Mallory's Mom

by blackrandl1958

Caution: This True Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Fa/ft, Consensual, BiSexual, Fiction, Incest, Father, Daughter, Niece, Aunt, Interracial, Black Female, White Male, White Female, First, Sex Toys, .

Desc: True Sex Story: An episode in Mallory's life. Her first time with her Aunt, and her future husband.

Aunt Kim was picking me up for dinner. It was the day before my seventeenth birthday and she had to be in court in Ft. Lauderdale and was going to miss my party. She felt bad so she was taking me out a day early. I should mention that although I called her Aunt Kim, was my Aunt because was my Dad's sister and he adopted me. She's this tall, leggy brunette and she's gorgeous. She had never been married and I knew why. We didn't talk about it, but she knew I knew. She'd been in love with a guy since she was a teenager but he didn't know it and it would have embarrassed her for me to mention it. I loved her very much and I would never have done anything that would cause her pain. I did want to fuck her. I'd never been with another girl and I was curious. She was the sweetest person I knew and she's just that cute that if I got to pick any girl in the world to make love to, it would be her.

She knew I was hot for her, but that embarrassed her too. She didn't roll that way but I was going to change that. I think it made her hot to think about it, but she was very shy about sexual things. She was a tiger in the courtroom though but in every other area of life she was very assertive. She was as soft as a kitten with me and Dad. Dad adopted me when I was three and I loved her from the first time I saw her. She came over the first day I was with him and I'll always remember hugging her for the first time. She fought like a demon to get my adoption papers through and I had spent nearly as much time with her down through the years as I had with Dad.

I should also mention that Dad and I were also lovers. I seduced him when I was sixteen and I was going to marry him when I get out of college. That complicated things because Aunt Kim was in love with him too. That's the guy. They were orphans and he's taken care of her all her life. They were very well off orphans, but they spent a long time in foster care. He protected her and she lived with him when he turned eighteen and got his own place. She was all confused about him and herself and me, but I had a plan to fix that. First I was going to have to get her to let me fuck her and then I was going to talk her into fucking us both. I know; it's complicated.

When she pulled up I squeaked when I saw she was driving the 'Vette. She has one of the Indy Pace Car models and I love it. It's black and gray and a ton of fun. I tried to make her let me drive but she wouldn't. She had only let me drive it twice. I tried to bribe her by offering to let her drive my Audi but she loves that 'Vette too much. She had it for years and she only drove it on special occasions.

"Hey, where are we going?" I asked her.

"I found this great Italian place," she told me. "They have the best bread I've ever eaten. They give you these dry herbs and you pour olive oil on it and dip the bread in."

It was as good as she promised. I talked her into getting a bottle of wine and letting me drink out of her glass when no one was looking. The food was as good as she promised and when we were done she asked me if I wanted to go anywhere.

"I want to go home with you," I told her. "Let's rent a movie and watch it at your house."

She let me pick it out and I got Mulholland Drive. I had a sinister plan and this was the first step. When we got home I got her to get us some more wine.

"Mallory, are you trying to get us drunk?" she laughed. "Val will kill me if I take you home drunk."

"He lets me drink as long as I do it at home," I told her. "I don't do it very much. I don't think I have the alcoholic gene. Besides, I'm going to spend the night with you. He'll never know."

"Good," she laughed. "One more glass then."

The movie was very hot and steamy and we snuggled up together on the sofa and giggled. I could tell she was a little high and the erotic movie was making me very horny. I put my arm around her and tickled her ears, playing with the fine hair on the back of her neck. She shivered a little.

"Stop that, Mal," she told me. "You're tickling me."

"No, I like it," I told her. She let me and after a minute or two I bent over and licked her earlobe. She giggled and I took her chin and turned her face toward me. Her big blue eyes were glistening and I kissed her. I'd kissed her lots of times but never like I did then. This was big and sexy and I pushed my tongue inside her mouth.

"Mal?" she looked a question at me.

"I love you, Aunt Kim," I whispered. "Play with me."

"No, honey," she protested. "Don't ... I ... I love you too, but I can't."

I opened two buttons on her blouse and slipped my hand inside. She had on a pretty bra and her nipple was hard when I pinched it. She moaned and her hand flew up and grabbed mine.

"No, baby," she whispered. "Don't do that, you're making me horny."

"I've been horny all night looking at you," I told her. "It's my birthday tomorrow and you won't be here. Give me something to remember."

I knew the guilt card would get her. She still held onto my hand but she didn't pull it out of her blouse. I pushed on her and she lay back on the big gold pillows on her sofa and I climbed on top of her. When I kissed her this time, she kissed me back and I reached down and slid my hand up her thigh under her skirt. She felt as good as I thought she would. Her skin was silky smooth and that thigh was as firm as mine. We worked out together a lot and it had obviously paid off for her. When I got up to her panties she moaned again into my mouth and I could feel a damp spot. She fought for a second and pulled her lips away.

"Mal, baby; are you sure? If you keep doing this I'm going to fuck you."

"I've wanted you to fuck me since I was in the eighth grade," I told her. "I've been trying to let you know for years."

"I know, sweetheart; but I'm afraid. I don't want to screw us up. I love you more than my life."

"It won't be any different," I told her. "I'm always going to love you and you're always going to be my best friend. You're the closest thing a have to a mother. I love you, Mom."

She just melted when I told her that and there were no more protests. She let me unbutton her blouse and I saw that her bra hooked in the front. How convenient! I opened it and there they were. I had lusted after those boobs since I was old enough to realize how hot she was. They weren't big, but they looked like they belonged on me. They were taut and high and they rose up in perfect little cones. She didn't have an extra ounce of flesh on her anywhere. Her areolas completely covered the tip of each little mound and her cute little nipples were just an extension of the areolas. I had to feel mine against them and I sat up and pulled my shirt over my head. Mine were bigger and I squished them together, rubbing her nipples with mine. Mine were a kind of dark caramel color and hers were creamy white. They looked incredibly erotic rubbing together, the contrast of black against white making a beautiful contrast. I kissed her and she was moaning into my mouth as I ground my pussy against hers.

She pulled away for a minute. "What about Val?" she asked.

"What about him?" I asked.

"I know you two are lovers," she said.

"I know, so?"

"He won't like you cheating on him," she said.

"With you?" I asked her. "Bullshit, he'll wish he was me."

Her eyes widened. "I'll help you fuck him," I told her.

"No! Mallory, I swear to God if you tell him..."

"Relax, Aunt Kim. I won't tell him your secret. I've known for years and I've never told him."

She relaxed. "I know, Thanks Mal. I think something's wrong with me."

"Are we really going to have this conversation now?" I asked her. "I want to fuck, Aunt Kim, not get all introspective. We'll talk all night between fucks, ok?"

"I love it when you talk dirty to me," she said. "My little girl wants to fuck me! God, that makes me horny."

She pulled me back down and we did some serious kissing. I wiggled around until I could slide my hand down that glorious body and unbutton and unzip her skirt. I ran my hand under the waistband and she was as bare as a baby down there. I keep a little strip because Dad likes it. I grew it all out once because he wanted me to and it was a jungle. It was trimmed then. I cupped her sexy little pussy and it was dripping wet. I knew what I liked so I gave her that and she evidently liked it too.

"Mal, let's get in the bed," she whispered. "I want to see you, baby."

I got off of her. I could tell there weren't going to be any more protests. I pulled her up and her skirt fell off. We left it there and she shed her blouse too; it and her bra joining the skirt. She had the most fantastic ass. It was little and round and hard and it waggled in front of me all the way to the bed. I squeezed it when she stopped and she giggled. She was just like a little girl in a lot of ways, especially that cute little giggle.

She turned around and we wrapped each other up in our arms, our lips locked and our pussies grinding together.

"I've never been with another girl before," I told her. "Have you?"

"Yes, twice when I was in law school," she whispered. "I liked it, but I'm more into guys."

"Yeah, me too," I told her. "Except for you. I've been horny for you for years."

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