Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, mt/ft, Ma/ft, mt/Fa, Fa/Fa, ft/ft, Fa/ft, Consensual, NonConsensual, Reluctant, Coercion, Blackmail, BiSexual, Fiction, Slut Wife, Incest, Mother, Father, Daughter, Spanking, Humiliation, Gang Bang, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Bestiality, Squirting, Water Sports, Exhibitionism, Analingus, Teacher/Student, Workplace, School, Nudism, .

Desc: Erotic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Attending a new school and wanting to be a cheer leader, young Wendy gets caught in a trap to make her a slut and whore for the Captain of the squad. She is encouraged to do an initiation which exposes her naked body in the school and then is blackmailed to do as the captain says. She will do anything to stop her parents from seeing what she did and only gets in deeper. But, she didn't have to worry because her parents already know and helped set her up.

Hi everyone, I'm Wendy. I am 14 years old and starting the 9th grade as a freshman. I am also new to this school as my father was transferred to a new job. I don't know anyone, and haven't made any friends yet. But I was always a popular girl in my old school and I knew, I will have friends soon. Mom also had a job lined up and would be starting that soon. She has always been a secretary, and was lucky to find a job with a well-established firm.

I was going to try out to be a cheerleader in my new school, figuring I would be accepted since I had years of training in gymnastics. I can do the splits, bending almost in half, so I knew they would pick me up. Plus I am a pretty girl, long golden hair, green eyes, standing five foot five, have always kept myself in good shape. My biggest downfall is my breast. I guess I take after my Mom, hers are small too. They are not very big 32A but my nipples are always hard and stand about half inch long, and supper sensitive, some would call them pokies. They rub inside my bra and that makes my vagina wet. I think with them being small has helped me in gymnastics. I never have seen any girls with big breast doing the things I'm able to do.

I got to school and saw everyone in the parking lot. I tried to talk with a few girls, but they were not that interested in me. I guess because we were all new as 9th graders. So, I just waited for the start of school.

Then this hot looking guy came over and said "Hi, never saw you around before. You're new in town?"

"Yes, we just moved here a couple weeks ago. My name is Wendy Williams." I answered.

"Well hello Wendy Williams. I'm Charles Frank. I'm a junior and the quarterback for the football team." He said.

Wow I thought this is so exciting. "Well I'll be trying out for the cheerleading squad and hope we can see more of each other."

I knew I shouldn't get so friendly with him, he is older than me, but like I said, he is hot.

The bell rang to go in, so he said, "Maybe we can get together sometime. I know all the cheerleaders and I'll put a good word in for you. Have a good day."

I said, "Thanks and I need all the help I can get. I would love to talk again sometime."

I went to first period class, everyone had to get up and say who they were and where they were last year. Just about all of them had been in a local school. There were a few others who came from out of town, just like me.

Now everyone knew a little about each other and some of them talked to me after class. We went about the school, learning about where our classes would be and who our teachers were. Toward the end of the day, an announcement was made letting students know that cheerleading and football tryouts would be held as soon as school was out.

I got thru my first day of school. Girls that wanted to be cheerleaders went to the gym for tryouts. The boys went to the football field.

We gathered around and waited for the team captain to arrive. Her name is Pamela Nichols, but we heard she likes to be called Miss. Pam. I thought that was strange since she is also a student, and not much older than any of us. But I really didn't care what we called her as long as she took me on the squad.

She came in and got our attention. "I'm pleased to see so many of you want to be cheerleaders this year, but as you might know, we only have room for 3. So, the selection process will be quite extensive to find out who will make the team."

She paused and asked the squad to get ready to help make the cuts.

Continuing on, she said, "We will be putting you thru some routines to see how flexible and coordinated you are and to see if you're a team player. The one thing you have to remember is you have to trust everyone and do as we say. If we can't trust you, then you can't be here. Let's begin."

We went thru some routines that put us in flexible poses, which I had no trouble doing at all. Then we had to show how coordinated we were and once again, I passed with flying colors. We played some games to see how we interacted with each other and it seems like I was fitting right in. Nothing was said about the trust yet.

"We will now begin to make some cuts and then do some more to be sure we have the 3 we need. But it will take about 3 weeks to get down to the final 3. So don't give up on us." Miss. Pam began reading off names that did not make it and the girls were disappointed, but kind of understood that they could try again next year.

We went thru some more routines where we had to trust the others not to drop us, in turn they had to trust us not to drop them. It was strenuous to say the least.

"Ok, were finished for today. I will let you know who else gets cut tomorrow. And just so you know, the ones that are picked will have to go thru an initiation and that might be scary for you." She said.

I took off and headed home. Charles saw me walking and offered me a ride home. I said sure and got in his car. I gave him directions and he drove me home and we talked some.

Once at my house, he asked "Can I see you again. I like you and would like to take you out sometime."

"I can't really date since I am only 14, but I would like to see you again. Maybe we can talk at school." I told him.

I didn't think about it again until I saw him in school and we spoke for a short time before class. I was beginning to like him a lot. He was easy to talk to and like I mentioned, he was hot. I was hoping I could talk Mom and Dad into letting me date him. That would be awesome.

I went to all my classes for the second day and nothing major happened. I started to get to know my teachers and they got to know me. I was a studious girl and knew I would impress them. I wanted to be top in my class just like I was in my old school.

Once the day was over, I went to the gym and met with the other girls who were to be chosen as cheerleaders. We talked and they all said I would be picked because of my skills and how limber I was. I thanked them all and said I would support all of them, and told the ones I thought would make it how good they were.

Miss. Pam said they made a decision of who else would be cut and said their names. Then she put us in kind of a practice again making sure we did all she wanted.

She put us thru a vigorous workout and made us sweat a lot. We had to do some routines and show again how flexible we were. So far, I was able to handle everything she gave us. She dismissed us and said to practice at home, and she would see us tomorrow.

We all left and I walked home. Charles had already left so I didn't get a ride with him. I kind of missed that, but I'll see him tomorrow.

Once I got home, I did my homework mom had dinner waiting when I was done. Dad came in shortly after and we all sat down to eat. I told them about my day and about being in line to be a cheerleader. I didn't mention anything about Charles because they wouldn't of liked that I was with an older boy or any boy for that matter. I would have to find the right time to tell them about him.

After dinner we watched some TV and mom made some popcorn. I was tired and after a while I said I was going to bed. We said our good nights and off to my room I went.

I slept really well. I guess it was because of the workout Miss. Pam had put us thru along with the excitement. Everyone was sure I would be picked.

Not much happened over the next 3 weeks. I talked with Charles every morning and we were getting along really well. I had to let mom and dad know about him soon, so I could spend more time with him.

I went to school and then to practice, every day Miss. Pam eliminated a few more girls. Then on Friday of the third week, she told us who was going to be cheerleaders.

She read the names off to all of us. "Mary Jones, Kim Smith and Wendy Williams. You are now cheerleaders.

We told everyone that didn't make the team that we were sorry, and congratulated each other. Miss Pam dismissed everyone but the 3 of us.

She told us, "I am going to release you all for the weekend, but do remember you have an initiation to go thru, and it will be on Monday morning. I will send you each an email to tell you what you'll have to do Monday morning, before school starts. And remember, if you fail to do the initiation you will have to be released from the squad, and I will chose one of the other girls that didn't make it."

We all agreed to do what she said, even without knowing what it was. But since we were in school, how bad could it be. We all left with great big smiles knowing we would be cheerleaders all year.

I went home, I was so happy that I exploded when I saw my parents. They were excited and said we need to celebrate, and since it was Friday, they would take me out to dinner, it was my choice where we went.

I said I would like to go to a steak house and have a big juicy steak and baked potato. They agreed to that and we all got showers and dressed to go out. They took me to a Ryan's Steak house and that was one delicious meal. I hadn't had a steak in so long because of my training I was always doing.

After we ate, we went back home and I was so stuffed. We talked for a while and then we all said it was early, but we were tired. So off to bed we went.

I woke and looked at the clock, it was just after eight in the morning on Saturday, and I'm still excited that I'm making the cheer squad. All that's in my way is that initiation, whatever it is I'll be ready for it. I felt the cool breeze blow across my bare vagina, my long t-shirt I wear at night rode up my body. I know mom and dad are still asleep, they never get up before nine on Saturday or Sunday.

I pull my legs open and the cool air hit my sex, I can feel my juices seep out and ran down my ass crack. My fingers of my right hand plays with the little tuff of hair just above my slit, my left hand rubs my body till it cupping my left breast, as my two fingers roll my hard nipple. The image of Charles popped in my mind and my fingers slide across my little bud, sending a shiver running through my core. It's not long till my hands take over my body (or should I say Charles hands) and brings me to a very hard orgasm, which has my bed wet, as I lay panting, my mind feel his soft kisses.

Well that was a nice way to meet the morning, I'll let you in on a little secret, Yes I squirt when I cum. I know you're thinking that a young girl like myself can't do that, but I have been in tune with my body (right after my first period) and what makes it feel good, for two and a half years. Yes I'm still a full virgin, my hymen has not been touched, only my fingers play with my sex on the outside, that's more than enough to bring me off.

The rest of the weekend kind of flew by and it was soon Sunday. Thinking we would get our uniforms real soon, I could show it off to everyone. I know I'll look good in it.

Sunday evening after we ate dinner, I went to my room to check my email. I knew Miss. Pam was going to send us what our initiation would be, but I wasn't prepared for what I read when I opened it.

I read her email and then had to re-read it. I was shocked at what I read. How could anyone ask us to do this at school?

"Congrats Wendy Williams, you are now a cheerleader. At least I hope you are. All you need to do is go thru this initiation which all of us has had to do.

Tomorrow morning, Monday, I want you in the student parking lot standing in the middle with your two new friends. You will wear a skirt, panties, bra and blouse, just as you always do. The 3 of you will line up facing the school. Once in a line, I will let you know when to begin. Once you see me nod my head, you will close your eyes and lift your skirt up to your waist. I want to see all three of you showing your panties.

You will keep your eyes closed and someone; probably a boy will come up to you and remove your panties. They will belong to whoever took them off you. They will be free to touch you any place they want.

Once the boy has your panties off, I will approach you and fix your skirt as I want it. All this time, your eyes will be closed.

As I said, your skirt will be fixed the way I want it. I am going to come up behind you and tuck the hem of your skirt into the back of the waistband. That will put your ass on display for all to see.

The rule is that you will leave your skirt like that until a teacher tells you to fix it, to cover your naked ass. Once that is done your initiation is over and you will be a full-fledged cheerleader.

I expect to see you there in the morning. If not you will be banned from being a cheerleader for the next 4 years.

I hope to see lots of you in the morning."

Miss. Pam

PS: "I want all the hair removed from your vagina ... Shave it off!"

I thought about what she wanted done and wasn't sure I could do it. But I wanted to be a cheerleader and decided how bad could it be? I would show my naked bottom for a short time and one of the teachers would tell me to cover up, and it would be all over. I decided I would do it, with the hopes my parents never found out. They would kill me if they knew I allowed some boy to take my panties off and then walked around with my bare butt hanging out. But I had to chance it.

I went to the bathroom and took a shower and shaved off the pubic hair. I didn't have a lot, because I kept it trimmed for gymnastics. But now it was all gone. I went to sleep thinking about showing off for the school, hoping it was Charles that got my panties, then being a cheerleader. The best part in my mind was that Charles would get to feel me up some.

My alarm went off and I jumped out of bed. I was determined to be a cheerleader and just knew, that I would be told to cover up soon after showing off to everyone. I took a shower and had breakfast and then went to get dressed. I had to wear a skirt because of school policies. So, I had a skirt on with a nice blouse and of course panties and bra. Then I thought about what Miss. Pam said. I would lose my panties and be naked under my skirt for the rest of the day, so I took off the sexy pair I had on, opting for an older pair but still sexy looking.

Mom and dad went to work and I left shortly after they left. I walked to school since we are pretty close to it. I didn't like riding the bus.

Walking into the parking lot I saw a lot of people and also Miss. Pam and the other 2 girls, who were going to be doing everything I did. I walked up to them with confidence, but I was scared showing off my most private parts. But I wanted to be a cheerleader.

We were standing side by side, all of us looked nervous. We said hello to each other and wished each other good luck.

Then as we were standing there, we saw Miss. Pam come out to the front. She nodded toward us, I closed my eyes, reached down and pulled my skirt up to my waist. I just stood there waiting, knowing someone would come and take my panties off. I also knew that once my panties were pulled down my vagina and butt would be seen.

It wasn't long till I felt hands on my body pulling my panties down. I shook with fear and, excitement but stayed as I was. I felt the cool air hit my vagina, I almost stopped him from going any further, but my need to be a cheerleader let him continue. He brought my panties down my legs to my ankles. My vagina and butt were showing for everyone who was there to see. But the two other new cheerleaders would be doing the same.

I stepped out of my panties and felt his hands (god I hope it was Charles) on my butt and then my vagina. But I just stood there and let him do it.

Then his hands left my body and I stood there with my skirt up around my waist waiting for Miss Pam to take over. I stood and waited. Then suddenly I heard.

"Very good. I already have the other girls fixed and ready. Now are you ready to continue with the second part?"

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