Will and Cherie

by Marti

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, Swinging, Gang Bang, Group Sex, Orgy, Interracial, Black Couple, White Female, Indian Male, Indian Female, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Bestiality, BBW, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: A husband and wife new to swinging but keen to explore meet a mature couple. They have some desires which need fulfilling, however the mature couple have plans for them and take them to their limit.....And beyond.

I could see Jackie, well parts of her; I could recognize the corselet that she chose to wear for the evening, fragments would appear red and black between the bodies as they moved. The couple rutting on the bed next to her would move a little, the woman would arch her back in ecstasy or heave herself up crushing herself against his chest, or the man would rise up on his arms; and when they did Jackie would momentarily be exposed. Perhaps a breast would appear rolling on her chest in time to the strokes of the man fervently taking her. Her head, her hair tangled and tousled, a man's groin arching over her, taking his pleasure from her mouth. Mere seconds then she would be gone only to re-appear, her breast again, now in the grip of a mauling hand, fingers searching for the nipple. On one occasion it was her hand, pulling, pinching; eagerly tormenting her own hard nipple, the large jade stone on her finger revealing her presence before being obscured by the rutting bodies.

The musky sour odour of sex filled the room. The creaking of the bed as it laboured under the writhing bodies. The passionate sighs, the moans and the slap, slap of sweating bodies crashing together, the sights, sounds and smell of sex filled my senses. And me, sat here, still with my clothes on ... and a firm but less than re assuring hand on my shoulder. I'd been told to sit down, shut up and not interfere. Will had made that quite clear ... The bloke who normally minded the door was looking at me, his firm hand had applied some downward pressure on my shoulder, leaving me in no doubt but to comply.

So how had this little predicament come to pass? Well it all began in the typical way. As usual hubby wants to spice things up, starts messing about on the internet, finally persuades her to take that first step and before you know it things start to happen. Only thing is I discovered I'm not the jealous type and get a very real kick out of sharing my wife with others. It first became apparent when I got her to chat on line with blokes, she loved the attention and before long she was showing her-self off on the web cam. I got real turned on knowing other men were looking at her and she was getting off on it too. Then before too long we'd met our first single guy and after some real heavy nerves she'd fucked him while I watched. And man did it do it for me! After that she was keen and we joined a swinger's web site and that's where I bumped into Will; or rather Will and Cherie 'a mature couple into swinging and party meets'.

I noticed their profile and had a look, after reading and looking at their photo gallery I thought they might be worth a try, I quite fancied organising a meet with a couple, although Jackie had already said she wasn't sure how she'd feel if I was to have full sex with another woman. But between you and me, I was more interested in her playing with them, rather than me getting off with Cherie. I know, it's weird but we all have our little kink. They were older than us but they seemed ok, he was a little over weight and she was a bit skinny. It took a few days but I plucked up some courage and hesitantly sent them a wink.

A couple of days later we had a message in our site in box. It's hard to describe but sometimes someone's charisma can come across even in an internet message. Before long we were corresponding and I was telling him all sorts of things. Our likes and dislikes, our experiences so far, even mentioning some of our fantasies, you know, things we'd talked about or in my case things I'd maybe like to try ... or see; and yes I told him about how much I liked to watch her, he seemed very intrigued by this. Before long we had swapped e-mail addresses and started discussing a meet. We shared clothed photos and Will suggested I tell Jackie about him and Cherie ... Just test the water he said.

She was unsure at first, but after a couple of days she started asking me questions, what were they like? Where would we meet? I told her we hadn't got that far but if she was ok with it I'd find out, she agreed with that, I could tell that the little lust demon inside her had kindled her interest. That night I e-mailed Will. Almost instantly I had a reply. Will explained that he and Cherie went to a swinger's party held regularly in Oxford. Perhaps we might like to come along? Will explained further, it was a group who got together every month; everyone knew each other and this meant it had a nice party atmosphere. He did stress that the age group was slightly on the older side and that if we wanted the Hollywood Set, the beautiful people as he called them ... then this party wouldn't be for us. They had a gathering that coming Saturday and if we wanted we would be warmly welcomed. There would be around 8 couples and a few specially vetted single guys. And it would be entirely up to us if we played or not. I got a tingle in my cock! I replied that I'd let Jackie know and if she was game I'd e-mail straight away. I got an almost immediate reply from Will that if yes, let him know by no later than Thursday. It was Monday night, I told her about Wills invitation just before i turned out the lights. She lay quiet in the dark for a few minutes then gripped my hand. Shall we go? She whispered. It was as all she needed to say.

When I told Will he was very pleased ... But he added a note of caution, he said that it wouldn't be wise to rush in to quick and he suggested we come late and leave early. And he also suggested we not play, just watch. I was taken aback, but he explained, he knew a lot of people (guys) would be very interested in Jackie, (him for one) but it was best not to overwhelm her on her first visit and, he added, she might get cold feet anyway ... He said it would be better to give her a taste but leave her wanting more ... Seemed a good idea so I agreed. His e-mail ended with instructions for that coming Saturday night, address, directions and a mobile number to call once we arrived.

So everything was set.

Jackie always needed space to prepare for our little adventures in the swinging world she'd spend ages in the bath, pampering herself. She would trim her pubic hair and shave her legs and then slowly decide what to wear. Never a skinny woman, 5' 4" she had always been a curvy girl, hovering between a size 14 and 16 but one of those women that exudes sex appeal. Pale skinned with Brunette hair with a hint of henna red, but unlike most pale women her nipples were a deep nut brown not pink, she said it was something to do with distant Spanish blood. She finally appeared just before 8 wearing a lose fitting black dress with lots of cleavage on show, her 38dd breasts would be a draw for any man. She hoped the dress wasn't too frumpy, it certainly wasn't! She'd just gone for matching black underwear, stockings and heels, she looked ravishing, She took a bag with her with some extra items, she said she would change if and she hesitated for a second, if we decide to play. She slipped on her coat and we headed for the car, it was a good hour to Oxford and I was planning to find a pub for a stiffener before we walked to the venue. Will had said there was a good place just around the corner, I thought a couple of G & T's would help with her nerves, I only hoped she wouldn't bottle out.

We were both rather quiet in the car, but it had been the same when we went to Plymouth to meet the single guy, but after her first gin (I'd made it a double) she began to relax ... she made small talk, wondering what the apartment would be like, how many people would be there, that kind of stuff. After her second (double) she was, I think getting quite excited. I don't know if it was the same for her, but for me it was like the feeling, a mixture of trepidation, fear and excitement you get as you queue up for one of those rides at Alton Towers, you know the nasty ones that defy gravity and turn you inside out.

We found the apartment block and rang the mobile number, a guy asked our names and gave us a code to punch into the gate lock ... once inside the gate close with a clang, which made Jackie jump; we then saw the door which opened and a large bloke in a black leather jacket ushered us in and directed us to the lift. There were 4 floors but we were heading for the top the penthouse apartments. Once out of the lift the man led us along a short corridor to a locked mirror glass door, once thru he pointed to another door at the far end of the corridor.

'Just knock' he said, then turned and stepped back and locked the door behind him. We held hands and walked to the door, Jackie took a deep breath and I knocked on the door. We waited, it seemed like ages but it was mere seconds, the door opened and a beaming Will greeted us, a warm firm hand shake for me and a gentle hand for Jackie and kissed pleasantries.

He welcomed us in and led us from the hall into the lounge, the sound of voices, laughing and chatting was predominant. As we entered the lounge, I'd say about 14 or 15 people stood around, drinks in hand chatting, most in groups of three or four, there did seem to be a few more men than women. It all seemed perfectly normal, except perhaps some of the women wore somewhat skimpy dresses and there was a strong element of 'slutty' shoes. Will called for general attention and introduced us collectively to the group. A few waves and calls of welcome were returned, and the party atmosphere continued; although I noticed some lascivious gazes at Jackie from one or two of the gentlemen present.

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