Making Choices

by blackrandl1958

Caution: This Drama Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, InLaws, .

Desc: Drama Sex Story: His wife, brother and sister-in-law thought he might like to swing. They forgot to ask him.

Thanks to my editor PapaKilo14 for his usual outstanding work making sure I don't look too stupid and my beta readers for their usual excellence. I usually get a lot of feedback, positive and negative, in the loving wives category, so bring it on. I'll listen respectfully. Randi.

The worst day of my life started out very nice. I got up at five thirty and worked out. After I lifted, I ran three miles. It was very foggy and I was the only one on the track. After the three miles I cooled down by running the straights and walking the curves through two more. I went home and showered. By the time I got dressed for work Sarah had my muffin and a glass of chocolate milk sitting on the bar. I kissed her and squeezed her up while I gulped the milk. She complained about wrinkling her and messing up her lipstick, but she melted against me. She still made my heart pound every time I saw her. At thirty one she was more beautiful than she'd ever been. Her blonde hair was even lighter than it had ever been, almost white and hanging down to her butt. She had filled out nicely from the skinny kid I had taken to the prom when we were seniors. Her breasts were bigger and firmer and working out with me had turned that tiny little butt into something that I could sink my fingers into. She was still only a little over five feet but she proved that dynamite comes in small packages.

She was a rising star at her law firm and she was hitting her stride. After the birth of our girls she had attracted a lot of attention on some high profile corporate accounts and they were talking about partner. She was making nearly as much as I was and I was doing very well. I had just been promoted for the fifth time and I was the head of our architectural department in a large company of engineers and architects.

I kissed her again and grabbed my briefcase and muffin as I went out the door.

"Have a great day, gorgeous," I waved.

She blew me a kiss as she started up to get the girls ready for school. She goes to work an hour after I do and I have bedtime duty. My other baby was in the garage. I had only owned her about six months. She was a burnt orange Charger Hellcat. I've been driving Chargers since I was sixteen. My dad helped me buy a 1968 RT that's still parked under the shed. I get it out every now and again and drive it just to hear the sound of the big hemi through those Flow Master pipes. It's not nearly as quick as the Hellcat.

I love hearing the Mustang and Camaro owners brag about their puny little toys. Just two days ago one of the engineers was bragging about his new Shelby GT350. "Over 500 horsepower," he was trying to impress Maria in the next office. I smiled at the thought of the over 700 the Hellcat makes. I actually love all the new Pony cars, but they're not in the same universe as the Hellcat, Charger or Challenger. Hot Rod owners are a class of people I like and we all have our own babies and like to needle the other guys.

I had a great day at work. I finished the power plant our design team was working on at about one thirty and took the rest of the afternoon off. I washed my baby. It was a beautiful afternoon and I could see myself in the polish when I put her in the garage. Sarah texted me and told me she would be a little late. She was in a conference and would be home about five. At three thirty I was in the kitchen making chocolate chip cookies. I had two pans done and a plate sitting on the bar. I heard the door open and two little angel voices coming through the living room.

Two little blonde pixies set their backpacks down and flew across the kitchen to wrap themselves around me. Carmen and Cambre; my babies were home. They're identical twins and the cutest little bundles of joy on God's green earth. They have Mom's hair, freckles and big blue eyes, but they have my complexion. Sarah can tan but I'm naturally olive complected and they got my skin tone. It's a contrast with their hair and those eyes. They're going to break hearts when they're older. At eight, they're just adorable. They fight like hornets, but only with each other and Sarah. They're just honey and silk with me and they don't allow anyone to say anything bad about the other one. Sarah had a kind of rough time dealing with the two of them. I'm sure they loved their mother deeply but any time she corrected one of them the other one always took her sister's side and they could argue as vociferously as their Mother could.

Now they outdid each other telling me about their day. School had just been started a week and they loved their new teacher. Miss Brooks was new to the district and I had yet to meet her. She'd certainly made an impression on my girls. I fed them chocolate chip cookies and tall glasses of milk while listening to them with an idiot grin on my face. Yes, they were my angels and they could do no wrong. They each ate three cookies and went upstairs to do their homework. Homework when they get home is my rule and then we have the rest of the evening to do whatever we want to.

I took the last sheet of cookies out of the oven and put them on the platter. I heard Cambre call me and I started up the stairs. I felt something odd and realized my phone was vibrating. I took it out and I had a text. The number looked familiar but it wasn't in my contacts. I checked it while I climbed the stairs.

"You were one hot, sexy babe today," I read. "I can't wait until tomorrow afternoon."

While I appreciated the compliment, I had no idea who would send me such a text. Since I had no afternoon planned other than work, I figured someone punched in a wrong number. I decided to play a prank on whoever it was.

"Thanks, babe," I wrote. "Remind me again about the time and place."

I got a message right back. "You using Shell's phone? Make sure you delete this. Can't have Sheldon getting suspicious too soon. Our place, of course."

I froze in place halfway into the girl's doorway. I'm Sheldon. Sheldon Clanton and my phone number ends in nine. Sarah's is the same but it ends in eight and the girls end in seven and six. Someone made a big mistake. I was numb, unable to move. Carmen glanced up at me.

"Daddy, we need help with these math prob ... what's wrong, Daddy?"

Both girls stood up and stared at me. The look on my face must have shocked them. I shook the cobwebs out.

"Nothing girls, it's just some bad news. Nothing to worry my babies," I lied. "Let's see that math."

Five minutes later I heard the garage door go up. Sarah was home. I heard her walking around and in a minute she poked her head in.

"What's for dinner?" she asked. "Hey sweethearts."

They bounced up and went to hug her. They came back and sat down and Sarah came up and put her arms around my neck from behind. She nibbled on my ear. "I'm going to grab a quick shower," she said.

We finished the math and I asked the munchkins if they wanted to go out to Incredible Pizza. They were all over it and by the time they got dressed in shorts and t-shirts I was waiting in the car.

"Isn't Mom coming?" Carmen asked.

"She's had a long day," I told them "Let's let her rest. We'll turn off our phones and it's just me and my angels tonight, okay?"

They were down and we had a great time. I forgot to turn my phone off and it vibrated a dozen times. I ignored it and dove back into the games and the mediocre pizza. We got home at nine thirty and Sarah was asleep on the sofa with her phone in her hand. I held my finger to my lips and we tiptoed upstairs. They got in bed and I went and got my clothes for tomorrow. I went to the spare bedroom and locked the door. I lay awake until midnight and I heard a soft knock on the door.

"Shell, what are you doing?" I heard a stage whisper. "Open the door. Where did you go and why the hell is the door locked? Why are you in there?"

I didn't answer and she knocked several times. She called my name a dozen times before she gave up. She obviously didn't want to wake the girls up and I heard her footsteps going down the hall toward our room. Well, it had been our room; I didn't know what it was now.

I was up by five thirty and I took my clothes. As I was going into the garage I heard her alarm go off. I got in the Hellcat and backed out. I saw her come into the garage just as the door went down and I drove to the park. I usually ran at the high school track but I ran at the park that day. My phone went off a dozen times but I ignored it. I showered and got dressed at work. I got my buddy Marcus to loan me his Ultima at noon. I felt like I was betraying everything I believed in getting in that thing, but it looked like every other little box shaped car on the road and I wanted to blend in.

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