Buying the Family Next Door
Chapter 1: The Purchase

Copyright© 2015 by Lucky Mann

Fiction Sex Story: Chapter 1: The Purchase - A wealthy middle-aged man takes advantage of his neighbor and her girls when she falls far behind with their bills. When she comes to him for financial help he turns her family into his sexual servants.

Caution: This Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Ma/ft   ft/ft   Fa/ft   Consensual   NonConsensual   Reluctant   Coercion   Slavery   Heterosexual   Fiction   Incest   Mother   Sister   Daughter   Light Bond   White Male   White Female   First   Safe Sex   Oral Sex   Anal Sex   Petting   Bestiality   Cream Pie   Big Breasts  

My name is Gary. I'm forty-five years old, nearly six feet tall, and reasonably fit. Most of my time lately has been spent on the local golf courses or in strip clubs. I have so much free time because my wife of almost twenty-five years died in a tragic highway accident while on the job. The accident occurred nearly two years ago. With our personal insurance, the settlement from her employer, and the settlement from the at-fault driver's insurance, I am very comfortably set for life. At forty-five years of age, with multiple millions of dollars in the bank, I'll never have to work a day for the rest of my life. I am free to pursue almost any pleasure I desire.

The family next door had been a source of entertainment for my wife and I for years. At the time of my wife's death, that family then consisted of the thirty-two-year-old mother, Sandy, and three daughters whose ages were sixteen, fifteen, and fourteen.

Sandy had begun having sex at fifteen, quickly got knocked up, and became a mother before turning sixteen. She freely admits that since the birth of her first child, she has had a succession of boys and men in her life and bed. She has made herself available to almost any man that had the price of a night out and offered to help her pay her bills. Luckily for her, Sandy had the good looks that kept the men interested. My wife and I referred to Sandy and her various boyfriends as Sandy's dick of the month club.

Since that time, Sandy has put on a little extra weight. Over the last couple of years she added about 25 pounds. Sandy is still a fine looking MILF. She currently stands about 5'4" and weighs about 130-40 pounds. Her ass is well rounded, and her belly looks soft but not as flat as it used to be. She keeps her dirty blond hair neatly cut short. She always looks well groomed and nicely dressed. Her best asset though is a great set of tits. Those puppies have to be at least Double D, and Sandy seems to enjoy showing them off. She always wears her tops low cut so her ample cleavage is prominently displayed. Sandy is an exhibitionist at heart.

For example: I had knocked on her door one morning to let her know I had secured her dog. He had gotten loose and had been running the neighborhood. She came to the door wearing a purple baby-doll pajama set that left little to the imagination. That baby-doll gave me a wonderful view of the baby-doll wearing it. Her tits and the rest of her enticing body were prominently on display. She wasn't the least bit shy. She stood quietly and gave me plenty of time to take in the view. Her response to my obvious stare was a broad smile. She looked like she could be a fun and comfortable ride. A hard-on was frequently the result of my encounters with Sandy.

Sandy's daughters each have desirable qualities of their own. The oldest, Beth will be turning eighteen in about two months. She is about 5'6" with a slender build. Her light brown hair is shoulder length, and she usually wears it in a ponytail. She is as cute as a button with small breasts and a tight round ass. Her wiggle when she walks never fails to get my attention. Beth has a boyfriend and, like her mother, she had started having sex with him when she was too young. She had been fucking George since shortly after her sixteenth birthday. Just a few weeks ago, she feared she had gotten pregnant. Luckily for her, it was a false alarm.

Tiffany is the middle daughter and will turn seventeen this coming Saturday. She is built much like her mother. She's short, maybe 5'2", has a nicely rounded ass, and one hell of a set of tits for a teenager. They look to be about the size of softballs.

Also, like her mother, Tiff seems to like showing off her tits. Whenever any of the neighborhood boys are playing ball in the street, Tiff will throw her shoulders back to accentuate her tits. She too has a boyfriend. She likes some eighteen-year-old high school drop out who has been pursuing her. His name is Leo. He is pressuring Tiff to give him oral and regular sex.

Tiff and her younger sister Brittany share a cell phone. Brittany has shared nearly all their family secrets with me. So, she had shown me one of the text exchanges between Leo and Tiffany. Tiff had expressed some reluctance about giving him a blowjob. She had text him concerning her doubts. "I don't know if I can do that."

His response was simple. "You better!"

She then text him back. "I have been using my fingers to play with myself. I am stretching my pussy open as much as I can so you can get in me easier when we do it."

Beth and Tiff are both rapidly heading down the same sex filled and financially broke road their mother has taken.

Then there is Brittany who has recently turned fifteen-years-old. Her sixteenth birthday is still months away. Brit is 5'5" with a slender build. She also has the cutest little butt that wiggles as she walks. Her mousy blond hair always seems to need brushing. Her tits just started to develop a couple of years ago. In that time, I have watched them grow from looking like fried eggs under her blouses to something like tennis balls. She seldom wears a bra, but she really doesn't need one. Her tits sit high and firm on her chest without the assistance of a bra.

Brit is a huger. She seems to love giving me hugs whenever she comes over to feed my animals, or for any other reason. She always gives me a firm hug before leaving. Lately she has begun rubbing her small tits back and forth on my chest when she gives me her hugs. I have resisted the urge to comment on them until now. Over all, Brittany is as cute as a bug's ear and will soon develop into a beautiful young lady.

Sandy has a good full time job, but she doesn't know how to handle her money. She is usually broke and behind with her bills. Sandy, or one of her girls, would occasionally ask to borrow some money until payday. My deceased wife or I would frequently slip one of them a couple of twenties or so to help tide them over. We never really expected to be paid back, and we were seldom disappointed. We usually didn't get it back.

Last Wednesday was one of those warm early autumn evenings we get around here. Sandy came over to see me. She was wearing a thin, short, low cut, summer dress that barely covered her ass. Her tits were pouring over the top of her dress, and the pink panties that covered her ass and pussy were easily visible when she sat on the couch directly across from my recliner. She looked like she was going to a party. I figured she was about to go out and find a new shack job to help pay her bills. She looked ready to fuck.

As expected, she wanted to borrow some money. "I am currently between boyfriends, and I'm way behind on both my land and house payments." Sandy had bought the land and double-wide mobile home separately. Therefore, she had two mortgage payments. Both mortgage companies had sent her threatening letters which told her they were about to foreclose. Sandy added, I'm also several payments behind with my car payments. Gary, is there any way you can help me out?"

She was nearly in tears and begged me to help her out of her predicament. "Please Gary, if you'll help us out, I'll do anything you want. I know you've been looking at me. Would you like to screw me? If you'll loan me the money to get caught up, I promise to pay you back, and I'll take real good care of your needs too."

"Sandy, let me give this some thought. That's a lot of money, but you're right, I have been watching you. You do look pretty good. I'll tell you what." I decided to go for broke. Hell, all she could do was storm out the door. "Why don't you suck my cock while I think about this? Do a good job, and I just might help you out."

Without a word, Sandy smiled, got off the couch, crossed the room, and dropped to her knees in front of my recliner. Still without speaking, she quickly had my pants unzipped, and had fished my semi-hard cock out of my pants. She held my cock gently in one hand while she spit in the other. She then expertly jacked my cock until it reached its full slender size of six inches. It's not a monster, but it's always pleased my wife and I. Sandy then opened her mouth wide and eagerly dove onto my cock.

Over the next several minutes, Sandy gave me the best damned deep-throat blowjob I have ever received. This broad was indeed well practiced in the art of sucking cock. As I began shooting my load, Sandy took my cock deep into her throat. With her nose pressed firmly into my pubic hair, my cock buried in her throat, she swallowed every drop of cum I fed her.

As my eruption subsided, Sandy licked my cock clean, kissed its head, and sat back on her heels. She smiled broadly and asked. "How was that? There's a lot more of that if you want it. Can you help me out?"

"That was a great blowjob, Sandy. But it wasn't worth making up all your back payments. How about I write a check for a car payment? That will help you out a little and give me time to do a little research. Go home and bring me the paperwork on your car, home, and property loans."

Sandy smiled broadly and agreed. "Yes Sir, Gary. I'll be right back." Sandy practically ran out of my house. Her thin dress fluttered up behind her. Her round ass and pink panties were a pleasure to watch as she left.

Within minutes, Sandy was back with the paperwork I had requested. "Thank you. Now go home and stay there. As a matter of fact, all four of you stay home except for work and school until you all come over here at 6:00 PM Friday for dinner. I'll give you my final answer to your request at that time."

"Okay Gary, but Beth and I have dates tomorrow evening."

"Not any more. If you want me to help you out, you will both cancel your dates. I will explain what I have in mind and why I don't want any of you dating this week when you come for dinner Friday. Now go home so I can study these papers."

"Yes, Gary." Sandy agreed and left.

Brittany came over as usual to feed the animals later that evening. For a long time, she has enjoyed feeding my critters. I have two useless horses that my wife loved, several steers destined for the freezer, and an overly friendly three-year-old male German Shepard. His name is Boomerang (Boomer for short) because he often runs off to find a girlfriend. He's a horny mutt, but he always returns. Thus he's called Boomerang.

When she finished feeding, I had Brittany forward Tiffany's erotic text messages to and from Leo to my email. She gave me the usual titty-rubbing hug before she left for home. I took a chance and squeezed both of her ass cheeks as we hugged. Britt didn't say a word. She merely looked up at me and smiled.

Thursday and most of Friday were spent negotiating with Sandy's creditors. They drove hard bargains, but so did I. They were persuaded to sell me the contracts they held on Sandy's home and land at a substantial discount. After a quick electronic transfer of funds, they faxed the documents confirming that I was the new lien holder of record on my neighbor's property.

I also used those days to install several very small high tech video cameras in every room of the house. They were all wired to a central monitor and recording system locked in a cabinet in my bedroom. I could then view and record high quality video and audio from several angles in each room. I wasn't sure yet, but a record of the coming evening and succeeding events just might come in handy.

Sandy and her girls arrived for dinner Friday evening a few minutes late, as expected. We all had a nice steak and chatted happily. Only Sandy seemed a bit nervous. Her tension level appeared to rise when dinner was finished. The four ladies stayed seated as I rose and announced I had something very important to tell them.

"Ladies, pay close attention. You are about to get a big surprise. To fulfill this surprise will require your full cooperation. I now hold the paper on your home and land. Your mortgage companies are a thing of the past." Reaching into my breast pocket I pulled out the documents to prove what I had said was true. I handed them to Sandy along with a check. The check was made out to the bank that held her car note in an amount that would completely pay off the car.

Sandy fell back into her chair and breathed deeply. A broad smile spread across her face. She then jumped up, threw her arms around me and laid a very wet kiss on my lips. She whispered in my ear. "I'll take real good care of you, Gary."

Before pushing her away, I whispered back. "I know you will."

Then pushing her away from me, I said. "Down girl! We're not done yet. There's a lot more I've got to say." I retrieved the papers and check from Sandy and put them back into my pocket. She sat down, and I began laying out my plan.

"Like I said, I now hold the notes on your home and land. Both major contracts have about twenty years remaining. If you agree to my terms, you can stay in your home without making any payments. Well, at least no cash payments. If you don't all agree, I can easily call my lawyer and start eviction procedures Monday morning. Do you all understand so far?"

The three girls just stared at me as if they were deer in the headlights of a truck. Sandy spoke. "You seem to have us over a barrel. What do you have in mind for terms, Gary?"

"They're really quite simple. The four of you will stay in your home. It's yours and you won't need to make any cash payments to me, or anyone else. At the end of the contract period, I will give you these documents, and you will own your place free and clear. As an added bonus, I will pay your property taxes as they come due. As compensation to me, you will all be required to provide me with whatever services I desire of you whenever I desire them. Do you all understand so far?"

Sandy quickly caught on. She bowed her head and agreed. "Yes Gary, I'll do it, but do you have to include my kids?"

Beth appeared to be catching on. Her mouth dropped open in shock. Her eyes seemed about to pop out of her head as she stared at me.

Replying to Sandy, I said. "Kids hell! They've seen you bring home and fuck a new guy nearly every month just so you can pay your bills. What does that make you? This way, you only have to please me, and they'll be four of you to do that. Didn't you suck my cock last Wednesday just to get me to think about helping you pay your bills?"

Sandy appeared shocked. "Yeah. I did, but I'm an adult. They're just kids."

"Oh really? You don't think they're each already following the example you've set for them."

"Okay, yeah I'm a tramp, but I do what I do to keep a roof over our heads. I'll fuck you silly if that's what it takes to keep our home. But Gary, please leave my girls alone. They're still innocent."

I quickly moved behind the seated Beth and placed my hands on her shoulders. I then reached over her shoulders, slipped my hands into her blouse, and firmly grabbed both of her small tits. Beth gasped, but didn't resist.

"Innocent? Bullshit! Beth here has been fucking her boyfriend George for almost two years. Just last month she thought she had gotten knocked up. Isn't that right, Beth?"

Beth hung her head but said nothing.

"Answer me bitch!" I demanded. To drive home the point, I squeezed her tits hard.

Beth cried out from the sudden pain in her tits. She then meekly answered. "Yes, it's true."

"Then you will make yourself completely available to me at my request? Right? After all, it's your home too." I demanded.

"Yes." Beth answered almost inaudibly.

I let her tits go and patted her shoulder. "Good girl. I'm looking forward to fucking you, and I really want to fuck that tight little ass of yours."

Beth began crying softly.

Sandy looked upset. "Okay, but Beth is almost eighteen."

"Right! Now, what about you Tiffany?" I continued. "Will you also serve my needs?"

Weeping, Tiffany shook her head no. "Gary, I don't do that. I know what Mom and Beth do, but I don't. I'm still a virgin. I've never done anything like that."

I reached over her shoulders and grabbed her by her softball like tits as I had Beth. This girl had a great set of tits, damn near as large as her mother's. "Nice tits Tiff. You may not have screwed yet, but you're about to, aren't you. Don't you show these off to the boys around here to get them to pay attention to you? Don't lie! I've seen you do it."

Meekly, Tiffany answered. "Yeah, sometimes."

I let her tits go and continued. "And what is this?" Reaching into my jacket pocket again, I handed Tiffany, her mother, and sisters printed copies of the text messages between Tiffany and her lowlife boyfriend, Leo. She began to cry as I read it out loud.

Sandy became furious as I read. When I finished reading, she pulled back her hand to slap Tiffany. I grabbed Sandy's hand and stopped her. "That won't be necessary, Sandy. After all, she's just taking after her mother. Besides, I plan on doing the same thing as Leo."

"Tiffany, tell me the truth. Have you sucked or fucked that lowlife boyfriend yet? The truth now!"

"No Sir. I haven't. I was thinking about doing it at the ballgame tonight." She replied through her sobs.

I patted her shoulder. "That's alright, Tiff. Stop crying. You won't be going to the game tonight. That scumbag is history. The blowjob you were going to give him and your cherry pussy are now mine. Let's see. You'll be seventeen tomorrow, right? I'll get to you tomorrow evening. If you're not cherry when I fuck you, your whole family will be evicted. You got that?"

Tiffany hung her head. Through her sobs, she nodded and spoke. "Okay Gary, you can have me."

"Whenever and however I want you?"

"Yes Sir. I'll do whatever you want." Her tears flowed down her cheeks.

I then stepped behind Brittany and gently caressed her small but still growing tits. Her round firmness felt to be about the size of tennis balls. A soft moan came from Britt as I squeezed her tits. "Brittany, ah sweet Brittany. And what shall I do with you?"

The young teen tilted her head back and smiled up at me.

Brittany's nipples hardened as I continued to gently knead her young tits. "Brittany honey, you've been rubbing these cute little titties on me every time we hugged for quite some time now. Does that make you feel good?"

After a brief silence I commanded her. "Answer me!"

"Yes Gary. Doing that makes my boobs feel nice. I sometimes get a tingly feeling between my legs too." The sweet young teen volunteered more than I had asked.

"Okay! You will continue to feed my animals every day. In addition, you will become my maid. You will clean my house, do the dishes and laundry, and any other duties I may assign to you."

The girl's smile quickly turned to a frown, but she said nothing for a bit. Then she agreed. "Yes Gary. I'll do that for you." Brittany was near tears, but not from fear or shame. She was disappointed in her duties.

I bent forward, gently kissed her lips, and squeezed her tits. It was the first time she had been kissed by a man. Her smile returned.

I then recapped my proposal so there would be no misunderstanding. "As you know, I have been alone for about two years, and I am damned horny. If we are all in agreement, you four will essentially be my sex slaves. I will own your bodies as well as your home until the original contracts expire or I release you from your individual obligations. In exchange for your services, you will never have to worry about a house or car payment again. I will not expect cash payments. You will all live in your home and drive cars without paying for them. Sandy, you will continue to work, but you will manage your money much better. I will help you with that. There will be no more partying or men passing through. I will provide you with the only cock you'll need. Beth, once you're out of high school, we will find you a nice little car. You will then get a job to help contribute to your home. Tiffany and Brittany, you have only to do well in school and keep my needs met. Essentially, you will all obey my requests without delay. You will fuck, suck, and take it in the ass any time, any place, and any way I demand. Do you all agree to my terms?"

The teens all looked to their mother for guidance. Sandy stood, faced me, and spoke. "Alright Gary. We'll do it. I guess you're right. I have been trying to sleep my way to keeping our home. I have not been a very good role model for my girls. I'm sorry girls, but if you agree, I'll agree too."

The three girls all somewhat reluctantly nodded their heads in agreement.

"I think they already have. Now Sandy, to seal the deal, get on your knees and suck my cock."

"In front of them?" Sandy seemed shocked and embarrassed.

"Hell yes, in front of them! I expect you to not only demonstrate your skills, but you will teach them how to give the same great blowjob that you give. Now suck!"

Sandy immediately fell to her knees and took my hard cock out. Fondling all that young titty meat had gotten me excited. With little hesitation, Sandy spit on her hand and jacked me to full erection. All three girls stared intently as their mother prepared to swallow my cock. Maybe this was the first time they had seen their mother in action up close. Their jaws dropped open when they saw their mother take my entire cock deep into her mouth and down her throat.

"Pay attention girls." I told the teens. "Your mother gives the best damn blowjob in the county. That's a skill you will need and want to develop. Sandy, when I cum don't swallow right away. I want the girls to see my cum in your mouth before you swallow."

Sandy never missed a beat. With her mouth full of cock, she mumbled. "Ummm hummm."

In short order, Sandy had me ready to explode. "Here it comes. Remember to hold the cum."

Sandy pulled my cock out of her throat and held it deep in her mouth. I then pumped a load of cum into Sandy's talented mouth.

When she had sucked the last of the cum from my cock, Sandy sat back on her heels, smiled, and opened her mouth to reveal the white gob of cum laying on her tongue.

"Stay put Sandy. Girls I want each of you to dip a finger into the cum in your mother's mouth and taste it."

Beth was the first to step up and reach out to her mother's open mouth. She dipped her finger into the pool of cum and calmly licked it off. This girl had already sucked a cock or two in the past.

Tiffany and Brittany were a little reluctant at first.

Beth encouraged her sisters, "It's okay. Go ahead. It tastes a little salty, but it ain't that bad. You'll get used to it."

The two younger girls tentatively dipped their index fingers into the white gob in their mother's mouth, looked at it, and then shoved their finger into their own mouths. Though their lips curled a bit in disgust, they didn't complain.

"Well Beth, it appears you have a taste for cum. Why don't you and your mother share my cum with a kiss?"

Sandy looked apprehensive.

"It's okay Mom." Beth agreed. "We can do it. Gary is right. I have sucked cock before and you are my mother. So a kiss will be alright."

The two then shared a tongue and cum swapping kiss. When they were done, not a drop of cum remained in either mouth.

I then continued, "Okay! There's just one last thing you need to do to seal our deal. All of you strip. I want to see what all this money I have spent will be buying."

Sandy took the lead, of course. She quickly dropped the dress she was wearing to the floor and stepped out of it. She wasn't wearing any panties. She unhooked her bra, tossed it on top of her dress, and let her Double D tits fall free.

Beth pulled her blouse off and dropped it and her bra next to her mother's dress. The slender teen then kicked her shoes off and pushed her jeans and panties off her tight little ass and down her legs. With a flick of her feet, the jeans and panties joined the growing pile of clothing.

Looking at Tiffany and Brittany, I scolded them. "Now girls. I don't intend to wait all night. STRIP DAMN IT!" I yelled at them.

"It's okay girls. Go on and take your clothes off for Gary. We owe him a great deal, and all of us will need to do what he tells us." Sandy encouraged her youngest daughters.

The two young teens slowly followed their now nude mother and sister. They nervously pulled their shirts over their heads. Tiffany released and dropped her bra. I could see their hands shaking, but their tits were soon hanging free. Tiffany's tits were not Ds yet but were at least full C-cups. They held the promise of continuing to grow even larger. Brittany's tits were firm and cute little B-cups. Simultaneously, they pushed their pants and panties down and off. All four of my lovely neighbors stood side by side before me in the nude. Three of the pussies were seriously in need of a razor. One pussy had just a few sparse hairs. It was a pervert's dream come true.

I admired and complimented my new possessions. "Oh my! I think you ladies will do very nicely. You're all very beautiful and desirable. There's just one thing I want you all to do right away. I see you're all sporting nice pussy bushes. Shave! I prefer, no, I expect completely bald pussies."

"Tiffany, Brittany, come stand beside me."

The two girls hesitated. They then looked at each other and obeyed.

"Good girls." I told them as I led them to the far side of the room. I didn't want their mother or Beth to hear what was being said. Kneeling between them I patted and stroked their bare asses as we chatted. I spoke softly to them. "Girls, I need to select someone to spend the night and entertain me tonight. Who do you think that ought to be?"

Both girls looked at me with fright on their faces.

"No, no, not one of you. Help me choose. Should I have your mother or Beth take care of me tonight?" The girls visibly relaxed when they realized they weren't going to be my entertainment for the night.

Tiffany spoke up first. "Take Mom. She has more experience. You said she gives the best blowjob."

"That's right! I did say that. She does give the best blowjob."

"What about you Brittany? Who do you think I should use tonight?"

"I'd take Beth. She is younger and maybe she will be more fun."

"You both make good points. Your mother does give a great blowjob, but I've already recently gotten two blowjobs from her. I think I'll go with Beth tonight.

I then stood and turned them to face with me toward their mother and older sister. I draped an arm over each of them and firmly massaged their tits until their nipples were hardened and standing very erect.

"Now Brittany, get busy clearing the table and cleaning up the kitchen. By the way Brit, I want to see your cute little ass and titties while you work. So, do the housework nude." Was that a grin on her face? It sure was.

"Tiffany, go stand with your mom and sister."

Both girls did as they were told.

"Ladies, with the help of my two young friends, I have decided who gets the pleasure of meeting my needs tonight. Before I tell you my decision, I don't want any of you to feel left out. I assure you, you will all serve me well over the next twenty years. Okay, it's nearly eight o'clock. The three of you may go home. Beth, please thoroughly bathe yourself, shave that pussy, and come back in about two hours. You might want to let your mom or sisters help with the shaving. I want that pussy as bald as a baby's butt. As a matter of fact, I want all of you to always be clean and freshly shaved. Before any of you come over here, for any reason, you should bathe, thoroughly clean and shave your pussies and asses, and use your best perfume. You may return home smelling like a well-fucked whore, but you should come over here as well groomed and smelling as good as you would for a first date. You may all go now."

"What about Brittany?" Sandy asked.

"Don't worry about her. I'll send her home when she's finished with her duties."

The three women silently filed out my door. I then went to check on Brittany's progress in the kitchen. She had just finished loading the dishwasher and was wiping off the counter. She turned to face me. She had tears in her eyes. "Gary, can I ask you something?"

"Of course you may, Brittany. What do you want to know?"

"Well, I uuuh, I mean, you uuuh, they will be uummm." She was stammering badly and tears began to flow down her cheeks.

I took her in my arms and hugged her naked body close to mine. Gently, I caressed her from the back of her head to her cute little butt. "What is it Brittany? Are you scared? You don't need to be. Tell me what's bothering you."

As I held her firmly in my arms, the teen's tears started up again and she let it out, "Well, you are going to do all kind of things to my Mom and my sisters. I ... I thought you liked me, and all you want me for is to be your maid. Am I ugly or something? Don't you like my little boobs? Why don't you want to..."

"Stop! Brittany, I do like you. I will be using your pretty body soon enough. I just wanted to save you for something special. I want you for something special for both of us. Right now, I'm afraid I'd hurt you too much if I did to you all I'm going to do to the others. You are just too young and too small yet. Will you trust me? Will you let me save you for a while? Of course, that doesn't mean I won't be teasing that sweet pussy of yours now and then."

Then, while continuing to hold her with one arm, I dropped the other and swiftly reached down to caress her pussy's soft mound. Pushing my hand between her legs, I cupped her tight-lipped pussy.

Brittany gasped sharply and nearly collapsed in my arms. Her sour look had turned to a big smile.

"Can I tell you what I have in mind for your mother and sisters? You can't tell them, or anyone else. You must promise to keep your mouth shut if I tell you my plans. I want to be able to trust you with my secrets. You must never talk about anything you see or hear in this house."

Brittany had not only been my source of info on her family, but she always kept her mouth shut when I told her things she shouldn't know.

"Yes. You can tell me. I promise not to tell."

"Okay. I intend to make your mother and Beth my sluts. They'll dress and act like the tramps they have already become. Tiffany will be my fuck toy. I will use her the most. Like your mother, Tiff is built to be a fuck toy. Do you like my idea?"

"Oh yes, but what are you going to do with me?"

"I'm really not sure yet. Like I told you, I want to save you for something very special."

I then released her from our hug and gently swatted her bare ass. "Get dressed now and go home. See if you can help Beth get ready. She jumped up and kissed me before scurrying out of the kitchen.

At about ten minutes before ten PM, I took one of the little blue pills that my wife and I had enjoyed using. An eighteen-year-old girl should prove to be one hell of a test of the advertised advantages of those little pick-me-ups.

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