A Little Fun With a Hotel Receptionist
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, True Story, Oral Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Analingus, Big Breasts,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - A little mistake leads to a little fun

It had been a long day, my flight had been at seven o'clock in the morning so I had to be up and out of bed by four in the morning to catch it and I had not finished work until early evening, so all I wanted to do was check into the hotel, have a shower, something to eat and get into my bed and get some sleep. I took a taxi to the hotel which was good as the driver knew exactly where it was and managed to miss the rush hour which was excellent!

It was the only decent hotel in the little town and I stayed there at least once a month for two or three days. It was like a home away from home in many ways I seemed to spend so much time there, I had been using it for five or six years.

When I walked up to the reception there was a new member of staff on duty, I gave my name and she tapped away at the keyboard, her name badge showed that she was called Emma and that she was a trainee assistant manager. She seemed pleasant enough and she filled her blouse well, check in is always easier if the view is nice.

"I am so sorry Sir, you don't seem to have a room booked for tonight" She said apologetically.

"Oh I do, I have the confirmation email here" I replied, digging an email out of my laptop case.

She gave the email the once over and sure enough the email confirmed my booking for the next five nights. She blushed as she went to work on the computer terminal again. She tapped and tapped and tapped some more at the same time shaking her head. It was obvious she was getting frustrated at not being able to find my reservation.

"I am really sorry the booking was not added into the system and we have no rooms at all for tonight or for the rest of the work by the look of it" she said.

I was gutted; the nearest hotel was over fifty miles away and I didn't fancy that commute for the next five days.

"Is there nothing you can do? " I pleaded.

"Why don't you go into the bar and have a drink on the house and I will call Gloria who emailed you and ask if she booked it under another name "she said, she looked a little worried and my heart sank, I was sure that I would be stopping somewhere else.

So I took myself off to the bar and ordered a beer. It was twenty minutes later that Emma came into the bar, she looked sheepish and now I was doubly sure that there would be no room at the inn for me that night!

"Okay I had a word with Gloria and she is coming in later to sort it out but in the mean time the manager has given me another option to look at" she said.

"Okay "I said and downed the rest of my beer.

"There is a spare room that the duty managers sometimes use if they stay late" she said her voice a little nervous, " It's a bit of dumping ground but the manager said you can have it for free"

"Okay let me go and have a look and I will let you know "I replied, I got up and followed Emma out toward the reception. She gave me the key to the room and I head up the stairs to have a look.

The room was not that bad, it had some storage boxes in one corner and a few old chairs stacked up in another corner but it was clean had a bed and a shower and it would do me for the week. So I went back to the reception and gave Emma the good news. She looked very relieved at that news!

She told me it would be free for me all week and she would get a porter to clean out the stuff stored there, I told her there was no need to have it emptied and headed up for a long awaited shower.

I had a long, long shower and ordered a bottle of wine and a bite to eat from the room service menu. I was trying to get the television working while I waited without much luck. I sitting on the bed in one of the complimentary bath robes when the door was knocked –on. I thought it was my food but it was a lady I had seen around the hotel a few times before.

"Hello, I am so sorry I messed up the room booking I just wanted to say sorry in person" she blurted out as I ushered her into the room. She seemed very flustered and embarrassed.

"It's okay really, so you must be Gloria?" I said as she stepped inside. She was a pretty lady maybe five or six years older than me, her hotel uniform skirt stretched over her plump ass and her blouse did little to hide a nice pair of boobs. Her auburn hair was tied in a pony tail and she had glasses on, it gave her the look of a librarian.

"Yes and I can only say sorry Mr..." I stopped her.

"Its Zak please not Mr, that makes me sound so old!" I told her and pulled out the chair from the writing table for her to sit on.

She told me that it had been a long hard day when she got my booking email and it must have slipped her mind. I tried to reassure her it was all fine and that the room was okay. She offered to have it tidied up but I told her there was really no need.

"So it's on the house all week, and breakfast is included" as she said that the door knocked again and she jumped up and answered it before I had chance to.

A waiter rolled in a trolley with my bottle of wine in a cooler, and my sandwiches and bowl of chips, she placed the food and the cooler on the writing table and ushered him out of the room quickly.

"And tonight's room service is also in the house "she let out a nervous giggle that let me know she was expecting me to be like a bear with a sore head.

"No really there is no need!" I told her but she was adamant.

"Now is there anything else I can do for you? "She asked as she poured me a glass of wine.

"Well as you asked the Television seems to be broken" I said as I sat on the bed and started to devour my food.

I watched as she played with the buttons on the remote but she could not get it to work. The view of her sexy plump ass as she faced the television as she tried to sort it out was very nice.

"I think it needs replacement remote, I won't be long "and with that she was gone!

It was a full quarter of an hour later before she returned, remote In hand. She sat on the end of the bed and tried her hardest to get the bloody thing working but to no avail.

"It's okay, don't worry about it" I told her. I had a book and that would keep me busy.

"No it's okay I am sure we can get it going" she replied " and if not we can get a replacement!

She stood up and leaned over the television to get to the button at the back. Her tight skirt seemed to get tighter over her sexy ass and I tried not to stare but it was hard, no pun intended.

Suddenly the room was filled with cheesy music and the screen filled with colour.

"Is it working okay" Gloria asked, she could not see the images on the screen from where she was. It was a 70s era porn film. A guy with a huge moustache was feeding his cock into the mouth of a big titted blonde while a brunette lay next to them on the bed stroking a huge black dildo into her hairy pussy.

"Gloria, i really think you should turn it off "I called out, I felt embarrassed and a little turned on at the same time.

She stood back and looked at the television, then at me, then at the television...

I was waiting for some reaction and when it came I was shocked, she burst out laughing

"Oh dear I am sorry "she said "the last person to use this room was our weekend shift manager, he obviously has left a DVD in there."

The screen switched to the brunette as she fucked herself with the big thick toy.

"So Zak shall I switch if off, or is this your preferred evening viewing?" Gloria asked with a laugh.

"No, not tonight thanks "I replied with giggle. I think we were both trying to make light of the situation to avoid the obvious embarrassment.

She tried to switch it off but it was as hard to switch it off as it was to get it switched on. In the end she pulled the plug out of the mains supply. The television went blank and the 70s music died.

Gloria turned to face me; her cheeks and neck were flushed. She looked down at me.

"Well Zak you say it's not your thing but your body says that's not entirely truthful" she with a sultry voice.

I followed her eyes; she was looking straight into my lap. The bath robe had parted and my boxers where doing little to hide my erection. There was a little tent forming in my groin that was giving away my obvious excitement.

"I am so sorry! "I said as I tried to cover it up.

"So I guess you liked that film more than you admitted" she said as she sat on the bed.

Her hand stroked up my thigh from my knee upwards, I gulped as her hand cupped my balls through my boxers. Her fingers stroked my ball sack and my cock swelled even more.

"Perhaps I can really apologise for the room mix up "Gloria said as her fingers stroked up along my shaft, through the thin material covering it.

"Oh well yea if you insist" I stuttered, hardly able to talk

"Oh I insist! " Gloria replied in a voice full of lust.

"Slip those boxers off and I will show you how "Gloria replied as she slipped of her uniform jacket tossing in on the bed.

I raised my self up and slipped the boxers of, exposing my cock.

"MMMM, that looks tasty " Gloria exclaimed as she reached out and grabbed my cock with her hand. She gazed at my cock as her hand stroked me to full erection. She wanked it for a few seconds, pulling my foreskin back and forth over my throbbing cock head.

"You have a gorgeous cock" she murmured as she stroked up and down my shaft. I saw a pearl of pre cum leak out and so did she, she dipped her finger into it and took her finger into her mouth.

"Mmm gorgeous and tasty" she said with a grin.

She knelt on the bed beside me and started kissing my thighs, moving closer and closer to my groin, as she got closer to my dick I opened my legs wide giving her full access. I could feel her breath on my balls as she stop just shy of them. I gasped as I felt her lips on my tight bollocks. She kissed and licked them. All the time her hands rested on my thighs. I felt her nuzzle down into the valley between my balls and thigh and lap at the soft skin there.

She lifted my balls and kissed the soft skin below them, lower and lower she kissed until I could feel her blowing on my asshole. I was sure I would blow my load at any second. She kissed back up toward my heavy sack and licked every inch of my tight ball bag. I groaned as she took each of my balls into her mouth one at a time and softly sucked on them. The pleasure that was coursing through my body was intense. She knew how to use her mouth to please a man that was obvious.

Gloria started to lick up my balls toward my shaft, she licked and kissed up its length so very, very slowly. Her movements were so slow and deliberate I was almost silently screaming at her to take my organ in her mouth and suck me hard. She ran her tongue around my mushroom shaped cock head, tracing a line around it rim before she kissed its tip softly. As if my magic another little pearl of cum oozed out of my cock and she sucked it into her warm mouth, she left her lips on my cock and sucked its tip softly.

She groaned before grabbing my cock shaft and starting a slow back and forth movement. She slowly wanked me off into her mouth as I just lay back and enjoyed the show. Every now and then I felt her tongue slide over my helmet. She seemed to love wanking my cock off just inches from her face.

I felt one of her hands cup my balls and she started to feel and fondle them gently at first but some she was being quite rough with my poor swollen ball bag.

She stopped sucking me long enough to tell me to release into her mouth as she loved the taste of cum. Her hand started to wank me slightly faster and a groan slipped from my lips and echoed around the room. I felt her lips envelope me and I could her Gloria sucking on me and the sounds was so erotic I made me shiver.

I reached down and ran my hand over her head, stroking her pony tail as she slid her lips down over my cock taking my shaft deep into her mouth, so deep her nose was buried in my pubic hair.

She slid her mouth up and down my throbbing shaft very, very slowly and each time my cock slipped from her mouth with an audible plop.

I knew that I would not be able to last long if Gloria kept sucking me like this. The pleasure of her lips around my cock and her tongue lapping at me was far too much for me to cope with. I could feel my cum already starting to boil in my balls.

Gloria slipped my cock from her mouth and kissed slowly up and down my shaft at the same time her hand started to rub my balls. I could feel her nails scrapping over the tight skin of my balls and it was driving me wild. My hips started to buck, driving my cock into her mouth as I slowly face fucked her and judging by the groans Gloria was making she was not adverse to this!

The magic was broken by a load beeping noise, whatever it was let out five bleeps. Then another five, then another five...

Gloria let my cock from her mouth and reached over taking her pager from her uniform jacket.

"Fuck, they need me down stairs" she cursed

"OH God I so want to taste you Zak" she sighed. There was a look of sheer lust in her eyes.

"Okay lie on the bed with your head near the bottom " I told her as I stood up and removed the bath robe. When Gloria was in position with her head over the end of the bed I moved so I was almost straddling her face and took my cock on my hand and rubbed it over her lips, her red lipstick covered lips were now shiny with my cum.

Her lips opened as I pushed my cock against them and I held her head as I face fucked her, her hands reached around and I felt her nails digging into the flesh of my bollocks

My hips starting driving my cock into her wet warm orifice, as if they had a life of their own. I could feel Gloria's tongue lapping at my cock as it thrust in and out of her mouth, deep and hard.

I knew I was going to cum in seconds as she had taken me to the edge and I wanted to let my cum fly.

I fucked her mouth as hard and as fast as I could, my shaft going deep into her mouth, my balls bouncing off her face. I felt her hands on my ass cheeks pulling me onto her harder and harder. She obviously liked a bit of rough treatment

I let out a loud grunt and my I grabbed her head and held her tight as I felt my stomach contract and my balls let their load fly, I felt string after string of thick jizz pulse into her willing mouth.

I thrust my knob into her mouth several more times but by now my erection was waning.

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Gloria rolled over and slipped to her knees before me. She took my cock on her hand and sucked and licked every little bit of cum from my cock.

When she had finished she kissed me hard on the lips and pulled on her uniform jacket

I was unsure what to say ... it was all so surreal

"Errr thanks that was lovely!" I blurted out. Gloria just smiled at me and kissed me again.

"Its not a problem, I having been thinking about shagging you for a while now! she said with a giggle.

"Well technically we did not shag " I replied with a wink.

"Nooooo technically we haven't " she laughed, " but my shift ends at midnight, is it okay if I popped back later?"

"Yea, why not " I said casually...

And with that she was gone.

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