Maid Service
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Squirting, Public Sex,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A black maid with a criminal past meets a man who needs help.

Shauna Jackson had just walked in the door, when her cell buzzed in her purse. She knew it was her girlfriend Layla. Shauna had promised her they would go out to the club after they both got off work, but after working an eight hour shift at a Wendy's the last thing she thought about was spending more time on her feet.

Shauna read the text about where and when to meet. She threw herself on the couch and texted back her apology for not going. She put her feet up and waited for the reply. When Layla texted back it was not so much a complaint but a request. Shauna knew that Layla was a house cleaner, and made great money. She wanted to do the same, but her criminal record kept her from getting hired. Now; Layla wanted her to take over for a week while she goes on a vacation.

The idea of making more money was something she considered, but the company Layla worked for would never hire her. If she missed more than a day of work she would be fired, not to mention her Parole Officer would know about it too. Shauna knew the risks were greater than the reward, and texted her back that she was going to pass.

Relaxing from her day at work, Shauna put on the TV and put her feet up. It was towards the end of the night she heard her phone buzzing like crazy. Shauna was too tired to reach for it on the table, and went back to flipping the channels. Within a few minutes, she heard a knock on her door. It was then she heard Layla's voice telling her to open up.

Shauna opened the door and let her impatient friend come in. Layla showed her phone to her and spoke up, "You don't be answering your phone. I tried to call to let you know I was coming up."

"What's got you all bothered tonight? Is it 'cause I bailed on you?"

Layla "No. It's nothing about tonight. I really needs you to cover for me for next week. I know you can find someone to cover your shift."

Shauna sat back on the couch and crossed her arms. She wondered why her friend was so worked up on having her clean a client's house. It was not like she owned the cleaning company. Layla was a paid employee. Shauna knew that the company forbids its workers from accepting tips, and there was no real great reward.

Shauna slyly answered back. "Tell me why you want me to cover so bad, and I will ask DaShawn if he will work my shifts next week."

Layla sat down on the couch and opened her purse to fish for a cigarette. "You know that guy I told you about? The one who keeps his place looking like a magazine ad. Well, his place is the only place I want you to clean. If any of the other girls find out he leaves me a tip, I will be fired."

Shauna smiled as Layla's Spanish accent kicked up. She now realized how heated she was about keeping this job, and collecting this guy's tip each day. "So I'mma be keeping that tip while I clean, right?"

Layla lit her cigarette and took a deep puff before answering. "You can keep the pay, and the tip girl. Just you be following the rules, when you clean his pad though. Like no talking that hood shit while you're there. Don't be stealing anything, or looking like you gonna steal. And don't be smoking anything neither. You gonna really have to clean the place too."

Shauna gave a look of disgust at the rules she had to follow. "So I should be all like proper and shit while I am there? Oh, and Mr. Johansson has me on lock down wit dat drug testin' shit."

Layla laid back and took another drag, "I will drop off my stuff for you tomorrow and shit. Don't be forgettin to wear the stupid outfit either. They won't even be opening the door for you if you not dressed like me. Place is easy as shit to clean though. I am supposed to be there for like three hours cleaning, but it takes me like forty five minutes to get it all done."

Layla's phone rang, and she checked it before shutting off the ringer, "Gots to be out now. I will hit you up tomorrow with the rest of the info on the place. Trust me, you will be thanking me when I get back."

Shauna waved off her girlfriend as she walked out the door. She picked up and shut off her phone before going to bed.

The next morning Shauna texted her coworker about taking her shifts next week. She was sure that someone would take them; it was a fast-food place that turned over workers just as fast as the burgers they served. When the text came back she was relieved it was so quick and easy. All she had to do now, was wait for Layla with instructions.

Shauna fixed her meager breakfast as she waited for Layla to text back. She looked around and wondered how she was going to be a maid for someone else when her own place was a mess. She just chalked it up to the place she was living and not her abilities. After all a few months ago she was rotting away at the Northridge Women's Correctional Facility.

When Shauna answered the door thinking it was Layla she was pissed to find her man Ty. He had clothes draped across his arm, "Layla said you have to be there 'round 'bout 9. Said for you not to show up at 10. Oh, and there is a list of things to do somewhere in one of her pockets."

She quipped back, "Please tell Lay that she is fucked up for not showing up. She ain't even tell me what all I have to do for this guy."

Taking the clothes, she made a sound of disgust as she closed the door quickly. She did not even ask if she was close by, or where she was. Shauna had the day to kill before going to work cleaning some stranger's place.

When Shauna put on the outfit she noticed that is was for her friend's body and not hers. Her hips and chest felt loose as Layla was a bit larger than her. She let out a sigh knowing that her Spanish friend had more of a butt than her. Layla also had a man who enjoyed it, and that was two things Shauna wanted.

Shauna stood there staring at the mirror. She fingered her hair, and wished to herself that she could afford to get it done. She remembered the extensions she had before she went away, and desperately wanted to get them again. Her five foot five inch frame also had no curves to it, and that was another thing she put on her want list.

She pulled out the crumpled instructions in the front pocket. She had to pick this guy's groceries up, make him his three meals, while cleaning and doing his laundry. Shauna wondered how it only took Layla forty five minutes. This guy paid for a few hours, and the company knew how to charge.

After a bus ride, and a walk for a couple of blocks, it was over an hour since Shauna left her place. She was now in the wealthy part of the city, and she felt like a maid from the 19th century. When she walked into the apartment, the guards acted as if they knew she was Layla's replacement for the week. Shauna sighed her relief, knowing the people at the front desk knew about her 'cause she was prepared to be sent packing. Now she waited in the elevator to get to her floor wondering what this week was going to be like.

When Shauna knocked on the door, she was expecting to see some fat old rich guy. After a few moments of patiently waiting, she knocked again. Her impatience grew to anger as a few minutes turned into fifteen. She picked up the phone to text her friend, and bitch. All she got back as a laugh out loud, and instructions to just walk in and watch.

Shauna took the advice, and quietly opened the door. She announced herself the second she cracked the door open. When the door was fully open, she walked in to see an immaculate apartment. The white walls had a few pictures on them, the wood floors looked like they were just cleaned, and there was not a spot of dust. Shauna scanned the room really quickly waiting for this guy to come and introduce himself. Shauna called out again that she was there.

The further Shauna walked into the apartment, the more she realized her friend was right. There was nothing out of place, and not a speck of dirt or dust to be found. There were only a few pieces of furniture, and everything looked new. The kitchen could be seen though the living room and it also looked seldom used.

Shauna was now more than a few feet into her new workplace when she heard a grunt. Not a mean or angry grunt, but a sound of straining. Shauna walked to the hallway on the left to see if her new employer was in trouble. When she peered around the corner and could see down the short hallway, she finally set her eyes on whose place she was cleaning.

Gasping the second she saw him, Shauna's mouth dropped. There he was, wearing nothing but a tight pair of running shorts. His porcelain body was something she had only seen in the movies, or some magazine ad featuring male hunks. Shauna was never interested in white guys, but she knew a good looking guy when she saw one.

Shauna ducked behind the wall so only her head poked out as she spied. As he lifted the weights, Shauna strained her eyes to see all of the muscles that bunched and strained beneath his pale skin. She never realized a white man could look so buff and so tempting to her. His mind was focused on lifting and the earbuds in his ears let her know he was not listening for her.

Standing there gawking like a schoolgirl, she felt a little guilty. She pulled out her phone to text Layla and to tell her she was a perv for spying. When she texted her, she heard the clanking of the weights being put down. Lifting her head she watched him strip off the tight shorts, and grab a towel. As he headed towards the bathroom on the hallway, his entire body was on display, from the broad expanse of his shoulders, the rippled canvas of his torso and tight butt that made her itch to squeeze.

Shauna also got a great look at the white monster that hung between his legs. She had never seen such a piece of flesh that big on a white guy. When her phone buzzed, she quickly covered it so he wouldn't hear. When she looked up again he was out of view. Shauna could feel her heart race fast as her body reacted to seeing such a sight.

When the door closed and the water running, Shauna breathed a sigh of relief. She saw the text from Layla as her phone buzzed again. "LOL. Not bad for a gay guy."

Shauna put the phone away and closed the front door to seem like she was coming in and not spying on him.

A voice called out from the hallway. "I will be out in just a second! If you want there is some coffee made!"

Shauna walked into the kitchen to find a freshly brewed pot of coffee. She scanned around the kitchen to see if anything needed cleaning. She was now wondering what she really was doing here. The place was like it was never lived in. Finding something to do for the time she had to spend here was harder than the work that had to be done.

With a cup of coffee poured, Shauna sat at the small kitchen table waiting. When he came out, he wore a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt that did nothing to hide his bulging muscles.

"So you must be Layla's friend. I heard you are going to cover for her for the week. I am Jack." He said coming over with a friendly smile and hand stretched out. Damn, even his smile was sexy. Shauna couldn't help but think that this week will either be awesome or sweet torture.

Shauna stood up to greet him with a handshake. "I am Shauna."

She tried not to stare at him, but found herself wondering how a man such as this could be gay. She used that thought to focus on the task at hand, "Layla told me you need me to cook and clean for you. Do you want food now?"

Jack gave a chuckle at Shauna. "Oh you don't have to. I mean unless you want to, then it's ok. I am not crippled, it's just that I don't eat that much. Layla cooked only because she liked using the kitchen to experiment. Almost all the food she made went home with her."

Shauna gave a look of confusion as she answered back, "So, I don't have to cook for you?"

Jack nervously answered, "No, you don't have to. I mean ... I just need help cleaning is all."

Shauna knew she shouldn't say anything, but she just had to know. She figured the curiosity was going to kill her, "If you don't mind me asking. Why am I here? This place looks cleaner than a museum."

"Oh, I know, but the service is paid up for the year. Just figure, I would hate for someone to lose their job."

Shauna tried to find the right words, something that sounded white and educated, but she simply shrugged his answer and nodded, "Well, I guess I can clean and keep it clean. You prolly off to work now."

Jack gave a look of displeasure at listening to how Shauna spoke, but still answered back, "Yes, I will have to work today. My office, and cellphone number is on the fridge in case you have to reach me. Just be sure to use the service elevator when you leave, and not the main elevator you came up on. Also go out the back entrance when you leave the building."

Shauna was taken aback by his instructions and gave a kind of pissed look. She figured that this white guy did not want anyone to know a black girl was his maid, "Oh so, you can't be having a black housekeeper be seen. I can understand that."

Jack nervously answered as if he said something so wrong. "No. No. Nothing like that. The main entrance will report you left early and you will be docked pay. I don't want you to lose money."

Shauna felt dumb for jumping to conclusion and tried to save face, "Oh, sorry about that."

Jack smiled and saw that she was genuinely remorseful after finding out she was wrong, "Don't worry about it. It's a weird situation."

Breaking the awkwardness, Shauna said, "If you tell me where the cleaning stuff is, I can get to work. You prolly got somewhere to be."

"It's in the front closet and all the laundry is in the laundry area at the end of the hallway."

Shauna smiled and walked off to get started. She heard Jack make something in the kitchen before heading out the door. Shauna spent more time looking for something to clean than actually cleaning. The laundry only took a few minutes too. She was just sitting and waiting now to put the clothes in the dryer before folding and going home. She did not have to do laundry, but needed something to keep her occupied.

To get her mind off the boredom, Shauna reached for her phone. Maybe Layla would have her phone nearby. Layla texted back, "Hey girl, How's Jack?"

Shauna smiled when she answered back. "He is weird, but fine."

Layla quickly texted back. "He is way shy, and gay girl. Guy a fine as him, never have any bitches around."

Shauna was laughing as if Layla was right there next to her. She quickly answered back, "Don't make him gay. Shy is all shit, but not a fag."

As Shauna waited for a reply she walked around the apartment looking for clues. She walked around to see if anything would stand out as gay to her. Although she wondered what a gay guy would have, an extensive wine collection or a wristband to a local gay club, or even a motherlode of gay porn maybe. She also wondered why a guy with money has almost nothing laying around.

Layla called back and Shauna sat on the couch as she answered the phone. When Shauna picked up the phone Layla called out, "Damm this couch is nice."

Shauna listened to Layla as she moved her body on the plush couch, Girl, dis how I know he gay. I forgot to wear my outfit one day, and he just looked away from me almost avoiding me. I asked if he wanted me to clean without clothes, and he got beet red and walked away."

"Did you ever see his boyfriend or anything?" Shauna said, curious if her friend was right.

"Girl, no, but can't no straight man turn away this pussy. I gots that good-good. He is so fine, he could get any bitch he wants. You don't believe me. See for yourself. Offer to clean naked, and watch him run like he scared of pussy."

The door lock clicked as Shauna was about to talk prompting her to hang up quickly. Jack walked in just as Shauna put the phone on her lap. He turned to her and spoke, "Sorry, I just forgot something."

Shauna gave a bright smile, as she realized he didn't care about her sitting on his couch doing nothing. She decided to get up and act busy as not to cause him to inquire about her loafing around. As she walked near him she saw a smile form across his face. Shauna smiled back to be polite, but wondered about why he was smiling.

The quiet tension was ended when Jack gave more instructions, "Oh, if you can, the delivery guy comes at weird times. Can you make sure he comes before you leave?"

Shauna smiled as she responded, "Sure."

Shauna waited for Jack to leave before snooping around. Once the door was closed, she was on a mission to ransack the place for clues. Walking into his room was like walking into a sci-fi film. He had multiple computers and monitors running. They were all shutoff, but it was clear that he was a computer nerd of some kind. Shauna also noticed the lack of pictures or any other kind of mementos. All of the walls seemed barren except for a few pieces of non related art. It was like he had no family or friends.

Shauna finished the laundry and the delivery guy came while she was sorting. She was expecting to find something telltale gay about his clothes too but was shocked to find that his clothes were cheap and plain. The dilemma was now puzzling her more than anything else. She left for the day thinking about Jack's sexual orientation the whole time. She tried to call her friend, but her call went straight to voicemail.

The night passed with the question still in her head. Nothing seemed to add up, but Shauna was determined to find out. She went through her limited wardrobe to find something hot and sexy. She looked for a fuck me outfit, but wanted to still be able to work in it. Shauna debated about just stripping off her clothes and throwing herself on him.

She giggled and laughed to herself knowing that this idea was stupid. As she decided on wearing the plain outfit again, she looked in the mirror at her body. She knew he had an amazing body, but did not know if he was into black girls. Thinking again she could be turned down because of the race difference. Her skin was the shade of cocoa, and his was the color of ivory. Shauna wondered if he wanted a girl like him, some pale ass white girl. Shauna just did not want to test Layla's theory on the fear the rejection would hurt her as much as jeopardize losing the job for her friend.

Right before Shauna was about to leave there was a bang at her door as if someone wanted to break in. Looking through the peephole she spotted her Parole Officer, Mr. Johansson. He was a hard as nails guy, who loved to put people back in the pen without any real justification. He even said to her when she got out, he was not expecting her to last.

"Open up, we need to talk about your new job."

Shauna opened the door expecting to be threatened to be "caged up" again. Shit, she'd forgotten to tell him she was covering for Layla. The constant keeping him informed always pissed her off, now it was going to piss her off even more.

Mr. Johansson stepped in and unleashed his rhetoric of going back to prison as a real possibility, how she needed to keep him informed of any real changes, and how Shauna was lucky to not go back to the halfway house just for this. At the end of his tirade, he said that a Jackson Cain informed him of her new employment and he provided references.

Shauna did not want to tell him that it was temporary and that she would be back to flipping burgers by next week. Shauna even got her hours for next week, but liked the idea of doing something different.

After the little speech about going back to prison or the halfway house, Shauna watched her bus ride off. She knew she was going to be late and was going to miss the showing of Jack working out. While she waited on the bench, he mind wandered to dirty thoughts about Jack and the dirty sexy things he could do to her body and the things she'd do to his if given half a chance ... She pushed her naughty ideas back. She had never slept with a white guy, and she still had to determine if he was even straight.

When Shauna walked in the door she heard the shower going and knew the show was over. Instead she decided to clean the few clothes left on the floor. As the door to the bathroom opened Shauna quickly stood up and waited to see if he would come out naked or just a towel.

As Jack walked in with a towel she felt her heart sink a little with disappointment. Although she wanted to see him in the buff, the sheer sight of him sent tingles down her spine. His chest muscles seemed to be unending, and his abs was like a washboard. It was like being in a museum, she could look but she couldn't touch. Shauna had always been a bit of a rebel.

Jack jumped a little when he walked in to see Shauna waiting for him. "Oh! I did not hear you come in."

He quickly reached for a shirt, and fumbled trying to find the neck hole. Shauna smiled at his attempt to cover himself with a shirt while still having only a towel covering his body. I wanted to thank you for talking with my PO."

Jack looked up while his hands were trying to fix the shirt, "Oh that, Layla told me about him. I hope I did not overstep though."

Shauna could not stop smiling at him. She never thought a white guy would be so nice. She never thought a white guy could be so sexy and kind at the same time. She felt this attraction for him she could not deny. She decided right then to put some moves on him. She thought that she could figure him out right here and now while he was half naked.

Shauna put her hand on his t-shirt to stop him from putting it on. "You know. I know how to repay a favor."

They both looked at each other's eyes. It was Shauna who had the lust, while Jack showed confusion to the point of fear. He uttered out. "I ... nooo, you don't have to."

Shauna saw the redness in his face as she held the top of his towel. Thinking she would go a bit further, she slid her hand down to reach his bulging manhood. Shauna diverted her eyes away from his to see that his white cock was pushing the towel up. She looked up again to see that he was not going to go any further. Shauna decided to back off and let it be.

Although she wanted to smile and jump for joy, she held back on those feelings. Shauna knew in her gut that he was not gay. The only real question now, was why he backed off. She did not want to push him any further so she let herself out while being polite. "Well. I can make you something to eat if you want. Or..."

Jack quickly replied and moved back at the same time. "Please, just something quick. I got an important meeting and have to eat and run."

Before Shauna left the room she turned and smiled at him. She giggled inside as she saw his face get even shyer and withdrawn "Well, go on and get ready, and I'll have something for you."

Shauna fixed something quick and watched Jack come out soon after. He quickly ate it while never making eye contact with her. She wanted to force him, or even tell him, but decided to just let it go.

As Jack left, Shauna made an attempt to text Layla. Again, she did not have her phone on. Shauna let out an audible, "Bitch, turn your fucking phone on," to vent her frustration. Shauna smiled and the thought of telling Layla that Jack got hard for her. Although a doubt still persisted, she had a feeling it was something else. The only way she thought about finding the real problem was through snooping.

Since the place required almost no cleaning, an extensive search of the place was easy. Shauna set out in the workout room first. She looked for any sign that something was off. She was not shocked to find only his iPod, and weights. It was as if he rented the place or refused to buy anything.

When Shauna entered the bedroom again, she moved the dirty clothes to the hallway before searching. Going for the nightstand she expected to find some sort of porno, or maybe a sex toy. There she only found ace bandages and an extensive first aid kit. Still not giving up, she ventured to his dresser. Shauna looked at the bottom of every drawer working her way down to the last drawer. There she only found clothes perfectly put away. She thought about how anal this perfectionist lives.

Seeing his computer was still on, she sat in the comfy seat and wiggled the mouse. A screensaver popped up of a woman and a small girl. The photo was obviously cropped on one side, as the woman's arm was cut off.

Shauna, not giving up, decided to go through his closet. When she opened the door, she realized it was a walk-in and turned on the lights. She was floored when she saw the lights flicker to reveal something at last. The room was filled with geeky toys and posters.

Jack had a collection of Star Wars models that looked both old and new. What was more interesting was they were not displayed but packed neatly away. It was like he was moving out or still moving in. She quickly went through some of the boxes and saw that they were all in great condition but packed for storage.

The last box was marked videos. Thinking she had given up on the quest for something pornographic, she happened upon the motherlode. She flipped open the lid of the box and there it was in all its glory. Shauna had finally uncovered the truth. It was filled with straight porn. Nothing too nasty or kinky, though. Lots of straight normal porno tapes. Some were new and unopened too.

Shauna was smiling ear to ear now. She tried again in vain to text Layla, but still nothing. She figured that she was off with Ty fucking or drinking. Shauna had to keep busy while she just wanted to explode with joy at solving the puzzle. She loved being right and just wanted to shove it in her girl's face.

After about an hour, Shauna did all the work that needed to be done, and then cooked a few meals to take home. The only thing she could do was work to keep her mind at peace. Leaving to go home, she would try again the next day.

Shauna was unsure what she was going to do. On one hand she wanted to be thrown down and fucked hard and long, but on the other she wanted to be caressed and taken with passion. She blew these ideas out of her head thinking she was going to be turned down. He was white and she was black after all.

Shauna reassured herself that a black man needed to service her, not some timid white guy, who was straight but somehow afraid of getting laid. She even thought about how her past boyfriends were with her. Shauna was used to being fucked hard and quick before they left her. Shauna even recalled her last boyfriend and how he liked to smack her ass hard during sex. Shauna hated it, but put up with it because he liked it. All thoughts of doing something were out the door the moment she got on the long bus ride to his place.

When the door opened Shauna's heart raced with anticipation. She eagerly awaited Jack's workout. When her head poked out into the hallway she got an eyeful of Jack's perfect form lifting and straining and could not think of one good reason to not proposition him.

Shauna waited until he was in the shower before she would make her move. Until then she just watched him. Getting all worked up helped build the courage inside her. When he closed the door to the shower she knocked on the door announcing herself, "Just wanted to let you know I am here."

"Ok I will be out in a bit."

Shauna unbuttoned the top 4 buttons of her uniform. Her brown breasts were almost popping out now. She secretly wished she could afford lace bras and panties, but she would have to work with what she had. She looked down to see that she was covered, but still openly showing her twins.

Walking into his bedroom, she acted like she was cleaning. She bent over slightly showing that her thong held back her anxious pussy. With heart pounding away she waited for the moment he saw her bent over and ready to be fucked like a cheap slut.

Still bent over Shauna never moved when Jack called out, "Oh I did not see you there."

Shauna slowly lifted herself up, but kept her skirt hiked up on purpose. Instead of covering her knees it bunched up at her thighs, "I came to clean today, but it was so hot."

Shauna secretly wished she said something other than some corny porno line, but it just came out. She slowly went to unbutton the remaining buttons. She watched as Jack seemed almost petrified as the last of her buttons came free.

"OH, my. You don't have too..." Jack stuttered over his words. His towel was obviously pushed forward holding back his erection.

Shauna felt the stir of lust in her body and the wetness in her sex. She went even further, as her hands pushed the uniform open. She was now revealing her bare brown skin with only her bra holding back her tits.

Jack quickly walked to the dresser to get a shirt to cover up. Shauna knew it was pointless. She was wondering if he only let Layla dress and act provocative around him. Layla was Spanish, and had more meat on her body. Shauna knew that Layla had big tits that hung a little, while hers were the perky and only a b cup.

Shauna blurted out her thoughts, "I am sorry, I see that you like them Spanish girls like Layla."

Jack turned to her while putting his shirt on, "It's not that. You are really pretty. I just don't see why you would be into me. I mean, what would a hot girl want with me?"

Shauna smiled and walked towards him. She knew he was shy, but damn, did he not own a mirror? "I will show you what I want with you." Shauna said not bothering to hide the lust in her voice.

It was then she knew that she had to be a little forthcoming with him. She did not know if he wanted her or was just saying that to keep her from making a scene. Shauna dropped the top of her uniform while standing right in front of him. With her skirt hiked up around the thighs she soon wiggled it off. Only a thin thong covered her dark ebony sex from him, "So you find me attractive?"

"You are really sexy, but I just can't."

Shauna placed her hands on his muscled white chest. "Can't or won't? You ever fuck a black girl before?"

Jack uttered back as he felt Shauna remove the knot on his towel. "No. It's not that I never wanted to it's just that."

Shauna cut Jack's plea off as she called out. She now had a grip of his hard white cock. "I see that this black girl made you hard."

Shauna loved how thick Jack's white rod felt in her hand. She got down to her knees and pressed her lips to its bulbous head. She kissed it quickly before wrapping her lips around it. The moment her lips went past the head, she felt her pussy twitch with desire. His white cock was already throbbing before she had it down her throat. She only got half of it in before having to come back for air.

Jack moaned loud and stopped fighting it. Shauna felt his body relax, as he enjoyed how her black lips worked at sucking his cock. Shauna put her hand around his thick shaft as her mouth went back for more. Her mouth watered with each stroke of his white erection. She had never been with a white guy before, but could not stop herself with him.

The thought of having a white cock in her mouth only fueled her desire, causing wetness to pool between her legs soaking her tiny panties. The more it pulsed the more she craved him. She could not pinpoint what was more exciting, being with a white guy nor having a perfect cock to fuck her. Either which way, Shauna felt her pussy twinge with anticipation.

As Shauna pushed hard against the sensitive cock head, Jack made no inclination of stopping her, or forcing her to deep throat him. Shauna got heated knowing he was not forceful with her, but she knew by the sounds of his moans he was enjoying it. Shauna was enjoying the newfound control she had over him so much, she pulled back to suck solely on his head for a moment. She remembered in the past how men would try to gag her with their dicks.

With Shauna in control she sucked a cock the way she always wanted too. With Jack's hot cock on her tongue and the moans of pleasure that emanated from him she felt like a sex goddess. Her nipples tightened and she couldn't resist sliding her other hand into her soaked thong, running her fingers over her swollen nub, and moaning around his hard cock.

Shauna's mouth now slurped as she slid Jack's white tool down her throat. The more the sounds of his pleasure emanated, the more she felt her own orgasm building. Her salvia continued to cover his white fuck tool she slurped, making the sloppiest sexiest noises She never remembered in the past covering a man's cock with so much spit. She felt dirty and sexy. She did not stop when it started to drip on her dark tits though. In her head she thought she might need it as its intended destination was to split her fuck hole open wide. She moved back and forth faster now building up momentum as she held his firm balls hanging in front of her. She thought about how his balls held the cum she so desperately wanted out, and was going to work to get.

Jack moaned out, "Please, I am going to cum."

Shauna looked up with her mouth full of throbbing white meat. She never stopped as she saw the lust in his eyes. She moaned on his cock, as her lips now formed a tight seal around his pale shaft. She was not expecting him to finish quickly, but the thought of swallowing his white load turned her on to no end. She pushed her tongue hard on the underside of his shaft feeling it pulse, as it was ready to explode. Her hand furiously worked the base of his slippery white rod now while her mouth easily slid back and forth.

Shauna saw Jack's eyes roll back as he gave final bellow of orgasmic joy. She held the base of his swollen cock as it pumped a large hot load on her tongue. She kept her lips around the tip as it jettisoned a strong stream of white boy cum. Shauna easily let it flow down her throat, as the distinctive salty taste made her own pussy swell with wetness. She stroked his shaft again as another hot blast shot in her mouth. Shauna's body exploded in orgasmic tremors as her pussy clenched at the thought of swallowing two hot loads of cum from this hot white guy.

Jack backed away as Shauna released his softening member with a smile, "Mmmh, you came like you was tryin to get my throat pregnant" she said giggling.

Jack was still in disbelief that a black girl just sucked him off to an amazing orgasm. "Oh my god, that felt so good."

Shauna got to her feet and prepared herself to be fucked. Just as she reached for his semi hard cock, the door buzzer sounded.

"That's my driver. I have to go. I just want to say that I loved it."

Shauna felt a twinge of depression wash over her. She still wanted to have his white cock split her open. She also thought about having him later tonight, but quickly realized it would have to wait. Shauna walked out slowly letting Jack get an eyeful of her ass, putting an extra sway in her hips knowing he was watching how it bounced with her every step. As she left the room with her outfit, she got dressed as she waited for Jack to leave.

When Jack came out a few minutes later, Shauna was already dressed and waiting by the door. He quietly approached her. Shauna had a smile on her face the whole time. "Can I ask you something 'fore you go?"

Jack hesitantly answered. "Sure."

"How come you ain't got no girlfriend? I mean, unless, you got something on the side, or at work. I just don't take you for no player and all."

Jack stepped quickly by her and avoided eye contact. "I got to go."

His dismissive comment stung worse than an actual rejection. All Shauna was left with was a goodbye, and a thank you for sucking my dick. She wondered if she did something wrong or if he was just that rude. In her head she ran through the possibilities of what went wrong. Everything seemed fine until she mentioned if he was with someone.

The more Shauna thought about his comment the stupider she felt for sucking him off and the stupider she felt the angrier she got. She had it in her mind to tell him off. Shauna reached for her phone, she was going to text Layla that the job was not worth it. She figured the money she made in the last three days was worth the money she lost at her real job. Besides it wasn't like she was really working for the cleaning company anyway.

With rage building she kept on feeling that she gave some guy head, who just blew her off after. The rage built to a point Shauna looked for something to steal. She looked around for something quick to grab. When her phone beeped, she picked it up to see that her service was shut off. Shauna cursed as she thought she still had two days.

She decided to try the computer to send her message. Shauna walked over and sat in the chair. When the password prompt popped up she let out another audible curse. The only other option was to see if he had a tablet or something else. Shauna searched the bedroom for about fifteen minutes before giving up. She went to the workout room and instantly saw her escape from this job. Jack had left his iPod on the treadmill.

Quickly turning it on, she prayed it did not have a password on it. When it flicked on she gave a sigh of relief. She sent a text to Layla that she was not going to work the final two days. Shauna felt stupid for giving Jack a blow job and was definitely not going to tell her. She'd never hear the end of it. Her whole perception changed to that of Jack being an ungrateful dick for treating her like shit after getting head. "Damn good head," she added aloud as her irritation grew.

Shauna retreated back to the couch as she waited on Layla to text back. She knew she had to wait and decided on going through his iPod. She turned on the music selection to listen to what this prick played while working out. It wasn't music though. Shauna waited for music, but only a recorded voicemail came on. It was a girl's voice, and the message was to Jack's voicemail.

Turning up the volume Shauna listened carefully. It was a girl that left a voicemail to Jack. She was dumping him. Shauna could not believe it. She had to rewind it a few time to make sure it was right. Not only was she dumping him, but she was making fun of him. Shauna knew some cruel girls in prison, but nothing this mean. What the fuck could he have done to deserve this emasculating barrage of insults? Even with being upset with Jack she knew he didn't deserve this.

Flipping to the pictures she found a folder named Jessica. It was the only folder that had pictures of any girl. She was somewhat pretty, but Shauna knew he could do much better. She was next to this fat guy in all of the pictures. Shauna dropped the iPod in utter shock. Oh My God she called out. Jack was a fat guy once. Shauna continued to go through what seemed to be a history of emails Jack sent this woman.

All of the emails that came from Jessica sounded like page after page of insults. How all he did was collect Star Wars and nerd stuff. How his apartment needed to be cleaned up, and how weak he was. Shauna realized why Jack was so mental. This bitch of a girlfriend fucked with his head, tearing him down body and soul.

The idea of bitching at him for running out the door faded into pity. Shauna wanted to tell him what he was now. He was sexy as fuck, but so much more than that. He was kind and clean and more importantly he liked Star Wars. He was a grown man and entitled to like whatever the fuck he wanted. She wanted to beat the ever living shit out of this Jessica. She knew if given half the chance she'd give this white bitch the beating of her life. The girl was lucky Shauna didn't know her and that she was on parole because...

Shauna froze realizing how worked up she had gotten. She realized that somewhere between the first time she spied on Jack's workout and giving him head that she'd developed feelings for him; feelings that surpassed mere lust. It was the only way she could explain this defensiveness of Jack. Shauna tried to shake it out of her mind, and contemplated just staying at his place until he came home.

Sanity prevailed and Shauna finally left after a few hours of redecorating. Shauna decided that his old packed away stuff would look nice if they were displayed again. Although she was not a big fan of Star Wars, and the other items he had, she enjoyed putting them on display for him.

The whole night, Shauna replayed the events in her head. She conveniently blocked out the whole part of wanting to tell him off and quit working though. Shauna now debated telling Jack what she knew, and give him some advice on fixing his personal life. In the back of her head she thought that she was not the person to do so. Her personal life was just as fucked up. Boyfriend after boyfriend had broken her heart. Some were mean and abusive, and some were just using her for sex. She'd given up hope of finding anyone decent. Maybe that's why she was so upset with Jessica and pitied Jack; he was a better man than anyone in her checkered past and deserved better.

Just before she fell asleep, thoughts of Jack's cock came to her in a sexual fantasy. The novelty of being with a white guy was something that added fuel to her fire as her pussy swelled with need. Shauna could not help but rub her swollen clit thinking of how his white dick tasted. She thought about how he moaned when he shot his hot stream of cum in her mouth and it sent her into a frenzy. She worked her sensitive nub quickly at the thought of his hard man tool filling her tight hole. Shauna moaned as she came. Though, powerful it wasn't enough. She craved Jack, his body, his touch, his cock. Feeling both dirty and excited made her want to try again, if not push it to another level.

Shauna made sure she was on time for Jack's daily workout show. When she walked in the door she was greeted by Jack packing up from her decorating. Jack turned, and in a surprised tone said, "Oh, I did not expect you so early."

Shauna waited for him to complain but Jack seemed reserved about what she had done. Shauna knew she had to push the issue. In her head, it was for his own good, "You don't like it? Figured, you bought 'em, why not show'em off."

Jack turned, mouth open as if he was going to reply, but was instantly distracted as his gaze dropped to her tits. When she'd caught it, he quickly diverted his eyes away. Shauna saw her chance, "You wanna see them?"

Jack looked taken back at Shauna's upfront attitude. "I ... I... , just want to know why you took my things out."

Shauna gave an impish grin as her hands quickly unbuttoned her shirt. She pulled her shirt open, and pulled down her bra to expose herself. "If you putting things away, then I should prolly put these away, right?"

When Jack's eyes fixated on Shauna's exposed brown breasts he lost all thoughts for a moment. Shauna felt victorious, as Jack's mind was off of his things. Her heart was pounding out of her chest with her nipples puckered beneath his gaze ... She took it a step further and knelt before his crotch. She placed her hand right on his groin, and stroked his male tool through his clothing, feeling it react to her intimate touch. Shauna knew above anything else that she was not going to leave this apartment until she felt this white cock up inside of her.

Jack tried to move her hand away before Shauna spoke, "You want me to suck it again?"

Jack nodded his head as she moved his hand away. Shauna's heart was pounding with anticipation as she pulled down the sweat pants that held back his white monster. When it popped out, she saw his white tool already semi hard. She grinned knowing she was going to get his hard tool inside of her this time. Shauna committed herself to the notion that Jack was going to fuck her.

Shauna kissed the tip as her hand took a hold of it. Bringing it to her mouth she quickly engulfed it. Shauna swallowed his hardening erection down her throat. She knew once it got fully erect she would not be able to do so. Jack immediately gave his reaction to her taking it her mouth with a loud moan of approval. All thoughts went to sex once she took his dick in her mouth.

Both Shauna and Jack gave silent moans of bliss, as she slid her mouth back and forth, and slurped a few times while trying to keep a tight seal on his shaft. Feeling it twitch and pulse inside her mouth gave Shauna the indication her skills were up to par. Shauna knew to switch to her hands after a few hard pulses. Even though she wanted again to taste his cum she wanted even more to feel him filling her eager hole.

After stroking his now hard cock, she put her mouth back to work on it. Shauna's pussy dripped with her juice preparing it for the meat she had in her mouth. At one point she wondered if she was going to orgasm before him. The sheer thought of having his dick in her mouth was sending pulses through her body and making her pussy drip.

Shauna could not take any more; she had to have it in her. Standing up she grabbed his hand leading him to the bedroom with a promising grin.

It did not take any time for both of them to strip from their clothing. The few pieces left on them were quickly thrown to the floor as Jack took a hold of Shauna and kissed her dark, full lips. This surprised Shauna, if only for a second as her body melted into his kiss. She felt giddy inside as she saw the effect her body was having on Jack. She never had been with a white guy before, nor considered it in the past. Now she was naked, getting ready to have this man slide his prick deep inside her. She broke away from Jack's arms as she bent over to fetch the condom she had stuffed into her uniform. Shauna knew that he was staring at her ass as she bent over exposing herself to him like never before.

Shauna handed it to him, and watched as he slipped it over his large male fuck stick. She swallowed hard wondering if it was going to hurt her. The excitement of Jack being white, mixed with the fact that she couldn't remember the last time she'd had sex added wetness to her sex. Shauna felt almost drunk with anticipation as she watched him handle his own dick.

Almost throwing herself on the bed, she opened her legs and called him to her. "Come fuck this black pussy."

Jack was again taken aback by her forwardness, but did not hesitate obeying her command. He got on the bed and placed his body between hers. He did not aim his cock towards her sex, rather claiming her lips in a passionate kiss. Shauna was expecting him to go right for her honey hole, in fact she wanted to feel him ram his hard white cock deep inside her, but was pleasantly surprised by his gesture to spend time kissing her. All her experiences in the past were heavily focused on the fucking and nothing on the foreplay. She never had a man just kiss her and adore her affection before. It fanned the flames of her desire until she was writhing beneath him. She reciprocated his passionate kisses with fiery ones of her own, wrapping her arms around him.

As Shauna felt their tongues dance and push into each other's mouths, the need to have his prick inside her grew. The more his tongue rubbed and pushed against hers, the more she wanted to feel her love hole filled with his white love muscle. The passion was too much for her and her insides were almost dripping out of her pussy. Shauna never thought such passion would turn her on so much, and now the effect was making her need it even more.

The need to have Jack inside her was growing to be too much and Shauna was about to break the kiss to tell him to slide it in her. Suddenly, Jack swallowed her gasp in his kiss as she was hit with the full sensation of her dark love petals being split open by Jack's hard cock. It seemed to slide right in and fill her up. The feeling was so intense her love canal instantly clamped around it with more love juice. Her grip around him got tighter as she moaned heavily into his mouth. She never thought her body could feel so good. She never remembered sex being so intense, and he had not even begun to stroke into her.

Shauna thought that her lack of sex was the reason for her reacting the way she did when Jack pushed deep into her body. She kept reminding herself that this was some strange white guy that was filling a void, and she was doing him a favor. When Jack started thrusting, Shauna had to try harder and harder to convince herself of that though. Jack seemed to have easily found her spot and a few that she hadn't even known about, as if he knew her body better than she did. She thanked God for it as pleasure rolled through her.

As Jack pounded his body harder, Shauna put her legs around his torso holding onto him. With her arms holding him still, she allowed her body to be lifted and slammed against the mattress. Shauna normally urged her partners on with dirty talk. She thought about telling him to keep fucking her black twat, but his kiss tasted too good to let go.

The more Jack slipped in and out of her, the more her sex opened up for him. The large size of his male tool was now easier to handle as her slick love opening adjusted. He seemed to be able to plunge deep into her each time. Shauna was screaming inside, but could only respond with strained moans between heated kisses.

Shauna continued to moan from both the passionate kiss, and the large white cock stretching her open. The way his tongue touched hers was amazing on its own, but together caused her to expel more wetness from her ebony snatch. She desperately wanted to watch Jack's white shaft enter her. To see the contrast in color as his white fuck stick disappeared into her dark shaved slit. The thought of it only caused more moans though.

When Jack started to moan with her she felt him push into her slick entrance a little harder. She knew he was close now, and she wrapped both her arms and legs around him tighter. As Shauna held onto his sweat covered body, her own breathing grew heavier. When Jack's body tensed up in her hold she finally broke the kiss and let out a moan of ecstasy. She couldn't believe the sounds she made. Shauna never remembered moaning like a porn star in the past, but she could not remember such a cock owning her.

Jack released a moan of his own, as his pulsing prick emptied its load into the condom. She came hard, harder than she remembered ever coming. Her body flooded with warm beautiful tremors. Shauna's vaginal walls flexed around Jack's still pulsing cock.

Shauna smiled widely as she sprawled out on the bed unable to move. Her body and pussy were still convulsing from the pounding it took. It was better than she thought, imagined, or even fantasized about. She wanted to say how good it was, but was unable to formulate words. She half expected him to get out of the bed, and get ready for work. Shauna was surprised when Jack turned over and held her. This never happened and she hadn't realized how much it meant to her.

Jack lifted her up so he could wrap his strong white arms around her; Shauna was now in his arms. Shauna accepted the fact she was unable to leave, and she secretly loved it. She recalled countless times after sex she was pushed away or ignored after sex. Shauna's heart beat faster as she snuggled up to her white lover.

She wanted to tell him something, but was so caught up in the moment, ruining it would break her. All the thoughts, and plans about what she wanted to say never left her mouth. She could only hold onto his arms admiring the contrast of their skin. Within a few moments she was unable to keep her eyes open.

When Shauna did wake up, she was not in Jack's arms anymore. She was still in his bed with the blanket covering her naked body. Looking at the alarm clock she saw that four hours had passed by. She jumped out of bed wondering how she could sleep so much. She stepped out of the bedroom without even getting dressed. She saw that Jack was nowhere to be found.

When she saw the note on the counter she knew he had left for work. Shauna read it aloud as she still had the effects of their lovemaking dripping from her sex. "Please don't think bad of me for leaving. I had an important meeting today. I hope we can talk tonight, please call me so I know you read this."

Shauna walked back to the bedroom to collect her things. She took a shower, and cleaned up from her body getting such a workout. As the water refreshed her senses, she went through the entire lovemaking episode in her mind. The memory was so vivid and real; she was once again flooded with arousal and was in desperate need of release. She wanted him to be there for another go round, but had to settle for her fingers, sliding them over her clit and sinking them into her slick hole all the while wanting and thinking about him.

As she left the apartment, Shauna thought about Jack the whole time. She almost missed her bus stop, she was so gone. She was gone with him and part of her panicked. She tried to shake off the feelings she was developing for him. It would never work out between them, and she would be setting herself up for a giant let down if she even entertained the idea. Secretly she wished Layla was there to take over so she would not have to see him again.

When the apartment door opened, Shauna instantly regretted not calling. She reached for her purse and fumbled through it looking for some money. She knew that she had to call now. Figuring in her head how much the phone company would take to turn on her phone she just hoped she had enough. When only a five dollar bill appeared she knew it would never happen. The cost of the bus rides, and the waiting for Layla to pay her had killed any hopes of paying this week's bills.

Shauna wanted to find a way to blame Jack for not having money, wasn't he supposed to have tips. Wasn't that the whole reason she was working this week, so Layla wouldn't lose her job over tips? She wanted to hate him so she would not have to feel weak thinking about him. As far as she was concerned he had the upper hand. He could make her melt with a glance and that scared her. She wanted to not go see him tomorrow, but she wanted to see him again. It can only be a onetime fling and she had to continue to remind herself

The entire bus ride there, Shauna ran through different scenarios in her mind. She fixated on the thought that this rich white guy had a onetime fuck with a black girl, and that he really wanted the pale white bitch that dumped him. She was no more to him than 'that black girl he fucked once' a story to tell his white friends at his bachelor party. Almost talking to herself she said that she would clean the place and nothing else. To make it easier on her, Shauna made sure she arrived after Jack's workout routine.

Walking through the door she waited for something major. She heard the shower running, and took a few moments to go over the different things she could say that would help. She summoned thoughts of prison to get her mind in the right place. Taking on her hard edged attitude would help her fight off any soft emotions she felt.

When Jack appeared only wearing a towel around his waist, Shauna knew her work was cut out for her. He called out to her as she stood at the end of the hallway gawking at him, "You didn't call yesterday. I am so sorry I left. I hope you will forgive me. Let me get changed and we can talk if you want."

Everything she'd planned to say and do turned to a jumble in her mind and dissipated. The whole plan she worked up had the rug pulled out on it. He was apologizing to her, and she knew it was her fault. The wave of guilt was washing over her too much. She called out to him but he was already in his bedroom changing.

As Shauna opened the door she got a great view of him putting on his tight underwear. He turned around and Shauna instantly stared at his junk which was bulging from the front. She looked up just as quick and tried to hide the fact she even looked. "Look. About yesterday. I was going to call you. I just thought it wasn't a good idea, you know. Layla will be back and all Monday, and I go back to my regular job. You know how it is. Just wanted to be upfront wit you and all."

Jack stepped forward to her before getting a good look at her. "I know how it was, but it doesn't have to stay that way."

Shauna put her hand up to stop him so she could interrupt. "So you want me to be your little side piece on call. I know what you thinkin' and I aint that type of girl."

Shauna was so happy she summoned back her strength. She thought about how close she came to just jumping in his arms and melting. It was tearing her heart out that she was talking to him like this, but knew it was the best for both of them.

When Jack leaned in to kiss her, Shauna's hand dropped to his chest, and her mouth instinctively opened. She thought to herself, fuck I was not expecting that. When his lips touched hers, it prompted her to move her body closer to his and return the kiss. As their kissing grew stronger she felt his hands unbutton her shirt. She helped him along, and removed her shirt once it was open.

Shauna felt her body being lifted up into his strong arms as they took a hold of her petite frame. As she was carried over to the bed she knew her hard edge had turned soft. She wanted so bad to be taken again by him, any objections in her head were gone. As she lay on his bed, she watched his underwear drop, while she peeled off the rest of her clothes. Her heart was racing so fast, she lost the ability to speak.

When Jack was on top of her, she opened her legs as she was ready to receive him. His passionate kisses returned, and the wetness in her sex commenced full force. Not knowing when his large white manhood would penetrate her sent pulses right towards her sex like lightning. The more she thought about it the more it built up inside of her. Never before had she wanted sex so bad, and now she waited for it to slide right in.

Shauna moaned deep into Jack's mouth the moment the bulbous head of his cock slid past through her vaginal lips. As it slid into her love canal, her body went numb with excitement and pleasure. She was at the point of leaving marks on his back when he fully entered her. She opened her legs as wide as she could as to offer no trouble for him to pump her harder.

As Jack slipped deeper inside her, Shauna felt like she was almost being split open. The small amount of pain from last having him inside her faded away, her insides coated his shaft to compensate. When he pulled out and pushed back in, it was like he was stabbing at her womb.

Jack continued to piston his white rod inside Shauna's now slick love opening while she franticly held onto his back. With each shove of his man stick, Shauna thought she could not take another inch, only to be surprised when her slippery cunt did. Shauna loved every moan and inch Jack was giving her, and her moans let him know it.

Jack finally withdrew from his thrusting and backed his shaft out until only the head was opening her pussy. Both of them were breathing hard, but it was Shauna who smiled as wide as she could. "Oh my god, you sure know how to fuck this black pussy. You can fuck me doggy style if you want.""

Jack kissed her quickly before shaking his head to change position. Then Jack uttered, "I like looking at you while we do it." His words alone made her think he liked black girls. Shauna knew she was pretty, but not an overly hot black chick white guys flocked too.

Shauna felt Jack's hard tool once again slip in and out of her love sheath as her moans returned full force. Shauna saw something other than lust in his face, as his cock pumped in and out of her wet hole.

Shauna wondered if it was normal for her heart to be pounding so hard, but chalked it up to one intense orgasm after another. She could not stop panting as she felt her body react so intensely to being fucked.

Shauna could not stop her pussy from clenching and pulsing. She thought his hard white shaft must be covered with her girl cum. The more his member probed deep inside her, the more her she wanted to make her own fuck hole wetter. Shauna opened her eyes wide as if she saw a ghost. He was fucking her like a madman bareback. He did not put a condom on, and her slick twat was making it easy for him to plunge deep inside her.

Shauna's first instinct was to throw him off, but her mouth stayed open moaning from the pumping his bare cock was giving her. Shauna had the feeling that Jack would pull out and spew his spunk all over her stomach, maybe her face. Although Shauna never had a man shoot his shit on her face, she did not dismiss the idea now. The act of stopping their fucking for such a trivial thing as no condom was out of the question to Shauna.

When his body got tight all his muscles seemed to flex at once. It was then Shauna realized Jack was closer than she thought to shooting his load. She always prided herself on making sure she never did anything stupid during sex. Shauna even recalled poking fun at friends for letting themselves get knocked up by some loser they were seeing.

The more Jack forced his bare member inside her, the more she realized there was a chance he was not going to pull out. Shauna then thought about what it would feel like when it went off inside her. The thought of him shooting off his white seed deep in her dark snatch only made her orgasm hard. Shauna rolled her eyes as her body jerked from the pleasure it was getting.

Looking at Jack's eyes, Shauna stared into them waiting for the moment she would feel him erupt inside of her. She secretly wanted him to forget about the condom and blow his entire load of cum inside her fertile vaginal love canal. It was like she was holding back the flood gates of an earthquake orgasm. When he sped up his thrusts and moaned, she knew it was going to happen.

She relaxed just for a split second to see if she could feel her vaginal walls fill with his white sperm. When she felt the sudden warmth filling her love canal, she returned by moaning and letting go the orgasm she was holding back. Jacked leaned in to kiss her as both their moans were muffled.

Shauna let out a moaning cry. "Oh, my god, oh my god!" To her it was like her vaginal walls were trying to milk out more hot cum from Jack's shooting manhood.

As Jack tried to pull away, Shauna never let loose her grip from him. She knew the dangers, but the act of losing him from inside her snug wet love hole was worse. She kissed him again as her hands moved to caress his sweaty chest. When she finally did let go and he rolled off of her, the wet sensation in her sex was more than she could ever have imagined. Before she could even get up, his arms were embracing her to cuddle. Shauna gave in like before, and was just as happy she let go. The feeling of his body against hers sent a wave of emotions through her body.

As she let down her guard, questions about him flew into her mind. She had no real idea, who he was or what he did. Shauna also wanted to know the whole story about his ex-girlfriend too. He had just dumped a load of hot cum inside her, and she wanted to know something personal about him. She would just have to be careful on how she asked her questions.

Starting off with small questions, she felt his chest as she asked. "So, what do you do and all?"

Jack allowed Shauna to have free roam over his body. He also started caressing her back as he answered her questions. "I am a part owner in a computer software company."

"So you are some smart programmer from Cali or something?"

Jack let out a small laugh as he said back. "Noo. I invested in the company before it went public. I am just a part owner. I don't know how to do all that programming. My friends who started the company do all the programming stuff. I just make the financial decisions for the company."

Shauna questioned him further. "So you rich before the company was opened, and then just bought into it?"

"I borrowed money from my Grandmother of all people. She felt bad about me being left out of my Great Aunt's will, so she was easy to persuade. Although I used all the money to buy in, which left me very poor until the company did well."

Jack turned to her so he could look her in the face as he asked a personal question. "So why did you steal that car? Layla said you stole a car."

Shauna was now on the defensive. She also knew she had to cover up for Layla not telling Jack the whole story of her going to prison. She wondered how Jack was going to take the truth about her. The story about his ex seemed more important though and worth her spilling a few secrets. "I will tell you a secret and all, but you have to tell me who that girl was in the picture."

Jack answered quickly which made Shauna wonder. "Deal. She was my fiancée. She left me because I was fat and poor."

Shauna looked shocked. She did not know he was engaged to her. To her that helped answer a few questions. "How can you be poor and all? And you certainly not fat anymore. Should show that bitch up now."

Jack's answer was more serious then Shauna's playful comment. "I was broke when I used all my money to invest in the company. She left after I told her we could not spend so much. So ... what's your secret."

Shauna bit her lip as fear ran through her bones. She was so scared her past would make him kick her out and fire Layla. "Well ... Layla kinda told you half of the story. I was also busted for assault after I was pulled out of the car."

Jack seemed unfazed by her past. A sigh escaped her lips and she decided not to push for any more answers. Jack asking her questions seemed to question her judgment about what she was doing with him at all. She just let her head rest on his arms as her arms wrapped tightly around his body. She listened to more about how Jack grew up, and seemed content about his past.

When Jack excused himself to clean up, Shauna stretched out on the bed and took in how big his bedroom was. As she yawned the realization of what she did came back to her. A white guy had exploded his seed in her fertile womb, and she let it happen without going to the bathroom right after. Walking out of the bedroom still naked she hurried over to the bathroom. The urge to pee was mixed with the sensation of dripping sperm from Jack unloading inside of her.

Shauna sat on the toilet trying to make sense of why she let Jack fuck her without protection. The thoughts of consequences were mixed with the thoughts of how good it felt when he let loose inside of her. She lost track of time, and wondered how long she was sitting there. It was the sound of cabinets closing in the kitchen that woke her from the stupor.

Shauna knew he had to work, and wondered why he did not leave yet. "You still here? Thought you had work?"

Jack's voice sounded refreshed and happy. "I took the day off. Thought we could spend some time together."

Shauna cleaned herself up and walked straight for the kitchen. Not thinking anything of modesty, her naked form caused Jack to stop cooking and stare right at her. He jumped a little as his voice sounded startled. "Oh! Oh! Your still..."

Giving a girly smile with a hint of devilish charm, Shauna knew exactly what her naked body was doing for him. "You don't mind me helping you in the kitchen, do you?"

The thought that her body was having an effect on him was such a turn on for her. Too often she remembered being tossed aside for something after the dirty deed of sex was done. Now she was the center of his attention. Although he was fully dressed, Shauna had a feeling that he was getting hard thinking about her.

Jack uttered back as his eyes looked up at hers with great effort. "I don't mind. I just thought you would be uncomfortable like that around me."

Giggling a little from his innocence and mannerism around her. "Doesn't bother me. Besides, after we eat, you said you wanted to spend some time together."

Jack laughed as he said, "Not that. I thought you would want to go out and all. Maybe a walk in the park nearby, or something else like that."

Jack moved hesitantly towards her with his face. "Can I kiss you?"

Seeing the nervousness in his question, Shauna pulled him right towards her waiting lips to answer his question. She also moved his free hand right towards her breast. "You can kiss me whenever you want to. Touch my tits if you like too."

Jack took Shauna's lead and kissed her while groping her dark breasts. As his hand felt each nipple his mouth explored hers. As the eggs on the stove started to pop and sizzle, he broke to attend to them.

Shauna had a deep revelation when Jack started to finish cooking breakfast for both of them. She only had a maid's uniform and nothing else. Here she was going to go out on the town with him, while she looked like some servant girl. The whole idea sounded picturesque but the reality of it was all wrong.

"I got to be bouncing after we eat though. Forgot I had plans and all." Shauna said, as her mind raced with different excuses she could use.

Walking to get dressed Shauna wanted out quickly. The more she stayed, the more regret she had. Her mind was fighting with her heart, and her legs were following her brain. The inner conflict hit a pinnacle when she saw the look on Jack's face as she was about to tell him she was going to leave. The pain she saw was tearing her open.

Shauna gave up all pretenses of trying to act proper now. In a few moments the entire week would be just a distant memory to her. "I sorry and all about leaving likes this. I don't think you be wanting to take me out looking like dis."

Jack walked over to her as if he was going to hug her goodbye. Before he got to her, and with a calm voice he called back to her. "We can do that if you want instead."

Tilting her head as she tried to figure what he meant. "Do what instead?"

"Go shopping. Anywhere you want. Besides, I give Layla a tip every Friday, I owe it to you. Let me do that at least. If you still want to go, you can, but at least let me take you out to a few stores."

Shauna stopped and smiled. It was not a full on smile but a half cocked smile. She held back her real feelings, but nodded her head to the offer.

After a few hours of shopping Shauna got into the whole shopping vibe. She tried to think of Jack as just some guy who was blowing money on her. The subtle nudges he gave and his compliments started to sink in though. The more she thought this whole experience would not change her, the more she wanted it too. Shauna kept asking herself what she wanted, and it was not just the stuff she never had before. The only problem Shauna could not run from was that Jack wanted another. She knew it would break her, and that she had to move first.

Before they went to lunch, Jack proposed that Shauna change so she would not feel so out of place. They hurried back to the apartment for a quick wardrobe change before going out again. As Shauna put on a skirt and tight top, she remarked to herself how the form fitting top made her look incredible sexy. She had not felt good about herself in awhile, and now she cursed the fact she was having such a good time.

She walked out to see Jack waiting patiently on the couch. She did a little dance to him as she approached him to give him a better view. As Shauna got into the dance, Jack's complements only encouraged her to go further. It was when she was almost feet away from her that he pulled her towards him.

Shauna straddled him while their mouths met in a mutual loving kiss. Shauna felt her heart leap and skip as she felt Jack get aroused. She never knew she could have such an effect on someone. The thoughts of lunch left as she wanted to feel him open her up again.

As Shauna pulled back from their kiss, she gave a mischievous look. It was when she slid her hand down to his zipper Jack knew what she was up to. Jack questioned her, but did not interrupt her. "You want to eat? We don't have to do this right now."

Shauna had the undeniable urge to feel him inside of her again. With a mind filled with thoughts of sex, Shauna pulled out his fully engorged erection. "Oh, we have to. We aint leaving until you fuck me again."

Jack gave up on stopping as his hands rested on the couch out of Shauna's way. Shauna only lifted up her body for a quick second just enough to slip her new panties off. When she came back down on his lap, she took a hold of his white prick. There was no going back now; she knew his white monster was going to slip her open again.

Aiming it towards her ready sex, she guided it slowly into her. As the head of his white manhood pushed into her, she let out a gasp of pleasure. With only the head pushing her vaginal walls open, she pulled up from it. She eased herself on it again; making sure her slick pussy was more ready to take it again. Shauna was hoping her pussy was wet enough for fear he would split her open raw. She even rubbed the tip of his dick against her pussy lips to confirm that she was ready to feel his girth inside of her. When she thought she was ready, Shauna dropped her weight fully so his hard white rod was impaling her love opening.

Instantly throwing her head back, Shauna bellowed out, "Oh, my god! You feel so fucking good."

Jack held onto her hips as Shauna started grinding against him. His gyrations were not as strong as hers though. "If it starts to hurt, we can try something different."

Shauna moaned out as her body lifted up on him only to slide back down. "Don't worry about me. This black pussy wants your white cock bad."

Jack was about to say something, but was stopped by Shauna's finger silencing him. "Shhhh, Let me fuck you this time. Going to make you cum so hard."

Shauna kept her finger against Jack's lips as she started to slowly bounce on his lap. Each time she did, the feeling of his hard white member opening her up drove her insane. She loved feeling how deep he went, and how it seemed to open her up each time. The slight pain of having sex with such a large member this morning was dulled by how great it felt. The utter feeling of having control over him this time was making her snatch sloppy wet.

After a few slow movements up and down on Jack's throbbing shaft, Shauna increased the tempo. Her butt was almost slapping down on his body as she took each thrust inside her with glory. The more she thought about what was poking at her cervix, the more she loved it. Her mind was racing with emotions and thoughts as her ass slammed hard making her pussy stretch each time.

Shauna had to hold onto the top of the couch as her ass now twerked hard on Jack's eager sex pistol. He reached up to pull her top up to expose her pert tits.

Shauna leaned forward slightly while bracing herself against the back of the couch. "Now suck on them black titties."

Jack eagerly took Shauna's dark nipples in his mouth as she continued to pounce on his prick. Sharing time between nipples, he sucked on them as hard as he could. Shauna was now riding him hard, gyrating her hips as she bounced up and down on him. She felt her body take each orgasm with stride as her ass continued its pummeling of Jack's lap.

Jack stopped sucking on Shauna's brown tits as he pushed her back holding onto her waist. Panting as he pleaded. "I am going to cum soon. You want me to pull out. I did not mean to do it before."

Shauna gave her answer with a gleeful smile on her face. She was still in the grips of her own orgasm when she responded. "It's ok ... cum inside me."

Before Jack could object, Shauna moved in for a fast kiss. She felt the telltale signs he was going to pop inside her. The throbbing of his cock grew slightly, his body tightened up, and his breathing paused. Shauna came hard just from the thought she was going to be filled with his white seed once again.

The moment Shauna felt her vaginal walls being coated with hot sperm, she immediately moved towards his mouth to kiss him. Jack was in the middle of a loud grunt as he embraced her dark lips. He gripped her waist hard as his body pushed up while holding her down. Shauna exploded herself as she shook from having Jack's strong arms hold her down to take his hot love nectar further into her womanhood.

Shauna could not fathom having a man bust his nut inside her before today. Now twice today she allowed a white man of all people, to send multiple shots of fertile swimmers to her womb. The thought should have frightened and worried her. Shauna mixed the fear with the pleasure of feeling her pussy milk more from the man she just fucked into a huge orgasm. Each hot spurt Jack gave Shauna gave her a feeling of pleasure. Now her cervix was flooded with another huge load, and Shauna loved it.

As both Jack and Shauna grunted from their lovemaking, Shauna continued to slide her hips forward onto Jack's lap. It was like her body was unconsciously trying to make sure all of his orgasm was inside of her. She broke off their kiss to lean back and talk. "Fuck, you really know how to fuck this black pussy. Could ride you all day."

Jack smiled and laughed as he motioned with his hand pointing to his male organ still inside of her. "What can I say ... it likes being inside of you."

Shauna laughed back as she smiled. "Well your white thing can be inside me all he likes."

Sliding off of Jack's lap, Shauna gave him another open mouth kiss. She retreated towards the bathroom, while Jack did his best to fix himself. While her love opening dripped out their lovemaking, Shauna was giddy about spending more time with him. The excitement of still being around after sex was something she found rare in her life. It was that problem of what happens next that she tried not to think about.

While they walked to a restaurant close to his apartment, Jack held Shauna's hand to show they were together. The awkward feeling of having a white guy holding her in public in a rich part of the city was something Shauna grew concerned about. Each time anyone seemed to be remotely looking in her direction she thought their focus was directed towards her. It was like everyone was questioning why such a man would be with a paroled black girl with no prospects.

When they sat at a booth far away from probing eyes, Shauna relaxed for the moment. As they ordered drinks and food, she allowed herself to feel like she was on a real date. The fancy restaurant added to her fears though. She liked the atmosphere, but hated the fact she felt she was horribly out of place.

Shauna tried to make a joke to ease the feeling of being out of place. "You know, we fucked twice and I blew you once, and I still don't even know your last name."

Jack immediately looked up like a scared animal with a spotlight on him when Shauna said it. "I am sorry. I really am. Its Childs ... actually my full name is John Childs. I prefer Jack though."

Shauna laughed as Jack looked like a frightened animal. "I forgive you. Besides, I know what you did for me before. And you taking me out today, and this ... I owe you big time."

Jack waved his hand like Shauna was free from debt. "Please. You owe me nothing. I enjoy being around you. It's been awhile since I did something like this with a woman."

"So after you were dumped, you decided to fix your life?" Shauna had to talk about his former fiancé, but knew not to sound harsh.

"When the company brought in enough cash, I had the money to hire a trainer to help me fix my body. I just thought she would come back after I started to change."

"Does she know what you look like now? I mean you be getting all the ladies if you wanted too." Shauna asked wondering if she knew what a hunk he turned out to be. She also had a suspicious feeling that she was more of a fling until he found someone better.

"I have not seen her in two years. I guess she would be shocked at me, but let's talk about you. I love hearing about you." Jack said as he took a big gulp of wine.

Shauna smiled to defuse the situation. She knew her life was nothing compared to his, and that they lived in two different worlds. "Well your place looks better now that you left your stuff out of the closet."

Each time Jack tried to fish for information from Shauna, she answered in small details. She let go that her arrest was because she was stoned with her then ex-boyfriend. Shauna also spilt the beans about how she got her G.E.D. in prison. She was ashamed of that when she told him. In her mind now, he was slumming it. Once he broke out of his slump in life, she would be tossed.

Shauna decided to end the night and take the bus home. Jack insisted that she stay the night. Shauna pushed the desperate feelings she had and wants aside. Jack paid for a taxi, and asked for her cell number. Shauna was reluctant to tell him it was shut off. When she did, he responded with a wad of money for her to pay it. Shauna took the money and left in the taxi.

The entire ride home Shauna tried to make sense of why she took the money. The only thing she rationalized in her head was that she was just a onetime fling. The idea of him being a sugar daddy seemed to fit all logic in her mind. He did not have the time to date and she filled that void. As Shauna slept, she replayed the day's event until her body craved sex once again.

The morning came especially harsh to Shauna. The lack of food in the apartment was coupled with the desire to call Jack. Thoughts of him haunted her all night. She wanted to have something with him, but was so afraid to have him push her aside. She made a point to let her feelings be dammed though. She knew what he wanted from her, and was bound to give it to him. If he wanted some black slut to come over and fuck him, she would play the part. She then used the money to pay her bills, and put food in the fridge.

The unknown was killing her from the inside. Shauna texted Jack that she had to pick up the uniform she left there. His replay was, "Sounds good, I can't wait to see you again." Thinking this could be taken two ways, Shauna figured he was just looking for a piece of ass today.

When the door opened, Shauna did not know what to expect. She had it in her head that she was there for a booty call, and pushed all feelings that he wanted her for something else aside. Her heart was racing from the thought of seeing him, but it was also filled with doubts.

"Jack you here?" Shauna called out.

Jack stepped out from the hallway with her uniform in his hand. Shauna saw that he was dressed in a suit. She wondered why he was so formal on a Saturday. "Your all dressed up like. You have some sort of meeting?"

Jack smiled as he handed over the maid uniform. "It was a quick meeting an hour ago. Figured we could go out somewhere if you're not busy."

Shauna took the uniform and dropped it like it was some piece of trash. "You always keep me busy," Shauna said as her hand went straight for his crotch.

Jack's eyes darted open as Shauna answered his question. When her hand went for his groin he did not resist. She wanted something that they both were eager to have. Jack's only response was to pull her in and kiss her succulent lips.

As their kiss progressed into an open mouth tongue swap, Jack took control over her body with his strength. He was pulling her towards the bedroom as Shauna was freeing Jack of his clothes. As it progressed into the bedroom, Shauna pulled down Jack's pants and instantly knelt before him.

Shauna was now on her knees with Jack's white sex organ inches from her face. As her hand gripped his hard shaft, she smiled knowing it was soon to be in her mouth. "Love how hard your white cock gets."

Before Jack could react the sudden warm wet sensation engulfed his prick. The only words that came out of his mouth were the moans of satisfaction. Shauna's mouth was trying in vain to get the length of his shaft down her throat. She slid back only to catch her breath before going back. With her hand slowly stroking it to match the movements of her mouth, Shauna was feeling her wetness return.

Shauna loved how her pussy got so wet when she sucked on Jack's hard monster. The more she felt his dick pulse with each stroke, the more her wet love folds wanted to be split open by it. She knew her sex drive could only last so long before she wanted it inside her again.

She pulled back and released his dick from her mouth completely. Pushing him back on the bed, Shauna went back to sucking, as he now sat on the bed. Shauna was wondering if he was going to explode his white load in her mouth, or could he wait for her wet snatch. She looked up watching him remove his shirt and knew it was time to mount him.

She backed up and released his manhood from her mouth. Standing up and removing the last of her own clothes, she saw that Jack was ready for her. With her naked body in full view of him, she remarked on what she thought of her being nude. "You like this black slut don't you?"

Jack looked at her with confusion, but still answered her. "I want you bad. Lie down on the bed and let me please you."

Shauna got on the bed presenting herself on her knees. Her dark love entrance was right at Jack's eye level. "Come fuck me from behind. I want you to split me open with that white cock of yours."

Shauna felt Jack's strong hands grip her waist as she knew what was going to come next. Her heart was pounding through her chest at the thought of having his male member slip into her dark folds once again. The full sensation came to her slowly as her vaginal walls opened for his large rod. He was sliding it in gently as her body let out a moan of pleasure. The head of his pulsing cock was in and Shauna felt her first orgasm.

With her juices flowing between her legs, Shauna tried to relax as Jack pushed more of his thick hardness into her dark love hole. Shauna did her best to contain her love of his white organ but she blurted out something she never said before, "Oh, fuck I need your white cock so bad."

Jack now started to pump his man muscle in Shauna. Their bodies were colliding as Shauna pushed back against Jack's body. She felt like her vaginal walls could not contain such a thick member slamming into her. As he continued though, she realized that her pussy was taking it like she wanted. The more he pushed, the more her moans increased.

Shauna was getting into being Jack's fuck toy as her body shook from the number of times she came. Her mind was only focused on being used for fucking by Jack, and she needed to express it to him. She decided to take it further, and have him treat her as such. "That's it, fuck my nigger pussy! I know you like that black pussy. Show me how much you like fucking this black slut."

Shauna can't believe she said it. She never said anything like that during sex, not even when she was getting fucked by former thug boyfriends. She felt both dirty and disgusted. She liked being filthy sometimes, but did not know if she crossed a line. Knowing that she had to play the part of black slut for Jack made her think that it was the right thing to say. She did not have time to think too much as his hard cock was still pounding her hard.

As Jack pushed his dick far into the depths of her tight body, the sensations of each orgasm were blending into one long one. Shauna never felt her pussy sloth with her own cum before, but Jack was making it so wet she could not control herself. The flow of her wetness was making her want to scream, but she could only moan with each thrust.

Shauna looked over her shoulder to see the sweat form on Jack's white body. She once again summed the courage to urge him on. "Oh, my god ... you're fucking this nigger good."

As Jack pulled out of her, Shauna expected him to give her a big thrust. Nothing came though. The sudden loss of his large member made her look at him in disbelief. "What's wrong?"

Jack got off the bed, and stood in front of her. "I can't do it. I see you like that. I can't call you that either."

Shauna turned her body so she was now sitting down with her legs crossed. She was still breathing heavy as she told Jack. "I thought you would like it and all. Figure I be your nigga slut on the side. Don'ts have to say it and all, but if you want to, I all right with it."

"That's not what I want though," said Jack, as his eyes never faltered from hers.

Shauna was now wondering if she needed to do more for him. "What you want then? I mean I will do what you like and all. You can put it in my ass if you want too."

"It's not that. I just don't see you as my slut on the side and all. And I won't call you the n word either," Jack answered back just as quickly as Shauna spoke.

"Well what am I to you? What, you want me to be your girlfriend and all?" Shauna spoke frankly.

"Would you like to be? I mean, I would like that if you would."

Shauna now sitting at the edge of the bed as her breathing returned to normal. "Look, I don't minds you fucking me and all, but I can't be wit you like that. Just bust your nut in me and I will bounce."

"I am sorry, but I can't be just fucking you like this," Jack pleaded.

Shauna let out a huff as she grabbed her clothes. "I am gonna bounce then."

Shauna's head was spinning the whole way home. She did not know what to make of the situation. She tried to make it seem that she was protecting herself, but doubts still lingered. She was now wondering if he really meant what he said. At the end of the bus ride, she was now questioning her motives, and not Jack's. She knew he was real, but her motives were even unclear to her.

Texting with Layla was her only option to clear her mind. Shauna spilled the beans about everything that happened. Layla seemed more concerned with the details of the sex than her thoughts about him. Shauna tried to explain how she felt, and why she was holding back. Layla kept texting about the size of his white cock, and if he was any good. Shauna decided that Layla was not going to help, and stopped texting her.

Shauna took a shift at her job, and tried to get her mind off Jack. The work seemed to do it, and she thought less and less of him as the day went on. When she returned to her dilapidated place, the thoughts of Jack's plush apartment came back to her. More than his place, she missed him. The feeling he gave her, and the sensations she felt. Each time thoughts came to her, the more she thought, why some rich white guy would want her.

When Shauna heard a knock on her door, she just knew it was Layla. She was either looking for more information or picking up the uniform she did not need. Shauna opened the door and almost jumped back at seeing Jack. There he was in the flesh and in her face. "Jack! What are you doing?"

Jack spoke as he looked Shauna directly into her eyes. "Can I come in?"

Shauna moved back so Jack could enter. As Jack entered he only walked up to her. With her surprised look she blurted out, "Don't know why you came and all."

"I came to see you. I need to ask you one question, and since your phone is off, I came to ask you in person."

"So what you want to know?" Shauna said, as her hands went to her hips.

"If I wanted to date you because I liked everything about you, would you? Would you consider dating me?"

Shauna's jaw dropped a little as she realized that he was serious. She tried to fill her head with thoughts and negative emotions. She still had so many questions though. She decided to put her thoughts on the line. "Are you really into me, or do you just like tapping my black..."

Shauna could not finish as Jack was already kissing her. His strong arms were around her neck and body as his tongue stopped her from talking. Shauna felt the weakness overcome her as her body heated up from the instant excitement.

Jack lifted her small frame up and carried her further into the small apartment. Shauna broke the heavy kiss. "Please not here. Place is all sorts of messy and jacked up."

Jack smiled at her as he held her by her ass. "It's not that bad. It has you in it which makes it that much better."

Shauna gave him a stupid face as she smiled. "What do you mean..."

"it has me?"

Jack smiled and gave a quick kiss on her lips before explaining. "You, it has you. You're the only reason why I like my apartment now."

Shauna still had the look of Jack being stupid on her face. "You all sorts of crazy. Your place is da bomb compared to this rat hole."

Jack gave a dead pan serious look at her. "If you like my place that much, then move in."

Shauna's face went from silly goofy to realistic and serious. "You joking wit me?"

Jack never relented from his honest heartfelt voice. "I mean it. I want it more than anything else."

Shauna cocked her head wondering what Jack really wanted. "You like this black pussy that much?"

Jack smiled as he tried to keep a straight face. "I like everything about you, even your..." Jack looked down to emphasis his point without words.

Shauna allowed herself to slide down from Jack's grip. As she slid down his body, she felt the hardness from his own excitement. She wanted it bad now. The thought of moving was touching, but she knew it was a ploy to get fucked. It didn't matter to her; because the needs to have him push his hard white prick in her was something Shauna craved for like a rabid animal.

She took Jack by the hand and led him to her small cramped bedroom. Sauna walked in with him and turned around to face him. As she did, her hands went to work removing her clothes. Doing a little dance, she was nude within seconds. Her chocolate skin was now fully exposed to him. Her nipples were erect, as Jack mouth closed in around them.

Shauna moaned slightly as Jack sucked on her nipple. She loved feeling his lips suck on them, as her own pussy got wet and ready to be split open. Her hands were quickly working on Jack's clothes as the anticipation of having his white monster inside her made work that much faster.

When Shauna fished out Jack's hard cock, she pulled her nipple away from Jack's hungry mouth to pull his pants down. Jack stepped out of them, as Shauna got on her bed. She sat on the ledge waiting for Jack to be ready. The moment he was free of clothing, her mouth took a hold of his engorged male member.

Jack instantly moaned the moment Shauna had him in her mouth. He looked down to see her as she slurped down his dick as far as she could. Her only thoughts were how great his man meat felt and tasted. When it started to throb and twitch, her body responded with wetness. The feeling of having such a wet and ready snatch made her blow job that much quicker. She was sucking for only a few moments before the need to have him inside her took over.

Shauna scooted further on the bed and opened her legs like a women in heat. Without words being said, Jack was upon her with kisses and caressing touches. Shauna loved the way Jack kissed and she moaned as their tongues touched. Shauna felt like she could cum from just his kiss. When his cock slowly found her wet hole and started to slip in, she knew kissing wasn't the only pleasure she was going to feel.

Shauna broke the kiss and looked at Jack with eyes of total pleasure as he slid his white rod all the way inside her. Her love opening was so wet for him it slid in faster than she expected. "Oh, fuck! Fucking cock of your feels so fucking big in me!"

Jack looked worried like he was hurting her. "I am sorry, let me take it out."

Shauna's face went from pleasure to demanding. "Don't pull out. Just fuck me with it."

Jack nodded as his hard dick began to push in and out of Shauna's tight sex. Jack was slow but steady as not to be hurt her. Shauna saw the lust in his eyes, and rocked her hips against him to urge him on faster. She felt her vaginal walls stretch and the intense feeling of Jack filling her opening served to intensify the pleasure.

Shauna continued to moan as Jack lifted his body up breaking their kiss. His thrusting hips were now going faster, as Shauna felt every inch of his white shaft claim her opening as his. She looked up at him and saw how he was enjoying himself. "You like that black pussy don't you?"

Jack slowed down his thrusting just slightly as he answered back. "Please don't call it your nig..."

Shauna put her finger to his mouth to stop him. She liked the fact he was into her for more than her skin tone. She also liked knowing how taboo it was in her mind that a white man was between her legs pumping his white monster in and out of her. She decided to let him feel the same taboo.

"It's ok. Let me call if that of you don't want to." Shauna knew Jack was ok with it when he nodded and resumed the pace he was before she said anything.

Shauna did not know she wanted him so bad until her body convulsed each time the head of his cock entrenched itself in her. Her arms were flat against the bed as her hands gripped the sheets hard. It was all Shauna could do to take the waves of pleasure Jacks now throbbing erection was giving her.

When Shauna felt her orgasms close, she called out again, "Fuck you feel good! Make that black pussy cum!"

Jack kissed her again as his body continued to crash into hers. Shauna let her body absorb his pushes as his white male member found its home deep in her cervix each time. The sensation of having him so deep continued to allow Shauna to coat his shaft with her own cum. She could not focus on anything other than the utter joy of having Jack take her black pussy as his own.

When Jack slowed down, Shauna thought he was going to stop like the other day. "What's wrong?"

"I will switch positions if you want." Jack said with his soft eyes were staring at hers. Shauna knew he would give into anything she wanted.

"Thought you liked looking at me while you fuck me?" cried Shauna as her wet pussy clenched and pulsed from Jack's thick manhood.

Jack smiled as he gave his answer "Oh. I do. I just want to do what you like is all."

Shauna smiled as she kissed him. "What I like is when your fat cock busts its nut inside me."

Shauna rocked her hips to convince Jack to start thrusting inside her again. Jack was slow and deliberate with his body, but each time he went inside her, Shauna stared deep into his eyes. She watched as his pupils opened while looking at her and his body methodically bounced off of hers.

When Jack started to moan louder, and when his body tightened, Shauna knew he was close. His thrusting grew in intensity which only made her pussy convulse and tighten around his throbbing manhood. When her orgasms came, she gripped the sheets hard again. She knew what was coming, and the thought of having him inseminate her womb only made her orgasm again.

Jack leaned forward and Shauna leaned in to kiss him once again. His arms were holding her as his cock drove in one last time. Shauna's eyes opened wide as she his seed flooded inside her. She never felt anything like it before. Although he came in her before, it was nothing like this. It was almost as if he had a firehose for a cock as it gushed its load inside her.

The repercussions of him not pulling out were lost in the orgasmic moment. Shauna could not stop her pussy from clenching around his shaft and pulling more of his seed deep into her. It was like her body wanted to be filled with cum, and the amount Jack spurted inside her drove her wild.

As Jack withdrew from Shauna's cum filled body, he lay next to her, holding her. Shauna did not say a word as she tried to catch her breath. Still feeling the intense pleasure from Jack cumming inside her, she thought about what he just did. Shauna knew the dangers, and now the thought of consequences hit her. The idea of being knocked up scared her. She had the urge to run to the bathroom and hope all of his seed dripped out from her.

Shauna wiggled from Jack's grasp. Although he was not trying to hold her down, he looked at her as if something was wrong. Shauna only responded with her thoughts at the moment. "Need to clean up. You came a lot inside of me this time, and deep too."

Jack held on trying to stop her. "I really meant it. I want you to move in."

Shauna stopped for a moment to answer him. She thought he wanted a live in fuck buddy, and she fit the bill. She still had so many doubts and questions though. She was just wondering what to ask first. "So you want me to move in so you can get some black pussy every day?"

Jack again pleaded. "No, it's not that. I want you."

"You want me to be your girlfriend ... for real? Shauna said as her brown exposed body now faced him.

"Yes. I want you to move in with me and be my girlfriend."

"But, you don't even know me. All I know is that you like my black pussy," hissed Shauna as her eyes began to swell.

Jack wiped away the start of a tear from her eyes. "I know I love you."

Shauna smacked away Jack's hand and hissed again. "Don't say that. Don't be saying that shit to me."

Jack used his hand to stop her flailing hand, while still wiping a tear from her eye. "I can't help it though. I really do love you."

Shauna stopped trying to get up from the bed. Instead she retreated into the protection of Jack's arms. Shauna felt her eyes fill with tears as her arms gripped Jack's strong arms tight. She knew in her heart she felt the same way. She tried to hold back the feelings, but it was too late. She lifted her head. With tears flowing down, she kissed Jack like it was her one and only person she ever wanted to kiss.

Shauna never said a word as she returned to her position next to him with his arms around her. It was then she thought about the real reason she needed to get up. The remnant of lovemaking was slowly oozing out of her. Shauna then made the conscious choice to not get up from the loving arms of her man. She resigned herself to the idea, if her man was going to fill her with his seed, she would gladly accept it. The thought of having his sperm in her, while some of it dripped out made her excited all over again.

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