Tender Box
Chapter 1: Practice

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including ft/ft, Teenagers, Consensual, Romantic, Lesbian, Fiction, White Couple, First, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Sex Toys,

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1: Practice - Tender Box is a series that centers around the blossoming relationship between fifteen-year old Channa and her close, long-time friend, the fourteen-year old Urma. They explore a growing understanding of their bodies, of their sexual arousal, and of their feelings for each other. Note - This series is open-ended, new chapters will be posted about once per month.

Chapter Cast:

Channa Harmon, female, 15
- High school sophomore, friend of Urma
- Pale white skin, 5'1, 110lbs, long yellow-blonde hair
Urma Mikatos, female, 14
- High school freshman, friend of Channa
- Pale white skin, 4'9, 90lbs, long silky black hair

Channa hummed to herself at home on a Thursday afternoon, trying on a new skirt and t-shirt her mom had bought for her the previous weekend. It was Thanksgiving, and she had just finished a big early afternoon meal with her mom Chloe and her mother's friend Megan, a teacher at Channa's high school. The women had just started a relationship and Channa was eager to get out of the house and leave the two to whatever they would be up to that night.

She checked herself in the mirror, pushing out her small, developing breasts and bending backwards to check how her slender hips looked as they barely showed under the skirt's cover. It was a short one, a design her mom had been reluctant to see Channa wear. But persistence paid off and the fifteen-year old blonde had won the right to wear the skirt, and as she swished from pose to pose, Channa felt sexy and ready for a sleepover at the home of her close friend Urma.

Urma was a year younger at fourteen and as a Freshman, a year behind Channa at Langton High School. The girls had been friends since Channa's second grade year, and became best friends three years later when Channa stopped an older girl from trying to pull down Urma's pants during recess. Urma was quiet, sweet, and in the last few weeks, Channa had become aware that she felt very close to the girl, more than just a special friendship. She hoped to get a chance to get even closer that evening.

Channa chucked the skirt and blouse and a few other things she needed into an overnight bag and felt her body shivering a bit in anticipation. She'd spent many nights with Urma, sharing a bed and wearing nothing but panties for many years before Channa's small but budding breasts led her to add a bra to her nightwear. It was all innocent and fun, two young girls enjoying a friendship that grew closer over the years.

The last time Channa had stayed over, she'd really noticed Urma's body for the first time. The girl's soft, smooth skin, her small frame, and even noticed the pubic hair which formed a dark shadow under the girl's panties. It had turned her on tremendously, and she shuddered at the thought that maybe Urma would want to do more than chat and play music and video games.

Channa's awareness of sexuality began just before her fourteenth birthday. Like many young teens, she'd discovered internet porn and watched it occasionally for a few weeks before she began to explore her own body sexually. She'd touched herself many times, just innocent explorations of her skin, of her budding breasts, of the warm slit between her legs. But never really sexual until a video got her hands moving in the right direction.

The girl had been alone at home, after school, and had relaxed on her bed with her laptop. She got the notion to check out a porn site she'd visited before and looked at the Recent Uploads tab. The first video faded from black to show two late teen girls, slender, beautiful. One had long, blonde hair a lot like Channa's, the other was a shorter girl with dark hair. Channa felt tingling between her legs and instinctively ran a hand to her sex.

She'd watched the onscreen duo explore each other's body with hands, with lips and fingers. She watched the blonde sink two fingers into the dark-haired teen, saw the expressions on their faces, knew they were enjoying the pleasurable contact. Channa's fingers found her own hard nub and rubbed it, blonde pubes tickling her hand, powerful sensations of movement and tension and vibration warming her body.

Channa had watched as the dark-haired girl laid back and opened her thighs. The teen on screen spread her own labia and let the blonde girl lick her there. Channa then exploded, her first orgasm, her slender body rocking on the bed as she watched the action. The dark-haired girl appeared to be cumming, too, and Channa moaned softly, hooked on what she was experiencing.

She'd masturbated twice more that evening before her mom came home, and after, few days went by where she was without a finger dancing between her parted thighs. Channa started smelling and tasting herself. She often hurried into the school bathroom to run a finger between her legs, bringing it to her nose and tingling with arousal for the way she smelled. Channa would lick her fingers, return for more, and clean her digits quickly with her tongue before heading off to the next class.

Channa also enjoyed sniffing her own panties. She was highly aroused by her own scent and soon learned to masturbate while holding the moist panties over her nose, inhaling her young, feminine aroma as her fingers circled her nub. She'd even done it once or twice at school.

For a year or so, she was sexually introverted. Channa was so aroused by masturbating, by watching porn, that she'd not really moved into considering other people sexually. She was a bit ashamed at first for masturbating so frequently, but over time she shed the guilt and accepted it as normal, especially after hearing her mom do it a few times through the walls of their home.

But Channa did begin to notice. At first, it was boys, and the blonde teen imagined what sex would be like with a few of the guys in her school. She'd seen enough porn to know what sex 'looked' like but she had a hard time feeling terribly excited by the thought of a boy touching her, kissing her. Sure, the thought of taking one inside her was arousing, but when she considered who she knew at school, she didn't find the idea of them being sexual with her all that exciting.

She did begin to notice the girls, too. There were several she thought about when she masturbated, and Channa had no trouble getting off hard thinking about tasting and smelling her female classmates. She imagined being between their legs, licking and sniffing them, making them moan, and she wanted them to do the same to her.

Urma crept up on her sexual thoughts slowly. The dark-haired girl had been her close friend forever, and in a way, it was like having a sister, always together, sharing their good days and bad. But as Channa's body continued to mature, her thoughts turning more and more to exploring other girls, she really began to notice how beautiful Urma had become. During recent sleepovers, she'd taken long looks at Urma's tiny budding nipples, no real breasts there but the slightly-swollen flesh was still arousing to the blonde teen. Channa'd noticed the hair which had grown in between Urma's legs, the pubes just a dark patch under the girl's panties. Channa longed to see her close friend naked, wanted to taste her, to smell her, to feel the girl's tender box down below.

And so Channa finished her preparations, said goodbye to her mom, and jogged the mile or so to Urma's house, tingling with anticipation for seeing her small, pretty friend in only panties once more.

Urma met her at the door wearing a pair of tight pink jean-shorts and a loose-fitting t-shirt. Channa felt her anticipation grow stronger as she stole a glance to where Urma's thighs met and imagined what rested, moist and sweet, just beneath her clothes.

"Hey, Channa! Thought you'd never get here. Mom's got dinner almost ready, hungry?"

"I just ate with my mom, but I wouldn't turn down dessert." Channa looked once more at the way Urma's clothing tightly hugged the smaller girl's slim thighs. "Great shorts! I need to get a pair of those."

Urma spun around and wiggled her hips. "Ya think? I wasn't sure I had enough to make it work, but if you say so!" The fourteen-year old's dark hair was down over her shoulders and swished lightly as the girl turned and posed.

Channa nearly drooled as Urma stuck out her small, bubble butt and showed the blonde how truly tight the jeans really were. They barely covered the bottom of Urma's ass cheeks, and it was all Channa could do not to reach a hand to feel her friend's backside. "Definitely! Wow, you look ... so hot!"

Urma blushed and stopped her show, leading Channa into the dining room. Urma was usually much more reserved than her friend, more shy, less likely to do what she'd just done in front of someone else. She was more relaxed around Channa, though, and the blonde was thrilled to be the one Urma might be willing to open up to sexually, as well.

Dinner passed slowly and Channa was caught up in family discussion for a couple of hours. She frequently smiled at her young friend, feeling warm from the way Urma smiled back. The dark-haired girl was beautiful. More than beautiful. She was arousing, and Channa could feel her panties growing wet as the evening went on.

After dinner, the girls retired to Urma's bedroom and put on music while they played a board game. Urma's shirt hung loose enough that every time she bent over the game board to make a move, Channa could glance down her bare chest below. Once or twice she was certain she saw tiny, soft dark nipples. Urma's chest was still flat, but her little nipples made Channa shiver more than once when she caught a quick glimpse.

Game finished, the girls sat on the bed chatting about school, about parents, Channa mentioning that Urma's mom's accent was adorable. Urma's mother was from the Ukraine and though she spoke clear English, there was a definite non-English component to the way she talked. Channa's hormones were in overdrive and she finally made the first move.

"Urma ... I ... I want to get good at kissing, you know? Do you think ... Can I practice with you? Just to get good, not that I'm a lez or anything."

Urma looked at Channa with an uncertain look. "Umm ... I dunno, Chan ... practice with me? What do you mean... ?"

"Well ... I mean ... Let's practice kissing. Just kissing. No one will know but us, just to get good, ok?"

The dark-haired fourteen-year old hesitated before speaking. "I ... well, ok. Yeah, not like we're lezzes, just to get good ... ok. Yeah, ok."

Urma started to tremble lightly and Channa knew she was doing the same. It was arousing, teenage hormones flooding their bodies. Even if it was just 'practice, ' Channa couldn't help thinking of doing more than just play kiss. She was consumed by her need to touch and taste Urma, and she quickly leaned into her friend's body.

Their lips met for a moment, no real movement. Channa felt Urma's warm mouth, uncertain exactly where to go next. She'd imagined kissing Urma many times recently, but the current closed lip-lock wasn't exactly what she wanted.

Channa opened her lips slightly, panted, moaned very lightly, barely audible. Urma's lips stayed closed for a few seconds before the girl's mouth opened, the fourteen-year old beginning to pant as well.

The teens held heads at a slight angle, mouths half-open, lips wet. Both girls began to breath heavily through their noses, and Channa's arms instinctively wrapped around her dark-haired fourteen-year old friend. Urma responded in kind and the teens held each other tight as their mouths began to move slowly. Channa could feel the warmth of Urma's body through their t-shirts, could feel Urma's nipples harden and press into her flesh. Channa's small peaches were pressing against the dark-haired girl, and Channa knew her little pink nipples were also hard.

Urma moaned and Channa's body tingled, vibrated. She pulled Urma in tighter, moved her tongue out of her lips and met the young teen's own tongue inside the dark-haired girl's mouth. Tongues swirled quickly, Channa savoring the taste of Urma's lips, her tongue, loved the way Urma's breath blew from the girl's nose and against Channa's cheek.

Channa wanted to do more but was uncertain, lost in her moment of simple, innocent pleasure in kissing Urma. Her hands stayed locked on Urma's back, barely moving for long moments. The two broke the kiss, panted lightly, looked into each other's eyes, and kissed deeply again.

They started to moan into each other, Urma clearly enjoying it as much as Channa, the girls vibrated and shivered at the excitement.

For half an hour, the teens held each other tight, lips locked, only breaking occasionally to pant and sigh.

Urma was the one to break out of the moment. She pulled back from Channa, breathing heavily, lips wet and saliva coating her chin and cheeks. Urma brought her hands back to her own body, hugged herself and rubbed her arms. "I, uh ... I, uh ... I'm kinda getting sleepy, you?"

Channa buzzed for a moment before she could respond, she felt interrupted, though only later would she feel a pang of disappointment. "Umm ... yeah ... Yeah, sure..."

Urma shuddered once, twice, then stood, her knees shaking and her head turning slowly around as she tried to compose herself. "I need to go to the bathroom ... uh ... to shower ... be back in a bit."

Urma exited her bedroom and left Channa alone to her thoughts.

Channa vibrated, still panted lightly. She'd just had her first kiss from a girl. From anyone. It was so hot, so exciting, so amazing to taste Urma's mouth, to hold her friend that way. Sure, it was just 'practice, ' but Channa's mind had already moved beyond that, incorporating the experience into the growing connection she felt for the younger girl.

The fifteen-year old instinctively slid a hand under her skirt and into her moist panties. She felt her wetness, pulled it out and sniffed. Channa loved the way her own pussy smelled, loved to inhale her teen aroma and then lick her fingers. She did so, savoring her pungent slickness. Her cunt had drooled while kissing Urma, her panty crotch was slick and slimy from her excited discharge.

Channa felt a moment of uncertainty, her fingers beginning to circle her little clit and bring a fire between her legs. She didn't want Urma to walk in and see her, but she didn't want to stop. Channa's body trembled as she replayed the way Urma felt against her, the wetness of her mouth, the tenderness of her friend's lips. She shuddered, slipped a finger into her vagina, once more sniffed and tasted herself.

The fifteen-year old almost cried out, caught herself, felt even more aroused by the thought that Urma might hear her and like it. She stroked her clit, rounding her tender nub steadily but softly. Her legs shook, her slender body trembled, blonde hair becoming tangled and sweaty. Channa rocked her hips, felt her crotch tense, and cried out softly in a whisper as she climaxed. "oooh ... unnn ... unnn ... uuuuuunnnn ... mmmm..." Her vagina flushed and cream dripped out of her opening. Channa sucked on her fingers as her body released tension, orgasm washing through her, tingling every nerve ending.

Her blue panties were soaked. Channa pulled them down to look as her orgasm waned. Creamy deposit streaked down the middle, dark wetness covering most of the crotch. Channa could smell herself strongly, her cunny smelled of salt and warm flesh, of arousal and maybe a touch of fresh fish. The girl leaned down, sniffed her panty crotch, inhaled strongly her own odors, shivered once more.

She dipped a tongue onto the fabric, lapped at her own discharge. It was a strong flavor, pungent, creamy, a touch salty. Channa moaned as she imagined sliding her tongue through Urma's cunt, moving her hand back to her crotch and sliding it between her labia.

Urma's voice shouted from the bathroom, "Mom ... there's no towels in here!"

Channa snapped out of her masturbatory fantasy and pulled up her panties quickly. The wet crotch felt cool against her hot teen vulva. She sat quietly, trying to calm her racing pulse.

Urma return, wearing only a towel. "All done ... you?" Urma sniffed the air, paused, pretended to look through her underwear drawer, clearly smelling Channa's aroma. She said nothing else, however and put on a pair of dark panties. Channa couldn't see the girl's crotch, unfortunately, and as Urma slid into bed topless, the fifteen-year old affirmed that she wanted to shower as well.

Channa showered and returned, wearing a bra and panties under her towel. "All done."

"Ready to sleep?"

"I guess so..." Channa breathed softly. "Just things on my mind."

"Ok ... Yeah, me too ... Maybe just settling in will get us sleepy."

Channa could think of some things to try that would make her sleepy, but she resisted the urge to push things further. It had been an amazing night, kissing her friend for the first time. She wondered if Urma had gotten wet during their kisses, if the girl had masturbated while showering. Channa wondered if Urma's sex would taste like her own, whether Urma would want to lick her down there, to taste her between her thighs. She imagined Urma's labia under her tongue, the girl moaning and climaxing and ... Channa's body finally relaxed and the teen fell asleep next to her fourteen-year old dark-haired friend.

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