Chapter 1: Gobblers

Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, First, Slow, School,

Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Chapter 1: Gobblers - Pia Giovanni returns after the 'troubles' and wants to join the family business. The only problem is women aren't allowed. Can her younger brother, Little Tony, help make her dreams come true? If he does, is she ready for what is to come? 2015 Clitorides Awards Nominee for Best Medium Erotic Story of the Year / 2nd Place for Best Author.

My name was Anthony Giovanni, or as my family called me, Little Tony, since my grandpa was also named Tony. My friends all called me LT for short. I'd spent my first time away from home by going to my grandpa's for the summer, and then they sent me off to prep school for my senior year. My enrollment at Jefferson Academy had not been entirely voluntary due to the troubles my family had found themselves in. It turned out my older brother's kidnapping had been staged, and it was a play by my brother, Al Jr., to take over the family's business. My dear brother just couldn't wait to run things. Fortunately, Al Jr. failed, and lost his life in the process. I wasn't going to miss that psychopath.

My first semester at Jefferson Academy had been ... enlightening. I'd grown up somewhat sheltered, since my mother kept me out of the family business, and I was sent to a Catholic School. Once at Jefferson Academy, I had fallen under the spell of a girl named Jennifer, who turned out to be a plant to lure me to my brother. If he'd ever gotten his hands on me, let's just say, I probably wouldn't have survived the encounter.

Jennifer told us the whole story. Al Jr. wanted it all. He hated the idea I would eventually take over the legitimate businesses. I think he saw the handwriting on the wall. The old mob families were slowly getting out of the illegal activities and moving towards making money legally. It just didn't make sense in the long run, as far as I was concerned, to run the old style business. Law enforcement was getting much better and people didn't need protection.

I say that, and then you read the blogs and everyone hates the cops. If we go back to the days where the police were crooked, or ineffective, we might have something. Hell, the cops might start paying us protection money if things keep going the way they are.

Frankly, Al Jr. wasn't cut out to earn an honest living. He would've been better off living half a century ago where cunning and brutality was the mob's main trade.

I missed Jennifer, but I understood why she had to disappear. First, she knew too much about all of us, and second I couldn't trust her. I was torn. I had to come to love her, but I knew she wasn't right for me. Gino told me the Hispanic gang, who had helped Al Jr., took her back and sent her out of the country. They had agreed to pay restitution for the damage they'd caused our businesses. We had come to an uneasy truce.

Back at school, I'd made two good friends, Bret Jacobs and Hattie Smyth. They were the children of diplomats stationed in DC. Jefferson Academy was noted for its outstanding educational program and security. Many high profile students came here for both those reasons. Bret and Hattie helped me become friends with the other diplomatic kids. They were a tight group, and tended to only spend time with themselves.

What I liked most about hanging out with them were their parties. Diplomats have a get out of jail free card, which meant they pretty much did whatever they wanted. Their parties reflected that fact. They always had the best booze and drugs. I kept it simple, and only smoked some pot and sometimes some hash, but other things were available. I tried to stay away from the Russians, because their vodka went down way too smoothly, and I ended up doing things I really shouldn't.

One of those things was Hattie. She and Bret were dating, and I was not the kind of guy who was interested in spending time with another guy's girlfriend. Bret and Hattie were a little more open with their relationship than I was comfortable with. At a couple of parties we had traded off making out with her.

I'd also somehow recently acquired two girlfriends. My biggest concern was one of them was Kendra Bianco, the jewel of the Bianco family. Since there were no male heirs, and Kendra was the eldest, whoever married her would eventually be responsible for her family's interest.

Kendra and I had known each other since childhood. We all attended family functions. Dating a girl like Kendra had certain protocols that must be observed. The biggest one was she was to be a virgin on her wedding night. If I took that virginity before then, things would get interesting, and not in a good way. If I was interested in getting married right now, Kendra would be on my short list. She had many of the things I was looking for, including a classic Italian body with plenty of curves.

The problem was neither one of us was ready to get married. We wanted to wait until after college. I would have never agreed to date Kendra if she hadn't come up with a creative solution. She insisted I would also date her best friend, Nancy Wilson. Nancy was interested in having sex, but did not want a guy distracting her from her goals. She was the daughter of a US Senator, and had big plans for her future. She didn't want the hassle of finding random guys as sexual partners, and she didn't want a real boyfriend.

The three of us solved each other's problems. I wanted to get laid and have a girlfriend, I got two. Kendra wanted a boyfriend that would keep her family from marrying her off to one of her father's captains. I was a good enough catch that the issue would never be pushed. Nancy got to hang out with her best friend and got laid. It seemed to work for us.

I went home on Thanksgiving break and found that my sister Pia and my mother had returned from Italy. I was excited to be returning home to our home in Todt Hill, a neighborhood of Staten Island, one of the five boroughs of New York City. Todt Hill was where they had filmed the family compound for the Corleone family in The Godfather movies. It was also where Paul Castellano, the head of the Gambino family, lived in a house noted for its intended resemblance to the White House, until 2005. Todt Hill was considered one of the most exclusive and most expensive areas of Staten Island.

I missed my friends from home and was excited to see my sister and mother. As the car came to a stop, the front door flew open. I saw my sister Pia and my mom come out to greet me. I didn't wait for the driver to open the door. Instead I jumped out of the car, earning me a dirty look from my security person, who wasn't dumb enough to hold me back from seeing my mother. Pia was smart enough to stand back and let my mom check me out. She, of course, had heard about my confrontation with Al Jr. She wanted to make sure no one had hurt her baby. It was a little embarrassing, and I wondered if it would ever change as I got older, but I accepted it, for now.

"You have become such a handsome young man, but you look too skinny. Come, let mama feed you," she said.

"Yes, mama, but may I take a moment to say hello to my sister?" I asked.

Pia broke out laughing and about knocked me down hugging me. She knew my mother and I could go on and on about her babying me. I saw Pia had put on some weight. It made her look more like a woman. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back so I could get a good look at her.

"Mama! How did you keep those good Italian boys away from such a beauty? Grandpa Dino must have had to keep his shotgun around all the time," I teased my sister.

Mom and Pia had gone to Italy when the troubles happened. They had just gotten back to the States.

"I'm not the one who needs looking after. What's this I hear you are dating that skinny little girl, Kendra Bianco. You know mama will never let you marry her. Her family only has girls. You need strong sons."

"Leave your brother alone. Kendra has grown into a fine woman. She will give my Tony many fine boys."

When we got inside we dropped the Old Italian act. I could smell the wonderful aroma of marinara sauce, so I made my way to the kitchen. I looked in the trash under the sink and my mother swatted my butt. I just laughed because I saw the containers from Pastosa. Everyone knew I loved their food. I had missed New York Italian fare since I had been at school.

Pia went and got a loaf of fresh Italian bread and dipped out a bowl of the marinara sauce. The three of us sat down at the kitchen table and tore off pieces of the still warm bread and dipped it in the sauce. I was in heaven. They let me eat half a loaf of bread before the serious interrogation began.

"Did you shoot Al Jr.?" my mother asked.

"Yes," I said without hesitation.

"Good! I'm glad you took care of it. It shouldn't have fallen to anyone else," my mother said.

My mother didn't play around. My dad had the crazy reputation, but my mom was not to be messed with. Pia was a lot like her. My parents made a good team. My dad was quick to anger, and in our business it was sometimes needed. My mom was the planner. I had never been allowed to know what was going on, but the impression I got was my mom was always involved. Since Pia decided not to go to college, she had been pulled in also. My sister wanted to be in the business. My dad and grandpa had been hesitant, because she was a girl. It was only a matter of time before she would talk them into letting her play a bigger role.

We had a good talk about the last six months. Pia had been, not so subtlety, introduced to eligible bachelors on her trip to Italy. She took it all in stride, even though she rolled her eyes when my mother expounded on the virtues of her favorite picks. I finally called my sisters bluff.

"So, which boy will it be?" I asked, to my mother's amusement.

"They all seemed nice," was her cryptic response.

My sister would tell us when she found the right guy.

Before I left home, I went to Moor Catholic High School. One of the guys on the football team was having a party, so I decided to catch up with my former classmates. I don't know whose great idea it was, but we decided to do shots someone had named Gobblers. It was just Wild Turkey, but when you did the shot you shook your head and made, what they tried to convince us, a turkey sound.

I would love to tell you what I did that night. No seriously, I really wish I knew what happened.

I woke up to my sister flicking my forehead and being seriously annoying. If I were a betting man I would say it was payback of some kind. I know it is hard to believe I would torment my sister. For some reason she had a very long memory of past transgressions. I'm not sure if it's just a sister thing, or a trait shared by all women.

Thwack, thwack. "Wakie, wakie, Little Brother." Thwack, thwack.

"The Fuck! Stop it!" I yelled and tried to swat Pia's hand away.

Thwack ... I lunged for her. She was quicker than I remembered, or maybe I was too hung over. The result was I missed and fell out of bed. Why that was funny, I had no idea.

"Oh good, you're up. Mom and Dad want to talk to you ... Right Now!" she said as she bent down ... Thwack!

I got up and almost threw up, but I focused on a grinning Pia and charged her. She almost fell down in her socks on the wood floor, but was soon squealing and running for her life. It sounded like a herd of stampeding buffalo as we charged down the stairs. Pia grabbed the round knob at the bottom of the banister and used it to catapult herself down the hall for the kitchen. Good! There were big carving knives in there.

I rounded the corner and burst in looking for my sister, and found we had guests. My Grandpa Tony, Maria and Steven were drinking coffee with my parents. I tried to stop, but slipped and fell on my ass, much to the delight of Pia.

My father was called Bull, because he was an imposing figure. I looked up and found him glaring down at me.

"Anthony Giovanni! Where is your car?" he barked at me.

My head decided to start spinning at that moment. I felt my stomach do a little funny gurgle, and I belched. When you can smell it, you know you have bad breath. I smelled Wild Turkey and something else that was unpleasant. I suddenly didn't feel so well, and I then passed gas. Not one of those silent, but deadly ones either. It was a big wet one that you could almost see the mist from the fart. My father, who never backs down from anything, actually took a step back and wrinkled his nose. I got unsteadily to my feet and lurched to the sink. Every family has one of those stories you tell about one of your relatives that puts everyone in to stiches, no matter how long ago it was that the event happened. My spewing stomach bile and Wild Turkey all over the Thanksgiving turkey, which just happened to be in the sink thawing, would eventually become one of those stories.

I really do love my sister. She is one of my favorite people in the whole world, but ... she was on my last nerve.

"I'm not eating that," was her deadpan response to what I had just done.

Even my parents, who moments before were looking to kill me, burst out laughing. I just turned around and fled the room, because I felt my bowels were going to let loose very soon. I barely made it to my bathroom. God help me, I thought I was going to die. I got into my shower and let the hot water do its magic.

When I was done, I went to brush my teeth, and got a good look at myself. I had a bruise on my forehead and what looked like the beginnings of a black eye. My knuckles were skinned up. Then I saw my neck. I had a huge, and I mean ginormous, hickey on the side of my neck. I also had what looked like scratch marks on my back. Then I noticed a bruise on my hip.

I used some mouth wash for good measure and then I ate a handful of TUMS. I was starting to feel almost human except for the throbbing behind my left eye, so I headed back downstairs. Everyone was looking at Pia's phone when I walked in. Maria, my grandpa's house keeper and cook, handed me a big glass of water and a couple of aspirin. She then gave me a cup of coffee and a bowl of oatmeal.

I heard Pia's phone ping, indicating she had a text.

"Oh, good. Here are more pictures," she announced.

I knew it was about me. I guess I'm psychic, or it could have been them all looking at the pictures and then at me. All I know is Pia came to one, which had my mom gasping, my grandpa snorting, and my dad shaking his head.

"You are in so much trouble," Pia announced.

All I know was I was sent to my room to think about what I had done. That sounded like a great idea to me. I needed about six more hours of sleep.

I woke to find Pia kicked back on the other side of my bed reading something on her tablet.

"It lives," she announced. "Looks like you had fun last night."

"Gawd, I wish I could remember it. Did dad find my car?" I asked.

"Yeah, you left it at the party. So, how drunk were you?"

"We started out by doing serious amounts of Wild Turkey. After that, I have no idea."

She smiled and found something on her tablet, and then showed it to me. It started off with me doing shots with my friends. Then there were pictures of me dancing with several different girls. It looked like I was having a good time. There were a disturbing series of pictures of me looking out of it and different girls giving me a hickey. Then things took a turn.

I was obviously with a brunette doing it. I couldn't make out who she was. Then the next picture showed someone blindsiding me, and we ended up on the floor. The next series showed me on top of the guy letting my fist fly. I couldn't make out who the girl or guy were.

"Who is that?" I asked.

"Tracy Alms and her brother Doug," Pia told me.

I didn't know Tracy very well, but I had always thought she was cute. The only problem was that she was young. She might be a freshman this year. Doug was my age. He was the last guy you would ever think of getting into a fight. Doug was more of a geek. It was probably a good thing, because of how drunk I had been.

"How are they?"

"Tracy says she took advantage of you. I guess you had passed out and your friends took you to a room to sleep it off. Doug found the two of you, because he was ready to go home and promised to give his sister a ride home. Someone found you guys going at it and took the picture. Doug lost it when he saw what was going on. I guess you let him hit you a couple of times and then had enough. Doug started crying, and you stopped."

"Sounds like a full evening. Maybe next time I will leave out the Wild Turkey and just enjoy it."

"You're back for one day and you are out causing trouble. I hate to think what you will be up to once you get a little older. How are you going to explain that hickey to your girlfriend?" Pia asked.

I grabbed her and pulled her under me. Pia's eyes got big.

"Big sister, you better be careful. You keep teasing me and I will give you a matching love mark," I threatened.

She gave me a sad look.

"You do, and you lose these," she said as she grabbed my balls and squeezed.

I rolled off of her groaning. She straddled my stomach, and pinned my arms over my head. She leaned down and our noses almost touched as she stared into my eyes.

"I love you Tony. I was so worried when they sent us to Grandpa Dino's. When I heard what happened with you and Al Jr. I almost died when I thought of what he tried to do. I tease you because I love you and I worry about you," she said and then kissed my forehead. "Now get up. Maria made your favorites, Eggplant Parmesan and Chicken Vesuvio. It seems we are starting a new tradition and not having turkey."

Pia made me dress for dinner. She went to her room and put on a little black dress. There are times I wished she wasn't my sister, but I really was glad she was. She took my arm and we came downstairs to find the house full. I spotted Gino and his dad, Nicki. Steven, my grandpa's go-between, was here with his wife. I smiled when I saw April walk up to Gino and take his arm. I hadn't known the two of them had become a couple.

"Little Tony, come give grandpa a hug," said Grandpa Dino.

I didn't know my mom's dad was here. I never got to see him very often, but I loved him because he spoiled me rotten.

"Grandpa!" I cried, like I was still ten, and wrapped him in a bear hug.

"Oof, you've become a man," he said as he let me go and got a good look at me. "You will have to come visit me this summer and I will find you a good girl to marry. Your sister is a lost cause. I think she will be like your Aunt Rita and be an old maid," Grandpa Dino said to my delight.

Of course Aunt Rita was a nun, and married to God. It was an old joke, and we found Pia standing beside us with her hands on her hips. Grandpa Dino put his arms out and Pia gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"You broke so many hearts in Italy. I'm not sure you'll be allowed back into the country after the devastation you left," Grandpa Dino teased her.

She grabbed my arm.

"Find me a man like Tony and I will willingly go down the aisle," she said.

Grandpa Dino slowly shook his head. Then my dad walked up and you could tell Grandpa Dino's whole disposition changed.

"Bull," Grandpa Dino said with no life at all in his voice.

"Dino ... do you have a minute?" Dad asked.

He just followed my dad to his office. I caught a glimpse of Grandpa Tony waiting for both of them as the door closed.

When we sat down to dinner there was turkey, but everyone at breakfast passed on it. I was sure it was fine to eat, but there were enough other things to make me happy. By now I was starving since I had only had a couple of bites of oatmeal all day. Pia got the honor of telling the story of my fouling the fowl. Gino gave me an evil look, because he had consumed a vast amount of said turkey. I just grinned at him. April smiled at Gino and took a big bite of turkey, which made him smile.

Maria cleared the table and then brought us dessert. She had four different pie slivers on each plate; mincemeat, pumpkin, pecan and sweet potato. I smiled when she just brought me a big slice of mincemeat. The flavor of real mincemeat pie is sort of like a Middle Eastern mixture of cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg. There's a definite meaty taste, which I really liked, with an ever-so-slight sweet flavor. The traditional mincemeat pie wasn't for everyone, but I loved it, especially when Maria made it.

After we were done I went to the kitchen to thank Maria and the other women who had made our meal. They were having their thanksgiving dinner, so I sat down with a glass of good red wine. They were shocked when I cleaned up after them and brought them their dessert. I was no dummy. I knew I would be getting special treatment for showing them I cared.

Pia caught me after I left the kitchen.

"Suck up."

"You're just jealous you didn't think of it."

"Whatever, mom says you have to be my designated driver tonight," Pia said.

"Bullshit, you just want to get drunk and make me suffer as your friends make fun of me all night."

She just grinned.

Really, I was just happy I was being let out of the house after last night's debacle. Pia's friends were good for one thing; they got me into the clubs. Mom made sure we had a driver for the night, so the girls slipped me drinks.

I swear I didn't intend to get drunk. Pia, who was now dead to me, told her friends about my hickey, or love mark as I was now calling it. Next thing I knew her evil friends were trying to outdo last night's batch of girls, and I had a matching love mark on the other side of my neck. I admit it, having older girls suck on your neck isn't the worst thing that can happen.

I was also the designated dancer. I guess I can hold my own after I get a few in me. It's either that or they all enjoyed making fun of my skills.

Everything was going well until I went to the bathroom. I came back to find a group of guys had my sister and her friends cornered. None of them looked happy. When the girls saw me they ran and stood behind me. That wasn't good, because I was drunk and not much of a fighter. From the looks the older guys were giving me, I was going to get the shit kicked out of me.

I took a deep breath and calmed down. I was Anthony Giovanni after all, so I owned my heritage and gave them a steely look.

"Gentlemen, what seems to be the problem?" I asked.

I checked out the obvious ringleader, who was several inches taller and outweighed me by at least thirty pounds, stepped forward to confront me. He gave me a hard look, which I didn't flinch from.

"Listen, you little goombah bastard. We are taking the girls with us, so you need to step aside."

"Good, so you know who I am. I know you are trying to act all tough for your friends, but believe me, you need to rethink this. You may be able to kick the shit out of me and get them outside, but our driver will put a bullet in your head as soon as he sees you step out that door with Pia Giovanni," I said, making sure he knew who he was planning on raping.

I saw the flicker of recognition cross his eyes, but this guy was either too drunk or too dumb, and wasn't going to give up. He pulled his arm back to punch me when my sister shot him with a tazer. Seeing their buddy tazed seemed to sober his friends up quickly. His buddies took a step back and were ready to flee when the bouncers arrived. I looked down and saw our tough guy had peed his pants as he flopped on the floor.

"You guys should leave," one of the bouncers suggested.

Pia grabbed my arm and we walked out. It looked like the movie Moses, as the sea of patrons parted to let us walk through. When we were safely in the car Pia got a smug smile on her face.

"What?" I asked.

"Yep, trouble. Wait until I tell mom and dad about this one. I take you out with my friends to have fun and you try to start a fight. Then I have to bail you out," Pia said.

I looked around and my sister's friends all nodded and smiled. We called it a night and before each one got out of the car they kissed me and thanked me for a good time. I was confused until Pia handed me back my credit card. She must have taken it while I was sleeping. I shuddered to think how much damage she could have done. Hell, tomorrow was Black Friday. She could've bankrupted me.

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