Revenge of the Geeks

by HAL

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Ma/Ma, Teenagers, Reluctant, Rape, Coercion, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Spanking, Light Bond, Humiliation, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Water Sports, .

Desc: Sex Story: A group of school nerds decide they have finally had enough and use brains and planning to get their revenge on the school top jock and cheerleader. Once they've started they find they are more animal than they realised.

Rhona and John were the A-list celebs at the school. School football captain and leader of the cheerleaders, they were a natural pair for all sorts of reasons. Blonde, tanned, good looking, rich parents, nice cars. The kind of people everyone outside the group hated and wanted to be in with, all at the same time. Two of their most similar traits were their relatively low IQs and their meanness. Some people said (quietly where John couldn't hear) that he had been hit on the head too often by the football. Rhona didn't even have that excuse. She was just dumb. Not stupid, she could use her body, her pouting lips, her winsome smile to get anything: a grade uplift from Mr Ronson, a lift home from any boy (and several girls), and a new car, when she scratched her old one, from daddy. But she couldn't tell you who Pythagoras was, nor who the previous President. She might have been a little unsure on left and right.

And the meanness was probably the result of their inferiority complex. They would pick on the clever girls or boys in class. They would make stupid comments to unnerve them in presentations. John would give Max or Adrian a wedgie or sneeze and use their homework to blow his nose on. Girls being more verbal and less physical, Rhona would make cutting comments about 'wearing your mother's hand-me-downs' or 'good job Yale doesn't interview on looks'. The worst was when she loudly whispered that the smell was Tammy's period and sent her crying from the room (several boys found themselves wondering if that could be true).

Even good, hardworking, law-abiding, intellectually ambitious, physically weedy, worms turn eventually. This is the story of their revenge.

The sign of the five.

The five of them – Max, Adrian, Michael, Tammy and Joan – found themselves at the far lunch table again, the one reserved for newcomers and outcasts. Max and Adrian were, by common consent gay; they were also very clever. In fact the cleverness was the reason for the gay rumours. They hung out a lot (but then the sport jocks did too, and some of them really were gay but kept it quiet), but it wasn't unusual for them to have a break from homework to take a look through the realms of internet porn. Their preferences, if anybody had ever checked, would have shown them to be as hetero as the next raging hormone teenster. The occasional stain on the bed could have meant either way, but each of their fantasies involved heavy breasted Sindy types suddenly falling for the Brains in their puppet show dreams. Michael was less bright but a newcomer so up for being picked on by everyone. That he was passionately interested in European Steam Engines was just gold to the mean kids, especially John. Tammy and Joan really were Yale, or Harvard, or Princetown material. Actually Joan went to Oxford, but that isn't relevant.

"I'm sick of it, it doesn't matter what I do. I stand up for myself, he pummels me. I let him say what he wants, he pummels me. I've had enough. I'm thinking of leaving"

"And go where?"

"Heigton Heights"

"You think a sink school will treat you better? They'll kill you there"

"I could pretend not to be as bright, I could fit in"

"You couldn't pretend to be as stupid as someone like John. As soon as someone said 'Spics are as bad as kikes' or 'global warming is a commie rumour' you'd be arguing for the rights of man or something and you'd be a wet, bloody patch on the floor"

And so the discussion carried on, as it had done so many times before; only this time it took a darker turn, they actually began to think of whether there were ways to get their own back on their main tormenters. They arranged to meet to seriously discover what they might come up with.

"Anything we do has to be the A-bomb"


"The ultimate weapon, no threats will work; and a light punishment will just mean a swift and extravagant retaliation"

Slowly, slowly they realised that they had to take such extreme revenge that the two would never ever dare to retaliate.

Rohypnol was banned of course, but these were clever people. It wasn't hard to discover some chemicals that had similar effects that were available in household chemicals.

Viagra was easy to get on the internet – and if it turned out not to be the real thing, well no harm done.

Chloroform wasn't that difficult for Max and Adrian (who was already thinking of a sideline at college – making legal high drugs).

The final pieces slid into place when the weekend cabin belonging to Michael's Grandad was available that spring break. John and Rhona were of course already talking of taking off for Florida. They were just the types that went to that kind of hedonistic fuck-fest even while still at school. If they really were planning to go, no-one would miss them for several days.

A careful forged note found Rhona and Joan waiting in class for Mrs Norman, she would never arrive of course because she was already on her way to Toronto for the Birmingham Ballet performance (she loved ballet), but as they waited Joan timed it to go and get a coffee from the machine. "You want one Rhona?" in an obsequious tone "Yeah, okay"

And the first stage was done. There was enough sleeping tablet (courtesy of Tammy's grandmother) to knock out a horse. The class was next door to the carpark so it was easy to carry her out and dump her in her own flashy BMW (what school girl needs a BMW for Chrissake!) and drive her out to the cabin by the lakes.

John proved more tricky. He could never be on his own because he needed others constant adulation to prove he was special. Careful watching and swift, resolute action caught him in the toilets alone and a big dose of homemade chloroform plus three desparate boys finally did for him. They hid him in a toilet cubicle, told his friends they'd seen him rushing off – this wasn't entirely unlike him, to just dump on his friends. And when the coast was clear they took him out the back and into his car (not so special, but still pretty new) and off to the cabin.

When they woke they found themselves both stark naked tied by the hands and legs. John had been given enough Viagra to keep him stiff for a month, it turns out you can get the real stuff on the internet.

"Oh, my God. They want to film us doing it. You dirty little fuckers. I'll rip your scrawny little dicks off and make you eat them." This was Rhona, John was a little more basic in his language.

"Relax you two, no-one wants to watch you two fucking each other"

Actually a couple of them weren't quite so sure, but there was plenty of time for options.

"Well what then?"

"Ah, the surprise is part of the fun"

John was hauled off the bed and shoved onto a hard seat. With some difficulty his hands were pulled down behind him and his legs tied to the legs of the chair. His erection was a marvel to behold. And hold. The two girls came up and did just that. Stroking it and caressing it until he couldn't stand it and a jet of spunk shot up and out between them, landing on the floor.

Carefully one of the boys wiped up the glistening drips with Rhona's panties. John stayed very, very erect. Even during the cold water used to wash him clean. Even when Joan pulled off her pants and climbed aboard.

Tammy explained "We are going to ride you raw you fucking arse-wipe. Then we're going to ride you some more. You are going to pleasure us as much as we want and then we're going to use a vibrator on you until you come again, and again, and again"

"That's sick, you little pervs, and you expect me to watch?" This was Rhona again

"Shut the fuck up slag. Or I'll pee on your knickers and shove them in your mouth"

Adrian added "You might get to watch some of it. But that will be in between us fucking you too. You mince around making everybody lust after your luscious bouncy tits; well, here's the result. We are going to fuck you every way and then some more."

The three boys proceeded to strip off and Rhona began to build up to a scream. Not that anybody would hear, but Michael shoved her panties into her mouth. He failed to make good on Tammy's threat to piss on them first as he was hard as a rock, but she could taste John's spunk, and her own wee. Knocking her out had made her lose a little control of her bladder, as she now tasted.

She kicked out and found herself tied more firmly to the bed, face down. The first assault was to be neither her red, shaved cunt; nor her lovely red lips; but her little brown eye was about to get the pounding it so richly deserved. John thought this even more unfair since he would have to watch some weedy bastard take her where she'd always refused to let him go. Then he forgot about that as he came inside Joan's tight cunt. You might think this was not much of a punishment for him, but it had only just started. As soon as Joan was off, Tammy was on. They really did intend to ride him till he wore out.


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