How Big Are You?

by MatthewVett

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, First, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: A curious girl has never seen a penis before.

"Are you hard?" Wendy asked, sitting between my legs, both of us sitting on her dorm room bed.

I froze, my hands still holding her shoulders. Her plump ass was against my crotch, my erection pressing eagerly against her backside. Would she believe I was just holding onto a roll of quarters? "Oh, uh, sorry about that." I pulled myself back slightly, but she followed, keeping her body pressed against mine.

"Oh, it's okay. I don't mind. It's kind of flattering," she admitted, wiggling her butt, briefly grinding it against me.

I raised my eyebrows. That wasn't the response I had expected ... What should I say? What could I say? I elected to keep quiet and continued to massage her shoulders. A moan escaped her lips as she fell against my chest. Her hands rested on my upper thighs. She slowly began to graze her fingernails up and down, her hand coming within inches of the bulge in my jeans. I slid forward, hoping that she would come into contact with it.

"That feels good," I said, stifling my own moan. Her shirt was thin. I could feel the contours of her body through the fabric, the unique geography of her body, the artistry of her form. "Have you started that Judge Dee book yet? What do you think of it?"

"I love it! It reminds me a lot of Sherlock Holmes, but I like how all the different threads weave together," she explained, her hands curving around each other as she spoke. "I'm almost done with it, and then we can have a real discussion."

"Sounds great." I moved my hands to her bare neck, kneading knots out of her muscles and caressing her collarbone. From my position, her low-cut top hid little. Her full breasts lay exposed below me, her cleavage open, inviting my hands to reach down and grab her breasts, only her scarlet bra denying me a better view. My cock rose, pushing against her. She giggled. I bit my lip.

"So ... Eric..." she started, hesitating. My heart pounded as she waited to continue. "How big are you?" she finally asked.

"Big?" I asked. She wasn't asking what I thought she was asking ... was she?

"Yeah, you know ... this," she said, reaching back to poke my hardness. So, she was...

"About ... six and a half inches, I guess" I answered, my hands moving on to her temples, my thumbs pressed against the base of her skull, hoping my tone had enough doubt that she wouldn't suspect I had actually measured it.

"Hmm..." She held up her hands, her palms flat, in front of her face, adjusting the difference between them until she was satisfied. "So like ... this big?" she asked.

I reached around her and took her hands in mine, slightly adjusting them to be closer together. "Like this."

"Ohh..." She studied the gap between her hands momentarily, before asking innocently, "Can I see it?"

My eyelids fluttered. Had I heard her right? "You want to see it?"

She turned around and faced me, resting on her knees, her cheeks pink. Her eyes dropped down to my lap. "I mean, if you don't mind ... Can I?" she asked, raising her eyes to mine, brushing her dark hair away from her face. A beautiful young woman was asking to see my dick. What else could I say?


She beamed and hugged me tightly, her bust weighing against me. I wrapped my arms around her and pulled her close, savoring the pressure. "Oh, thank you, Eric!" She pulled back and smiled expectantly, her hands folded in her lap, her stare locked onto my lap. "So?"

My cheeks burned. I reached down. I was really going to do this ... Wendy waited patiently, her gaze and grin unwavering. "Let me just, uh, get ready," I said. I cupped my shaft and stroked it while she watched, making sure I was as large as possible before my debut. I bit my lip and averted my eyes, trying to minimize the awkwardness inherent in jerking off in front of a friend.

"Does this help?" she asked. I turned to her. Her shirt was off. She reached behind her back and undid her bra. The cups fell onto the bed, exposing her firm, round breasts, jiggling as she sat upright, her pink nipples hard.

"Y-yeah..." She smiled proudly. I stared at her chest while stroking. My cock strained against my pants, eager to escape. If I kept going, pretty soon I was going to need a change of clothes ... I stopped. This was it.

I pulled down my zipper. Wendy's eyes widened. She leaned forward, her breasts hanging. I reached in and grasped my cock. I pulled it out. Wendy gasped softly, her hand at her mouth. "Wow," she whispered. She reached towards it, and stopped. She looked up at me. "Can I touch it?" I nodded and swallowed, watching as her trembling hand came closer.

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