3 New Desires
Chapter 1

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Pedo Sex Story: Chapter 1 - 3 beautiful Asian girls open me up to a whole new world of pleasure.

Caution: This Pedo Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft   Reluctant   MaleDom   Interracial   First   Slow  

I have spent hours reading the stories posted on this site (and several others) and most of the time I find that I am unable to finish the story because I am laughing so hard. I mean- who writes this stuff? I am assuming that most of these authors are old, fat guys that sit around surfing the net and fantasizing about having an actual experience like the ones they write about. It never fails- they have 9-year-old girls being fucked with 10-inch cocks and begging for more as they cum on themselves. Really??? Ha ha! But I get it- I mean this is 'fantasy' after all so enjoy yourselves.

I am not a writer so forgive me in advance if my writing style and prose is not the best. You don't have to concern yourself with my grammar. I went to the best schools that money could buy and have an MBA from a prestigious Ivy League university. I am not bragging, just stating the facts. As you get to know me better you will learn that I have no need to embellish the details of my life. It is already going to be unbelievable to most and it will read like a fiction novel to others. But that is ok- I didn't come here to get fans. I finally realized that if I was going to complain about the fake stories that I read here in these forums that I should at least publish my own story.

Let me tell you little bit about myself. I am a 36 years old Black male. I am 5'9', 180 pounds Black male. I work out so I have an athletic body. I keep my hair cut bald so I never have to worry about 'doing my hair'. I learned from a very young age (around 10) that for some reason women of all ages are drawn to me and have a desire to please me in order to win my attention. I guess most people would say that I'm a dominant, but I don't really think that way. I have never liked controlling people. In fact- I often feel guilty when a woman submitted to me and let me do anything I choose to with her. I always felt like I had an unfair advantage. As an Alpha Male I find that women submit to my sexual desires and it happens at almost a subconscious level. When a woman finds out what my sexual desires are, no matter how wild and crazy they are, suddenly my desires become their desires. Now I know most of you men are thinking that this would be the greatest life you could have. At least that is the sentiment I get from most of the stories I read here, but in reality it makes life extremely boring and superficial. Don't get me wrong- I had a lot of fun and created some phenomenal experiences in my life. I have had threesomes, foursomes and sixsomes. If you name it then I probably did it. There was that one time that I met the Cuban National volleyball team when I was in Sweden. They were there for an international tournament and we met while working out on the beach there. You haven't lived until you have had 12 women of all sizes and colors pleasing you and each other in every way possible.

But I digress- because of women became submissive when interacting with me I could never connect with women on a deeper level. Things would sometimes start out normal but in no time at all they become submissive puppets waiting to be led. It finally got to the point where I realized there was no reason to try to have a relationship since the women I met were going to end up acting like submissive slaves, ready to do whatever I asked in an effort to please me.

So after I finished my undergrad I poured my focus into business. By 24 I had started a successful business development company. By 26 I had made my first million and the rest, as they say, is history. By 28 I had stepped down as the president of my company and devoted my life to traveling the world and experiencing life. France, Thailand, Switzerland, Spain, England, FijiÉ you name it and I have probably been there. Cannes Film Festival, The Oscars, Formula 1 races- if there is a 'must attend' event then I have been there. It was fun, but it all gets a little tiresome after a while. I know most of you watch T.V. and see these celebrities that are strung out on drugs or that commit suicide and you can't understand why they are so miserable. In your minds you think that money and fame would be the greatest thing in the world. Well let me tell you- it's not. It will drive you absolutely insane- and I don't even have fame. I just have a lot of money. I can't even begin to imagine how things would be if I was famous too.

Again, I digress- I told you I wasn't a writer. So let me tell you how all of this started. About 6 years ago I woke up in the penthouse of the Four Seasons in Hong Kong after a night of ecstasy fueled sexual debauchery with a couple of girls I had met the night before in the club. The girls were both 18 years old. They were from Ireland and they were living in Mainland China teaching English at a school for girls. They were in town for an English competition in Hong Kong and their students were going to be arriving later that afternoon. I wish I could tell you how awesome the sex was with the girls, but to be honest I don't remember any of it. I am not sure if it was the drugs or the fact that I have had more threesomes than I can count and they have all just become a blur.

We had breakfast in my suite that morning and the girls got up and took showers. They commented on how nice the room was. I don't think they had even noticed I was staying in the Presidential Suite when my driver dropped us off on the previous night. One of the girls remarked that the hotel they were staying in was a dump and their students were going to be so disappointed because they didn't have a pool. I casually mentioned that they were welcome to bring their students over to my hotel to use the pool. I must have fallen asleep because when I woke up several hours later the girls were gone. I showered and put on my bathing suit and went downstairs to the Pool Terrace that overlooks the Victoria Harbour. I put on my Persol sunglasses as I stepped out into the 89 degree heat. There were quite a few people lounging around the pool, but no one was actually in the pool except for 3 young Chinese girls. As I got a towel from the attendant and headed for my reserved cabana, I heard someone calling my name.

'Chase!' It was Kylie from last night. Her flowing mane of red hair was unmistakable. 'You are awake, ' she said. 'We had the front desk ring your room, but your phone was on do not disturb. Thanks for letting the girls come swim. You made their day, ' she said as she motioned with her head to the girls swimming in the pool.

I am not sure what I was expecting, but her 'students' looked like they were about 11 or 12 years old, splashing around and horse playing in the water.

'Amanda, Lucy, Julie, please come out of the pool and thank Mr. Chase for allowing us to use his hotel's pool.' The girls were all smiles as they begin to get out of the water. Suddenly my breath caught in my throat as the girls came near. Their swimming suits were at least two sizes too small and thread bare. They were completely translucent and clung to their young bodies like a second skin. I was starting at the three pussies that were clearly outlined through the tight fabric. The swimsuit seemed to squeeze at their tiny little pussy lips, making them appear even more pronounced as they stood out between the slender little thighs of these tiny girls. I must have been in a daze because suddenly they were standing in front of me bowing formally as Kylie introduced each one of them to me.

'This is Lucy', she said as this slender, waif of a girl bowed her head before me. She was about 4' 8'. She couldn't have been more than 80 pounds. She had the beginning swells of what would become beautiful breasts. But then they were the size of a lemon cut in half. The swimsuit was pressing them firmly against her chest making her half dollar size, brown nipples clearly visible through the yellow fabric. I extended my hand for a western handshake and she jumped. This caused all of the girls to giggle, including Lucy. Lucy had long, black hair that reached past her shoulders. She had it pulled into a braid that was slung carelessly across her shoulder. I was staring at her thighs and she stepped towards me. They were so slender that there was a two-inch gap at the juncture of her thighs where her puffy pussy stood out, beautifully presented by the tight swimsuit that seemed to disappear in the folds of her creamy skin. She stepped forward and took my hand. I marveled at how soft her petite hands were. I realized that I was holding her hand for longer than was appropriate as Lucy slowly pulled her hand away and stepped aside as Kylie introduced the next girl.

'This is Julie.' Kylie said as the next girl stepped forward. I was having a hard time pulling my eyes away from Lucy until Kylie said, 'She is Lucy's little sister.' My eyes immediately drank in this tiny little China doll in front of me. She was about an inch shorter than her sister and even more slender. But her pussy stood out just as prominently in her tiny yellow bathing suit. Like her sister's suit, she was wearing a one piece that looked two sizes two small. I would find out later that all three girls were on their school swim team and these were the swimsuits provided by the school. They only replaced the swimsuits when they tore. Until then the girls were expected to squeeze into them.

Julie bounced forward, smiling brightly and said hello in near perfect English. I think I was a little surprised. I was expecting broken English or at least a heavy accent. 'Your English is fantastic, ' I said without realizing I had spoken my thought. Julie smiled even bigger showing perfectly straight white teeth. He hair was cut in a cute pixie that went just below her chin. Her chest was completely flat except for a dark pebble of nipple that stood out proudly in her see-through suit. She didn't have any hips at all, but as she turned to walk away I was entranced by he beautiful little ass. He swimsuit seemed to cut all the way up to her crotch. One of her ass cheeks had fallen out of the suit and jiggled slightly as she walked. I was hard as a rock. I had taken to wearing European style speedos since this was the style in almost all countries outside of North America. I realized too late my hard cock had slid out of the top of my swim briefs. Fully aroused I am almost 9 inches long. In that moment my dick was harder than I ever remembered being in my life. Perhaps it was partly due to the last effects of the ecstasy in my system, but I knew it was mostly because of these beautiful girls standing in front of me. Let me just say- prior to this moment I don't think I had ever noticed a pre-teen before. And I know for sure I had never been sexually attracted to one or turned on by one. But my dick wasn't just hard it was actually throbbing. As my cock got hard the confines of my swim briefs had pushed the head of my cock about an inch above my waistband. The tight elastic band pressed my cock firmly to my rock hard abdomen but it also forced blood into the head of my cock with each muscle throb. I had been so enthralled by these sexy little fuck tarts that I had not even noticed. As Amanda stepped forward to be introduced I saw her eyes go wide and I looked down to see the head of my cock, throbbing and dark red. There was a clear stream of pre-cum that was dripping slowly down the head staining the top of my red swim briefs. Like I said before, I am a Black man with a medium complexion, but I know I must have turned beet red. I quickly reached down and tried unsuccessfully to tuck my cock into my shorts, but I was so hard that it wouldn't bend. When I finally got myself readjusted and in my briefs you could clearly see the outline of my cock and cum-filled balls. Lucy and Julie giggled behind their hands, but neither averted their eyes from my throbbing bulge. Kylie gave me a look that said 'what the hell', but I ignored it as I stepped forward to shake Amanda's hand. I tried to stick my butt out as I reached forward to extend my hand, hoping this would make my cock look less prominent and take attention from my cock that felt like it was ready to explode.

I took Amanda's hand and said hello. She had big beautiful eyes and a graceful neck. Her hair was coiled up on top of her head in a complicated braid. I would find out later that it reached down her entire back to the top of her ass. Her swimsuit was equally tight, but her tits were the size of plums. Her brown, quarter size aureoles were clearly visible and her nipples got hard right before my eyes and stood out to about half the size of pencil erasers. I was wondering if seeing my cock is what caused her nipples to get hard. When suddenly she gasped and she snatched her hand out of mine. As she pulled her hand away I saw a thick strand of my pre-cum stretch from my hand by nearly 3 inches and then fly to Amanda's hand like it was a rubber band. I had shook Amanda's hand with the same hand I had just used to adjust my cock. I must have leaked my pre-cum on my hand without realizing it. I couldn't tell if Amanda knew what it was, but she knew it was the same stuff she had just seen a moment before leaking out of my exposed cock head. She used the thumb and first finger of her other hand to touch the slimy trail I had left behind in her palm. Kylie was still looking at me wondering what was going on so I think she missed the entire cum-exchange that had taken place right in front of her. I was so embarrassed but I was also so turned on.

I excused myself quickly, telling Kylie that I wanted to jump in the pool so I could cool off (understatement of the year). I walked awkwardly past the 3 girls as I rushed to the pool, but I briefly saw Amanda rubbing my pre-cum between her fingers and whispering to Lucy as she showed her. I dove into the pool and swam a lap. As I was getting out of the pool and toweling off the girls had gotten back into the pool and they were swimming and laughing like regular little kids again. I started to feel a little guilty for lusting after them like some old pervert that hadn't had any pussy in years. I had just settled into my cabana, when Kylie came over and plopped down in the seat next to me.

'What was that all about, ' she asked, giving me the same strange look I had seen before. 'I think I may still be rolling a little from last night, ' I said. Rolling is slang for when you are in the middle of an ecstasy high. My explanation seemed to make sense to Kylie so sat back in her lounge chair next to mine. 'Where is your friend?' I couldn't remember her name for the life of me. 'Tara? She stayed at the hotel. I think she may be a lightweight. She has taken ecstasy, but the stuff you had was stronger than anything either of us has ever had. What kind was it?' 'It doesn't really have a name. I have a drug company that makes pharmaceutical grade ecstasy in their lab in California, ' I said. 'Well you should call it pussy pleaser. I have never been so horny in my life as I was last night. And Tara said the same thing when we talked about it this morning. That is some fantastic shit.' Kylie said as she started squirming in her chair. 'Talking about it is making me horny all over again or perhaps it was seeing your cock busting out of your swimsuit.' Kylie said seductively with a giggle.

Let me tell you about Kylie. She is about 5'2'tall and 108 pounds. She has long wavy red hair and cute freckles across the bridge of her nose. Her nipples are bright pink and he pussy doesn't have a single hair on it anywhere. He pussy gets super wet, but what I love is how red her inner pussy is. I have been with a few redheads in my life and I think I have a thing for them. Call it- 'Ginger-vitis', LOL! Kylie is sexy as hell and has tight little body. The girls got a little freaky last night and kissed and touched each other's tits, but that was as far as it went so I assumed it was the ecstasy egging them on and not any real bi-sexual desires.

Kylie continued to recount our episode from last night. I was barely listening, but as her conversation switched to her students my ears perked up. Kylie proceeded to tell me that the girls were all super-smart. They came from a small town outside of Guangzhou in the province of Guangdong. They had tested for high IQ levels at the age of 4 so they were given access to the best schools and tutors. This was a standard process in China and I marveled at their efficiency for developing their human capital. The girls' parents had been poor farmers, but they were given basic government jobs after it was discovered that their kids were so advanced. It didn't pay a lot, but it was significantly more than they had been making and got the families above the poverty line. Amanda was actually from another province, but she had come to live with Lucy and Julie after they met in their first year of primary school. 'Lucy and Amanda are 15 and Julie just turned 14.' Kylie said. 'They all began taking English at the age of 4 and that is why their English is so good. But most of their instructors were Chinese people that had gone to school in the U.K. or in the United States. During the summer they study with native English instructors to work on their grammar and accents.' Kylie continued to talk, but I was only half listening. I was staring at the girls as they played in the pool.

'Let's go get into the pool, ' I told Kylie as I stood up and set my sunglasses on the table in my cabana, I called a hostess over and told her to make sure someone watched my stuff and to send over some extra towels. Kylie took off her swimsuit cover and began walking towards the pool with me. Lucy saw us coming and said something in Chinese and the girls all stopped talking and watched us get into the pool. I swam over to the girls and asked them if they were having fun.

'Yes, ' they responded in unison. 'I love how it looks like the pool just flows right into the harbor, ' Amanda said. 'That is called an Infinity Pool.' I responded as I wiped the water off of my bald head.

'Lucy was scared when she first got in, she was afraid we might get sucked into the harbor, ' Amanda laughed.

'No I wasn't, ' Lucy whined, 'I wondered how they kept the fish from swimming in.' she said, and everyone laughed. Lucy's cheeks turned red and then she dove into the water and swam away, giving me a delicious view of her cute little ass and puffy pussy that poked out from between her legs from behind and she went under the water. I felt myself getting hard again.

'Do you girls know any fun pool games?' I asked. 'Marco Polo, ' Julie said. I was surprised, I just assumed that Marco Polo was a game someone had made up in America. I didn't expect it to be played internationally. I repeated the rules only to find that they were exactly the same. So we decided to play. Julie yelled 'Not It', followed quickly by Amanda and then myself. Kylie chimed in as well leaving Lucy as 'It' as she swam up to get into the action. Lucy complained that it wasn't fair that she was 'It' since she had swam away and didn't have a fair chance to say 'Not It' in time. It was kind of surreal- I could have been in any pool in America hearing this conversation and yet I was in Hong Kong. In my all of my travels I have come to realize that like the song from Digital Underground, 'All Around The World The Same Song'!

Lucy started to count and everyone began to scatter throughout the pool. As she started saying 'Marco?' we responded with the requisite, 'Polo.' Walking around the pool I found myself on the shallow end of the pool next to the stairs. I looked up and Julie was a few feet in front of me, standing on the top rung of the pool ladder with one foot on the top rung while her other foot was out of the water on the pool deck. He nearly see-through swimsuit was clinging to her body as the water dripped down her body. The edges of her suit had begun to creep up into the crack of her ass. Her skin was as creamy as milk and as smooth as porcelain. From behind I could see the outline of her pussy between her spread legs. I could clearly see the cleft line of her tiny pussy lips. She was intently watching Lucy on the other side of the pool begin to make her way to our side. I slowly began to float along the pool wall until I was next to her ladder. As I looked up I could just make out the tiny mouth of her tight, little pussy as the lips slightly spread with every move of her leg. She was trying to keep her balance and still keep one foot in the water in case Lucy yelled 'Fish Out Of Water?' In that moment it took everything inside of me to resist sliding her flimsy suit over and sticking my tongue as far as I could into her little pussy. My cock was so hard that it hurt. Suddenly her hand slipped on the wet ladder rail and she cartwheeled into the pool. If I hadn't been right there she may have hit her head on the ladder rail, but instead I caught her right at her waist and took the brunt of the impact against the railing with my arm. I hit my elbow and my entire right arm went numb as I instinctively pulled Julie against me to protect her. My arm felt like a bolt of electricity was running through it until suddenly I realized that my hard cock was nestled against Julie's ass. Even through the material of our swimsuits I could feel the heat of her pussy against my dick as she practically sat on my lap in the water. I got my footing back and stood up as I asked her if she was all right. As I stood up Julie's thin frame slid down my body until my cock basically lodged itself between her legs. I heard Julie gasp. I grabbed her waist with both of my hands asking her again if she was all right. As I prepared to turn her around I couldn't help but notice how good her tiny waist felt in my hands. My cock was jumping in my swimsuit and each time it throbbed I could feel my cock pushing against her warm pussy folds. Holding her against my body, I moved my hips and stroked my cock slowly in and out, between her legs until I felt her cute little ass pressed firmly against my abdomen. I wanted her to feel my cock pressing against her and I wanted her to know it wasn't an accident. I have no idea what came over me. I felt like a man possessed. Julie was frozen against me. She didn't move or turn around. I couldn't help but wonder what was going through her mind. I reached back with and freed my rock hard cock from the confines of my swimsuit. My right arm was around Julie's waist, holding her up against me in the water with her back pressed firmly against my midsection. She felt so tiny in my arms. With my left hand I stroked my cock in the water. My dick was the largest it has ever been as it throbbed in my hand. I slowly rubbed the sensitive head of my cock against the outside of Julie's bare thigh. It felt so fucking good. My right hand slid off of Julie's waist down to her young cunt. I cupped her mound in my hand and used it to hold her up in the water. Her tiny little, 13 year old pussy felt fantastic as I squeezed it through her swimsuit. I heard a faint whimper escape her throat, but she didn't move an inch. Emboldened, I slid my rock hard cock across her outer thigh, across her tiny little exposed butt cheek and lodged my cock between her thighs. I looked up briefly and saw the other girls on the far side of the pool intently playing the game. Kylie was being chased by Lucy, but it was clear that she wasn't going to get caught. No one was paying any attention to us. I slid my right hand up from Julie's cunt and let her pussy rest firmly against my cock. Other than my hand balancing her against my chest she was being held up entirely by my hard dick between her legs. I moved my hips and stroked the length of my cock across Julie's swimsuit clad pussy. She whimpered again and that just turned me on even more. I slid my hand up to her chest until I felt her raised nipples pressing into my palm. Her chest was flat, but the pebble sized nipples felt fantastic on my hand. I lightly pinched her left nipple with my thumb and first finger and then rolled it between my fingers as I slowly slid my bare cock back and forth against her swimsuit covered cunt. Her swimsuit was so thin I could feel the tiny folds of her immature pussy lips sliding across my cock. I am not sure if it was just a reflex or Julie trying to get me to stop, but suddenly she squeezed her thighs tightly, capturing my cock even more firmly against her cunt. Feeling the warm, bare skin of her thighs on either side of my hard cock was nearly enough to make me cum right there, but then I saw Lucy beginning to swim towards our side of the pool.

'Marco?' she called out. 'Polo.' I replied as I slowly pumped my cock in and out of the tight juncture formed by Julie's closed thighs and soft pussy. Julie slumped heavily against my body and it caused me to look down. I could see my huge cock, magnified grotesquely in the water sticking out nearly 4 inches from between her closed thighs. It looked so fucking hot. Lucy was getting closer. I slid my cock out of tight crevice that her closed thighs and pussy had created and moaned softly myself as the engorged head of my cock and my sensitive glans rubbed against her warm thighs and soft ass before popping free. With great effort I tucked my cock, painfully, back into my swimsuit. I pinched Julie's nipple one last time forcing a moan from low in her throat then I let her go. Julie turned and gave me a curious look. There was no fear, but instead it was a look of innocence as if she wasn't sure what had just happened or how she felt about it. For a split second I couldn't believe what I had just done. I looked around to see if anyone had seen me, but no one had even noticed. The entire encounter had lasted for less than one minute. But it was enough to light a fire inside of me. As Julie turned to swim away Lucy was right behind her and they bumped into each other.

'You're it!' Lucy squealed, so excited that she had finally caught someone. 'I am tired of this game. I am going to take a rest.' Julie said as she swam to the ladder and began to climb out of the pool. She looked back at me again with the same curious look and then she went to the cabana and sat in one of the lounge chairs. Lucy looked at me, not sure what had just taken place. I quickly said that I would be 'it' and Lucy laughed and started swimming away from me towards the deep end of the pool.

Now I was 'It'. I counted to twenty and then I slightly opened one of my eyes as I began to call out 'Marco'. I made a show of trying to locate the girls. Kylie was sitting on the edge of the pool deck with one foot dangling in the water. Amanda had gone to the shallow side of the pool, but I had already located my target. Lucy was on the deep side of the pool diving to the bottom and then popping up to the surface to answer with 'Polo' to my call of 'Marco'. I walked in the middle of the pool with my arms outstretched and moving up and down in the water. Suddenly Kylie gave me the opportunity I needed when she ran along the pool deck and then dove into the deep end. When she splashed into the water I used that as my excuse to dive head first in the direction of her splash. Kylie began swimming towards the shallow end of the pool, but then I headed full speed towards Lucy. Everything happened so fast I don't think she saw me coming. She was watching Kylie jump into the water and suddenly I was right next to her. She gasped loudly and then sunk down in the water heading for the bottom. Her gasp was loud enough that I was able to use that as my 'excuse' for locating her. With one eye slightly open I dove in her same direction flailing my arms frantically like I was trying to locate the person that was there. Lucy was watching me from underwater and trying to sink deeper toward the bottom to get away. But I was a heat-seeking missile and I had locked onto my target. I continued swimming towards her until I was less than a foot away. Then I started feeling around the water in her area as if I was trying to locate her. She stood still hoping I would miss her and return to the surface to breath. I watched out of my slightly open eye until I had my plan and my angle. I started sinking deeper in the water until I was about a foot lower than she was and still less than a foot away. Lucy took the bait and began trying to move slowly away from me towards the surface. Suddenly I shot up towards her and grabbed her. My hand slid between her legs and palmed her pussy from the back. The sudden movement of my hand caused the tight fabric of the bathing suit to slide over exposing her entire right ass cheek. As I slid my hand forward against her crotch, my first finger slid over her tight little asshole that had been exposed when her suit slid between her crack. I pressed on her tight rosebud firmly, not trying to penetrate her, but in an effort to make sure she knew exactly where my hand was and what I was doing. I slid my hand further along the edge of her swimsuit that was now wedged in her crotch until my thumb felt the soft folds of her pussy lips. I grabbed the other edge of her bunched up suit and tugged slightly until I saw the crotch of her suit slide over and reveal her bare pussy. Her lips weren't nearly as fat as they appeared in the tight suit, but they were slightly parted from the pressure of the bunched up suit pulling her pussy open. I ran the length of my thumb from her naked asshole through her spread pussy lips. I could feel the soft meat from the inside of her pussy against the knuckle of my thumb as I slid my hand back and forth against her tight cunt. Finally I slid my hand back again until I had her entire bare ass cheek in my right hand. I squeeze the firm globe in my palm then I inserted the tip of my first finger and second finger into the entrance of her sweet little pussy and tight little ass. As I felt my fingers invade her warm holes I pressed Lucy against the wall of the pool with body as my right hand continued to violate her tight asshole and tiny pussy. I pressed my right hand forward until my first finger was buried in her hot, tight asshole, up to the second knuckle. Her young, tight asshole felt warm around my finger. I tried to push my other finger just as deeply into her young, tight pussy channel, but I met an obstruction. She was a virgin. I don't know why I was surprised after all she was only 15. I think the shock was mostly due to the fact that I had never actually been with a virgin, let alone actually felt a hymen. By this time about 15 seconds had passed and we both needed oxygen. Although, to be honest, I probably could have drowned happily with my fingers buried inside her tight body. I reluctantly pulled my fingers out of her tiny holes, being careful not to scratch he with my fingernails. As soon as my hand was free and I removed the pressure of my body off of her, Lucy quickly made way for the surface. We both reached the surface of the pool. I took a deep breath and sunk deeply into the water. I am not sure why, but I was absolutely calm and unconcerned about what her reaction would be. I just needed a moment to compose myself and readjust my hard cock in my swimsuit. I resurfaced in time to see Lucy climbing out of the pool. Her ass was still exposed and the crotch of her swimsuit was lodged between her pussy lips causing one of her lips to bulge out of the side of the suit. It was one of the sexiest sights I have ever seen and my cock throbbed in my shorts. As Lucy stood up on the pool deck she looked back at me and I looked her squarely in the eye. I wanted her to have no doubt that it wasn't an accident. I wanted her to know I had hunted her down in the water and intentionally abused her pussy and tight asshole. I got out of the pool and followed her to the cabana where she grabbed a towel and began toweling herself dry. She pulled the swimsuit material out of crotch and looked at me again. My hard cock was clearly visible through my swimsuit and I grabbed it through the material of my swimsuit and stroked myself while staring at her. Her eyes dropped to my crotch where my hand was lewdly stroking myself through my swimsuit. Her eyes were glued to the outline of my hard dick and then I shook my bulging cock at her. Her eyes snapped up and she looked at me and I smiled. I am not sure what she saw in that smile, but I felt like a lion that licks his chops after his prey has been captured and before he begins to feed. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kylie walking towards us.

'What happened? Did you get Lucy?' 'Yes, I got her.' I laughed. Kylie looked at Lucy and then back at me and gave me a funny look, but didn't say anything. I was getting ready to grab a towel and dry off when Amanda called from the water. 'Is the game finished? Why did everyone stop? Do we have to leave? I would like to swim some more.' Amanda stated as dove under the water. Kylie was laying a towel across the chaise so she could stretch out and get some sun. Julie and Lucy were sitting next to each other whispering quietly to each other. The girls looked up and saw me looking at them and they both blushed before quickly averting their eyes. I decided to get back in the water. I dove in and swam a few laps and came to rest next to Amanda. 'Are you having fun?' I asked. 'Yes and thank you very much for inviting us to use your pool. It was very kind of you to allow us to come.' She said in perfect English. I laughed a little when she said that, thinking of how much I needed to cum.

I asked her questions and she talked about her family and school. It seemed that the girls led very sheltered lives. They spent most of their lives studying and participating in academic competitions. They didn't have much money so even when they traveled to different places like this, they rarely got to go out and see the sights or experience the area. I told her that I would be happy to show them around Hong Kong and make sure they had a fantastic experience. Their competition was on Monday and they had planned to study all day Sunday, but she thought it would be okay if they took today off. She began to talk excitedly about seeing the city and perhaps visiting a museum. Her face was lit up then suddenly she stopped talking and seemed to get sad. I asked her what was wrong and she said that they did not bring any nice clothes. They only had their school uniform to wear to the competition. They had brought their swimsuits and pajama like clothes for wearing at their hotel. Their parents had packed them meals because they couldn't afford to have them eat out at the restaurants. I told her that I would be happy to take them shopping for clothes and then we could go to the best restaurant in Hong Kong. She lit up like a Christmas tree. 'You must be very wealthy, to stay in a hotel like this. My mother told me once that these hotels have rooms that cost as much as a year of wages.' Amanda said. 'Your mother is correct, ' I said while floating lazily on my back. 'My room is $6,000 per night.' 'That is not possible, ' she said in a startled voice. 'It is possible. I will be here for a total of 10 days.' I replied. I raised my head and I saw her doing the math quickly in her head then she looked at me very seriously and said, 'Why would someone so wealthy want to spend time with us poor Chinese girls?' For her young age I could instantly tell that she was very intelligent. I stopped floating and stood up in the pool. I looked her directly in the eyes and said, 'The 3 of you are absolutely beautiful and there is nothing I would enjoy more than being with you and spending time with you while you are here.' Amanda blushed brightly, but I could also see her mind working. I laid back down in the water and began floating again. After a few moments Amanda said, 'I would like to learn how to float. Can you teach me?' I sat up in the water and she was staring at me with unflinching eyes. 'I would be happy to.' I said as moved closer to her. 'Lay on your back and stretch your arms and legs out wide.' I said. She tried on several attempts to float, but even with me holding her back her legs continued to sink into the water. 'Let's try something else.' I said as I moved between her spread legs. 'Squeeze your legs against my waist.' I told her as I placed both of my hands on the small of her back to help her float. As she slowly got her balance I moved my hands from her back and she was able to keep her upper body floating on the water. With her legs still stretched out, but squeezing against my sides Amanda was perfectly level to the surface as she floated. I gently placed my hands on her hips and begin to walk with her around the pool. As I walked forward I pulled her slightly back against me with my hands until my hard cock was pressed against her pussy mound. The thin fabric was stretched tight against her pussy and I was able to every fold and crease of her young, tender pussy. As she felt me press firmly against her she raised her head and looked between her legs to see what was pressing against her pussy. Even from that angle she could see my hard cock outlined in my shorts pressing against her sensitive flesh. She looked me in the eyes and then lowered her head back down. I pulled firmly on her hips and begin grinding my hips and mashing my cock against her pussy. I watched as my hard dick would cause her pussy lips to flatten and move under the see-through material as I moved against her. I started to massage her lower abdomen with my thumbs as I pulled her floating body against my cock. I hooked my thumbs under the flimsy swimsuit edge at her hips and pulled forcefully up. This cause the material to pull up into her crotch until it gave her a wedgie. The material slipped between her fourteen year old pussy lips forcing the lips to split open on either side of the swimsuit. Her now exposed pussy lips looked obscene on such a young body, but I was in heaven. I pressed my covered cock even more firmly against her exposed pussy lips. I watched as her pussy lips moved and stretched as they were forcefully pressed by my hungry cock. To any casual observer it would have appeared as if we were just walking around the pool as I assisted her in floating. If Amber noticed what I had done she gave no indication. She chatted idyllically as I walked her around the pool.

'I have a friend in my school.' Amber began, her slightly quivering voice being the only indication that I was grinding against her exposed pussy. 'She told me that when she was 14 her parents asked her to come home for a holiday. She found it strange because they didn't have very much money so she would usually stay at school or accept an invitation to spend the holiday with one of her classmates.' I reached down and slid my shorts down exposing about half of my 9-inch cock. I began to rub my bare cock against the folds of Amanda's bare pussy. Amanda gasped lightly and then continued her story. 'She told me when she got home they had a guest at her home. It was a foreign businessman from the company where her father worked. Her mother introduced her and told her that she had met him once before at a company picnic a year before. My friend said she remembered him instantly because he had seemed to be watching her the entire time that they were at the picnic. Every time she looked up his eyes would be on her.' I slid Amanda's swimsuit off of her pussy and her pussy lips spread open for me. I began rubbing the naked head of my cock up and down across her hot fuck hole. We were in about 4-feet of water and this was going on just below the surface of the pool. Watching her hairless cunt split open as I slid the head of my cock from the bottom of her pussy to the top was such a fantastic sight to watch. Her tiny pussy lips would bulge out on either side of cock as I worked it up and down her tight, little slit. 'My friend said she knew the man was important because he was sitting in the chair reserved for her father at the dinner table. They had dinner and her father and the businessman carried on regular conversation. When they finished eating her mother told her to go upstairs and take a bath. Usually she was able to stay up much later on the holidays so she was surprised she had to take a bath so early.' 'Ungh, ' Amanda moaned as I rubbed the head of my swollen cock against her tiny little clit and then she continued her story. 'She said her mother came in while she was bathing and washed her hair and told her that it was important for her to make the guest very happy. He was a very important man. Her mother said he was going to sleep in their room that night and my friend was going to sleep with him and she had to do whatever he asked her to do. My friend couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had never even kissed a boy, but she understood that she was going to have to have sex with this man.' I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy. It looked so tiny compared to my engorged head. I push forward slightly and felt her tight hole squeezing against the tip of my cock. It felt exquisite. Amanda's sharp exhalation was the only indication that my full sized cock was trying to invade her tiny, immature body. 'My friend said her mother dressed her in one of her sleeping gowns that was much to large. She didn't have any underclothes on beneath it. Then her mother walked her to parent's rooms and knocked on the door. The man inside gave her mother permission to enter her own room. He was lying on the bed wearing pajamas. Her mother said, ÔHere is my daughter', before exiting the room and closing the door behind her. I had worked half of the head of my cock into her hot little cunt. I could fill her pussy starting to lubricate as I continued try to push more of cock inside of her. 'My friend didn't tell me all the details, but she told me that the man put his thing inside her mouth and both of her private parts.' Amanda said and then groaned loudly as rest of my swollen cockhead slipped inside of her tight cunt.

Amanda's tight fuck hole had closed tightly around the neck of my cock leaving the head buried inside her and invisible. It looked almost as good as it felt. I could feel her young pussy muscles squeezing my cock as if trying to expel this invading member from her violated body. I pulled her down hard on my cock with her hips. 'Ouch, ' she said as she arched her back in pain. I looked up and saw Kylie raise her head to look in our direction. I pulled my cock back a little and didn't penetrate any deeper. Kylie gave me that funny look again and then laid her head back down to continue working on her tan.

I began pulling the head of my cock out of Amanda's tight cunt. I love watching her lips spread and her tight little pussy hole would open as my cock head seemed to magically appear. Then I would push in again until my head was again buried inside her. Amanda was panting heavily as I sawed my cock in and out of the opening of her pussy. Her nipples were clearly visible in her translucent swimsuit and they were hard as rocks. My balls were tight against my body as I continued to fuck the mouth of her young cunt.

'Do all rich men want to be with young girls?' Amanda asked. And I shot my first load of cum inside of her cunt. The force of it pushed my cock out of her fuck box and my next two streams of cum shot across her body and landed on her abdomen. Two more ropes of cum shot out of my dick and landed in the water. I don't think I have ever cum that hard in my life. There were globs of cum floating in the pool around us and two thick lines of cum soaking into Amanda's swimsuit. She raised her head to look at it right as I used my hand to wash it away. Amanda's eyes looked glassy and distant as she released my hips with her legs and swam away. She went to the ladder on the deep end of the pool and climbed out. Her swimsuit was still bunched up on the side of her pussy where I left it. As she walked along the pool deck towards the cabana her entire hairless pussy was exposed. My cock instantly got rock hard again at the sight of her exposed cunt. Right as I was about to call out to her, she looked down and saw herself. She blushed brightly and then adjusted her suit to cover her pussy as she walked to the cabana. I was exhausted as I stood there in the pool. I tucked my hard cock back inside my swimsuit and walked towards the stairs to get out of the pool. Julie and Lucy were sitting on the stairs in the shallow end talking softly and staring at me with wide eyes. I hadn't even noticed them get in. I wondered how much they had seen.

The girls both blushed and dropped their heads as I walked by. I walked to the cabana and grabbed a towel and began to dry off. 'How was the pool?' Kylie said as she lifted up on one elbow. 'Did you enjoy yourself?' she asked with an amused twinkle in her eye. I thought for a second that perhaps the girls had said something to her while I was in the pool or that she had just seen Amanda getting out of the pool nearly naked. 'It was fantastic and I enjoyed myself immensely.' I replied, loud enough for Amanda to hear as she dried herself off in the back of the cabana. 'I told Amanda that I would take her and the girls to buy some clothes and then take them to dinner.' I said as I toweled off. She hadn't seemed to notice my hard cock throbbing in my bathing suit and I wasn't sure what she saw in the pool or what the girls had told her. But I didn't care. This was my world and my hotel. I had stayed at enough Four Season hotels that I could probably own one. At $6,000 a night for the Presidential Suite I knew that if this incident were brought to the attention of the staff all I had to do was deny everything and they would be apologizing to me for the inconvenience. I couldn't remember the last time that I felt so alive. 'If that works for you then let's get ready to go. You can invite your friend Tara to join us as well.' I said.

Kylie called Lucy and Julie and told them it was time to get out of the pool. Julie was the first to get out of the pool and her suit sucked to her body. Her belly button was clearly visible in her translucent suit and for some reason that turned me on even more. I got up and grabbed one of the towels that the attendant had left and motioned for Julie to come over. She seemed surprised at first, but she immediately obeyed my instructions. As she walked over I opened one of the large, fluffy towels and draped it around her. I worked my hands along her shoulders and back and then down past her waist, using the towel to dry her as I went. My left hand was drying her back while my right hand slid down to her ass. When I got to her ass I palmed her ass firmly until I could feel her ass cheeks part on each side of my towel-covered hand. Even through the thick towel I could feel her heat and her feminine curves. I dug even deeper into crotch until I could feel her tailbone on my palm and her soft pussy on my fingers. I was pulling her up by her crotch so hard that it caused her to rise up on her toes. Amanda had finished drying off and was watching me intently. Although the hand that was palming Julie's crotch was obscured from Amanda and Kylie's vision I could tell that Amanda knew what was happening either because of the look on Julie's face (which I couldn't see) or the look of lust on mine. I finished drying Julie off and I wrapped the towel around her. I gave her a firm pat on her ass as I turned to reach for another towel. Julie walked over to wear Amanda was standing and turned to watch the action. Kylie was gathering her things into a beach bag, but looked up to see what was going on. Amanda and Julie weren't saying a word. They were just staring intently in my direction. Kylie stopped what she was doing and began to watch to see what was going on.

Lucy had been out of the pool for the entire time and she stood there dripping wet. There were towels within arms reach, but she hadn't gotten one. She had been watching me dry her sister off and from her angle she could see everything. I motioned with my finger for her to come to me as I held a towel wide for her. She stood there for a moment without moving. Kylie was now staring as intently as the girls, transfixed by the scene that was playing out in front of them. But for me it felt like the entire world had disappeared. It felt as if all reality had stopped and I was in a time warp or in an alternate reality. I had a split second thought that perhaps I was still high on ecstasy, but I knew this was different. I was definitely high, but I was high on lust and on power. I could see Lucy shivering. The temperature was almost 90 degrees with a warm, humid breeze. She wasn't cold. I motioned for her again and she took a step toward me, then another. I stretched out the towel wide and told her to open her arms as she stopped in front of me. She obeyed my instructions and raised both of her arms out by her sides. I slowly toweled off her left arm and then her right arm. I bent over and dried her left foot and then worked my way up her leg.

'Spread your legs, ' I said gently, but it was clearly a command. 'Wider, ' I said and she opened her legs to nearly shoulder width. I had finished with her arms but she kept them up like I had commanded. As I went to her other leg and begin to dry her right foot and then work my way her to her thigh I could see out of the corner of my eye several other guests at the pool watching this scene closely.

I stood up and walked behind Lucy and dried her shoulders and then her lower back. I then leaned over and dried the backs of her legs. I moved to her ass and began methodically drying each ass check one by one. I could feel a shiver run through her body and into my hand as I used each of my hands to cup and knead each of the meaty globes of her ass. Then I reached around with the towel and began drying her breasts. I had a nice handful of young tit in each hand and I could feel her nipples stiffen against my palms. She was still holding her arms out by her side. I could hear her breathing increasing. I looked up and saw Kylie, Amanda and Julie staring as if hypnotized by what they saw. Kylie was taking deep breaths and biting her lower lip. Amanda and Julie seemed to have glassy eyes and they stared without moving as I continued to maul Lucy's tits under the towel with my left hand as my right hand moved across her abdomen to her crotch. Lucy's legs were still open, but I felt her thighs clamp hard against my hand as I cupped her tender pussy. 'Open, ' I whispered into her ear softly and her thighs relaxed and parted. I massaged her pussy through the towel with my right hand as my left hand continued to rub one of her tits and then the other. I pulled firmly against Lucy's pussy until she was up on the tips of her toes. She was balanced only by her young pussy smashed against my hand and the firm grasp I had on her nubile tits. I pulled her back against me so she could feel my hard cock pressing against the soft flesh of her ass.

This went on for seconds, minutes, possibly hours. Time seemed to stand still for everyone. Then Lucy moaned and slumped against me. I could feel her pussy spasm against my hand as she experienced what I assumed was her first orgasm. I held her against me and slowed my manipulation of her pussy until I felt her body stop shuddering and her breathing return to normal

'Good Girl!' I whispered as I tied her towel around her and let her go. I was afraid her knees were going to buckle, but then she caught herself and walked over next to her sister and Amanda.

I grabbed my sunglasses off the table and said, 'Let's go!' as I began walking back toward the hotel lobby. 'You can all shower in my suite and then we can go shopping.'

I didn't look back. I didn't have to. I knew they were there. I knew they would come.

We walked inside the elevator. No one said a word as I punched the button for the 43rd floor. We rode the elevator up I thought about how I had spent the last few years enjoying everything that life had to offer and fulfilling all of my desires.

Suddenly I had a new desire. Actually three new desires!

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