Blackmail - Adelaide

by HAL

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: First in a series of stories covering blackmail, some sexual some not. This one is about a teacher and his pupil, but who is blackmailing who?

"Ah, come in Adelaide. Sit down."

"You wanted to see me Mr Alexander?"

"How do you think you did in the entrance exam for Gorblane this morning?"

"Oh, ah, well, I hope I did okay"

"You should, you're bright, you've been well coached", she smiled, "and you cheated" Her face turned white.

"What? Sir? Um, What do you mean?"

"Don't deny it please, I saw you. I don't even understand why, you are one of our best students, you should have walked it."

"I, I just lost my nerve. I needed this so much"

"Well, I'll have to tell the Head, I can't see any way round it, after all if it ever got out the whole school would be blacklisted, probably from all the top music academies"

"Pleease, sir! It will destroy my best chance of success! Nobody else will ever look at me. I'll lose my only chance of a career"

"I agree, it's not fair, one mistake. But what a mistake! For Gorblane! They are so strict! You could have been brilliant I'm sure"

"Pleease, I'll do anything!"

Mr Alexander looked up "Eh? What do you think I can do? You cheated Adelaide. I can't just let that pass, your marks would be so much better that someone would be bound to question it."

"I'll do anything"

"There might be one way I can think of. But cheating can't be allowed to prosper, you'd have to be punished. I have a friend at St Aspasian's; today is St Aspasian's day so they were allowed to take the exam tomorrow. I could ask, but..."

"Pleease, punish me. Name it!"

She noticed he was no longer looking at her face, but at her heaving chest. "Ah" she thought, "I see".

He smiled at her and they understood, or at least she thought they did. Slowly she unbuttoned her blouse to reveal the lilac, lacy bra beneath. This is what he had seen straining against her blouse.

"Ah, Adelaide, tell me, what is the school uniform?"


"I seem to remember it refers to plain white underwear? That as far as I can see is neither plain, nor white. Before we discuss your punishment you will, I think have to be properly attired. The" he paused "the code does not refer to underwear being compulsory, just the colour it should be"

The bra fastened at the front and she unfastened it and allowed the cups to swing down. Her breasts stayed as upright as ever. "Teenage girls have perky breasts with little need for added support. That's why she can wear such a flimsy, lacy thing" he thought as he enjoyed the view. She made to remove it completely.

"That won't be necessary, after all it isn't acting in its capacity as a bra now so we can dispense with calling it underwear can we not?"

He was amused to see that girls could blush right to their breasts.

"Now, as to punishment"

"I thought that was it?"

"No, that hardly counts. I'm sure you've shown those to lots of boys"

Actually she hadn't. Only Tim when they were 13 and she had been a lot smaller.

"I rather think a spanking is called for, that seems to be a short, sharp punishment that we can administer now. It will take a little while, though. You had better phone your home"

She rang home and explained that she would be delayed as she had to discuss her application with Mr Alexander. No point creating elaborate lies, simply needed to avoid the whole truth. His office was an L shape so it was possible to lock the door and be totally invisible from the corridor. Everyone would assume he had left.

Mr Alexander moved round behind her and quite gratuitously groped her breasts, tweaking the nipples until they stood up, and then stroking each breast from behind. Adelaide had to admit that the experience was not wholly unpleasant, but said nothing.

"Now, Adelaide, I will tell you when you may speak, otherwise you must stay silent. We don't want people wondering what the shouting is do we? Is that clear?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes Mr Alexander"


He reached for a cane from the corner and swished it

"Oh my God! You aren't going to use that!"

"This? Oh now, this was the last cane used on boys about 10 years ago. But I thought I told you to be silent? Talking back to teachers is also an offence"

Should she reply? She decided not.

"Lean forward onto the desk and hold the other side, yes that's it. Now open the legs a little" He used the cane to tap her ankles until she reached a wide gait which was unstable so she had to lean forward and take her weight. Her breasts squished onto the desk and he made her rise slightly so they just touched. With each slap the breasts would wave and the nipples would rub on the leather writing panel. That would keep them hard. He did like hard nipples.

Reaching for two Bulldog paper clips her raised her skirt at the back and clipped it out of the way. Adelaide wondered if the clips had been carefully placed, if this had all been pre-planned; but she had offered him 'anything' anyway so he hadn't had to persuade her.

"Oh dear, tut tut"


"Oh, did you speak again without permission? I can see before me non-uniform pants. Had you been wearing uniform whites I might have been able to apply the spanking through them, but you'll understand I cannot administer punishment to an incorrect uniform. It would be inconsistent. Please remove them"

She rolled one side and then the other down. They could only be dropped just below her bottom because her legs were so wide open.

"That will do"

She realised the sound had come from further away, He had moved off to get a better view of her arse, especially her lips which were amply prominent with her legs so wide. SLAP!


"Silence, remember?"

Slap "let me see, shall we say 5 slaps for the incorrect bra, 5 for the incorrect pants?"

He administered 3 more hard slaps to her left buttock and then transferred his attention to the right. They both began to glow prettily.

"Are you a virgin Adelaide?"

"Sir? Yes sir! Please, not that! I'll suck you off if you like"

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