Billy Had a Little Lamb - Nursery Rhymes Were Never Like This

by Marti

Caution: This BDSM Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Wife Watching, BDSM, Bestiality, Size, BBW, Big Breasts, Public Sex, Transformation, .

Desc: BDSM Sex Story: A follow on to Bernie, A wife is tricked once again into a depraved encounter, but this time things are more bizarre and twisted. And once again her husband is forced to witness just how far a woman can be corrupted.

She looked so amazing, I had to do a double take, was it really her? They had dyed her hair a deep scarlet, and pinned it up, exposing her curved neck with long loose ringlets falling from her temples, perfectly framing her face. She looked sexy, sultry. She was heavily made up, thick red lipstick and large dark eyes, half closed, she looked like a goddess! She wore a long white gown, which emphasised her gorgeous curves, split high at the sides, exposing white stockings as she was led before the audience. Walking was difficult, as her dainty feet were encased in red sparkling heels at least 5" high, with red ribbon bound around her shapely calves. Above her waist the gown formed a tight bodice, which was secured with lace at the front and back, cinched tight forcing her now large and fulsome bosom to be beautifully exposed, the white orbs forming a deep cleavage and a tantalising glimpse of darkness where the lacing barely contained her hard pert nipples. As she stepped down from the cart, my befuddled mind left me confused ... My wife, yes ... But I yearned to find out what Bernie had in store for her.

Honestly, I never thought our involvement with Bernie would change us so much, if I had known how he would affect Jackie, maybe, (just maybe) I would have never let it go so far. After her first experience it was inevitable that things would be different but that sly manipulative man soon messed her up emotionally and physically. And god knows how, here we were again, firmly in Bernie's grasp, her the centre of attention and me, as before just a spectator as he takes her to places she and i could never imagine and which will change our lives for ever.

It was early Feb, when he made his next appearance, well I say appearance it was a phone call, on Jackie's mobile, how he got the number I really don't know. It was a Monday about 9pm, she answered the phone ... her face flushed and she went into the kitchen. Ten minutes later she was back ... scowling. How did he get my number she asked, she was angry, I could tell. I swore I didn't know, it was the truth, anyway a guy like him would know how to get information like that. I went cold - he'd probably have our address too. I asked her what he wanted, why had he phoned? She said he'd just rung to see how I was and to chat, make sure I was ok ... she blanched, she said he'd been thinking about her and thought he'd have a chat. She sighed, said she'd run a bath and go to bed.

I went to bed at 11pm, she was asleep, but; silly cow, she can't cover her tracks, she'd left the lube on the cabinet by the bed, sure sign she'd been masturbating ... I could only guess why.

Well as expected, it got worse, on the Saturday afternoon the bell rang, Jackie answered it and in 'he' waltzed, bold as brass. Jackie was too shocked to speak. But Bernie wasn't. 'Hello Jackie darlin', he beamed. He carried a big bunch of flowers and a brown crumpled paper bag. Can I come in? Finally Jackie was able to respond. 'Yes, yes. Hello Bernie, nice to see you?' She stammered, 'I, we didn't expect to ... I mean, how?' He laughed, 'well, after our chat, I thought I'd come and see you, here, got you some flower's, and Billy sent you this' ... He thrust the flowers at her and plonked the paper bag on the coffee table.

Jackie seemed surprised, she took the flowers with a stammered thank you, but her attention was held by the bag on the table. 'They will need water' Bernie said, snapping Jackie out of her trance. 'Yes' she said 'I'll pop them in a vase'. She disappeared into the kitchen.

As soon as she had gone, Bernie's cheerful disposition changed. He looked at me, 'listen don't talk' he snarled. 'Got a little event coming up and I want Jackie there, this weekend, I will give you more details later. I'll text you. Right?' My mouth open dumfounded, all I could do was nod.

Jackie returned with the flowers in a vase, 'lovely' she said. Bernie smiled, like butter wouldn't melt in his mouth. He slid the package on the table towards Jackie. 'It's from Billy' he said, 'you are honoured. Like I said he is a strange little chap, yet he has his uses and he's a clever little sod in the kitchen!' Jackie rolled down the paper bag to reveal a tall plastic pot. 'Open it' said Bernie. 'Oh!' Exclaimed Jackie, 'I know' laughed Bernie, 'try it', his face looked serious, 'honest no funny stuff, it really is good', Billy is a dab hand in the kitchen. 'But yoghurt?' Jackie said quizzically. Bernie laughed, ' I know, yoghurt, jam, pickle he does the lot! But wait till you taste it. It really is good and like I said, you're honoured, he don't let just anybody have it. Go on taste it'. Jackie slowly dipped her finger into the smooth creamy substance then hesitantly drew her finger to her mouth. Bernie gazed on, he licked his lips expectantly, she slipped her finger between her lips, and savoured. Instantly her eyes flashed. 'Wow!' She said, and dipped her finger again eagerly and took another taste. 'MMMMMmmmmm this IS good' she chimed.

'Well, I'm glad you like it, and I'm very pleased to see you again, nice to see you looking as gorgeous as ever! But I better be off.' He headed for the door. Jackie, put the pot on the table again and followed him out. 'I'll see myself out' he hollered, opening the door and off he went. 'See you soon' he shouted, 'and if you like the yoghurt, there's plenty more where that came from!' And he was gone?

'Well that was odd', said Jackie, ' and how did he know where we lived?' I shrugged my shoulders, 'same way as he got your phone number I guess ... and not from me', I added. 'Why do you think he has turned up now?' She said quietly, the question wasn't really aimed at me. She peered out of the window, but Bernie was long gone.

'Well', she said and picked up the yoghurt, 'that nasty little man really does make good yoghurt', and she took another taste. I hoped she'd smell a rat and through it down the sink, but I heard the fridge open and close and i cursed her naivety. I wouldn't touch it with a barge pole!

Sunday morning she had cereal with a huge helping of yoghurt, I expected the worst, but she was fine. Monday was the same and no I'll effects, my doubts began to fade.

Then on Monday evening, I was on my way home from work, I'd detoured to the supermarket for some shopping, my phone rang. I'd just put the shopping in the car and hurriedly answered the phone ... expecting Jackie wondering where I was. It took me by surprise, but I knew the voice instantly. It was Bernie, he asked how Jackie was, I told him she was ok, he wanted to know if she was enjoying the yoghurt, suspicious I asked why? He just laughed. 'She's put on a little weight' he said, 'but she is still gorgeous, just right' he added. 'So, this little event' he said This Friday we're having a little do, for friends and I wanted Jackie to come along, oh and you too, he added. I said I didn't think we would be able to, and he laughed again, 'of course you will' he said. I tried to get firm and said that I couldn't let this continue, but he simply told me that it was a bit late to grow a pair and get all moralistic. 'You're in it to deep son' he said. I found it hard to argue that one but I told him Jackie wouldn't go, again he laughed, 'leave her to me' he said. Before hanging up, he told me to make sure the weekend stayed free ... then he rang off. I drove the 'long way' home.

The rest of the week was un-eventful, I was still deeply suspicious of the damn yoghurt, but Jackie was tucking in and appeared fine. On Wednesday morning I woke up feeling horny and I tried it on, playfully grabbing a handful of tit, but she winced and pulled away, she apologised and said her breasts where very tender, so I left it at that. She complained again Wednesday evening, saying they were very tender and hot to the touch; her nipples were dark and extended. She said the last time they felt like that was ... But she never finished the sentence, 'certainly not' she muttered. She started to dress and laughed, 'if they are still sore at the weekend I'll make an appointment with the doctor'. But on Thursday the soreness had gone, she said it had passed, but her tits felt heavy, I noticed that her nipples continued to protrude and were unusually visible through her clothes. That evening she finished the yoghurt.

Friday morning I had an early start at work, Jackie got up with me and made me tea, as she moved about the kitchen in her dressing gown I couldn't help noticing the movement of her breasts, they really where noticeable and her nipples where still dark and protruding. She caught me looking, 'oi' she laughed. And I made a grab for her. She pulled away, ' later' she whispered. I left for work with a raging hard on but once in the car, I remembered Bernie, and began to wonder. To my shame my hard on got worse.

I got to work and made myself extra busy to keep my mind from wandering. At 11am I heard my phone ring, but I couldn't answer it, by the time I checked my phone it was lunchtime. I gulped, and felt a bit sick - two missed calls from Jackie and a text from an unknown number, plus I had an answer-phone message ... I just knew it would be Jackie. I was right, she sounded upset and left a garbled message, something about Bernie, he was there, then something about 'that bastard Billy and his yoghurt' she sobbed, then wailed - 'please come home' and hung up. I listened to the message again, but couldn't make any more sense of it and then I read the message. As if I didn't know, it was from Bernie. It read - don't come home, Jackie is fine, she will be at mine, Neville or Ian will pick you up at 8pm. And so it began, work was difficult after that, I managed to get enough done and left just after 3 but there was nothing I could do but wait.

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