The Most Despised Woman in America
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Jessica James

Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Rusty Rollins drew hateful attention her very first week on the noontime NBC soap opera, Lovers and Losers. She played the part of a preteen temptress, a real prick-teaser. As she grew older, the Regina character evolved from a vixen to a seductress to a slut to a family-destroying man-eater. A sly NBC PR executive started a whisper champaign which, quite successfully, earned Regina the sobriquet, That Cunt. And this was only the beginning.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Incest  

Jessica's contribution:

The actor Rusty Rollins had given up on using her real name, Megan O'Conner. When even her family and friends started referring to her as 'Rusty' instead of Megan, she realized she should just go with the flow and capitalize on her fame.

The runaway success of the daytime soap, Lovers and Losers, had seared the name, Rusty Rollins, into the nation's psyche.

So other than for legal documents such as mortgages, contracts and the like, Megan slid gracefully into her soap opera character's persona. As she told her then 6-year old son, Rowdy, "If America want fucking Rusty Rollins, I'll give them fucking Rusty Rollins."

"Awesome, Mom."

Rowdy was anything but rowdy. While he wasn't cowed by his famous mother, he was in awe of her beauty, her presence. Her aura. Rusty was something.

Rowdy had grown up with his mother and her assistant, Pam Rizzoli. Pam was Rusty's main aide-de-camp. She controlled Rusty's calendar, screened the constant barrage of people wanting to meet her, ran the household. Pam basically raised Rowdy from the day Rusty brought him home from the hospital.

Except for Rusty's own clothes, Pam shopped for the little family. She was responsible for paying the bills, seeing to laundry and maid services, scheduling travel ... everything. Rowdy had never known a day without Pam and couldn't imagine life without her.

Physically, Rusty and Pam were quite a contrast. Rusty had flaming red hair and was tall, for a woman, at 5' 9". Television cameras, all cameras, loved her.

Rusty had the face of a covergirl and had, in fact, modeled in her native New York until being tapped for the preteen girl-next-door in Lovers and Losers. The producer, the legendary Matt Gibson, took one look at the first day's rushes and instructed his writers to beef up Rusty's part. To sex it up.

And that became the first of series of battles between Gibson and the network censors -- how much sex to depict and how much to imply. How much flesh to show and what language (argued word by word) could Rusty get away with.

Rowdy had grown up watching, every morning, as his mother took a long, languid time preparing to go to the studio. As Rusty came out of her bath, her long strides an almost easy lope in her large Upper West Side apartment, she always gave Rowdy a cheerful wink, knowing how much he adored her.

Then, to work. Standing nude in front of her full-length mirror, Rusty examined her body from top to bottom. Checked her model's cheekbones and chiseled chin. Searched her vivid green eyes for hints of wrinkles.

Rowdy always noticed her erect, commanding posture. Her wide swimmer's shoulders. Her small but perky, up-tilted breasts. That narrow waist and those long, slender legs. A taut butt, and, the tiniest of bald pussies. He never tired of watching Pam wax Rusty on a regular basis.

Rusty finished her morning ablutions by brushing her thick, shoulder length hair and applying the slightest hint of makeup. At the studio, the makeup artist would do what was necessary for Rusty to look her best under the harsh lighting.

Pam would be going over Rusty's schedule with her during what Rowdy considered his Magic Time with his mother. Pam might casually ruffle his short red hair as they watched Rusty examine herself closely, checking for even the most minute of flaws.

Then it was time. Rusty dressed in seconds and went down to meet the studio driver. Off to work.

With the whirlwind that was Rusty gone, the apartment seemed to relax. Pam smiled at Rowdy, "Your turn, honey."

They sat at the kitchen table and Pam went over Rowdy's schedule for the day. He was nowhere near as busy as his mother, but Pam usually had a full day of activities planned for him.

Homework, of course. Chores, done religiously, no slacking off. Play dates with friends in their building or nearby ones. Shopping expeditions with Pam. Central Park excursions, Riverside Park visits, movies, museums, galleries, restaurants.

Pam considered her charge's cultural education to be equally as important as the homeschooling she put him through.

Rowdy loved the meandering walks with Pam, holding hands, gabbing freely.

Where Rusty was tall and lanky, Pam was short with dark Italian features and coal black hair. She was 5' 2" tall -- Rowdy had shot up past her before he hit his teenage years.

Rusty was slender, Pam was solid. Big boobs and a prominent butt. Different, completely different from Rusty, but there was a smoldering beauty to Pam.

A sexiness that Rowdy had fully appreciated for years. Appreciated from afar. Until Rusty told Pam to begin Rowdy's sexual education.

Pam was smart. She didn't become gatekeeper to the Most Despised Woman in America by accident. Pam thought fast, acted fast. Rusty loved her because she had impeccable judgement. Not only about television executives, but about those men and women who flocked around Rusty, wanting to be in her inner circle. Wanted to be friends.

Rusty trusted Pam's judgement, even when she went against her advice. This usually occurred when Rusty simply wanted to take on a new lover. Then Pam dropped her objections and facilitated Rusty's desires.

While it was true that Rusty Rollins played an over-the-top slut on television, the role somewhat mirrored her own heated sex life.

When Rowdy watched his mother prepare for a date every bit as carefully as she primped for work, Rusty winked at him, "Hey, I like to fuck, what can I say?"

Rowdy grinned back.

Rusty Rollins had actually debuted on Lovers and Losers when she was two weeks old. That was 34 years ago and naturally she didn't remember it, but the vintage footage was still extant.

Her role had been, appropriately, that of an out-of-wedlock baby. As she told Rowdy, "I was a fuck-up from the start."

Rowdy, now 14, had seen every one of his mother's scenes. Many of them several times. Because she knew he jacked off to her, Rusty told Pam, "Edit in the steamiest scenes for him."

And, over the years, Rusty's scenes grew steamier and steamier. The broadcast networks were steadily losing audience share to the comparatively uncensored cable channels.

While a clever NBC PR woman had been able to whisper-circulate Rusty's nickname -- That Cunt -- cable channels were openly using that word and any other words they wanted.

Worse, from Rusty's point of view, she couldn't come close to showing the full frontal nudity featured on competitive shows. Lovers and Losers was losing audience share, but worse, the soap was losing America's attention.

Then, in a brilliant move, HBO negotiated a contractual arrangement with NBC to create a nighttime show, an adult version of Lovers and Losers. Cast members were encouraged to participate. In fact, NBC had been about to drop the show. Ratings were down and even That Cunt didn't have much buzz these days.

Rowdy had been 8 the day Rusty's cable contract was inked. That night he tasted champagne for the very first time. Rusty toasted Rowdy and Pam, "Fully fucking frontal nudity!"

"Awesome, Mom!"

HBO's publicity team created the PR campaign around Rusty. "Thought you knew Rusty? You ain't seen nothing yet!"

Rusty's first appearance in the restructured show didn't come until 18 minutes after the opening credits. She walked on camera, nude except for fuck-me heels, smoking a joint. America's venom toward Rusty was about to be reignited.

The camera followed her from a bathroom, down a hall and into a living room. She smiled at the two men sitting on a couch. One was married to Rusty's best friend. The other was a private eye the friend had hired to follow her husband.

The two men stood up and Rusty slowly undressed them. She still hadn't spoken a word. The camera focused on Rusty as she knelt between the men.

The men, pictured from behind were obviously naked, but you couldn't see their cocks, couldn't actually see Rusty sucking them, one after the other. But she did it.

That night she told Rowdy and Pam, "Matt told me I didn't have to actually suck cock. Are you fucking kidding me? I got Jo-Jo off in five minutes. Took me longer with Roper. But they'll edit it down to a couple of minutes. The director, I'm going to like working with Regina, told one cameraman to focus on my face. I made sure there was some cum to lick off my lip."

"Awesome, Mom!"

That opening scene, two blowjobs, caused a ripple, a Twitter-buzz of some proportion. Sure, thanks to the Internet, porn was ever-present. Celebrity sex tapes were leaked regularly. Private accounts were hacked, revenge porn flourished.

But ... Rusty Rollins! She'd been on mainstream television for 22 of her 34 years. Admittedly it was only a daytime soap, but at her peak, millions of Lovers and Losers fans watched, gossiped, blogged, wrote angry letters.

Even the staid NY Times cited Rusty in an editorial bemoaning the 'coarsening of America.'

So, the emerging Rusty struck a chord. She was, as Variety called it, "Just right for right now."

Rowdy could not have been prouder.

Rusty Rollins was a professional actor. A true pro. Nothing remotely diva about her. And there was certainly no 'clear the set' for her sex scenes. She was proud of how she looked, how she looked on camera. She was gorgeous and sexy and knew it.

The demographic who so reviled her, or the role she played, was varied. Women, of course. A few, mostly younger, applauded her cheeky, gutsy take on life.

Older viewers, men and women, condemned her.

Adolescent boys, young men, and many older, married men, lusted after her.

Now, with full fucking frontal nudity, that lust was unleashed.

Which, thanks to HBO's publicity army, that unleashed lust was decried from fundamentalist pulpits. Was condemned by friendly op-ed writers. Was the subject of scholarly papers and weekly magazine articles.

The worse the press, the higher the ratings.

HBO issued photos and videos featuring Rusty. Digital releases included everything from the demure to full fucking frontal nudity.

HBO scheduled Rusty for carefully selected interviews. Where she cheerfully admitted to loving sex. When asked, Rusty said, "Of course I'm willing do to sex acts on camera. It's natural, everyone fucks."

When pressed for details, Rusty shrugged and grinned, "Men, women, boys, girls ... I love it all."

In her own life, her real life, Rusty was in more personal demand than ever. She was going through another one of her horny periods. She had Pam schedule two dates for her on the same night.

Other nights she was just in the mood for Pam. Rusty would take Pam's hand and lead her to her bedroom. She'd wink at her son and say, "See you in a week or so, Rowdy."

Rowdy had, sort of, known that his mother and Pam were occasional lovers. Without fully understanding what that meant. But it was how he had grown up and he now considered it normal, just part of Rusty's life.

By the time Season Two launched at HBO, Matt Gibson toned things down. He told a disappointed Rusty, "We overexposed you last year. We need to keep 'em hungry."

But while Rusty's nude scenes were cut back, Regina, the director began developing a more complex role for Rusty. More dimensional, less one-sided, less of a caricature.

Regina told Rusty, "You'll become more complex, warmer, less of a villain. Then when you do something really nasty, it'll be more of a shocker."

Rusty grinned, "Such as?"

"We'll have you seduce an underaged boy. A lamb."


"Then you'll do his younger sister."


Although being Rusty's son meant that Rowdy's life was often hectic, there were constants. Homework for one. No let up there even at 14. Vigilant and constant urban supervision by Pam. Tautly planned schedules that kept him busy on a wide variety of activities.

But there were treats. Regular ones like watching his mother primp for work every morning. And unexpected ones as well. Pam had been sucking his cock from when it was little, long before he could cum. If Rusty were home, she often paused to watch, her expression a cross between bemusement at his excitement and pleasure for her son.

And pleasure was exactly what Rowdy felt. He didn't understand why it felt so good, but it surely did.

His cock had grown to 8 inches, a little more slender than Rusty expected from her lovers. But when Pam told the boy, "You're still growing, you have years to get larger," Rusty nodded in agreement.

The first time Rowdy exploded in Pam's mouth, she was a little startled, but not a lot. She had told Rusty she was expecting him to cum any time now.

Rusty had been at work during the momentous occasion and as soon as she came home, Pam nudged her protégé, "Tell her Rowdy."

"Mom! I came! In Pam's mouth!"

Rusty squealed with delight, bent down to hug her son and deep-kissed him, something she reserved for special occasions. She smiled and said, "Come tell me about it, both of you."

Rowdy ran his mother's bath, a nightly chore he enjoyed. Carefully testing the temperature with his wrist, he then added the two lightly scented bath oils he knew Rusty wanted.

Most evenings Rusty told them about her day at work. Rowdy couldn't hear enough details when sex scenes were involved.

But this night was Rowdy's.

Pam began, "An ocean of cum! Seven, eight, nine spurts."

"Really?" Rusty smiled up at her son, "Kiss."

Eagerly, Rowdy bent over the edge of the circular tub. As she tongue-fucked his mouth, Rusty pulled his hand down to her right breast, nipple pink and erect.

Pam grinned, Rusty rarely gave Rowdy this particular treat.

Rowdy moaned and shot off in his jeans. Both women knew exactly what had happened. Pam was brisk, "Strip, mister."

Rusty grinned at her son, "Climb in, I'll get you clean."

Rowdy felt almost dizzy, this had never happened.

Before he entered the tub, Pam squeezed one last drop of cum out and licked it up.

In the bath, Rusty placed her son with his back to her, sitting between her slender, outstretched legs. She pulled him back against her chest and immediately used both hands to wash and massage his cock and balls.

Another first for Rowdy! His mother would sometimes give him a friendly squeeze or a little pat. But this! She was stroking him like when Pam had taught him to masturbate.

Rowdy wasn't instantly erect again, but it didn't take long. Rusty bent forward and twirled her tongue inside Rowdy's ear, something that made him shiver and feel like his spine was melting.

Rowdy felt like a prince.

Rusty winked at Pam, "Suck him off again, I'll watch."

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