The Man Tortured With Two Wives
Chapter 1

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Romantic Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Every man wishes he could run across the two girls that would turn him every which way but loose

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Cheating   Group Sex   Exhibitionism   Voyeurism   Nudism   Military  

Thirty year old Steve Wicks was all smiles speeding down the Pacific Coast Hwy in his fully restored red 1960 Buick LeSabre convertible. It took him two years to complete the restoration. This was the first run in his car. The only thing original in it was the body. He had all his clothes in the giant trunk.

He was wearing his white Navy dress uniform for the last time. It fit tight on his gym worked body. He was a Golden Gloves champion. Punches to his stomach meant nothing to his six pack hardened abs.

He had his discharge papers from the Navy. He had spent twelve years and was not going any farther. He had made peanuts compared to what he was going to make in the next twelve months.

He was a computer scientist. His daddy owned a computer programming business. Steve, as a toddler, began to learn to play games on the computer. His daddy would create harder and harder games.

By the time he was ten, Steve was well on the way to his profession as a computer scientist. A computer scientist typically possesses other software skills far beyond programming.

Steve already had a job now that he was out of the Navy. One of the newly formed space companies, Dunkin Hunter Space Inc., offered him a high, six figure income to create the software to run the computers controlling the spacecraft. They had just given him a $100,000.00 bonus for signing a contract with them.

He was spending the whole weekend alone celebrating after dropping his girlfriend. He had gotten suspicious tales of her cheating and told her he had duty. He caught her with a man and dropped her on the spot. Monday, he would head for Salt Lake City where the headquarters for Dunkin Hunter Space, Inc.

He had his stereo blasting a Caleb Johnson song as he headed into Santa Monica and hit stop and go traffic. He was sitting, waiting for the light to turn. Two dazzling girls, one blonde and one a redhead, were sitting on the bus bench next to his car. They were shouting at him and he put the tape on pause.

In unison, they both said, "Hey sailor, how about a ride?"

"Hop in." said Steve, "the top is down." Steve did not think they would take him up on it, but they did.

He was rewarded with the up-skirt view of not one, but two pairs of thong underwear. His heart rate went up faster than the big red Buick would race. Quickly, he refocused. "I am Steve. With whom do I have the pleasure of being the taxi driver for?"

"I am Ashley Drake and this is Wendy Strathmore," the blonde answered.

"It is nice to meet you, Ashley and Wendy. I am on my way to the Mule Lip Saloon. Have either of you been there?" Steve continued the questions.

I have heard of it, but I don't know where it is. Are you inviting us?" Wendy asked in a voice that sent chills from Steve's head and made the tips of his toes tingle. She could talk to him all day and he would feel like soft putty.

"You can go with me, but I am going to stop at The Sycamore Inn Prime Steakhouse first." Steve answered.

"Oh my, that will not be a problem!" Both girls almost shouted in unison again.

Steve pushed the button twice on his cell phone clamped to the dash. Name or number came through the radio speakers. "Sycamore," Steve said.

"Dialing Sycamore. Say okay, or cancel," came through the speakers.

"Okay," Steve said.

There was a pause for a few seconds and the phone started ringing. "Hello. You have reached The Sycamore Inn Prime Steakhouse. How may we help you?" the voice of a man said.

"My name is Steve Wicks. I made a reservation for myself at four pm. Could I make that for three people instead of one?" he asked.

"That will not be a problem, sir. Is there anything else I can help you with?" the man asked.

"No, thank you, sir. See you then," Steve answered, pushing the button one more time.

Steve smiled and pushed play again. They rode along waving and moving to the music. They pulled into the parking lot of the steakhouse.

Sandy asked, "Who is that singing? He is really good."

"That is Caleb Johnson from American Idol. I don't have this CD, but I have heard him on the radio," Wendy said.

Steve put the top up and set the alarm before they went inside. The waiter sat them at a table and the girls sat on each side of Steve. They looked at the menus. "There are no prices on these dinners," Wendy said.

"Don't worry about it. It is one set fee per person. Just find what you want and order it. It is all on me." Steve said.

"We don't want to take advantage of you or even allow you to think we are," Sandy said.

"Look, I got an advanced bonus for signing a contract with Dunkin Hunter Space, Inc. I don't really want to celebrate alone." Steve explained. I head out Monday morning for Salt Lake City.

From that point on, they sat through the meal carrying on like they had known each other from birth. The girls were twenty six and grew up together. They were going to catch the bus, as they both did not make enough money to buy a decent car working as cashiers at an AM PM quick stop.

Steve wasn't sure what to think. He was attracted to both girls. It seemed to be the same with the girls when they got on either side of him and each grabbed a hand, and cuddled to him across the parking lot.

He was even more flabbergasted when he received a tantalizing kiss from each girl for opening the door, and showing more up skirt getting into the car.

It was seven o'clock when they arrived at the Mule Lip Saloon. There was already a crowd gathering, but they still got a table close to the dance floor.

Steve was even more confused when both girls turned down all the other dance proposals, only to take turns dancing with him. Steve was danced out by midnight and said, "I will take you two home. I have a room in the Hilton in Claremont."

"Can't we stay with you?" They both asked in unison.

"I only have one king size bed," Steve said.

The girls giggled and Wendy said, "Sandy and I are not that big, are we?"

"I just wanted you to know that you had a choice," Steve answered.

"There is one thing you have not noticed about us. We both are infatuated with you and are willing to share you between us. We have been this way all our lives. Didn't you notice each time we got in the car we changed so we were sharing you?" Sandy said while Wendy smiled and nodded.

"I don't know what to say. I have never been propositioned like this before and am willing if you two are. Let's go. We will stop by Vons and get some snacks," Steve said with a big old smile.

They went out to the car with both girls getting as close to him as they could. People watched, and some made comments. Some said "lucky dog" while others said "they must be putting on a show to get attention."

Once in Vons they all giggled and laughed all through the store. Wendy grabbed some playing cards from the rack at the checkout. Sandy grabbed a few bananas, with a mischievous grin on her face.

When they reached the Hilton, Steve stopped and got the card key from the office.

As soon as they were in the room Steve pulled both girls to him and started to pull both of them together for a three way kiss. They pulled back and Wendy said, "Steve, we are not bi-sexual. We just want to share you."

With that, Steve went to plan B and began to move from one to the other. It was the most unbelievable feeling. His cock was beginning to hurt from the pressure of it pushing against his hard cotton dress whites.

Wendy pulled away and took her shoes off. She then jumped up on the bed and sat down Indian style and pushed her dress down to hide her thong underwear. "Let's play strip poker," she said pulling out the cards.

Sandy and Steve removed their shoes and hopped on the bed. Wendy began to shuffle and deal the cards. "Five card draw," she said.

Steve was dealt nothing ... not even a ten, let alone anything higher. He pulled off one of his socks. Both girls giggled and booed him.

Sandy shuffled. Wendy lost the next hand and pulled out the beret that was holding her hair in a bun. She shook her head up and down to spring her hair free. It turned into a stunning rock and roll look.

"Oh my goodness ... you just turned into a bombshell! You must be a natural redhead. Those green eyes and that red hair are too much of a giveaway!" Steve exclaimed.

"Well, now you will just have to wait and see. Shut up and deal," she giggled.

He lost again and said, "This dress top is driving me crazy." He pulled the top over his head. His t-shirt was tight against his muscle bound chest and showed he had been working out regularly. His nipples pushed through his shirt.

Both girls in unison said, "You are a stud.!"

"Thank you very much!" he said mocking Elvis while flexing his muscles. They both could not resist running their hands over his chest and his six pack. He was by far the sexiest looking man and had the tightest body either of them had ever encountered.

"Okay. It's your turn, Wendy. Let's get this show on the road," he said, getting excited with the two sets of hands arousing him.

Wendy lost the next hand and, without delay, stood up, unzipped, and pulled the dress over her head. When Steve saw the Victoria Secret bra and panties that matched her red hair, he could not help but breathe a lustful sigh.

He reached out and ran his hands over the bra to feel the protruding areola and hard nipple. Sandy started rubbing her behind the knee. She started shaking and said, "You two stop. Wait until we all get naked."

Sandy said, "Look ... enough of this playing around. The last one naked is a rotten egg!"

Nobody cared who was last to get undressed. They just left all the clothes in the floor and hopped into the bed with Steve in the middle. This was the most Steve had ever been aroused. The two hot naked bodies pressing against him was something he could not imagine ever happening to him.

Wendy pulled him on top of her; and he felt Sandy grab his manhood and line it up with one hand, pushing him down and inside with the other. She then started rubbing several spots she knew were fire arousing spots on Wendy. They were not bi-sexual but they did know where all their most sensitive spots were.

With Steve's cock being so hot and him pumping up and down like a racing piston, Sandy knew just the right spots to hit. Wendy had told her all the ones that made her blow her top and blow she did.

"Wha-? Oh? Oh? Yes!" Yes! Ooooohhhhhhh ... h Darling ... Darling..." Wendy shouted and passed out.

While Steve had visions of police clubbing the door down because Wendy was yelling so loud, ions of police clubing h and soon she open her eyes. and Sandy giggled, "Kiss her. She will come around."

Steve started giving her sweet kisses and soon she opened her eyes. She said, "That is the biggest send off I have ever had. It's your turn Sandy.

Sandy eased up and started to snuggle up to Steve. Soon Wendy was forgotten and Steve worked his way down to Sandy's neck and then her breasts. They were bigger than Wendy's. He took each nipple into his mouth and nursed them as though he was a baby. She moaned, "Don't stop! Yea-ah! Darling ... mmmmmmmm..."

Steve worked his way down to her belly button and kissed and sucked on it until she again moaned, "Ooooohh, oh, ooooohhhhh..."

Steve then went to her lower lips and kissed and sucked her sweet nectar until she screamed, "Get up here between my legs!"

Steve moved into position and slid his cock inside the hairless lips.

She said, "Darling ... ooooooh that's it, lover ... oh Darling ... Goooooooood ... just slide it into me, lover ... ooooohhhhhh..."

Steve began to work faster and faster. Wendy began to rub Sandy's feet. Steve started to breathe heavy and sweat poured off him. Sandy shouted, "Gooooooooood ... Cum with me, Darling."

They both let go with so much shouting, it was amazing that no one called the cops!

They ended up going to Knots Berry Farm on Sunday. They were on the way back to the Hilton. Wendy was driving with Steve in the middle holding on to both girls.

"I know this is absolutely nuts, but I want you both for my wife. I know we can't legally do that. Would you two consider living with me. It would mean you will have to move to Salt Lake City with me.

Wendy pulled off in the emergency lane and they both hugged him with tears pouring down their cheeks with the answer by kissing him repeatedly. Wow! There's more to cum ... oops ... come.

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