Teen's Night of Horror
Chapter 1

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Horror Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An innocent teen girl is seduced by the powers of darkness on Halloween night.

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Fa/ft   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Mind Control   Drunk/Drugged   Magic   Heterosexual   Horror   Paranormal   Vampires   Were animal   Rough   Snuff   White Male   White Female   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Size  

It was a beautiful fall evening. The weather was just right for the season. The temperature was a little nippy, but it really wasn't cold yet. The aroma of burning leaves hung in the early evening air. A few clouds drifted past the rising full moon. Some of the younger trick or treaters were convinced they had seen a witch or two, or maybe a large bat, fly past the moon as well. Of course, the older kids sort of encouraged the younger ones to see those things in the clouds.

It was the perfect night for Halloween trick or treating. It would have been perfect for Susan as well. Perfect if she had not been drafted by her mother to baby-sit. Her mother had insisted she keep an eye on her younger siblings while they went Trick or Treating. Her mother had told the teen to escort her younger brother and sister around the neighborhood while they gathered their sugar loaded loot.

The beautiful sixteen-year-old girl had protested having been stuck with her siblings. Her mother simply used the ultimate weapon. "Susan, you will go with your brother and sister this evening, or you won't be going to the costume dance at school later tonight. They will be done and back home more than early enough for you to get to the dance on time."

Susan reluctantly agreed with her mother. "Okay, Mom! I'll take them Trick or Treating, but I'll have to wear my costume too. I won't have time to change when we get back home and still get to the school on time."

"That will be fine, Susan. You better hurry up though. It's getting dark, and they're already waiting for you in the living room. They're dressed and chomping at the bit to get going."

"Okay Mom. I'll hurry." Susan yelled as she ran up the stairs to her bedroom. She really didn't mind taking her younger brother and sister trick-or-treating. They were good kids and they all got along well.

Susan looked forward to wearing her costume. She had made it herself. It made her look sexy and a little older than her sixteen years. She was dressed as a witch when she came back down the stairs, a very sexy witch. Her intentionally tattered, loose fitting, black dress didn't quite reach her knees. It fluttered in the breeze as she walked in her black low-heeled shoes. As the dress waved in the air, it revealed most of her shapely pair of nicely tanned legs. The top of the dress was low cut and revealed a great deal of her ample cleavage. In spite of her mother's protests and warnings, Susan enjoyed showing off the cleavage created by her full c-cup breasts. Her breasts had developed over the past couple of years, and Susan was very proud of them. From under her pointed black hat her long, silky, raven hair fell straight down her slender back, which was also exposed by the plunging back of her dress.

It was well after dusk when Susan came down the stairs in her witch costume. Even her little brother was impressed. "Wow, Sis! You look nice."

"Thanks kid. Are you two ready to go?" Susan smiled and thought to herself. 'If my little brother thinks I look nice, the boys at the dance ought to go nuts.'

Her brother and sister were chattering with excitement as Susan hustled them out the door and into the night.

Their mother wasn't worried about them being out after dark. Nothing bad ever happened around their part of town. The local neighborhood was made up of mostly middle and upper middle class working families and almost no one ever did anything really out of line.

It wasn't long until the kids had nearly filled their sacks with enough surgery treats to keep their dentist happy for months. The three siblings were headed home.

Along the way they passed by an ancient three-story house that had long been abandoned. Even the parents in the area could not remember anyone ever living there. Occasionally, someone would see a light flickering in one of the windows. The light was probably the reflection of a light source that came from somewhere out in the neighborhood. Still, some swore the old mansion was haunted. No one ever dared approach it. They just scurried past as fast as they could.

However, this night was different. The old house was not dark at all. In fact, it was well lit inside and out. It was even invitingly decorated for Halloween.

Susan's brother begged. "Come on Sis, just one more house."

Susan tried to frighten them out of going up to the strange house. "I don't know about this one. It's haunted you know."

"Pleeease!" Both kids begged in chorus.

"Well, okay, but this is the last one. Then we have to get home." Susan insisted.

"Thanks Sis." The kids yelled as they ran up the walk that led to the wide front porch of the old house. The door opened before they even got a chance to knock. A tall man dressed as a warlock stood before the startled kids.

In spite of being startled, they bravely yelled, "TRICK OR TREAT!"

Susan walked up on the porch just as the warlock handed a very large candy bar to each of the kids. He openly ogled the teen's shapely body and appeared to be sniffing the air around her. He stared at Susan's bulging cleavage long enough to make the teen uncomfortable. Then he stared deeply into her eyes.

She was transfixed by his stare. His eyes were extremely dark. They were so dark they appeared black. Susan was unable to break the stare.

Licking his lips as though tasting something delicious, he finally broke his stare. "My, my! What a beautiful young witch you are. Would you too like a candy bar?"

Susan snapped back to reality. She stammered as she replied. "Uh, no, no thank you, Sir. I, I, I'm watching my weight."

The warlock reached out and gently took both of Susan's hands in his. As he gently squeezed her hands, he stared into her eyes again. Susan was again frozen by the stare of this strange older man. He appeared to be at least thirty-five-years-old, maybe even forty. That was ancient to Susan. He must be at least as old as her mom and dad. His stare was stirring something strange deep within the teen.

"Well then, perhaps you would like to come to a little party we're having tonight? You can stop by any time before midnight. I'm sure my other guests would love to meet and get to know you."

Susan regained her senses again. She then noticed her brother and sister had told the warlock "thank you" and left the old house's porch. They were walking toward the sidewalk. Unsure of herself, Susan answered with a quiver in her voice, "Sir, I have a prior commitment, but I might be able to stop by later tonight, if that's alright."

"Please do. I would really like to show you to my guests." He smiled and squeezed Susan's hands once more. Then, before releasing his grip on the teen, he bent at the waste and kissed her left hand. He then stepped back and closed his door.

Susan and her brother and sister hurriedly walked home without speaking. Immediately after getting her siblings safely in the house, Susan yelled to her mother, "We're home, Mom. I'm going to the dance now."

Her mother called out from the kitchen. "Okay dear! Have fun and don't stay out too late."

As the teen walked the short three blocks to school, something kept popping into her mind. Those eyes! Those black eyes! She couldn't get the warlock's eyes out of her mind. It was as if they were still staring at her. With every step she took, the same strange feelings she had felt earlier grew stronger within her. Her hand was tingling where the stranger had kissed it. She somehow felt pulled to go to the warlock's party.

Susan was at the school's doorway when she changed her mind. She decided to go to the warlock's party instead of the dance. The warlock's pull was just too great for the teen to resist. She abruptly turned and practically ran to the ancient house.

As she stepped on the porch, the door slowly opened. She briefly hesitated at the threshold. She could see several people inside. Then she saw him. The warlock that had invited her to the party stood in the middle of his guests. He turned and faced Susan. He beckoned with his hands for her to come in.

Susan had an urge to run away as fast as she could, but she ignored it.

In her mind, the warlock spoke to her. 'Come in my beautiful young witch. Come and join with us! We've been expecting you. My guests would like to meet and get to know you. I am looking forward to having you as well.'

As if drawn by some unknown force, Susan stepped over the threshold. An unseen hand closed the door behind her. She entered the main room where a roaring fire was burning in the fireplace. The small group of guest already there greeted her like an old friend.

The warlock greeted and introduced her. "Welcome to our group, my young witch. Tonight, you will become one with us. We won't use formal names here tonight. We may use first names if need be. Tonight, we are as we appear. You are, of course, the witch. As you can see, I am a warlock. Sort of a match, don't you agree? That lovely creature on the couch is a vampiress. Next to her is her mate and master. We call him The Count. The figure lurking in the corner is a ... Well, we're not really sure what he is. He says he's a werewolf, but he has promised not to kill and eat anyone tonight. As you see, you are the only witch here. We really needed you to round out our little group."

About then the butler, who looked strangely like the character Igor from an old black and white movie, brought Susan a drink in a silver goblet. The drink it contained was a dark red wine.

Without thinking Susan took a sip of the wine. It tasted delicious to her and was surprising easy to swallow. Though she was unaccustomed to the taste and affects of alcohol, Susan figured she needed a little help relaxing. After all, this was her first adult party.

When her drink was gone, her host offered to show her around the old house. He told her the property and house had been in his family for well over two hundred years. The furnishings seemed to be a very old style but were in pristine condition. The crystal and silver shone brightly. Everything looked as though it had been there since the house was first built. Throughout the house, candles set in wall sconces provided lighting. It all looked as it had when it was new. Except for the style, nothing appeared to have aged at all.

When Susan and the warlock returned to the main room and the rest of the guests, the butler brought her another drink. This time it tasted just a little bitter. In spite of the taste, she drank it down as she chatted with her new friends. She soon began to feel a little weak. She could still stand, walk, and talk, but she seemed to have lost her sense of self. She felt as though she was nothing more than an observer of the actions around her. Actions that included her own.

Looking to her host, she groggily spoke, "Sir, I feel funny. I never drink wine, and it's seems to be going to my head. I think I should probably go home now."

In a commanding voice, the warlock replied, "Nonsense my young witch! The party is just getting started. What you are feeling is the effect of the potion you just drank. You will remain fully awake and aware of everything that's happening around and to you. You will be able to speak as well. However, you will have no will to, or way of, resisting my commands. Come with me, my witch. I have another room I wish to show you."

The warlock took Susan by her arm and led the defenseless teen down into the old home's basement. The other guests follow close behind. He directed her into a large room. "This is our special induction chamber."

The induction chamber appeared to be a small theater with walls of stone. Lit torches on the walls illuminated the room. There were several chairs facing a small raised stage. Several guests were already seated in the room when Susan entered. On the stage was a long stone table set so the long side faced the audience. Her host gestured toward the table. "This is our altar upon which you will be initiated into our group."

The stone table bore many dark stains. Susan could only fearfully guess what had made the stains. In her mind, she feared her blood was about to add to the stains.

Susan had absolutely no willful control over her body at all. She complied without a word of protest when the warlock gave her a command. He told her to remove her shoes and stand before the gathered attendees. She immediately kicked her shoes off.

She was then slowly escorted by the two vampires up onto the stage and led to stand next to the table.

The warlock followed Susan and her escorts onto the stage and spoke to the frightened teen. "You will now become part of our group. But to do that, you must be nude." She gasped and a single tear rolled down her cheek. The warlock, with one swift jerk, violently ripped the dress away from her body.

Susan stood before the group of strangers clad only in her lacy black bra and matching panties. Her c-cup breasts were spilling over the top of the bra as she had intended. The problem was she had intended to impress some of the teenaged boys at the school dance, not some old strangers. "Please Sir, why are you doing this? I have done nothing wrong. And why are you all costumed as if you came from an old movie?"

As the group admired the nearly nude teen, her host spoke to his guests. "I was right! This beautiful young witch will make a delightful addition to our family."

He turned and spoke to Susan. "My witch, as I told you earlier, we are as we appear." The others quickly agreed.

Susan's fear grew as she heard the warlock's command in her mind. 'Remove your bra and panties! We wish to see all of you.'

Even though she had never been with a boy, Susan knew then what they were going to do to her. With her tears flowing, the frightened teen did as she had been silently instructed to do. She didn't understand the strange power the warlock had over her, but she knew she had to obey. As she dropped her bra to the floor her firm young breasts stood out proudly from her chest. Their size accentuated by her slender build. Her nipples started to harden. She then pushed her panties down her legs and stepped out of them. With tears continuously flowing from her eyes, she stood completely nude in front of this group of strangers. Her black pubic bush matched the raven hair on her head.

Susan begged her host to not do to her what she feared he intended doing. "Please Sir, don't do this to me. I'm a good girl. I've never even seen a boy's body. I don't do this kind of thing. Please Sir, let me go. I won't say anything to anyone. I promise."

"Of course you will, but it won't matter. Get on our altar. Put your arms over your head. Spread your legs. We wish to inspect our newest member." The warlock demanded.

As her tears continued to flow, Susan obeyed without delay. As the warlock had instructed, she vulgarly spread herself on the stone table her host had called an altar.

He then called the group to surround and inspect their new member. Their hands freely roamed her smooth young body. She felt them fondling her breasts and pinching her nipples. Her nipples grew even harder and stood proudly out from her firm tits. Her virgin pussy was gently fingered until her own body betrayed her. Her pussy was soon soaking wet with her lubricating juices. With the permission of the host, the vampires licked, sucked, and nipped at her tits and the erect nipples topping them. The two vampires continued to ravish the teen's tits and nipples until she was moaning with the desire rising in her core.

In the mean time, the werewolf had placed his fury head between her splayed legs and was frantically lapping at her widely spread pussy. Her lubricating juices were flowing almost as freely as her tears. She could feel the creature between her legs driving his tongue as deeply into her tight pussy as he could. He was trying to lap up as much of her sexual juices as possible. As she lay on the altar, Susan was soon writhing with sexual arousal. She could not resist the erotic attentions she was receiving.

"Now Master?" The Count asked the warlock.

The warlock nodded his approval.

Susan gasped in pain when she felt a sting on each breast. The vampires had bitten her. They had left two small punctures on the upper inside curve of each breast.

"Enough!" The warlock ordered, and Susan's body was immediately left unmolested. He then stepped up beside Susan and slowly removed his clothing. His chest and arms were well muscled but very pale. The teen giggled when her tormentor lowered his pants. His cock appeared to be no more than an inch or two of shriveled meat. Then, as she stared at it, the warlock's cock began to grow. It grew and grew until he sported a huge cock. Though she had never seen a real cock, this one rivaled any she had ever looked at on internet porn sites. It had grown to nearly nine inches long and as thick as a softball bat. Its head was huge, purple in color, and was continuously dripping precum.

Susan couldn't take her eyes off the warlock's massive weapon. It was a weapon she knew he intended using on her.

Susan continued to beg the warlock, "Oh please, Sir. Don't hurt me. I really am a good girl. I've never done anything like this. I'm a virgin. I'll never be able to take that thing. You'll rip me apart. Please..."

"Silence!" The warlock demanded.

Susan obeyed instantly. Her tears continued flowing down her cheeks.

"My young witch, you are about to become mine. The act we are about to perform on our altar will seal you to me as my mate for all eternity. I not only intend to shove this cock into that sweet pussy of yours, but I intend to impregnate you. I can tell by the look of your body and the smell coming from your cunt that you are ready to be fucked. Your aroma also tells me that your womb is ripe for breeding. You will soon produce a son for me."

The warlock then stepped between Susan's widely spread legs. He grabbed her legs behind her knees and roughly pulled her body down the altar until her ass was just barely on the stone tabletop. Holding one of her legs under each of his arms, the warlock placed his cock's large head at the small opening to her vulnerable pussy. With some effort, the warlock pushed his cock's head into the teen's tight hole. Her pussy lips painfully spread to accept the invader.

Susan vainly pleaded with the warlock, "Oh please Sir, it hurts! Take it out! Don't do this to me. Please take it out."

With a quick but short shove, the invading cock's head was pressed against the proof of Susan's chastity. She cried out from the pain of having her pussy's lips so suddenly pried open. Her hymen had but a few seconds left to guard her inner treasures.

She cried but knew there was no stopping the warlock. He was going to steal her virginity no matter how much she begged.

Tightening his grip on her legs, the warlock violently thrust forward. He buried the full nine-inch length of his cock deep into Susan's painfully devirginated cunt.

Susan's virginity had suddenly been ripped from her, and the warlock's cock had rammed painfully into her cervix. The teen's scream echoed off the stone walls of the induction chamber. The searing pain from her violated pussy burned into her mind and soul. The pain began the instant the warlock's cock had swept her cherry away. A split second later, she felt him violently ram into her cervix. Her sex had been brutally forced open by the warlock's massive cock.

Dropping her legs, the warlock painfully squeezed both of Susan's tits. He then pulled his cock from her body. His cock was dripping with her cherry's blood. Blood was also oozing from her devirginated cunt.

The vampiress immediately fell to her knees and begged the warlock's permission she be allowed her to clean his bloody cock. She was granted permission. Her mate was granted permission to clean Susan's bloody cunt. Both vampires did an enthusiastically good job of cleaning the blood from the organs offered to them.

When the vampires were finished cleaning Susan's virgin blood, the warlock returned to his position between Susan's still widely spread legs. Holding her legs in his arms again, with little warning, he shoved his cock back into Susan's painful pussy. As he slowly and deeply stroked in and out of her tight hole, the warlock spoke to Susan, "You are my mate now and for eternity. You will call me Master. The bites on your tits have bound you to me and to our group forever."

He increased the speed and depth of his strokes until he was ramming into her cervix with each hard thrust. Then, just as the antique clock began striking midnight, with a loud roar, the warlock drove his massive cock's head past her cervix and into his witch's womb. Susan screamed and the warlock instantly began pumping a huge load of cum into the ripe teen's baby making chamber.

As his climax subsided, the warlock almost gently patted and stroked Susan's bare belly lying before him. As the last of his cum dribble into her womb, he softly spoke to his new mate. "Your belly will soon be swelling as my son grows inside your body."

Pinching her hard nipples, the warlock mocked the poor girl. "These you will only use to feed my son. No other male, other than my son and myself, may touch them. Your tits belong to my son and I alone. After you give birth to my son, when I call, you will bring him to me."

"How will I know when you call?" Susan weakly asked.

"You will hear my call in your mind and soul. Also, until I call, you will find other young girls for us mate and play with. We prefer they be virgins like you."

"Do you understand?"

Softly, Susan replied, "Yes Master."

Then, as the antique clock in the corner struck the last chime of twelve midnight, the warlock leaned forward and gently kissed his mate's lips. Susan's world went black.

The next morning, Susan awoke in the own bed. As the fog of sleep lifted, she thought to herself. 'Wow! What a nightmare.'

She dismissed her memories of the previous night as just another bad dream. She began to roll out of bed when reality came crashing in on her. "Damn, I'm sore all over. That must have been one hell of a dance."

Then she flipped the blankets off her body. The first thing she saw were the two pairs of small scabbed over puncture wounds on her tits. Her legs and abdomen were badly bruised. But most disturbing to the teen, her pussy was extremely tender. To her horror, her tender hole was still oozing blood and cum.

Susan's scream brought her mother running into her bedroom. Her mother screamed too when she saw her chaste daughter's body. "What the hell happened to you? Look at yourself. Who the hell did this to you, baby?"

"I don't know Mom. They were wearing costumes. I was drugged and raped."

"Well get up! We're going to the hospital. I'm calling the Police."

Susan gingerly got out of bed and dressed. Her mother then rushed her to the nearest hospital. The lead detective from the local Police Sex Crimes Unit met them at the hospital's emergency room.

Like other rape victims, Susan was treated to a very thorough and humiliating examination. She was poked and prodded in places far too tender for such treatment. The hospital staff documented with a written record her bruises inside and out. Pictures were taken of her visible injuries. Samples were taken for DNA analysis. The Emergency Room staff was stumped by the pair of small puncture wounds they found on each of her breasts.

Shortly after the exam, the detective was given the hospital's preliminary report that confirmed she had been violently raped.

The detective then interviewed Susan. The only part of her story he was skeptical about was the location. No activity had been noted at that old house in many years. Only after independently interviewing Susan's brother and sister did he ask for and got a search warrant for the old house Susan claimed to have been the scene of her rape.

The police search of the abandoned house confirmed the detective's initial opinion. Every surface in the place was heavily covered in dust and cobwebs. The fireplace appeared to have been unused in years. Even though he found the stone table just as Susan had described, it too was far too dusty to have had any bodies, naked or otherwise, on it in the recent past. He concluded Susan's rape must have occurred at some other location. The detective also concluded that Susan had been given a date-rape drug, taken to some unknown location, and cruelly raped by person or persons unknown.

Susan had no choice but to try to put the attack behind her. She returned to school where all her friends were very supportive. Her grades continued to be good. It wasn't long before her bruises had healed and the pain in her violated pussy subsided. The wounds to her breasts had become nothing but tiny scars that were barely visible. All was getting back to normal in Susan's teenaged world.

Then, about a month after her attack, shortly after Thanksgiving, the reality of it all came crashing back in on the frightened girl. The teen was forced to relive her night of horror. She could almost taste the fear of her future.

Susan had missed her period.

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