Educating Elle

by TheWatcher58

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Size, Big Breasts, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: He met Elle at a surprise birthday party. He was 60 years old and she was 30 years old. They talked about their different generations, and she asked some risque questions. She learnt lots about the older generation. and his active sex life.

"When did you last have sex?" Elle asked.

Elle and I were having a lengthy discussion about our generations. We were from different ones - I was 60 years old and she was 30. We had talked about fads and fashions, and with the aid of a few drinks the subject of the conversation had taken a more risqué direction.

We were sitting in her lounge room. It was about 10 PM on a Saturday night. We had only just met that evening at my step-daughter's surprise birthday party. Elle and I were there without partners, and when it came time to dance I had asked her. She surprised me by accepting, and she was impressed that I could dance and not step on her feet.

"Has your memory failed you?" she asked cheekily when I was slow to answer her question.

"No ... not at all. For your information I last had sex this morning ... and it was a couple of hours well spent" I responded with a smile.

"Oh ... oh..." she was genuinely shocked by the response.

"Don't 60 year olds have a sex life?" I retorted.

"Oh ... sorry ... uhhhhmmm..." she stammered. I had her on the backpedal.

We were in her lounge room because whilst were were dancing, her dress zipper had decided that it was time to split open from her neck to the top of her shapely ass. I had tried to re-close the zipper but the tightness of the dress made that an impossible task.

She was just a little embarrassed, so I volunteered to take her home to change her dress. And that is how we came to be in her lounge room now - she was still wearing the dress tho, having made no attempt to go and change out of it.

Elle seemed very interested in having a chat with me away from the noise of the party.

"A couple of hours?" she queried.

"Of course ... you can't rush these things, especially good sex with a beautiful partner" I responded with more detail than really required.

"My turn now" I jumped in with, planning to put her on the spot now.

"Elle ... when did you last have sex?"

"Touche!" I added with a big smile.

"I suppose I left myself wide open for that question huh?" Elle replied.

She was silent for a few moments before after a couple of false starts she replied with "About three months ago ... it was a one night stand ... hmmm ... more like five minutes".

Elle looked to be genuinely sad when she shared that info.

"I can't believe that a guy would not want to spend ages romancing you and making love with you ... you are a beautiful young woman".

"Five minutes is an insult" I added.

"Yep ... it was pretty bad" Elle whispered.

"Ok ... your turn again" I prompted her hoping to change the subject. But she didn't when she asked her question "Who did you have sex with? ... You don't have to give her name".

"Ummmm ... OK" I replied before I paused for a few moments. Elle was watching me intently waiting for my response.

"It was my tenant when she came to pay the rent. We have an arrangement where she pays a discounted rate and I get to play with her sexy body for a couple of hours".

"I'm not exploiting her ... she offered this arrangement, and then discovered how much she likes what we do ... much more than her husband's feeble efforts".

"Oh she's married ... how old is she?" blurted out Elle.

"She's twenty-five, tall, slim and a very sexy blonde ... but she has nothing on you" I added flirting with Elle more openly.

"I'm not sexy ... I'm fat" Elle whispered.

That comment really annoyed me and I told her so.

"Stand up and walk over here now" I commanded her. She complied and stood in front of me.

"What I see is a tall beautiful young woman. She has a wonderful friendly face, beautiful dark hair that's very soft to touch."

"You have a beautiful figure that not skinny and not fat either ... just the right amount of flesh and padding".

"Long legs that I have trouble keeping my eyes off, and I expect some sexy feet under those high heels".

Elle continued to look at me whilst I gave an appraisal of her body.

I stood up in front of her. I put my hands around behind her back to the place where her zipper was still together at the back of her neck.

"Trust me" I said just before I pull the zipper apart with a strong pull. The dress parted and I was able to draw the top down over her shoulders, down her arms and to her waist. Her quite large rounded tits and their hard red nipples were on full display.

"Oh my god ... they are amazing ... I loved feeling them pressing against my chest when we danced, and I love looking at their naked glory now".

I then cupped them in my hands, feeling their shape and weight before running my fingers over their hard nipples.

I bent over and ran my tongue across her nipples before taking them one at a time between my lips to nibble and suck. Her hand went to the back of my head to draw me closer.

"Oh ... ahhh ... oh my god" she moaned as I switched back and forth until Elle orgasmed just from my nipple stimulations.

I stood upright again, and continued to push her dress off her hips until it fell around her ankles. She was wearing a very small lacy G-string that did nothing to cover her pussy.

"You are so fucking beautiful" I whispered before I took her in my arms and kissed her. She looped her arms around my neck, pressing her bare tits hard into my chest. Her tongue played with mine for a while until we separated for just enough time to remove my shirt. Then her tits were again pressed against my bare chest this time.

My hands went down to hold her ass and pull her against my growing erection.

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