Camping With My Cousins Part II
Chapter 1

Copyright© 2015 by Tony Sorrentino

Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Part II of this story will have chapters 5 thru 8.

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft   Teenagers   Consensual   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Cousins   Spanking   Humiliation   Group Sex   Safe Sex   Anal Sex   Masturbation   Sex Toys   Squirting   Public Sex  

The previous summer in New Jersey with my five female cousins and their over-sexed mom made my senior year a gloomy business with lots of unfulfilled promises from teasing cheerleaders and the foxy younger sister of my best friend Mike who delighted in making me tongue her smelly panties in the movie and sometimes right on her own porch even with her nosy mom staring out the window right at us.

The scent of Angela’s pussy was enough to drive me to distraction but she never delivered the real goods when it came to dipping my wick in her female goo. I didn’t mind too much because she had the most delectable heart-shaped ass cheeks and they reminded me of my cousin Veronica and her kinky mom with similar assets in a more mature model.

All of those girls in New Jersey were compliant enough to do things that you only read about in dirty magazines. I had kind of sorted them out according to the tightness of their cunts in my mind and they all managed to make me spill my seeds in record time when the mood was just right. When Mrs. O’Brian slipped me some of her husband’s Viagra, I was able to do them all in sort of a comparison test that showed me their strong points and their kinky vices. Fortunately, I had a nice collection of their flimsy used panties to keep track of their distinctive scents and memories of happy coupling behind the barn and out in the woods. Each of the girls had their own special talents and I considered them all prime humping material no matter how much they wanted to show me they were “tomboys” and bitches of the worst sort. I had discovered that once they had their “trigger” touched, they were the most submissive females in the entire State of New Jersey.

I couldn’t wait until graduation because I was headed right to New Jersey to visit my cousins hoping the girls didn’t have steady boyfriends yet. Even if they did, I still planned to give them all donations of my pent-up sperm that had been in a terrible state of denial for the entire school year. I wanted desperately to cover those girls with my creamy cum from head to toe and would be certain not to leave their still attractive mom out of the picture because the sound of delight when she was being “tingled” by my cock was music to my ears.

There was some sort of strike by the employees of the Port Authority that week and the bus service was not running out of the bus terminal to New Jersey. I was so determined that I took the subway all the way up to Washington Heights and walked all the way across that George Washington Bridge feeling the vibration from the traffic that never slowed down and never ceased to flow. The distance from the end of the bridge to their place in the country was only about an hour’s walk if you walked pretty fast. Believe me; I was in such a state of frustrated need that I almost ran from the bridge to my cousin’s house.

Only three of the girls were home even though I knew they expected me.

Veronica, Mary and Sally were all stretched out on the shaggy carpet watching the tiny television set with the magnifying thing on the front that I thought looked obscenely inappropriate.

Not that I was in possession of anything better to look at in my fifth floor walk-up apartment in Hell’s Kitchen. In fact, I only watched the shows squatting in the doorway of our neighbor, the Greek bus driver that proudly drove on the fifth avenue route. I was disappointed that he didn’t have one of the double decker buses because they were a lot of fun and made me feel more like a tourist than a native Manhattanite.

The youngest daughter of the heavily accented bus driver was called Judy and in all honesty she was not very attractive at all. What she lacked in looks, she made up for in enthusiasm. Still, she offered me the chance to see the fantastic shows that I loved so much and I was more than willing to let her bounce on my leg knowing she was working her slit on my thigh in a frenzy of juvenile joy. Her parents were happy she was distracted from annoying them and many a night we fondled each other into a paradise of sated urges right on the edge of their vision but totally unsuspected because of her dreadful facial features and her chunky figure. Her older sister was quite the looker but she had a boyfriend who was already on an overseas assignment for the military and I speculated she was no longer a virgin.

I had a certain fondness for Judy but had to admit my attraction was more for the free viewing of television rather than her physical attributes. Still, it was nice to bury my fingers in her willing brown eye and watch her look of devoted attention to my needs for her teenaged flesh. She was decidedly still a virgin, but I was not in any hurry to relieve her of that burden and risk the ire of her musclebound father who was a religious man with a short temper and a one-track mind. She was upset that I would be going away for the summer once again, but promised to wait for my return so we could resume our nasty playtime under the blanket on the floor. I must confess a sense of guilt at fleeing to my cousins in New Jersey for the entire summer, but I had a yen that could not be denied.

Anyway, a hard dick has no conscience and I was no exception. My beloved cousins, Veronica, Mary and Sally were happy to see me and even thought their mom pretended she didn’t care one way or the other, I could tell she was excited because her breast was rising and falling a lot faster the moment after I stepped through the door.

Mister O’Brian was not at home and that was a normal thing because he was heavily involved in the trash collector’s union and spent a lot of time down at the union hall soaking up the free beer that was provided as a perk for all members in good standing. His wife had told me that he would have left that job a long time ago if it wasn’t for the perk of free beer for life. The union leaders had some sort of arrangement with the local brewery and in the way of most commercial business in New Jersey, one hand washes the other.

Veronica was wearing some kind of shorty pajama outfit that was a top that ended above her belly button and flimsy shorts that let you see everything she owned when she was in the horizontal position. I could see she had given up on the “shaving her pussy” routine and that she was now sporting a thick bush of some denseness and length. I had a strange urge to bury my face in the thing and search until I found the pink slit of her pretty channel and see her reaction when my tongue became reacquainted with her female core. Of course, I couldn’t do that right out in the open with her sisters and mom watching us like hawks from the sidelines.

I think her mom was reading my mind in that female sort of way that never ceases to amaze me because she prettily squeezed her knees together and bent over the sink in a way that made me want to lift her dress and check out her undies. I had seen her getting these unexplained waves of emotion like she was having some sort of an attack that left her shaking with visible physical pleasure.

I remembered how much my still attractive aunt enjoyed having her pussy eaten and my mouth started watering like a response to some erotic subliminal suggestion from a writer of filthy passages designed to arouse the senses. If I was a dirty dog, I would have probably started whining and panting looking for a bitch to mount while Doctor Pavlov rubbed his hands together and wrote down all the details.

Back home in my bedroom that I shared with my bullying older sister, sitting securely right in my bottom drawer, I had kept a pair of my favorite aunt Mrs. O’Brian’s panties in an honored place because it was their scent that often drove me into a frenzy of uncontrollable thrusting at my defenseless pillow stuffed innocently between my legs waiting patiently for a shower of my sticky spunk to adorn its soft and yielding center. I knew she loved to watch me sniffing her panties after I had removed them from her luscious bottom and I never failed to put on a display of utter obsession for her viewing enjoyment. It was my true feeling and not an act just to get into her pants. Towards the end of last summer, I had taken to allowing her to suck me off more frequently because she made a ritual of swallowing every last drop like it was blessed Holy Water from inside a church and carried some sort of divine potency to keep her young and nubile.

As soon as I had established with muted interrogation that Mister O’Brian was likely to be home quite late from the union hall and that the other two daughters, Betty and Rose were out on a double date with a pair of “college” boys from the nearby University, I decided it would be an opportune moment to resume carnal relations with my cousins and their mother immediately taking full advantage of the situation without further delay.

It was hard to picture my other two silly cousins dating college material since neither of them had any interest at all in current affairs and only looked at the movie schedules in the newspaper or scanned the ads for cosmetics to help them attract boy’s attentions. Then again, I had no doubt the primary interest of the college boys was to explore the girl’s anatomy and definitely not for academic debates about the real world. I had enough familiarity with both of those older girl’s personalities to suspect both of them would be in their favorite “ass up and head down” position before the date was concluded and that they might even switch dates to compare the relative merit of their date’s manly equipment. I wondered if they remembered to bring the condoms their mom generously distributed for all dates with them to prevent unmarried motherhood. The oldest sister Veronica had constantly reminded her four younger sisters to never be without them because the consequences were life-changing. I jokingly told all my female cousins that it would be preferable to simply take it up the ass if no condom was available because a little discomfort was better than changing diapers. Strangely, they all saw the wisdom in this trade-off and they seldom objected to presenting their beautiful young bottoms for rear-door action after my crude joke.

I didn’t talk like that to Mrs. O’Brian because I had too much respect for her to talk rude to her.

She told me one late night after a few beers that she didn’t mind if I was rough with her or spanked her hard on the ass, but I always felt like it wasn’t proper for me to do that because she was the same age as my own mom. I had a sense that even though she wasn’t my biological mom, I should always show the proper respect to my elders, although that was difficult with my perfect figured aunt, because the picture of her patient pussy waiting for my happy poking was a temptation that I had not the slightest chance to reject because my stiff dick was drawn to it like a magnet responding to a law of nature. I often wondered why her husband spent so much time down at the union hall and left this prize on the shelf and not being used to full potential. He was lucky he didn’t have any “friends” coming around to keep her entertained in his absence.

Because she enjoyed getting spanked so much, I met her requests with a heavy hand and enthusiastic blows on her backside as often as possible. On this occasion, I soon had her red as a beet and her three daughters were watching expecting to receive the same treatment in turn. Mrs. O’Brian hid her face in her sleeve when I slid my salami up the back end of her dripping wet pussy because she was ashamed to show her daughters her kinky side right out in the open. I took no mercy on her and slammed her hard from behind making her reddened ass cheeks shake like Jell-O in a bowl. The girls were very patient waiting their turn but I had my focus on their mother at the moment and held onto her soft and yielding hips to pull her back hard onto my shaft.

We both came with shameful shouts of depraved joy and the girls applauded our performance.

After a short rest, I started in on the girls because we all wanted to conclude our business before the master of the house came home. I knew he certainly would not like the fact I was doing his normally loyal and faithful wife behind his back. I was also positive that if he knew I had already fed all five of his daughters my demanding cock in all their openings that he would kick me out and tell me never to darken his door again. Since time was of the essence, I skipped the usual oral games and we went straight into doggy style screwing and I alternated with all three girls on their hands and knees side by side in front of the television. Their exhausted mother watched them take it and commented now and then on their flexibility and their lack of appreciation for my spanking efforts that made all three pairs of cheeks as red as Santa’s trousers on Christmas Eve. Every time, I came near their feminine folds, their mother was right at hand opening a new condom and I suspected she had trained all the girls to do the same thing in every similar situation.

It looked like we had enough time, so we moved on to anal games and I took them all in turn and this time included the mother because we had omitted that feature in the first joining being in a hurry to slide across home plate. None of them seemed to mind that I was going from one to the other without pausing for reflection. My Veronica who was the most anally fixated of the cousins voiced the shrillest sounds of pleasure much to the amusement of her recently sexually satisfied mother who was walking around now without any clothes at all like she was in some nudist colony and proud to show off her bush and aroused nipples to the world. If I had a camera, I would have taken pictures to remind me of her vibrant beauty after absorbing a good portion of my precious bodily fluids.

We all heard the sound of a car coming up the driveway and the girls and their mother all dove to recover their clothing and put themselves in innocent order as quickly as possible. It turned out that it was the other two girls being returned by their dates to the front door and the girls were insisting the boys give them lots of sugar before they escaped spinning off like they were escaping from a fate worse than death. The two girls were surprised to see me inside the house because I had walked all the way from the bridge being anxious to see my lovely cousins and start in on a summer of happy fornicating with no thought about the consequences.

“How did you get here with the Port Authority on strike and all?”

Their mother told them to not look a gift horse in the mouth and I had to laugh because I hadn’t thought of me being a horse in any sense of the word.

“The poor boy was so much in a frenzy that I and your sisters had to resuscitate him in the nastiest way possible.”

I had a thought of including the pair of new arrivals in our little train of passion but they stated they were understandably exhausted from the college boy’s repeated pounding of their entryways depositing loads of spunk in sensitive places. I was glad they had learned the lesson of safe sex well and had used the correct level of caution in matters of a carnal nature.

There was always tomorrow.

I knew that my aunt and Veronica were both early morning cock hunters and I would be getting up early to do them whilst my uncle was still snoring away with a belly full of free beer from down in the union hall. My aunt was waiting for me that next morning inside the shed in the back yard right behind the shielding cover of the huge lawn mower that didn’t work anymore. She was naked from the waist down and I could tell from the look in her eyes that she needed it badly. Her husband had a notoriously limp dick and that was only to be expected after fathering five girls in a row and no boys to carry on the family name. She saw me and whimpered shamelessly watching me approach her from the rear no knowing if I wanted to spear her quivering brown eye or stretch her pretty pink feminine slit all fresh and bright in the early morning sunlight shining right on her pale white cheeks. We merged together with a meaty slap that sounded like a butcher’s shop on all eight cylinders. In fact, we were both so engrossed in our lust that we didn’t even hear Veronica come in the door and stand there watching us do the two step Tango that left us both breathless and smiling with our happy ending.

Veronica was wearing her swimsuit and I noticed she had pushed the bottom thong to one side and was frigging her clit furiously with her frenzied finger like some poor girl in prison and no males available for a long, long time. I wanted to help her out but I was still recovering from my early morning bout with my aunt and she never ceased to drain me like a sponge with her sensuous snatch.

My aunt pulled out a new condom and I knew she was waiting for Veronica to show me her newly learned trick of putting it on my dick with her lips rolling it down the entire shaft with gentle tightness that felt like putting on a glove one size too small.

In fact, we had the whole summer to renew our close family relationship in a way that would bring smiles of satisfaction to all of our faces even when the hot weather temperature started to rise.

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