Meeting Up With Eve at a Friends Wedding

by Zak

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Oral Sex, Petting, Analingus, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: we had not seen each other for a few years, until we met at a wedding

I looked at my self in the hotel room mirror, I had on a new suit, new shoes, and a new shirt and tie. I looked sharp even if I say so myself. I had not seen some of these people for three or four years and after all, it was a wedding, I wanted to look my best. I sprayed a little more aftershave on and opened the hotel room door and headed toward the lift. I was more than a little nervous to be honest and at one point nearly got out of the lift to go back to my room!

The lift took me to the appropriate floor, and then the doors opened the pre-ceremony drinks were in full flow. I sought out the bride and groom, and after a few minutes of the usual congratulations and general chitchat I left them to chat to the stream of other guests wanting to pass on their best wishes, and I headed toward the very busy bar.

I ordered a drink and while waiting for it to be poured, I scanned the room. I saw Eve chatting to a couple of other ladies in the corner of the room. I had not seen her in a long time, she had a black dress on and she stood out in the crowd, her style and beauty was shining out like a beacon. Would I have come if I had know she would be there, I wonder to myself. My mind was full of thoughts, full of doubts, full of memories. Me and Eve in the same room after all this time, was it fate?

I can't explain it, but as my eyes caught sight of her, her head turned and we were looking directly at each other, I wondered if she could have felt my eyes on her? There was a brief moment of eye contact, my heart fluttered and my mind rewound to a time three years ago when things had been so different, so very, very different. I replayed at high speed our first meeting and our last meeting. I remembered the chats we used to have, recalled the last hug, the last kiss, the last time I had held her in my arms. The last time we had made love.

The barman broke my daydream by telling me my drink was ready. I turned to thank him and when I turned back Eve had gone. I stared at the drink wondering what to do next. My head full of thoughts, should I leave or should I stay ... had she gone, did she have the same worries and doubts as me. Was she there with someone?

Then I felt a hand on my arm and she was next to me, I look at her, smiling, not knowing quite what to say or what to do for the best.

"Hi Zak, its been a long time " she said, her eyes boring into mine, and then she kissed my cheek...

My heart fluttered once more and I kiss hers. The smell of her perfume intoxicated me. It took me back to a happy time three years previous

"Eve, lovely to see you " I replied, my words tumbling out, " would you like a drink?"

It was lame but I was unsure what to say to her, I knew what I wanted to say, but did not want to make a complete prat of my self.

"No, I am fine, thanks, but it is hot in here, don't you think " she said, and taking my hand in hers she led me to the garden terrace. We leaned against a garden wall as far away from anyone else as possible

We looked at each other and she brushed her hair away from her eyes. It took me back to another place and another time. More memories flooded into my brain. I took in the full view, from her black high heels, to the black dress that did very little to hide her feminine curves, red nails, oh god, red nails. I gulped, I tried to slow my breathing down but I am sure my excitement was obvious.

"So how's the family?" I asked, trying not to look into her sexy eyes but failing miserably. I should have known that one look into those light blue pools would put me under her spell once more!

"The kids are fine, thanks, both doing well in their careers" she said. I saw her gently bite her lower lip and she tilted her head down slightly. She did that a lot and I had always found it dead sexy!

"and you, how has your life been? " she asked as she sipped her drink.

"Oh well, let me give you the potted history, I moved house, my new jobs going well, you know me, it's all about the work!" I laughed nervously.

Hell, I was so nervous, I was always nervous around her, she was the lady in the place every guy was looking at, even the young waiter collecting empty glasses had given her ass an appreciative once over as he walked past. There was definitely an elephant in the room, so to speak, and we both very aware of it.

I broke the silence. Stepped into the spot light; opened the trap door ready to fall through it...

"So how where is the other half? " I asked, trying not to give away my thoughts too much.

"Oh I am here alone, we divorced last year" she told me, and her eyes dipped again as she said it, her hands brushing away her hair as her fringe fell over her eyes. They were both subtleties, but at the same time they sent out little messages that were so obvious.

"Snap " I replied a little too quickly and the atmosphere around us crackled and sparkled, the world span around us at fifty times its normal speed, and everything around us was blurred for a few seconds. In the moments of silence that followed I could hear my own heart beating. The whole world around us had changed in some way in those brief few seconds, in those brief few words...

We both said sorry to hear that at the same time, and laughed as we talked over each other.

She reached out and removed an imaginary piece of lint from the arm of my suit. My eyes followed her hand, unable to look her in the eye. My body tensed up as she touched me, and I felt like a lovesick teenager. She always had that effect on me!

"I tried to find you" she told me, her voice at once sounding at once sad but then happy again as she looked up at me smiling

"and here you are..."

"I thought it better not to be around" I replied, gulping, my voice low.

There was a brief moment of sadness, but her smile extinguished that and I felt her hand take mine. There is so much to be said, so many discussions, so much lost time to be made up.

"Well, we are both here now " she said, smiling, and she leaned over, kissing my check gently. I almost moved my head to take the kiss on the lips, but my head told me its was soon, too public.

"Yes, yes we are " I replied, my heart doing back flips.

A bell was being rung and it broke the spell, and a master of ceremonies announced the start of the wedding. We shuffled in with the rest of the crowd but sat together near the back. It may have been an amazing ceremony, but we sat hand in hand and I heard not one word of it. Our legs were touching and it was electrifying. I kept stealing glances at her and I felt her doing the same to me.

I awoke from my daydream when the happy couple walked past us into the function room and the master of ceremonies announced that there would now be a buffet and free bar, and that the evening meal would be served at seven o'clock. We shuffled out at the back of the crowd as they all headed to the bar for drinks.

The room was full of little groups, little clich├ęs, and little conversations. We headed back into the bar area and I grabbed us two glasses of bubbly.

"I have missed you, but you know that, I guess." she said, looking into my eyes and turning my legs into jelly.

"And I have missed you " as I replied, and she bit her lower lip again.

I moved closer toward her and took her hand in mine. We both sipped our drinks nervously. There was a pause, a hiatus, a silence that was deafening. She look at me pensively, we were both nervous it seemed, she looked like there was something inside her bursting to get out.

"Say it " I said with a smile " just say whatever it is you are dying to say."

Her head dipped and her eyes sparkled. She looked at me and smiled, there was a few moments of silence, around us the world slowed to a gradual stop and our fingers touched. Sparks of emotion coursed through my body and my nerve endings jangled. Even the touch of her fingers on mine was enough to send me crashing through the ceiling

"It's not something I want to actually say... " There is a quiver in her voice and she stopped mid-sentence. There was no need for her to end it, I knew and she knew what we both wanted, both needed, both desired.

"I know, I feel the same" I said and kissed her lips gently.

"So your room or mine?" she giggled.

There was an explosion of sound and the world caught up with us. She took the glass from my hand and placed it on a table along with her drink, and hand in hand we headed toward the lobby and the lifts. There were other people in there when it arrived, we could not touch each other, could not kiss each other, and the tension was amazing. We almost skipped down the corridor to the room when we got to my floor.

Once in the room we kissed, our bodies moulded into each other, as our tongues met. My hands stroked down her back and I cupped her buttocks. I felt her hands on the back of my head. Felt her cheek on mine, felt her lips all over my face as she kissed me. Gently at first, but harder as we relaxed into each other.

"God, I need this!" she said as I kissed her neck and shoulders. My hands were wandering all over her body, touching, stroking, fondling, feeling.

"Undress me" she whispered in my ear as I nibbled on her neck. She pulled away from me and kicked off her shoes and turned around so that her back was facing me. I didn't need to be asked twice.

I slowly unzipped her dress and watched as she shrugged it off, I saw the straps of her lacy black bra, the lacy black band of her suspender belt, her pencil thin suspenders going down to sheer black stockings, and the thin band of elastic of her G-string as it disappeared between her alabaster buttocks. My cock jerked and twitched in my trousers. It had been too long, far too long.

I stepped closer and kissed her neck and shoulders again, my hands gently gripped her hips, and I pulled her back onto my groin, letting her feel how excited I was. I lifted her hair and kissed the nape of her neck, licking and nibbling it. At the same time my hands found the clip of her bra and I released it before sliding my hands under the cups and fondling her boobs. I felt their weight in my hands; felt the heat of her firm skin against my palms. My fingers sought out her nipples, they were like little hard pebbles, and I tweaked them softly at first, then tugged on them. She whimpered softly so I twisted them harder and she gasped loudly.

As my hands cupped and stroked her boobs I felt her bum grinding against my erection. I slipped her bra from her shoulders and it fell to the floor. I dropped to my knees and kissed her lower back, moving down over her pale buttocks, kissing them and biting them gently. My fingers followed their curves, I kissed the line of them, running my tongue along their lower curves where buttock meets thigh. My fingers slipped inside the band of her g-string and I slowly slip it down over her thighs, she stepped out of it as my tongue traced along the crack of her bum. I opened her buttocks and kissed her rosebud arsehole as my fingers stroked her pussy, a pussy that was freshly shaved, as smooth as as silk.

"Oh yes, fuck, I love it when you eat my ass" Eve moaned as I worked on her bumhole.

My index fingers slid along her labia and I dipped it into her wetness. My tongue was now lapping her arse like a cat licking at cream, each stroke with my rough tongue made Eve groan louder and louder.

She walked away from me after a few minutes and lay face down on the bed. I didn't need a second invitation, I swiftly undressed down to my boxers. I knelt beside her and kissed from her hairline down the track of her spine, kissing, licking, nibbling. At the same time my right hand stroked and caressed her silky smooth skin. Slowly I moved down her back, my hand cupped one of her buttocks and I gave it a gentle squeeze. My fingers traced the crack of her bum from lower back down to the tops of her thighs. Involuntarily she opened her legs and I let my fingers slide down over her smooth sexy pussy, I cupped it in my hand before rubbing it gently.

I heard her gasp as my fingers stroked along her slit, it was getting wetter with excitement. I slid one finger into her pussy and covered my digit in her sticky liquor before sucking it clean, savouring her taste. Relishing the taste of her thick syrupy liquid. After sucking my finger clean I slipped two fingers back into her hot wet sex, twirling them around, covering them in her nectar before sucking them clean again.

My lips were now on her peachy smooth buttocks. I nibbled gently and she giggled, so I bit into her flesh and that made her gasp passionately. Soon her butt was covered in red welts where I have bitten her flesh.

I was now sliding three fingers into her tight pussy. I could feel her muscles contracting against them and feel her pussy pulsing around them. I buried my face into the crevasse between her bum cheeks. I could smell the musk of her excitement the lower I licked, I could feel the heat that emanated from her sex. The excitement I sensed in her body excited my own and I felt my cock swelling, pulsing, throbbing.

As one hand delved and probed her snug pussy I used the other hand to open her buttocks wider and my tongue assaulted her cute little asshole. I heard a sharp intake of breath as my tongue tickled her butthole. I used my tongue to lap at her sexy asshole as my fingers started to slide in and out of her tight sex. I was soon thrusting my fingers deep into her, covering my hands in her juices that were now streaming out of her pussy. Deeper and harder I finger fucked her, all the time Eve was letting out low deep moans and groans.

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