Surprise at the Party

by blackrandl1958

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Mother, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Uncle, Niece, First, Petting, .

Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: He goes to a party. When he finds his sister there things get interesting.

The party was in full swing when I arrived. I didn't know the hosts but a buddy from work had invited me. I didn't want to go but he whined around until I finally agreed. This wasn't my crowd. I'm an outdoors kind of guy. Kayaks, mountain bikes, skiing or surfing and I'm down. Beer and crabs and a bonfire on the beach is more my kind of thing. Corporate sharks, the water they swim in and the bait they pursue, not so much. I'm a petroleum engineer and I go to this kind of thing often enough without attending any extra. I would have a couple of drinks and bow gracefully out.

There were a lot of people there, most of them already in an advanced state of inebriation. The house was industrial, lots of steel beams and concrete and the music was techno. I hung out with my buddy for a while and he introduced me to a cute little redhead. I thought she was cute until I saw the tattoo. Her top didn't quite meet her skirt and there was a snake working its way down under the waistband of her skirt on its way somewhere I didn't want to go. That's a huge turn off to me. The idea of a tattoo artist, probably some pink haired freak with a lot of metal in his face, touching a girl in places only a boyfriend should see makes my skin crawl.

I made the excuse that I had to go to the restroom and eased away. I really did need the bathroom and I made my way up the stairs to find one. I opened a door and it was a bedroom. Some guy was humping away on some slut. I started to close the door and noticed his belt buckle on his pants on the floor. I knew that belt buckle! This was my brother-in-law! I walked over and took him by the hair. I twisted his head up where he could see me. He gasped and tried to stand up. I held him there and snarled in his face.

"Where is Tabor?"

"Jesus, Chris; she's passed out down the hall. Don't tell her! Please, I'll do anything. I didn't mean..."

"Save it," I cut him off. "I don't give a shit, Preston. I better not see you again tonight. Fuck your slut and don't come home tonight. If you do I'm going to fuck you up."

"Wait, she's passed out, don't go down there," he seemed very nervous."

"You just fuck the slut and don't worry about me."

"I'm drunk," he started to say.

I bitch slapped the taste out of his mouth. "If you speak one more word to me I'm going to beat you unconscious," I snarled.

He didn't say another word. I knew he was afraid of me. Most people are when I get mad. I'm six foot six and I weigh two hundred and sixty five pounds. None of it is slack belly either. I won the class four discus and shot state championships in high school and I was competitive in college too. I power lift four days a week and I know I can look pretty intimidating. I went to look for Tabor. Why she married that loser I'll never understand. I don't get her. Put her in a room with a hundred men and she'll pick the worst possible one every time. She's smoking hot and she could have nearly anyone she wants, but she picks a loser like Preston. I popped open doors down the hall. They were all occupied. I found the restroom after the third door and got that problem fixed. The next door I opened had a party going on inside. There were five guys standing around shucking their dicks. They were waiting their turn with the woman on the bed. A sixth was giving it to her and he was humping away. It was Tabor and she was passed out drunk.

I went to the bed and took that guy by the hair and the back of his pants around his knees. I lifted him off my sister and body pressed him over my head. He screamed and I threw him across the room onto his buddies. They crashed to the floor and scrambled around trying to get up. One of them fancied that he was a kung fu master. He did some fancy hand stuff and screamed, jumping up to kick me in the face. He miscalculated. My arm was longer than his leg and I punched him in the face. I hit him pretty hard and he landed on his head on the floor. That took the wind out of their sails and they scrambled for the door.

I turned to look at Tabor. Her clothes were torn up and her pussy was a mess. I don't know how many guys had been in there. Her ass was gaping and at least one had been in there too. I threw a blanket over her and went back to find Preston. I met a guy coming down the hall.

"Going somewhere?" I asked him.

"I heard there's a hot chick pulling a train up here," he said. "Her husband gave her away to fuck some guy's wife."

"The train has left the station," I told him. "Get to stepping, buddy."

He looked me up and down and decided discretion was the better part of valor. I went back to where I had found Preston. He was pulling on his pants and his mouth opened. "I swear to God, Chris; she wanted it," he said, and I hit him. I heard his jaw break and the slut on the bed screamed.

"I think he needs to go to the hospital," I told her. "He fell down the stairs."

I went back down the hall and wrapped the blanket around Tabor. I put her over my shoulder and carried her downstairs and out the door. She puked about halfway to the truck and I held her head until she was done heaving. This wasn't the first time I held her head while she puked. I told myself I should just take her back inside and leave her, but I couldn't. I love my big sister. I always have and even though she's a stupid bitch I couldn't find the resolve to wash my hands of her.

I put her in the truck and drove to her house. I rang the bell and waited. It was late and I figured Stevie was in bed.

After a minute I heard the cover on the peephole slide and she opened the door. Stevie is my niece. She's the sweetest girl I know.

"Hi, Uncle Chris," she hugged me.

"Hi, kid," I squeezed her.

"Is Mom ok?" she asked, peering around me to the truck.

"No, baby; she's drunk as hell, some men had sex with her while she was passed out and I broke your Dad's jaw."

She took it calmly. "What are you going to do?"

"I'm going to take her home with me and clean her up," I told her. "You're coming too. Pack your suitcase for a long stay and then help me get some things for Tabor."

"Jesus Christ," she fumed. "Why do I have such fucked up parents? I had just fallen asleep!"

"I don't like you to swear," I told her. "I'm sorry, honey, but you can't stay here. Your Dad isn't going to be home for a while. I think he needed to go to the hospital and I'm afraid Tabor will vomit and aspirate it if I leave her. I'm sure as hell not staying here so you have to come to my house."

"I would like to come to your house and stay there for the rest of my life," she said.

"We'll see," I told her. "You can stay for a while anyway."

I think she spent more time at my house than hers anyway. She got suitcases out of the hall closet and gave me one. She went off to her room and I went to Tabor's. I emptied her underwear drawer into it, got her half a dozen pairs of jeans and a bunch of t-shirts. Stevie came in and she put socks and sneakers in and we got her personal stuff out of the bathroom. I carried the suitcases to the truck and Stevie came out carrying her laptop and her iPod dock.

I drove to my house and pulled into the garage. Stevie carried the stuff in and put it in the spare bedrooms while I carried Tabor in and put her on the sofa. I went to my bathroom and ran the tub full of water and bubble bath. Stevie came in and told me she was very tired. I kissed her and she went off to bed. When she closed the door I started undressing Tabor. Her dress was ruined and so was her bra. She was missing her panties and I just picked her up and carried her to the tub. She was semi-conscious now and I lowered her into the water. She murmured a protest about it being too hot but I ignored her.

"Going to be sick," she mumbled. I jumped up and got a basin out from under the sink just in time. She puked her guts up while I held her head. I laid her back in the water and went and dumped the basin in the toilet. I flushed it and rinsed it out. When I had it clean I went back to the tub and began to wash Tabor. There was dried cum in her hair and on her face. Her left nipple was cut and she had bruises already beginning to show on both boobs. I washed her until her skin glowed and went to get a towel off the rack. She was a little more aware when I drained the tub and picked her up. I made her stand up while I dried her off. She was very wobbly and braced herself against me. When I had her dry I carried her into the bedroom and put her in bed. I showered and went and got in with her. I was afraid she would puke again so I took the basin. She stirred when I got in and her eyes opened. They were unfocused and it took her a minute.

"Christopher?" she mumbled. "What are you doing here? How ... what happened ... where am I?"

"You're at my house," I told her. "I found you at a party passed out in a bedroom. Your charming and gracious husband traded you for some guy's wife. There were six guys in the room fucking you when I found you. You're a mess and you're going to feel like hell tomorrow."

She started to cry. It got worse and worse. Great wracking sobs shook her body and she was shaking and trembling. It was breaking my heart and I pulled her over against me and held her.

"It's over now, Tab. I've got you. You're safe now. It's over."

I petted her and stroked her until she stopped shaking. "It's going to be ok, Tab," I told her over and over. "You just need to sleep. It's going to be ok."

She sobbed herself to sleep and I just held her. Her naked body felt soft and sleek against me and I rebuked myself for unrighteous thoughts. She had been through enough trauma without me perving on her. I just held her and eventually I drifted off.

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