks me if I'd like to talk and I say sure and we go over to a table for just the two of us and he buys me another wine and he has a beer. We talk, the basic stuff about what his job is and what my job is and about movies we've seen or music we like and what are our hobbies. My life is Monday to Friday work. Friday and Saturday night play. This was a Saturday night. Play! I didn't tell him that.

I like him. He's easy to talk to and cute with short brown hair and brown eyes and he's fit and so I was completely ready when he asked 30 minutes later or possibly an hour if I'd like to go over to his place. He has a roommate but he's staying over at his girlfriend's place tonight.

"Yes," I say. I can feel my body getting ready for him.

He summons a car on his phone and I go tell Jessica that I've found a friend and she's in deep conversation with a guy and she didn't say but I think she might be have a good time tonight and she knows she go back to our place and I won't be there. There is no way I or any girl can get in the mood when you know your roommate is in the other bedroom. Just no way. The uber driver takes us to his apartment and it's only a few blocks west of mine. Uber is great for getting around late night in downtown and a better price than the taxis.

In his apartment I sit on his couch and he offers me a drink and I say sure and he only has beer and I'll take a lite beer but he only has regular so I decline. Brandon decides not to have another beer and he sits next to me.

He says, "You're so beautiful."

He kisses me and it's so good. I'm hungry and horny for man. His hands roam on my back and I hold his back tight. We kiss open mouth and I moan. I want him. He tries to reach down and grab my butt but I'm sitting on my butt. He pulls away and I stare at him and some guys say they can see my arousal in my eyes and I don't know if Brandon can see it but I feel like my eyes are speaking loudly. I want him to kiss me more and I don't wait. I move forward and continue our kissing. When he pushes away he yanks off his shirt so I begin to take off my top.

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