Silver Lining
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - An chance decision to spoil himself by travelling first class on the train dramatically changes Donald McDonald's life. It is the latter part of the Victorian era when propriety dictated who could talk to whom. until a train crash throws people together (literally)

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He could scarcely believe his good fortune. The decision, a sudden costly whim, to travel first class on the Silver Cloud north from London to Scotland, appeared to be paying dividends already, for beside him sat the most beautiful young lady he had ever seen. She seemed, on boarding just outside London, to be momentarily discombobulated to find the booked seat beside a young man; but, clearly a lady of independent spirit, she did not seek a more appropriate vacancy in the carriage – with the corpulent man and his wife perhaps, or beside the young family. Placing her travelling valise under her feet and declining quietly the offer of several gentlemen to place it in the luggage rack, she sat down as the engine began its labours once again.

He observed her out of the side of his eye; she, conscious of his observance, went a delicate shade of pink round her well-formed cheeks. In truth there was nothing individual to identify her as a great beauty. Her hair was neither that of the raven- or flame- headed temptress of the cheap books he read, nor the corn-field yellow of the young ladies after whom he lusted from afar in the office. Rather it was 'light chestnut brown' in his mind, a more honest description would have been that shade unprepossessingly described as 'mousy'. Her eyes were not of some striking blue or green. Her nose was not cute button (but neither was it the size of Miss Jacques – who the clerks rather cruelly called 'the elephant'). Her mouth was perhaps a little too large, yet it seemed to naturally form a gentle smile when at rest. Her ears, the only part he clearly saw, were small and delicate; but who was ever described as a great beauty on account solely of their ears? Yet the ensemble had the devastating power of a regiment; where the strongest single fighting man might fail the group's abilities might assail all. Thus it was with her, and clearly he was not alone in this assessment for several others appeared to appreciate her too; including the corpulent man (who received a scowl from his wife). Only the husband of the young wife with three children seemed entirely ignorant of the flash of beauty in their midst, so entirely was he at ease in the bosom of his own family.

Needless to say they did not speak. This was England in 1870. One never spoke to someone to whom one had not been introduced, one never spoke to a member of the opposite gender, and one never spoke to strangers on a train.

"Here was a boring short story" he mused "it ends before it begins"

So the saying 'every cloud has a silver lining' about to be proven in a surprising way, was given veracity yet again by the subsequent events.

Some hours later, Donald could never remember if the jolt he thought he remembered had really happened. A forewarning of what was to happen? Still he found he had stiffened his legs and gripped the arm of the seat when the carriage rocked and jolted horribly in an instant. The corpulent man was flung violently upon his wife, who had probably not experienced such intimacy for some time. A young man who had just been in the act of rising from his seat was sent fully across the table, knocking himself against the seat opposite and rendering himself unconscious. He had just time to extend his arms to prevent a calamity. Thus the woman, a spinster of perhaps forty who had a set look to her face to sour fresh milk, found her bosom grasped by his unconscious digits. It would be easy to say she was horrified; yet before he recovered himself she had discovered slight flutterings which she had not imagined before possible. That his recovering form was horrified at its position was less because of her age (nor for her looks, which in truth were not as objectionable as might be imagined), but rather due to the fact that his general preference was for the company of men of a similar type. Both found their lives altered profoundly from the ruts they were in by this enforced intimate moment. But we shall have to leave them to discover their new paths separately and unknown by us. Our story is with Donald McDonald and the Lady Natasha deRive for it was she who was beside him.

The lurch of the carriage had thrown her forward and sideways and only the instant reaction of Donald had saved her from hitting the seat in front. His arm was now around her shoulder, holding her against him as the bumping, careening action continued. It seemed she had no objection in the circumstances to such unexpected closeness to this young gentleman, for her actions displayed no attempt to remove herself from his manly embrace. He felt her well-made bosom against his side as the swaying brought her alternately close-pressed against him and then him forced against her. Though his aspirational finer feelings told him he should be shocked his baser nature revelled in the feminine softness being rolled onto him. As a true Scot (like the English but with a more interesting accent) he resolved not to notice, as did she (for, as intimated earlier, she gained some distinctly unladylike pleasure from this experience too).

The carriage finally came to a rest at some forty degrees from its norm, and a few seconds of silence ensued, which then dissolved into the cries of children and women, and not a few of the men.

The wife of the corpulent gentleman had been protected from the falling luggage by his unexpected (and unamatory) embrace of her receptive lap. His back had a large carpet bag lying upon it; its contents, thankfully not exposing unmentionable undergarments, had spilled across him. Our young man and spinster disengaged themselves, whereupon the young man burst into tears and the lady went immediately to help the family with their children, whose mother had received a nasty cut to the forehead.

Donald, standing to help where he could, felt a slight tremor and was thrown off his feet as the carriage continued its temporarily suspended rotation to rest more firmly at ninety degrees on its side. Their view blocked, the passengers had no way of immediately ascertaining if they would roll further. Donald opened his eyes to find his body firmly embedded between the lady's legs, his face in just that place which a lady would reveal last to an adoring and newly married husband; and indeed then not always on their wedding night (and sometimes never for open viewing). Her face, as yet, revealed little of the horror that might be expected to have been borne to her visage by such an unwarranted invasion of such a personal space. Mumbling profuse apologies, Donald attempted to rise, making (in his own mind at least) matters worse by levering himself up to his feet with his hands, only to discover that the object he held was not the armrest but none other than her knee!

Donald was a man of action, though a lawyer in training; perhaps the army would have been a better choice. After passing down the coach, giving his handkerchief to an old lady with a bleeding lip, checking there were no serious injuries, his voice rose above the clamour.

"We should evacuate the coach ladies and gentlemen"

As with any British crisis situation with no pre-arranged leader, a vigorous debate immediately ensured.

"We should wait until the guard comes"

"He might be dead"

"It's a disgrace!"

"The railway company should sort this out!"

Donald again "Ladies and gentlemen, we do not know if we are on an edge, waiting to roll further." (gasps and comments of "no need to worry the ladies young man!") "We do not know if the engine is afire!" ("I say!" "Steady on!") "We need to leave calmly but immediately!"

So saying, he helped an old lady to her feet who explained she had damaged her ankle (in truth it was badly broken but she didn't like to make a fuss). With permission Donald placed his arm about her waist and she hers about his shoulder. Then they made for the carriage door (now above them). Donald turned, intending to help his young, attractive companion in the (hopefully) same way, to find her already standing behind him. As she supported the old lady, he forced the door open with some difficulty. Then, summoning reserves of strength he did not feel, he lifted the woman through the hole to sit on the edge. Clambering up himself he helped her to the edge, jumped down and, nearly before he was ready, caught her as she slipped off the roof into his arms. Donald had the distinct impression she was really rather enjoying this intrusion into her normally humdrum life.

The carriage was on a low bank, apparently not in danger of rolling further, but it was hard to tell. Donald returned, finding a way at the end of the coach, and back to the door. There he found Lady deRive, arms outstretched attempting to reach the door jamb. She was not able to pull herself up.

"Wait, I'll come down"

Dropping down, he volunteered to help her up. That the old lady had consented to have his hands about her waist made it acceptable to likewise accept his ministrations; and so with his hands on her waist ("her lovely, tiny waist" his less noble mind pointed out), he lifted. Try as he might (it would be impolite to suggest that she weighed a little more than the feather-light old lady), he could not, with decorum, lift her high enough to place her derriere upon the side of the aperture. With less elegance therefore, clasping her to him, his face once more in that personal area of privacy, he slid first one hand down over her rear, then the other. Once more etiquette forbade either to notice the level of intimate and detailed contact his hands made with her bottom and then her upper thighs. Both admitted only to themselves that the experience was not wholly unpleasurable. In this position he was able to place her through the doorway. Just at that moment, luckily not a moment earlier, when great embarrassment would have ensured, the guard appeared.

"Please evacuate as soon as possible, there is no cause for alarm"

Donald thought of retorting that they were already undergoing the first statement, hence it was obsolete in value, and the second statement was clearly untrue. He said nothing since the guard was obviously stressed. Instead he swelled with vindicated triumph, turned to the people beginning to appear in the carriage vestibule and said "I will help this lady down and then return. If you two men help the ladies up, I will aid by pulling them up from above."

Making their way to the edge once more he lowered himself to the ground and reached up to catch her. His hands on her ankles, it is true to say that he at least did not predict the inevitable result of this. It would be ungallant to suggest that she did. As she slid down off the side over the roof, his hands sought to steady her against gravity. The hands slid up her legs, not relinquishing contact, they inevitably found themselves under her skirt. She was of course unable to stop her course once started, and his hands therefore found themselves in the same part of her body as before, but without the barrier of several layers of cloth. Only her silk knickers ("Silk! Not cotton!" he found this strongly arousing and tried to think of something else, without success) were between him and a pair of well-shaped buttocks ("Do ladies have buttocks?" Donald wondered "or is there a more feminine word for that part of their anatomy?"). Swiftly he set her down and removed his hands. The old lady appeared not to notice, but perhaps was looking the other way just a little too intently.

Looking down the train a young man was helping a young woman from another carriage. As the first out she gave him a kiss on the cheek, he returned it with a kiss on the mouth which she was in no-wise unwilling to accept. They looked down the train, saw him and stopped. Donald smiled and waved. Not only he was finding opportunities in this disaster.

The next hour was spent helping the passengers disgorge from the stricken train. Some, like the children (and Donald, and the old lady) saw it as an adventure, some as a demonstration that fate was trying to terminate their existence. Some were like Mrs Joan Armatraging, though why she felt the need to tell people her name was a mystery. Perhaps her code of ethics said that no man should be allowed to lift one off ones feet if one had not been properly introduced. Such people built the Empire! She seemed convinced that the whole event was a plan to be familiar with her person. Yet others, the afore-mentioned spinster for example, seemed content to be manhandled in ways that they had never dreamt of in their bijou suburban villas. Still others, and here the rotund gentleman was a case, needed many hands to even make heavy work of removing them.

A fifteen-year-old dangled her white stockinged legs somewhat provocatively at Donald, she shook her flaxen hair in similarly syrenic ways that belied her age; and he had the certain impression that the stumble into him as she came down was less that accidental.

"Still" he thought "she certainly is well made" With a chest that definitely equalled that of many of the more mature females he'd helped. His earlier female companion was suddenly by his side suggesting to this young Lolita that she could help one of the slightly injured party.

"Jealousy?" He thought "Don't flatter yourself" his commonsense replied.

Like the gentleman he undoubtedly and naturally was he helped all and sundry to the ground, regardless of size, gender, age, or attractiveness; each needed help and each received it equally. Once all out it was obvious that there had been no immediate danger; the engine still stood on the track seemingly undamaged, but with no chance of continuing in the near future since eight out of nine carriages had been derailed.

Castle Moor, their current location, is one of the more remote stretches in England. Castle Moorside is fully 5 miles away. Crag hall is nearer and having been apprised of the situation, sent carriages for the old, injured and infirm. The rest would have to walk to the town for lodgings. The train driver and fireman set off down the track to the next station, but there would be no opportunity of help before tomorrow or possibly the next.

He carried one of the young family's young children, Robert he was called. He was tired and excited and fell asleep on his shoulders. The father, another Donald, carried young Carrey whilst the eldest son, barely eight, insisted on helping his mother. Behind him Natasha deRive helped a lady with her 'medicine bag' (which she was fairly sure was mostly alcohol based). So, as they talked of the reasons for travelling, the cost of travelling, the difficulties of travelling, and all the other inconsequentialities that travellers find to avoid making real contact with their fellows, Donald's thoughts were all of the Lady deRive and where his hands had been, and where he would like them to go. He was shocked to discover that, like every other man, his gentlemanly repose was very much only skin deep; beneath, the Scottish Reiver of his ancestors was itching to get out.

The walk was long and uneventful. Few enough of the first class passengers had shoes suitable for walking. Donald was one of the exceptions, he found his stout walking shoes far the most comfortable travelling shoes so always wore them on his intermittent journeys North to see his father. The third class passengers (there being no second class for sound, and devious, business reasons – few middle class travellers would deign to travel with the workers in third, so first was the only option) were better off in this regard, generally having only one pair of work boots for all occasions. As they reached the outer parts of the town, folk, who had been forewarned of the crisis, came out to offer board and lodging. The guard asked each their name, and logged who took whom both so they could be re-imbursed and so the passengers could be collected when rescue had been arranged.

Finally only a few single folk were left as they approached the old coaching inn. The inn had seen better days; long past since the railway allowed all travellers to bypass the town. The guard, the fireman, Natasha deRive, Donald MacDonald and the young fifteen year old, Christina MacIntyre, were all that remained. It had made sense to find accommodation first for the families, the older passengers and (tacitly agreed) the young gentleman of a 'fragile' nature. The passengers were shown to a private waiting room where hot wine was brought to restore them. The two employees went to arrange matters with the innkeeper and came back soon after with news.

"There are two rooms with beds available, one has two beds and the other three"

"Excellent that is settled then" said Donald, but before he could continue the guard explained

"But the two beds are in a communal room, occupied by several travellers of a commercial nature" He meant those who sold hardware and cloth round the towns from the great manufacturies of the bigger cities. "I propose that you sir and myself take them, Hans" Hans was the fireman "is quite happy to sleep in the stables"

"I won't hear of it" chimed in Lady deRive "He deserves a good night's sleep just as much as the rest of us"

"But, m'lady-"

"No, there must be another answer"

Christina leant in and whispered. Natasha coloured slightly, looked at the floor as if thinking hard and then nodded

"Mr MacDonald will share with us. Since we are two ladies there can be no question of impropriety. We shall arrange something to preserve modesty, and - " here she hesitated " - I feel there can be no need to detail in your report the precise sleeping arrangements"

Donald's heart was in his mouth. He knew nothing would come of it of course, but to share a room with TWO such young women! Would the guard agree?

"Very well ma'am. If you three are content then so am I"

Well the two women were content; Donald couldn't trust himself to speak and merely nodded (he hoped not too enthusiastically).

The guard and fireman were allowed to return to their more natural surroundings of the bar, Donald escorted them to the door and tipped them both, adjuring them to keep their own counsel on this "since it could unfairly influence the reputation of the young ladies"

Dinner was easily disposed of, both because they were hungry and because once hunger had been satisfied the food was not such as to encourage further eating. They therefore repaired to the bedroom, the innkeeper, having been told that the elder lady was Donald's wife and the younger his sister, was similarly content. Whether he believed this or no, the promise of unusually large compensatory payments was enough to persuade him of the truth.

Despite the good intentions on all their parts to raise some kind of blanket barrier across the room, in truth there was no possibility. The room simply did not lend itself to such a design. Far from being a three bedded room, it also transpired that this consisted of a double bed with a drawer under that pulled out to be another (short) bed. It was obvious to all three that only Christina would fit (and even then curled slightly). It was obvious to all that Donald (at 6 foot 2 inches) would overhang horribly. Yet it was equally obvious that the other arrangement, that he should share a double bed with an attractive and single lady was wholly inappropriate.

"I will sleep on the floor" He gallantly exclaimed, mentally kicking himself hard up the behind "I have done that before" which was true "so it will be no hardship I assure you", which was not.

But the floor was not of the cleanest, and the blankets not of the warmest. As night drew on the room was found not to be capable of preserving the warmth of the fire with any efficacy.

"I perceive a similar solution to our earlier conundrum" Natasha (for now they were alone it seemed the three young people had dispensed enough with convention to use first names) said. "If Christina is willing then we should all share the double bed. There can be no suggestion of immorality surely in such an arrangement"

In truth Donald could see all manner of suggestions of immorality. Perhaps Natasha was too innocent to have heard of such bawdy goings-on. Certainly Christina could have no suspicion that it was possible to have two ladies and one man in a debauched situation. She offered no objection to the proposal and thus it was agreed. All three then sat and shared another glass of mulled wine, tacitly agreeing that the arrangement would not be discussed outside the room. Since it had already been agreed that who slept in which bedroom was to be left 'understood' rather than spelled out, the bed allocation within the room should never be a subject of discussion. Nevertheless the drawer-bed was pulled out and the sheets disturbed. All agreed it made sense not to disturb the maid's sensibilities in the morning.

The issue they had not addressed until that moment was the question of night attire. Given the length of the walk to their night time lodgings, almost all had opted to leave their luggage. Thus the three in their room had only what they wore. It seems that Natasha was becoming the mistress of her situation in leaps and bounds, finding the freedom of making her own decisions now almost as heady as the wine (which in truth may explain some of the lessened inhibitions she demonstrated). Turning her back on the other two she proceeded, apparently unabashed, to remove her outer clothing. Donald made a point of looking elsewhere but found the temptation impossible to overcome and slowly, slyly, began to observe her increasing state of dishabille. Asking Christina to help her with her stays, she found herself finally in a silk shift overlaying a chemise atop and the silk knickers we have already encountered below. Maintaining her stance she slipped the straps of the shift over her shoulders, Donald held his breath, and then she removed the chemise, replacing the shoulder straps. Breathing a quiet sigh both of relief and disappointment Donald began to consider his own position when the young lady reach under her shift and removed said knickers. Folding each item and placing them on a chair she moved across the room to the bed. The light from the candle made the thin clothing somewhat semi-transparent, or semi-opaque, for whilst no feature of her body was clearly visible, yet the impression of her was displayed as shadows on the silk screen. Donald felt the stirrings in his loins that he had felt before; this time embarrassingly strong, and in danger of become distinctly visible. He turned away, to see Christina following the older lady's example. She managed to remove her stockings with both a demure lack of exposure of thigh and yet an erotic allure that did nothing to help him control his physical responses. Finally attired in a shift and vest she demonstrated yet again that she was distinctly advanced for her age; or perhaps not. Donald had to admit he had not been in the habit of observing the state of development of girls' sexual characteristics. She could be normal for all he knew. What he did know was that two young ladies were in the bed he was expected to share, with very little covering their essential nature, and both were now watching him as he had watched them. He supposed this was reasonable.

Donald undressed as speedily as possible to his knee length long johns and slipped into the bedside nearest him. This put Christina between him and 'his' (for he had to admit he was beginning to think in this way) young lady. Perhaps, he mused, it was as well; he had less chance of letting himself and his family down by addressing her in an uncalled for manner.

The candle was extinguished and they three lay in the light of a half-moon, each contemplating how the day had changed their situation so dramatically.

Natasha thought "a few short hours ago I was travelling North to be introduced to my cousin in the hope that a match would bring the family titles back into one line. If this becomes public the scandal would drive their cadet branch for ever into outer darkness" (socially that is).

Donald was considering whether he shouldn't in all honesty relinquish the bed "the ladies must have seen my engorgement, though they were too gentile to remark it. Perhaps they were unaware of its significance" here he was entirely mistaken, making the typical male error of assuming ignorance where there was simply a failure to verbalise. "I have to be honest, though, the knowledge of the state of these young ladies is impossible for me to put aside in my mind. This may be the most exciting event in my life though nothing proceeds from it"

Christina : "He is like Signor Rafael in my book, at any moment he may ravage me; I'm sure he finds me attractive. Though I can see his real attraction is for Natasha, and in truth I can see why as well, such an impressive shape" Her thoughts on both her companions led her to become more excited; she felt damp between her legs, a feeling not experienced since she had ridden the stallion Merillion when he was lusting after the mare next door. His member extended far below him and his raw power had excited her so much she felt faint with a desire for something that she did not understand at the time. Now she did.

Thus it was that Christina's breathing became more laboured, breathy and quickened. Both her companions turned to calm her, Donald's hand on her stomach seemed an affront to etiquette, yet he felt he had to calm her if he could. Natasha's hand stroked her head, then her face and neck, finally settling on what she described to herself as the girl's upper chest; but we know as the top of her breast. Donald's hand meanwhile circled her stomach as they both uttered soothing noises, it was only a matter of time before the circles rubbed the lower part of her breasts and the breathing, as a result of both hands touching these delicate and sensitive organs, became more excited still.

When they made to desist she asked them to continue their ministrations as she felt unable to control her unexpected impulses herself; yet in truth those very ministrations were making her more excited. Natasha recognised the signs, cursed herself for not realising, genuinely, that this girl would be inexperienced in controlling her feelings properly; and resolved that the quickest solution was to bring her to the crisis point quickly.

"I fear she is in danger of an attack of hysteria, will you help me? I know what the treatment should be"

"By all means, I will help if I can" thinking "Can this be happening, really? Are we to pretend that this arousal simply needs to be treated to cure it?"

Natasha's hand found his and directed him down to her legs, he knew now what she intended. He also knew he should be appalled, yet he was not; his excitement trumped his moral objections for he was now as engorged as it was possible to be. As yet he could see no way to resolve that issue without the required issue, but that surely was not remotely likely, even now.

So he began stroking Christina's leg, caressing the inner part most gently, slowly, slowly progressing up from midway between the knee and groin towards that garden of earthly delights (for garden, he discovered, there definitely was). Meanwhile Natasha had removed the young lady's shoulder straps and was now caressing and kissing both her swelling breasts. Donald quickly gave up the small amount of gentlemanly nature that was trying to stop him looking at her exposed upper body. Christina's nipples were erect and hard; there was no mistaking this for anything but what it was, a girl's awakening to sexual desire. Donald watched as Natasha licked and gently nipped the girls nipples, then gave little love bites around the breasts, then returned to the lips while stroking the breasts alternately. It seemed that this young Lady deRive had some experience in engaging other ladies.

His hand had now reached the upper thigh and was transferring from side to side with occasional forays north into the forest that resided there. Each visit was longer and each time Christina's excitement rose a little more. He had no doubt that some serious rubbing would simply finish the matter, but now they two were it seemed tacitly understood to be on a mission to provide the best self (and others) masturbatory experience she might ever have. Prolonging it made her build up a head of steam inside which, when he finally began to rub her vaginal opening and up to the little mound of desire, meant she well-nigh exploded with passion. He felt his hand soaked with what he assumed was lubrication from inside her. "When a man takes her he will be well satisfied" he thought "I hope she finds someone to satisfy her". She started a long drawn out scream of delight, which Natasha throttled by taking her lips with hers and holding her in a long drawn out kiss as Christina reached a state of orgasmic bliss.

When she finished, Donald could not resist. Had he been alone with her he knew he would have deflowered her in an instant. The presence of Natasha saved the situation. In this she had been right, if not in the exact prediction of where propriety would rein in the excesses. However, he did find that before Christina came out of the land of semi-conscious pleasure she had entered after orgasm, he could not resist inserting his finger into her. Her inner body was lush and soft and wet and lovely. He knew it would be and it excited him, that his was the first male finger inside this young siren he was not in doubt, and that excited him even more. She groaned pleasantly at the intrusion and when he made to extract his digit she moved her hand to push him back in. In a few moments he had two, then three fingers inside and was moving in and out; simulating, he knew, the sexual act itself. Christina's hands moved up to caress her own breasts and Natasha's hand came down to stroke this most delectable and moist pussy. Christina's breathing and colour both once again increased until in a short space of time she expended another, but shortened, exclamation of delight. Then she lay back, exhausted.

Donald brought up his finger and licked it. This was no longer the act of a Victorian gentleman he recognised, this was the act of someone engaged in helping a young woman understand her new existence; and an act of innocent, sexual pleasure. He gave a finger to Christina to lick, delved some more and presented it to Natasha. The three of them, relishing the vaginal exudations of this attractive young virgin. He found he wanted to taste more, not so much because of the flavoursome nature of the fluid, more for the erotic content of the act. Almost as an involuntary act he slid down the bed to engage his mouth to her opening; an opening from which even now a small stream seemed to be flowing. His tongue lapped at the font, travelling both down towards her other opening and then back beyond to the hidden mound that had been stroked to such effect recently by Natasha. A stiffening and ecstatic sighing showed that, tired though she was, Christina was willing to engage in this more unusual consummation of passion.

A quiet chant, like a religious ritual, came from her "yes, yes, don't stop, don't stop, yes, yes". Not in some loud, hysterical fashion, but almost a murmur. She was floating on clouds of pleasure; later telling herself that she would never experience such pleasure again. In a surprisingly short time the chant reverted to a long drawn-out sigh of deep satisfaction; though the flow from her continued for a short time, now it was clearly drawing to a close. She lay like a piece of flotsam thrown up by the tide; a wet, discarded item entirely without life or energy.

There was a question, clearly, as he looked up and into Natasha's glowing face. It was obvious this escapade had excited her as much as it had himself. A voice in his head noted that clearly a woman was capable of just as much desired and satisfaction as a man; a matter hotly disputed in private amongst his friends at the time. It pained him to acknowledge that he would never be able to bring this evening to the light to make his point in the argument unassailable. The question that arose was 'who was next?' It was plain that both the remaining unsaited young people were willing, nay, desperate for satisfaction. Donald's inbuilt gentlemanly nature insisted that Natasha should be first, by right of gender and class. Besides, he knew that once he had expended himself his natural inclination to sleep might be almost impossible to resist.

Pausing only to remove his remaining article of clothing to prevent it being stained by too many bodily exudations, he slide over the young girl, his cock making a satisfying connection with her near naked body as he passed. He could have walked around of course, but the traverse of such a delectable obstacle was undoubtedly more pleasurable. It will be obvious from this that he was losing the last remnants of those inhibitions usually described as 'honour'. He found himself in possession of two attractive young ladies who were as willing as he was to explore the limits of human experience. There was little to hold him from exploring such experiences as were offered.

Thus, having achieved a position atop the young Lady deRive, Donald proceeded to smother her with caresses from his lips. She could feel is more than adequate erect phallus pressing against her lower body, perhaps only her shift prevented an immediate resolution of her own virginal status. Starting at her face he kissed her eyes, her cheeks, her lovely mouth and thence made his way to her neck and on to her bosom. At this stage the shift began to intrude, so in a fit of masculine dominance her reached down and rolled it up, up and over her head. Again, her lack of objection boded well. So he proceeded with his safari of her body, caressing her breasts with his tongue and lips. For her part she found the experience of such inexpressible delight that she followed her own earlier prescription for treatment stroking herself where his lips had not reached, yet she did little to express her emotions. Nevertheless, her silence was evocative as the more aware would have heard her breathing become deeper and more insistent.

As he continued to explore her body, it dawned on her that his intention was once again to bring a lady to the peak of excitement by use of his mouth. She was not unwilling in this regard, though she was a little hesitant at the unknown experience she was about to embark upon. She had on occasions found the self-pleasuring of her fingers most acceptable and had assumed that this young man's would be similarly enjoyable. She had never imagined a person – male or female – marrying their facial lips to her alternate ones between her legs.

He began his assault with a light touch of his tongue on the outer lips of that entrance. She was already well on the way to experiencing the ultimate pleasure, indeed quite sure now that watching the other young lady pleasure herself again would bring her to the same state. She moaned softly and reached down to guide his head, finding the act of holding it hard against her pulsating loins infinitely pleasurable. Now his tongue was awash with her vaginal juices and he sought to both enter her with it and lap up as much as he could, finding her excitingly tasty to the tongue and yet stimulating her clitoral mound to ecstasy. But his previous ministrations meant he began to find himself waning. Christina came to his aid by inserting her hand between his face and the lady's throbbing cunt. She caressed while he continued to lick up the ambrosia. Later he had to admit the taste was something normally unpleasant, but in his sexually excited state he found it alluring. Natasha finally found her moment and groaned long and low with a pleasure which yet again confirmed the fact that women were capable of as much, or more, excitement in such intimate intercourse. As she relapsed into a quiescence she let out a sigh of deep, deep pleasure.

As you may well be imagining, by this juncture Donald was priapic to a degree which a friend once stated, referring to a rampant bull in a field, 'he could bang nails in with it'. He would not be allowed sleep unless he was similarly removed of his 'hysteria'. Thankfully the two young ladies were well aware of this situation, having, at various times in the evening so far, seen or felt the erectile phallus that was so prominent between his legs. But what should be done? He would have loved to take this young woman as he had once or twice availed himself of young ladies of ill-reputation when the need arose; but that should not be, the risk of pregnancy besides, the young lady might be discovered not to be a virgin on her wedding night.

At first the ladies offered their hands in ministration, and in truth he would have accepted that, but Natasha asked if he had any other ideas. Propriety and prudishness had now clearly been thrown to the wind, so he bade her turn over on her front, revealing her well-shaped buttocks. Christina followed the example, and in the dim light of a moon shining through the window he was treated with the sight of four pert buttocks awaiting they knew not what. He was again tempted to attempt a ransacking of the lady's other opening, but knew she would never agree, so lying atop her he asked her to grip her buttocks together (this was the first time anyone, ever had referred to her sit-upon as 'buttocks'; she found it oddly thrilling) and he thrust his middle leg between them. Thus ensconced he proceeded to rub himself along the join while her bottom cleft was kept tight by her muscular activity. Not wishing to leave the other young lady out of the encounter he found her anal opening with his fingers and gently inserted one, two fingers and thrust them in and out in time with his exertions. Whether she enjoyed this she never revealed but in years to come she would encourage her young husband to do the same, to his surprise and infinite pleasure.

When Donald expended himself he found his other hand had encircled Natasha and was squeezing her breast, as he reached terminal delight he pinched her nipple and made her jump, the white semen slithered over her to her waist and began to drizzle down one side. Quickly the three got up and washed Natasha thoroughly and with an assiduousness that had her quietly finding pleasure in the hands paying such close attention to her vagina, eurethra and anus. Truly she could not imagine a more satisfying way of being cleansed than to have a clearly appreciative man caressing her and a lithe young lady kissing her at the same time.

This might have been the end of our tale. They had all expended their hysteria and in their tiredness they lapsed each into their own sleep, though a visitor would at this moment have found it hard to distinguish which limb belonged to whom. However our story does not end here. Natasha awoke after an hour and found herself, half-awake, caressing her naked cunny. As she awoke the satisfaction at this action improved too. She was convinced the other two, now situated on either side of her, were asleep; yet as she began to caress herself with increasing urgency she found other hands joining the process, eventually it felt like many hands were stroking many places in that smooth-skinned body. Her orgasm was pleasantly drawn out, like a series of waves, getting bigger and bigger. Then it was over, for her. But Donald now found desire playing on his unfettered prick and it grew to full erect size. Natasha drew him atop her. She whispered "take me, I want you to have what you saved from the train", a sentiment that was both welcome (he really wanted to pinion her) and untrue (she had not been in any real danger). "What about Christina?" he whispered. "Don't worry about me, I shall make attempts to amuse myself and ignore you". "What about your hon- " She stopped him with another kiss, and repeated "take me, I implore you". True to Christina's word they both heard her begin to experiment upon herself in the same way they had so assiduously demonstrated earlier. It was obvious she was happy engrossed in pleasuring herself, any extraneous noises from the two of them would merely add to the pleasure she was beginning to feel.

So he found his penis beginning to make exploratory forays into the jungles of Natasha's groin. She reached down and guided him in; he asked only the once more "are you sure?" Her positive reply was sufficient, he was long past over-concern about propriety and gentlemanly behaviour; he pushed deeper into the delightful sex tunnel.

She was tight and, he soon discovered, most definitely intacta. His gentle thrustings reached the delicate wall of her womanly hymen and he was unsure of proceeding. Again his hesitancy was overwhelmed, this time by a female hand gripping his right buttock tightly and an urgent whisper of "take me". It was such a clichéd phrase he nearly laughed, but realised it would have spoilt the mood. He had no wish to disoblige the young lady and indeed felt it likely that at this stage a failure to follow through (to use a metaphor from that ridiculous game of cricket his friends so often played) could have resulted in these young ladies complaining that he had forced himself upon them. He suddenly realised the delicacy of his position. He wasn't in control and taking his pleasure from this young lady; she was in control and forcing him to take his pleasure. An unusual position to be in and one that some men might have found debilitating to a limp degree. Donald realised that he may as well gain the release he sought whatever the consequences. With a sharp thrust he pushed through her virginity and she gasped with the pain and surprise of his assault. Now there was nothing to stop him and he continued, though each thrust created a slight further gasp as the torn curtain was roughly rubbed by his member. Her pleasure or comfort were no longer his prime concern, now at last he was content to allow himself the maximum pleasure this escapade would afford, and hang the consequences (though a small voice still told him that taking the girl Christina's maidenhood would be an encounter too far). His thrusts appeared to become less urgent, in truth he was deliberately pacing himself, each one cause a slight frisson to Natasha, like a deep cut that has nearly healed and urgently desires to be scratched; she tried to urge him on by moans of pleasure and gentle (and somewhat inexperienced) hip movements. He stopped the first by taking her mouth in his and invading it with his tongue. The urgency of this attack nearly did for his self-control. Then Christina reached full orgasm beside him and allowed a low groan of unmistakeable ecstasy; again he found himself barely controlling his own body. Yet still the thrusts continued, it seemed to Natasha that each one moved him a fraction of an inch further. In truth he was as far entered into her vagina as his not inconsiderable erection would allow, their hips were touching and his tip was nearly at the end of its cave. That was what she was feeling, a near touching of the end, of the cervix. This would have been painful to her, but he never reached it, she only had the intimation of what might be, but wasn't. That was strangely arousing to her.

At last he felt he could hold onto his sanity no longer and he allowed full rein to his carnal lust, his right hand reached round to feel her buttocks and then opened the crack between to begin to explore the opening of that other entrance, that was usually an exit. Natasha was slightly horrified, her education had involved many night time talks with girls who claimed much knowledge though she suspected little enough experience. None had mentioned this digital assault on her anus as a possibility. She was sufficiently intelligent to realise that nothing would stop Donald in the state he had reached. Suddenly she understood the great risk a girl takes in allowing herself to wait until after a wedding, she could find herself bedded by a monster and legally unable to extricate herself from his clutches. She only had herself to blame this night, she knew, but yet she was curious to know what ... Ooh! A second finger entered that same hole and she found herself being thrusted into from two directions. Donald's other hand now moved from her breast, where he had been squeezing and rubbing (somewhat more like a washer woman she felt, but again had no option now but to let the force of nature run its course), and moved to her shoulder. There he gained extra purchase and he appeared to desire to burst through to the other side of her increasingly ravaged and perspiring body. At last he gasped and gave out a delighted (and to her delightful – for it signified the end) noise which was decidedly more animal than human; lower down she felt him give out a long series of ejaculations of a different, more material kind, filling the small gap between the end of his penis and her cervix. He lapsed into silence and relapsed into a torpid weight on top of her. She waited what she hoped propriety would dictate was long enough. Her books on etiquette never covered the acceptable wait before pushing a man out of your cunt, she mentally giggled and was shocked at the use of such a crude word, where had it come from? Where had she heard it? It appears she was not as demure as she thought she was. Well no, she thought, you've just allowed a man to use his tongue to pleasure you and then fuck you – oh there it was again, was she becoming a tart? – you definitely aren't quite as demure as her mother would have wished.

Donald rolled off and was surprised to find a willing mouth cleaning his limping dick. Christina was wanting to stay involved in the pleasurable explorations! They all three got up again and again cleansed themselves. This time determined to go to bed to sleep. They slept until 5am when the ostlers began to ready the horses.

Donald, and he suspected the two ladies, needed to make water. He went red at the thought and then remembered the intimacies of the previous night, getting out and peeing by the bed into the under bed receptacle. Each young lady did the same, taking care that the act was not observed; some things were still off the scale of acceptability, clearly. Then the three all cuddled back up in bed, for the fire had burnt down and the room was cold. It did not take long to realise Donald was ready for another round. Natasha was hesitant, she was decidedly sore down below and not keen to be assaulted again. This time it was Donald that was the more insistent, quietly (for the ostlers were working in the yard below) he mounted her and allowed his knees to gently but firmly force open her legs. She resisted only for a brief time. She could neither call out not fight him off and realised that this time she was the one not in control. His attack was short and to the point. Entering he offered no hesitancy but pushed himself to his full extent and then continued with the rhythmic action that had the inevitable consequence. By the end Natasha was nearly accepting of it and offered no resistance when the four hands of her colleagues took to exploring every part of her wet and sticky body again. She found the orgasm 1 part pleasure 1 part pain but could in no wise stop its progress and finality.

There was just time to move Christina onto Natasha's chest; there the two kissed and caressed whilst Donald performed the required action to rid her of another bout of 'hysteria' from behind. After that they had to dress with barely a wash to present themselves for breakfast. Their tired and slightly unkempt appearance was easily explained as the trials of the previous day since many of their fellow travellers, when they appeared, were similarly less than shevelled.

The news was good, a replacement train would arrive by noon, the tracks were not damaged and soon all could be on their way.

They reboarded the train and continued their journey; the three keeping close company, which caused some little stir in the carriage. That this young man should hold conversation with two ladies who had been strangers prior to the crisis was remarked on by many, but excused as the result of the extreme circumstances they had been thrown into. It was also generally accepted that Donald had acquitted himself well (how little the other passengers were aware of his night time acquittal!) in the accident. Several gentlemen shook his hand as they left at Edinburgh and Dundee; if not exactly the hero of the hour, he was certainly popular for his calm, ordered approach. The guard sought him out before Aberdeen and thanked him for his help, assuring him that the railway would also be writing. The subtext of the conversation was that no mention of the sleeping arrangements had been made in any official documents. They finally arrived at Aberdeen Natasha fairly bounded up to her father with Donald in tow, Christina followed at a slight distance.

"Hello Papa; this is Donald" Donald held his hand out and was about to have it grasped when she continued "he deflowered me at my insistence, I suggest we should get married very soon, just in case". His hand froze, neither grasped, nor withdrawn, as was her father's.

"Oh, and this is Christina, I have engaged her as my maid. You said I should have one of my own now"

In a year's time the two were married and started their honeymoon on the night train to Venice. Christina in the next carriage soon joined them for further explorations of the possibilities of human sexual ingenuity. Now it seemed she was old enough to allow full rein to her and others' desires regarding her excellent body. That she was also available for female satisfaction (both to provide and receive) meant that the long train journey was truly described by all three as the best railway trip they had even taken. And such discoveries that were made caused Christina's future husband some very pleasant surprises in their marriage bed.

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