A Man and His Pets
Chapter 1: Wealth and Toys

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: Wealth and Toys - A very wealthy man decides to alleviate his boredom and loneliness by taking a woman as his captive pet. Complications arise when he has to take her daughters too.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   mt/ft   Ma/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Romantic   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Rape   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Father   Daughter   BDSM   MaleDom   Rough   Humiliation   Torture   White Couple   Black Male   White Male   White Female   Hispanic Male   First   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Sex Toys   Bestiality   Pregnancy   Cream Pie   Needles   Big Breasts   Workplace   School  

Jim is a rich man. He came by his wealth the old fashioned way, he inherited it. When he was about 20-years-old, his parents were killed in a plane crash. Along with several hundred million dollars, and several manufacturing companies, his parents had left him a huge home located on nearly 60,000 tree-covered acres in a Colorado mountain valley. The nearest town was twenty miles away. Jim's home was accessible only by one very long and rough dirt road, or aircraft. There was a landing strip behind the house with a short taxiway up to his home.

Jim flew frequently. His proudest possession was his Gulfstream jet. He was his own pilot, and the plane allowed him to travel the world overseeing his holdings that had continued to grow since his parents had been killed. At any time, on nothing more than a whim, he'd fire up the Gulfstream and fly off for business or pleasure.

His home was a two story stone structure with a full stone-lined basement. The walls were two feet thick and had few windows. The ceilings of the basement and first floor were made of massive wooden beams that served as the base of the floor above. All and all the house strongly resembled an ancient castle, including the turrets. Thus, Jim called his home, The Castle.

His parents had been avid students of the medieval era. At one time, the ground floor had been used to entertain the occasional guests in a manner similar to that of the legendary kings of Europe. Though the kitchen was ultra modern with the latest appliances, the main room was decorated to look like the banquet hall of an ancient castle. There were hidden electric lights, but gas-fired torches mounted around the outside walls provided the main lighting. Heat, when needed, was provided by a massive fire pit in the center of the room.

The upper floor was Jim's personal space. Like the kitchen, it had all the most up to date comforts and conveniences. A high performance computer controlled the sound system, the numerous high tech cameras throughout the house and about the property, and the other security system components. The computer also allowed Jim to manage his far-flung holdings. The image from any single camera, or multiple cameras, could be easily displayed on the computer monitor or the large TV screen hung on the wall opposite the foot of Jim's oversized bed. The computer also controlled the electronic locks installed in all the doors. The locks opened automatically if the properly coded chip imbedded in a key fob or other item came within six feet of the door. Without that fob, the heavy doors simply could not be opened.

Jim spent most of his time in his quarters. There he did his reading and writing. To keep his mind busy, he wrote short stories for several magazines.

About 20 years ago, shortly after Jim inherited The Castle, he had discovered erotic stories on the internet. He became an avid reader of porn. The BDSM stories were his favorites.

Though he never intended to actually use it to bind or hurt anyone, Jim slowly transformed his basement into a well-equipped dungeon. He built or bought many of the various devices he had read about on the net. They could be used to secure and/or torture a victim.

His favorite piece of equipment was a rack like device. On his version of a rack, the victim could be lain face up or down on the main platform. The occupant of the rack would have their wrists and arms secured by thick leather straps to supports. Those supports could move the victim's arms from their sides to straight over their head. The legs and ankles were similarly secured to supports extending from the main platform. The leg supports pivoted at the victim's hips allowing the legs to be spread up to 90 degrees out from their original position. The main platform was formed so that a woman's breasts would hang freely if she were face down. In the center of the platform was a roller section that could be raised from flush to about two feet above the main platform. The victim could thus be positioned so they could be used and abused as the dungeon master saw fit.

The dungeon also contained a number of medical exam tables modified to suit various activities. His favorite of these was an OB/GYN exam table. With the three-inch wide strap that had been added to the table, a woman's abdomen could be secured and prevented from moving very far in any direction. Her feet and legs could be secured to the table's stirrups and supports with restraining straps, and her arms secured either at her sides or over her head, a woman could thus be held in a position that afforded easy access to any of her orifices.

On three of the basement's stone walls were various styles of restraints. They included steel and leather cuffs attached to chains, ropes, and pulleys. Some restraints were suspended from the massive overhead beams. On the fourth wall, were cabinets filled with all the whips, paddles, dildos, vibrators, spreaders, creams, lubes, and many other accessories any serious dungeon master might need to control, use, and abuse a victim.

Over the years, Jim had built himself a well-equipped and stocked modern day castle with a functional dungeon.

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