Kidnapped & Enslaved: Degrading a Mother & Her Two Daughters

by Steven Seven

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/ft, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Mind Control, Slavery, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Incest, Mother, Sister, Daughter, DomSub, MaleDom, Humiliation, Group Sex, Harem, White Male, White Female, Anal Sex, Analingus, Flatulence, Oral Sex, Scatology, Spitting, Water Sports, Big Breasts, Small Breasts, .

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: The Master kidnaps a mother Barbara (age 38; measurements 40 DD-26-36) and her two 14-year-old, non-identical twin blonde daughters Sharon and Helen. All three females are beautiful, blonde, and blue eyed, with flawless white skin. The Master brainwashes and re-programs their minds, turning them into willing and eager sex slaves. They are forced to submit to degradation, objectification and exploitation like the rest of the Master's harem. (Sequel to "Watch Me Sodomize Your Daughters, Bitch".)


This story is a slightly modified version of Chapter 3 from “Welcome to My World”. The events in this story follow those from the preceding chapter, which I also published as a separate story titled “Watch Me Sodomize Yours Daughters, Bitch”. In that story, the Master kidnaps a mother and her two daughters using his hyper-tech powers and teleports them to his private planet located in a hidden dimension. The Master exerts irresistible mind control over his victims. He brainwashes and re-programs their minds in stages. At no point can his victims ever resist. He changes their desires and their personalities to suit his wishes. He makes his victims want what he wants them to want. The lucky victims of the Master soon fall in love with him and enjoy their degradation and sexual slavery.

The kidnap victims in this story are three blondes: a mother in her late thirties and two young teenaged daughters. The daughters looked very similar, but not identical. All of them, mother and daughters, are extraordinarily beautiful. The daughters have long, golden blonde hair, very fair pink skin, blue eyes, and gorgeous faces. They are flat-chested youngsters, with barely a bump in the breast area. The mother has large breasts so her teen girls might yet grow a decent sized pair of tits.

The mother’s name is Barbara. Her hair is golden blonde. She is 38-years-old and still beautiful. Barbara has a 40 inch bustline with beautifully shaped DD-cup tits and a classic hourglass figure. She stands 5 feet 4 inches tall and her full measurements are 40-26-36.

Barbara’s two daughters are sororal (non-identical) twin daughters named Sharon and Helen. Sharon is a virgin. Her eyes are deep blue. Her long blonde hair cascades down her back. Her smooth, pale pink skin is flawless. Helen is also a virgin and also a flawless beauty. She is in a contest with her sororal twin sister to see who can grow the longest blonde hair. Sharon has a nice, round ass. It was not a true bubble butt, yet it had a relatively large size and shape that promised much fun for me. Helen’s ass is a bit smaller, but not flat. Her hips are actually a trifle wider than her sister’s, which made her buttocks broader as well. Both girls have butts suitable for sodomy.

The present story begins on the morning after the Master kidnapped, raped, and enslaved the women and her children.

Spending my first night with new slaves is always a learning experience. During most of the night I snuggled with Barbara’s big 40 DD-cup tits next to my face where I could suck her large pink nipples at will. I made her 14-year-old sororal twin daughters Helen and Sharon take turns blowing me. I set up Sharon’s ass as my pillow while I let Helen keep my dick in her mouth for a time, then I let her mother take a turn. I used Helen’s ass as my pillow for some time and then let Sharon have her turn sucking my dick. I kept one of Barbara’s big pink-nippled tits in my mouth for much of the night. When I needed to piss, whichever bitch was sucking me at the time got the honor of gulping down her Owner’s urine. Barbara and Helen enjoyed that gift last night. When I needed to rest in deep sleep, I pulled my dick out of mouth of the blowjob bitch of the moment, rolled over on my side, and let my slaves rest too.

In a typical night I would have sex at least once with one or more of the bitches in my bed. This was not a typical night though. I had only abducted Barbara and her daughters the day before. On the first day of a kidnap, I always spend a lot of time raping my new property in every hole. I pay particular attention to throat-fucking and butt-fucking the women and teens. Sharon and Helen had been virgins. Now they have very sore assholes after the reaming they got for me. Their throats also suffered from the delightful abuse my dick inflicted in them. Barbara’s ass and mouth took quite a beating too, just like her girls, but as an adult her body endured it better. It was Barbara’s massive tits that suffered the most from my hands and mouth. I sucked and bit them hard. I squeezed, and yanked, and twisted them without mercy. She could now display as badges of honor the teeth marks and bruises I branded on her huge white breasts.

At sunrise the ceiling skylights brought us the first light of day. At that moment, I was using young Sharon’s ass as my butt pillow. Helen’s blonde head was down at my crotch with my dick in her mouth. Barbara lay by my side with both of her massive, pink-nippled breasts delighting my mouth. I grabbed Helen’s blonde hair and forced my dick deeper into the 14-year-old’s mouth until it hit the back of her throat. I pushed deeper, feeling the head of my dick enter the teen’s throat. Helen was an obedient and enthusiastic little slave. She immediately started making swallowing motions to give more pleasure to my dick. I held her head tightly, pulling on her long blonde hair.

Having my dick down the throat of this 14-year-old blonde beauty was wonderful in itself. It was even better when accompanied by the pleasure of her buxom mother holding her massive 40 DD-cup tits to my mouth, bending her massive knockers together so that I could get both of her pink nipples into my mouth at once. My head still rested on the pure white buttocks of Sharon. Her butt cheeks were jiggling a bit because Sharon was fingering her clit while I throat-fucked her sister and tit-sucked her big-breasted mother.

I used my mental control over these bitches to read their minds and dictate their feelings and actions. When I broke them in yesterday, I had programmed them to be my willing slaves for life. Now as I throat-fucked one of the teen girls, and enjoyed the ass of her sister, plus the big tits of her mother, I decided that when I had my orgasm, all three of my new slaves would orgasm too, simultaneously. I could make them cum any time I wanted. I could use them to make me cum any time I wanted. This would be a time for all of that.

Helen was a good cock-sucker, for a 14-year-old. I fucked her mouth and throat violently, without any restraint. She accepted the abuse of her mouth and throat with more than simple endurance. The young bitch loved it! I looked down at her little blonde head. I paused in throat-fucking the bitch just long enough to take her by the chin and turn her deep blue eyes to me. Her angelic face was ecstatic, even as her eyes watered and drool ran out the corner of her mouth.

“I’m going to cum in your mouth, bitch. Do you want me to shoot my cum down your motherfucking throat? Or do you want it right in your mouth, so you can taste it before you swallow?” I asked the bitch.

With my dick still in her mouth, the blonde cherubic beauty could not speak clearly. But even her garbled words were intelligible. “Please cum in my mouth, Master. I want to taste your heavenly cum before I eat it. I love swallowing your cum!”

I spit on her beautiful face. “Good bitch” I said. Then I reached up a hand to her sororal twin sister Sharon, whose shapely, creamy white butt was my pillow at the moment. I slapped her butt cheek.

“Get down here bitch” I commanded Sharon. “Lick my spit off your sister’s face. Swallow it.”

Sharon wasted no time in moving down to my crotch area where her sister still had my dick in her mouth. Sharon brought her beautiful face down to her sister. I watched as the blonde hair of the two girls hair touched in a combination of golden blonde celebration. Sharon licked then swallowed my spit off her sister’s face. Then she looked up at me. Her face was every bit as beautiful as her sister’s and her eyes every bit as blue.

“Thank you for letting me swallow your spit. How may I serve you now, Master?” Sharon asked.

“Lick my asshole while I fuck your sister’s mouth” I said. “I’m going to suck your momma’s huge udders while I cum in the little bitch’s mouth. You get the honor of licking my asshole at the same time.”

Sharon’s smile was like the brightness of the sun at dawn. “Oh thank you, Master!” she said with genuine enthusiasm. “I only live to serve you. Licking your asshole is such an honor.” With that the little bitch went behind me, parted my butt cheeks, and began lovingly liking my anus.

I grabbed Helen’s blonde head in both hands and resumed fucking the little bitch’s mouth and throat with brutal abandon. I also resumed sucking big-titted Barbara’s delicious nipples. And I blew a fart in Sharon’s face, right on her licking tongue.

“Pew!” Sharon said. “That stinks, Master. Thank you for farting in my face. I love it when you degrade me. You are so good to me Master.”

Now I was ready to cum. I pummeled young Helen’s mouth. I sucked Barbara’s big tits. I delighted at the degradation I had just inflicted on sweet Sharon. As I felt my cum begin to make its way from my balls towards my dick on its journey into the mouth of 14-year-old Helen, I let Barbara’s tits out of my mouth and yelled “I’m cumming in your mouth, bitch! I’m cumming in your mouth, you little piece of shit whore!” Then I took both of Barbara’s nipples into my mouth again and sucked them as hard as I could until I was biting the tit flesh. My dick erupted in Helen’s mouth like a volcano of hot cum. Young Helen kept working her sweet teen tongue and mouth to give my dick maximum pleasure as I ejaculated into the girl’s mouth. I used my mind control over all three bitches to make them cum soon after I had finished.

Sharon paused in licking my anus as to yell out “Master, oh Master! Thank you! Thank you! I love you!”

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