Life With Alpha: Unexpected Visitors, Further Stories

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Science Fiction Sex Story: Preface - Frank has created an interesting life for himself with the help of his supercomputer, Alpha, by creating his own fantasy women. Now, in an alternate universe from the main story, his lies are becoming true and running out of control as more and more fictional women arrive in the real world. An ongoing sequel to the original omake.

Caution: This Science Fiction Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Consensual   BiSexual   Heterosexual   Fan Fiction   Humor   Science Fiction   Sister   Harem   Size  

Author's Note: This is not a canon Life With Alpha story, meaning events here happen in their own universe splitting off separately from the main story. This story begins over a year and a half after the first Unexpected Visitors, which itself is set after Chapter 15 in the first Life with Alpha series. I strongly recommend that you read the main story before reading this side story.

Specifically, this story diverged from the main timeline before the Powerpuff Girls joined the cast, before the movie was made, before Storm, She-Hulk, Kitty Pryde, and Batgirl were built.

Some of the same story elements would have happened regardless -- such as the discovery of the hair growth formula, slowly sending secret Alpha cyborgs out into the world, and additional production and sale of Alphadroids. Some events would not -- e.g. creating any additional artificial women or producing the movie. So remember that when the story refers to characters like Storm or She-Hulk, who are the "real" characters this time around. (Or real enough for our purposes.)

First, calling this a sequel is a bit misleading. Most sequels tend to have things like plots, while this is just a collection of ideas that have been fleshed out a little.

I wrote the original short story because I had ideas I wanted to write which could not fit in the main Alpha story for multiple reasons. A while after I wrote it, I decided on the mysterious cause behind the arriving fictional characters -- I don't intend to reveal it because it would ruin the fun -- and realized that I wanted to write a little more in this alternate timeline. I don't have an end-game in mind for this tale, so just consider this a series of glimpses into the divergent world first seen in my original "Unexpected Visitors" omake.

Some of these stories will be as long as a regular Life With Alpha chapter, while some will be much shorter, perhaps consisting of only a single afternoon or incident. I don't know how many chapters/stories there will be, nor do I know how often they'll be released. (I'm slow enough with chapters for the main story as it is.) As I write this note, there are at least half a dozen stories which have been partially or completely written.

Anyway, I'm just writing these for fun. Enjoy.

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