Sucking Dad Before Mom Gets Home
Chapter 1

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Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Sara begins an illicit affair with her father and later on her grandfather and uncle.

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14 year old Sara Anderson looked at her naked reflection in the full length mirror and smiled. For a 14 year old girl, she had a nice firm body. Her teenage breasts looked good, though they were hardly a good handful though. Her hands moved over her breasts, squeezing and cupping them gently. "Small but nice and firm" she said with a chuckle. She had taken a few minutes away from her party to change into her bikini so she could join her friends in the pool. Hearing the voices from downstairs, she moved away from the mirror and grabbed her white bikini and hurriedly put it on. She went back to the mirror and smiled at her reflection.

"Looking good if even if I do say so myself" she said.

"Sara, hurry up or you'll miss all the fun" she heard her best friend Sundae call up.

"Coming" Sara said, she stole one last look at herself in the mirror before grabbing the towel off the back of her chair and heading out of her room.

Doug Anderson had a problem, and that problem was simple; he did not know where to look. All around him there were sexy young girls in bikinis, 14 to be exact. Ordinarily, Doug would never have looked at a young girls in a sexual way, but he was surrounded by them today and could not help but look at them in a sexual way. He knew it was wrong to be sexually attracted to young girls, but since he was only looking at them, he decided he was doing nothing hideously wrong. As he watched he girls, who were for his daughter's twelfth birthday party, he found his gaze drifting down towards their firm round asses and their firm looking titties.

Two girls in particular held his attention the most, one was 14 year old Sundae, his daughter's best friend; the other girl WAS his daughter. Now staring at 14 year old Sundae and thinking illicit thoughts about her was one thing, but thinking illicit thoughts about his own 14 year old daughter made him feel odd. He knew it was wrong to think about Sara's virgin body or what it would be like to stick his cock into her and take her virginity, but he could not help it. He tried to force those illicit thoughts from his mind, but try as he might, those thoughts just would no go away. He wished Kase was here so he could go to his office and jerk off to relive the tension, but she was away on a business trip. So he had to stay here and endure the almost torture of being surrounded by prepubescent girls and not being able to relive the built up sexual tension.

Out of the corner of her eye, Sara spied her daddy staring at her and found that she liked it. She knew that one or two of her friends thought her dad was cute, but the way he looked at her had begun to stir feelings within Sara, feelings that she had never had before but that felt very strange when thought about those feelings for her father. She smiled inwardly as she jumped into the pool, knowing that her dad got a nice long look at her firm ass.

For the rest of the party, Sara teased her father with tantalising glimpses of her wet, young body, all the time the strange feelings for her father were growing ever stronger. When her best friend Sundae hugged Sara's father wearing only her bikini, Sara had got extremely jealous and then realised just what those feelings were; sexual attraction. She was sexually attracted to her own father. The 14 year old could not believe that she was sexually attracted to her own father. While she admitted to herself that Doug was an attractive guy, she had never thought of him as sexually attractive in the past, and realised that the way he was looking at her that he was attracted to her as she was to him. As she continued to play with her friends in and around the pool, she realised that not only was she sexually attracted to her father and him to her, that by the end of her birthday today, she would have sex with her father.

'Does this mage me a paedophile?' Doug wondered as he watched Sarah's friends as they sat in the living room, waiting for their parents to come and pick them up. Even though they were now fully clothed, they still looked hot with their breasts straining at their tight t-shirts. Sara's friend Sundae had worn a crop-top which showed off her slim waist and flat pre-teen belly. All of which made Doug's cock even harder than before. Despite all this, there was just one girl Doug wanted to fuck; his own daughter, Sarah. He realised while the girls were getting dressed that he was very much sexually attracted to his own 14 year old daughter and that by the end of her birthday today, he would have sex with his own daughter.

The time he spent waiting for the girls parents to come up pick them up seemed to drag on for hours when it was only 45 minutes. Doug said polite 'goodbye's' and 'Come again' as the girls left, wishing they would just hurry up and fuck off so he could get on with seducing his girl. Sundae was the last to leave, and as she left, Doug snatched a glimpse of her shorts-covered ass before he closes the door and heads back inside. He had a lot to do if he was going to seduce his own daughter. As he headed back into the kitchen, he saw Sara, still in her bikini, leaning against the breakfast bar and sipping a soda. His cock ached in his pants at the sight of his bikini clad daughter.

Sara watched as her father stopped in his tracks and just stared at her in her bikini. She was leaning against the breakfast bar, making sure her butt stuck out a bit.

"Thank-you for such a great party daddy" Sara said, smiling sweetly at him "I had such a great time". Doug smiled at his young daughter.

"I'm glad you had a good time sweetie" he said, never once taking his eyes off her bikini clad body "Though I wish your mom and brother had been able to be here". At that last comment, Sara knew that now was the time. She took a deep breath and made her move.

"Actually, I'm glad Jay and mom were NOT here" she said "I'm glad it was just you and me". She moved close to him, close enough to see that she had not dried herself off and her bikini was still wet.

"Why would you say such a thing?" Doug asked, secretly agreeing with her "Your mom and brother really wanted to be here to celebrate your birthday with you and...". Sara then did something that Doug had not expected, she stepped forward and kissed him, not a usual father-daughter kiss but a passionate kiss. A few moments later, she broke the kiss and looked up at her father.

"I want you" Sara said simply. In response, Doug leaned in close, pressed his mouth on Sara's and kissed her passionately. As he pushed his tongue into her mouth, Doug knew that this was her first kiss. She was having her first kiss with her own father, a fact which made Doug all the more hotter for his 14 year old girl.

Their first incestuous kiss continued on seemed to drag on for hours when it was only 3 minutes. But it was 3 minutes of total pleasure. Sara slowly broke the kiss and took a step back and was now leaning against the kitchen wall.

"Why'd you stop?" Doug asked. Sara smiled and replied "So I could do this for you daddy". She smiled at him as she removed her bikini top, tossing it onto the floor. She had manage to block his view of her titties with one arm, which she now moved out of the way. Doug gasped when he saw his daughter's bare naked breasts, they looked god when she had her bikini and now that they were free from confinement, they looked just so perfect.

"Would you like to feel them daddy?" Sara asked, already knowing the answer.

"Oh god yes" Doug relied. "Go on then" she giggled "Remember to get a good handful". Licking his lips, Doug stepped forward, reached out and gently grabbed his daughter's virgin tits, squeezing them gently.

"This feels nice daddy" Sara sighed "Please don't stop".

As Doug gently rubbed and squeezed Sara's breasts, he realised that he was sexually molesting an underage girl; his own daughter. But the sweetness of her kiss and the softness of her firm pre-teen breasts soon outweigh any guilt he might have felt. Sara smiled at him, her hand on her hips as he groped and felt her titties. With his hands still on her breasts, Doug moved up close to Sara and kissed her once again. He sighed happily as he got a mouthful of lively 14-year old tongue into his mouth. As much as he wanted it, Doug knew that this kiss and grope would soon have to end, but he decided that while it lasted, he was going to enjoy every illicit moment. Sara put her arms on her daddy's hips, holding herself steady as she let the man who brought her into this world stick his tongue into her mouth.

After kissing and groping for 5 minutes and with a need for air, Doug and his daughter reluctantly broke the kiss.

"Wow..." was all Doug could say.

Sara nodded "Yeah, wasn't it...". They both looked at each other, knowing what was coming next but not knowing how to go about or handle it. Sara looked at her daddy and decided she'd be the first to make the move. She took her daddy by the hand and lead him over to the couch.

"I want you" she said. Knowing what she meant, Doug looked his daughter in the eye and said "And I want you to baby girl...". He kissed her gently on the lips, then hesitated.

"Let's get undressed daddy" Sara said, removing her bikini bottoms and tossing them over her shoulder. She now stood before her father, totally naked. For a moment, Doug stared trans-fixed by his pre-teen daughter's naked beauty. He then hurriedly removed all his clothes, except his boxer shorts. Sara stared at them, the bulge of his rock hard cock was clearly visible.

"Where shall we do it?" Doug asked "On the couch on in bed?".

Sara smiled and replied with "We'll have to do it here, mom took all the bedding to the cleaners this morning". She then pointed to his boxer shorts and said "What about those? We can't do it while you have those on...".

Doug nodded, hesitated briefly before he pulled down his trousers, freeing his rock hard cock from confinement. Sara stared at his cock. It was huge, thick and erect.

"Wow, it looks so big" Sara said, never taking her eyes of it "I hope I'll be able to get it all inside me". Doug smiled at Sara lovingly.

"I'm sure you will baby girl" he said gently. As Doug sat back on the couch, he smiled at his daughter and said "Ok baby girl, come and sit on my lap...". Sara hesitated, and instead of sitting on her father's lap, she just stared at his cock.

"I'm going to suck you now daddy" Sara said. She knelt in-between her father's legs and looked at his rock hard dick.

She looked at the engorged member and wondered how on earth she would be able to fit the huge thing into her mouth, let alone her virgin cunt. But she was determined to do this, so with a sweet and innocent smile, she pressed her sweet young lips to the tip of his cock, Doug sighed happily as she slid her mouth down his cock, beginning her first blowjob. Despite being nervous, Sara had to admit that her father's cock tasted better than she had thought it was going to. She'd never been with a guy like this before and was determined to give her father the best possible blowjob that she possibly could.

With a lustful sigh, she took the rest of his cock into her mouth and continued to give him a blowjob. As Sara slid her mouth up and down her father's cock, Doug gently rubbed her face, Sara smiled as best as she could with his cock in her mouth. Doug enjoyed the feeling of her wet young lips as she moved her mouth up and down his engorged shaft. She began to take all of his cock into her mouth, which made her gag but she did not stop. She'd hold it there for a few seconds then resume the up and down motion.

"I'm ready to stop sucking you" Sara said, kissing the tip of her father's cock gently "I want to fuck you now". Doug looked down at his daughter, this is what they both wanted to do but Doug was still nervous.

"Are you sure you like doing this with me?" he asked "If you want to stop, I understand".

Sara looked up at her father and replied "I love you daddy, and I want to do this with you...". She smiled and kneeled up, she leaned in close to her father and kissed him passionately for a few seconds before she broke the kiss and Doug leaned back on the couch. Suddenly she felt her heart beating against her chest as she stood up and climbed onto her father's lap. From having the rough brick of the kitchen at her back, the softness of the couch felt good on her knees as she positioned herself above her father's stiff and waiting fuck-tool. As her father positioned his cock against her cunt-hole, Sara let out a sigh of pleasure.

"Are you ready baby girl?" Doug asked his naked 14 year old daughter.

"Yes daddy, I'm ready" Sara replied as her father held her hips gently.

"I love you daddy" Sara said, her slim legs open wide and on either side on her father's waist "I really do love you". she said, finally admitting what she had realised during the party. She took a deep breath and sank down her father's cock.

"Ahh" Sara cried out as the pain shot through her young body as her father's cock tore past her maidenhead, taking her virginity. Despite the sharp pain, she continued to slowly bounce up and down her father's cock. After a few moments the pain began to subside and she came to the realisation that she had just lost her virginity to her own father. The feeling of her father's hands gently gripping her slim waist felt good, they guided her up and down his rock hard cock.

"My little girl was a virgin" Doug said while gently rubbing Sara's flat tummy gently.

"Not any fucking longer" Sara laughed. Now that the pain of loosing her virginity was over and fading with each second, she was determined to enjoy this illicit, wrong, illegal but oh-so enjoyable encounter with her father. She could feel father's cock in side her, poking at her insides. It felt as if it were filling her entire belly it felt so big inside her. When she first saw her father's cock, she didn't think she would be able to fir it all inside him, but she was wrong and she was glad that she was wrong. She looked down at the man beneath her and while she saw her own father, she also saw the man who was now her lover. She sighed happily, her father's cock filled her young cunt up nicely, even though it still felt strange inside her, Sara knew that she would get used to it the more they fucked. His cock felt so totally amazing buried inside her cunt. Her steady up-and-down motion, the rubbing of the rock-hard cock inside her. It all felt incredible, she knew what they were doing was wrong but she didn't care. All that mattered was she was fucking her father and her father was fucking her.

"You're so incredibly sexy, Sara" Doug said, reaching up and squeezing her titties gently, Sara purred with pleasure.

"Oh, fuck, Sara! You're so fucking sexy, way sexier than your mom".

Sara blushed at the compliment "Thank you, Daddy!" she said enthusiastically.

"You're simply incredible" he gasped "This is the best sex I've ever had". Sara smiled down at him. "Thanks. You are really fucking amazing too" she said. Though this was her first ever fuck, Sara knew that she would never have sex with anyone other than her daddy; and if she did, they would not be as good as her father.

As she rode up and down on her father's cock, Sara thought about telling her best friend Sundae about what she and her dad were doing and would be doing, but she did not know how Sundae would react. Judging from the way Sundae flirted with Doug during the party, Sara figured Sundae would be jealous that Sara gets to fuck her dad. She knew that she would have to keep this relationship a secret so she decided not to tell Sundae as if anyone found out, her dad would go to jail and Sara would never see him again.

Her dad's hands ranged freely over her slim body, rubbing her tits, her flat belly or cupping her pert young ass as she bounced up and down his cock. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander, thinking if she was enjoying her first fuck with her father, why more girls her age did not let their father's take their virginity. 'Perhaps they do not love their daddies like I love mine' she thought. She also thought about having more sex with her father, perhaps in his bed, in her bed, her brother's bed or in the car or maybe at an outdoors location where the cool air would be on their naked bodies. She was shaken out of her thoughts by her daddy, who was bouncing her up and down his cock faster than she had been doing.

"Oh god ... you're so fucking hot..." Doug groaned "I'm gonna cum...".

Sara knew enough about sex to know that this meant his cock would soon release a load of sperm into her cunt, this made Sara all the more horny. Doug gripped her slim hips, the feeling of his cum in his cock was driving him nuts.

"I'm your daddy, and I just fucked you" Doug groaned, "Who's your daddy, baby?" S

ara sighed in pleasure and responded as she always did, "Oh god, you're my daddy, YOU ARE MY DADDY..." Her pussy began to contract around Doug's cock, and she was about to cum. Sara's own moans of pleasure and lust got louder. Doug began to shudder and knew he was about to cum. He began to squirt his hot cum deep inside her. Sara was in total ecstasy; she and just cum and her father had shot his load into her 14 year old pussy. The feeling of her father's cock shooting his first load of cum into her made Sara smile. Doug also smiled, he'd just deflowered his own 14 year old daughter.

As she came down from her climax, Sara smiled lovingly at her daddy and lover.

"After we've had a rest, can we go again?" Sara asked, looking her dad in the eyes and already knowing the answer.

"Of course we can baby girl, but we'll have to be quick" he replied "You mom will be home soon and I don't want her to find out about our illicit meeting".

Sara nodded and replied "This will be our little secret". Doug nodded. Sara smiled and leaned forward, hugging her father. Their bodies were covered with a thin sheen of sweat, that while it made their bodies gleam in the light and slightly slippery, it did make them stink ever so slightly.

"What do you want to do about the smell of our sweat?" Doug asked, wrapping his arms around his daughter and holding her close to him. despite the smell of sweat, Doug inhaled deeply, enjoying the scent of sex that wafted up from their naked bodies.

"Why don't we take a shower together" Sara suggested "It will be sexy wet fun".

Doug smiled. "Good idea" he said "But it will have to be...". The sound of the phone interrupted Doug, with an annoyed look on his face, he picked it up and looked at the display. "Shit, it's your fucking mom" Doug cursed. He waited for a moment, before he pressed the 'Answer' button.

"Hello babe" he said, he listened for a moment then said "Sara is in her room asleep, I'm in the living room". He listened, to his wife's answer. "Ok, I'll let her know" Doug said "Bye sexy" he hung up then switched the phone off.

"We don't want any more interruptions" he said.

"What did mom want?" Sara asked, but Doug just smiled at his daughter. "C'mon dad, what did mom want?" Sara asked again.

Doug smiled and replied "She called to say that Jay is spending the night with his friends and she won't be home until tomorrow afternoon". A wide smile creased Sara's young face.

"In that case" she said "We can take a nice long refreshing shower. Together". Doug smiled as they both got off the couch. As they headed upstairs, Doug slapped Sara's naked ass gently, causing her to giggle. "Oh daddy, you are so naughty" she said, giggling as they both entered the bathroom.

Once they were in the bathroom, Doug and Sara kissed passionately for a few moments before Doug broke the kiss. Dani turned the shower on and holding hands gently, the two incestuous lovers stepped in. When they were in the shower and under the soothing hot water, Doug took a moment to admire his beautiful 14 year old daughter. Not that long ago, she had been an innocent 14 year old virgin, but that had all changed when the both gave into the feelings for each other that they had.

"So what do we do now?" Sara asked "When I shower alone, I just do my hair, wash myself and that's that" She hesitated, then said "I want to blow you daddy" She brushed her wait hair from her face and behind her ears.

"Ok baby girl" Doug said "You can give me your second blowjob ever". Sara smiled lovingly at her father as she knelt down in the shower. She waited for a moment then she stuck her tongue out and began to lick the fat head of her father's hard cock. After doing this for a few moments, she then pursed her lips gently and pressed them to the tip of his cock, then slowly slid it into her mouth. Doug sighed in pleasure and he enjoyed another blowjob from his daughter.

Despite his best efforts, the feeling of Sara giving him her second ever blowjob was bringing him close to cumming for the third time that day. He suspected Sara knew that and that is why she was sucking him off even harder.

"You need to slow down baby girl" Doug groaned "If you don't, I might cum in your mouth...".

Doug groaned loudly, gritting his teeth.

"Oh god, I'm cumming, I'M CUIMMING..." he groaned out. As his cock pulsed and show his load into Sara's mouth, she quickly made sure that she swallowed it all, not letting a single drop go to waste. She swallowed all of his cum, not even a single drop was wasted, she cleaned his cock with her tongue before sitting back and smiling at her daddy.

"Well daddy, that sure was fun" she said, smiling up at him "That was our first ever shower blowjob, what did you think?". Doug watched as Sara stood up and hugged him.

"That was absolutely amazing" Doug said "We need to have more shower blowjobs".

Sara agreed with him and said "That we do". Doug turned off the shower. They got out of the shower and towelled each other dry. They dumped the towels in the hamper then hand in hand they walked back out into Sara's bedroom.

"So, what now?" Sara asked, gently fondling her father's stiff cock.

"Why don't we go to bed?" Doug said "We can use your bed".

Sara shook her head and said "I've got no bedding". Then a smile crossed Sara's face. "We can use your bedroom Daddy" she said "The duvet is still in your room as mom didn't have time to put it in the wash before she left".

Taking his naked daughter by the hand, Doug and Sara went into Doug's bedroom, where indeed Doug's wife had had left the duvet on the bed. The two incestuous lovers quickly got into bed. Doug stuck his tongue into Sara's mouth and put his hands on her slim waist and held her gently kissing her more passionately then he did his own wife. He was going to enjoy having an illicit relationship with his 14 year old daughter, he was going to enjoy it, and her, very much indeed. This was the start of a long, beautiful, yet illegal relationship.

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