Mike's Mom
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including mt/Fa, Romantic, Pedophilia, Rape, Coercion, Heterosexual, Fiction, Humor, Incest, Mother, Son, Father, MaleDom, First, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Mike's mom needs some special help so Mike reluctantly turns to his best friend for "help".

My best friend's Mom was a knockout. We had been close friends for several years ever since they moved into our neighborhood so I tried not to stare at her or leer at her. I tried to be respectful at all times although she was so pretty that whenever she smiled at me with her brilliant smile my knees would get weak and I swear I would have jumped off a mountain for her if she asked me to. She was truly stunning. The only thing as nice as her smile was her body. It was perfect. She was the ultimate MILF.

So when Mike and his mom invited me to go along with them on a vacation to Aspen I jumped at the chance. I loved to ski but had never been to Aspen, so Mike, his mother, Ann, and I got in their Lexus and off we went.

Aspen was everything people say it is. There was fresh snow on the slopes and the weather couldn't have been nicer. The room was magnificent and on our first day there Mike and I skied until we were almost too exhausted to walk. Then we went inside to have a few beers and check out the snow bunnies.

There were some very cute girls there but most of them were married or were older than Mike and myself and surely wouldn't want anything to do with a couple of high school nerds. So we just contented ourselves to drink our beers, which his mother bought for us, and we watched the chicks. But to tell the truth the most vivacious and sexy female in that place was Mike's mom and she was sitting at our table. I felt like the luckiest guy in the room. I tried not to stare at her but she was just so sexy that it made my heart race just to be near her.

Mike and I weren't used to drinking much and so after about five or six beers we were both plastered and went upstairs and went to bed. I fell right asleep and slept like a log until I woke up about an hour later needing to take a huge piss. I got up quietly so as not to wake up Mike who was sharing a room with me and went into the bathroom and relieved myself. But on my way back when I looked over at Mike's bed to be sure I hadn't awakened him I saw that his bed was empty. It had been slept in but he wasn't there.

I thought it was strange but figured that he was probably getting something to eat in the kitchen so I just went back to bed and prepared to sleep away a very long day. But just as I was drifting off I suddenly heard some odd sounds. It seemed like there were muffled voices and some light bumping sounds coming from the bedroom next door to ours where Mike's mom was sleeping and I was suddenly concerned that maybe something was wrong. But the more I listened the more I became convinced that the noises I was hearing were the noised of two poeple making love.

Well, I figured that Ann must have taken a shine to some man downstairs while we were drinking earlier. We had come upstairs and gone to bed before her so I figured some guy was getting lucky ... VERY lucky. I would have given anything to be with her. She had been a frequent guest in my masturbational fantasies for as long as I could remember ... ever since I had met her, and I could only drool and wonder what it would be like to touch her silky smooth body and gaze into her magical eyes.

Pretty quickly I had a raging hard-on that wouldn't let me go to sleep. And I didn't want to jack off in bed as I figured Mike would be back from the kitchen at any moment and it would have been pretty embarrassing to get caught playing with myself. So I decided instead to get up and go into the kitchen with Mike.

I had to pass by Ann's door on the way down the hall and as I did I was suddenly dumbstruck by what I heard and froze right in my tracks. I could swear that the voice I was hearing was Mike's coming from Ann's room. And now that I was closer to the door I could better hear what was coming out from underneath, that it did indeed sound a lot like two people in the throws of passion.

I quickly went down the hall and checked the den and the kitchen--no Mike. I had to sit down on the nearest chair to gather my wits. Mike ... and ... his Mom? No way. No fucking way. But all the evidence was there. It had to be him. I had heard his voice ... and his mother's voice in the room. Even though I was in shock my boner was unabated. It stuck up in my shorts making a wet spot at the top of the tent.

I couldn't have stopped myself from doing what I did next if I had a thousand tries to do it over again--I sneaked down the hall and crept up to the door. Then, with no hesitation, I put my ear to the door and listened. Oh ... my ... God!

It was them alright. And from the sounds I was hearing they were clearly fucking. I thought my big and my little heads would explode at the same time. But, as aroused as I was by what was happening, there was something very odd about what I was hearing.

I could just make out Mike calling Ann, 'Mom'. But Ann wasn't calling Mike 'Mike', or even 'son'. For some bizarre reason she was calling him 'Daddy'. At first I thought I was still drunk but the more I listened the more I was sure. She was in the throes of ecstasy and she was calling her son 'Daddy'.

I was so stunned that I involuntarily gasped a little too loud and the next thing I knew the damn door opened and Mike was standing there with just a shirt on and his dick totally erect and sticking out straight in front of him and right in front of my face ... and it was covered with moisture. There was no doubt left at that point.

I expected Mike to be mad and take a punch at me or something but he just looked down at me crouching in the hall, and with a kind of sad look on his face which I took to be disappointment in his best friend spying on him, he just said "Come on in, Roy. You can watch."

As those words seared their way into my brain I couldn't help but look past him to the bed only to see his mother-- his incredibly sexy and luscious mother--lying naked on her back with her legs spread as wide as a hooker's. I was speechless.

Seeing my shock at the sight of his mother's glorious body stripped bare he just reached out and took me by the arm and gently led me into the room. "Just sit over there and be quiet, Roy. She won't know you're here."

I sat where he told me but I looked up at him and was about to ask him how could she not know I was there but he could see the confusion in my eyes and he said "She's kind of in a... "trance", I guess you could say. Don't worry she isn't drunk or drugged; I'll explain it to you later."

As I sat there and stared at Mike's mother lying nude on the bed: with her legs spread wide, her pubic triangle dripping wet, her large white natural breasts rising and falling on her panting chest, and her beautiful face staring vacantly up at the ceiling, I literally pinched myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

I can't remember for sure now but I think my jaw was probably hanging wide open as I watched my best friend Mike get up on the bed, get between his beautiful mother's widely splayed legs, and then push his cock inside of her. Then, as he began to pump his mother, I heard the words that will forever be etched in my memory.

"Oh, yes, Daddy. Your cock feels so good, Daddy. Fuck your little girl hard, Daddy. Fuck her hard."

And so Mike did just that. And while I watched him plow his own mother I began to realize after a while that his mother wasn't just acting. As they continued their vigorous fucking she kept moaning and calling him 'Daddy' over and over again. It was as though she was hypnotized or something. And, as if that wasn't weird enough, before long Mike started to get into the act as well. "Oh, yeah, baby. Take Daddy's cock, baby. Fuck it good for Daddy, Babycakes."

When he called her 'Babycakes' it was as though a jolt of electricity would flow through Mike's mother. She would gasp with desire and arousal and she would increase the urgency with which she was fucking her son/Daddy. Part of me wanted to figure out what this passion play was about but part of me didn't give a crap, and that part was my dick. Then, after about five or ten minutes of this passionate coupling of mother and son, I could tell that they were both nearing their peak. And as they worked their way to the mutual top of pinnacle of sexual frenzy I got the distinct impression from the way they worked together in their coupling that they both knew what the other liked; as though they had done this before--many times before. They were almost like an old married couple.

However, as they both got closer to the end, the show got even weirder. As much as I was in awe of the physical show in front of me, the words were so strange that it almost ruined the ending for me.

"Oh, yeah, Babycakes." Mike said. "Fuck me, Babycakes. Fuck me."

Of course this spurred Ann to all new heights when he called her 'Babycakes' and so she began to really pull him by his ass deep within herself on his downstrokes. But then she said "Oh, yes, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy. Fuck me good, Daddy. Just don't hurt Samantha, Daddy. Promise me that you won't hurt Samantha if I do everything you want me to do. Promise me, Daddy. Promise me."

"I promise, Baby. I promise. Now make me cum, Babycakes. Make your Daddy cum good."

I'm surprised that what happened next didn't wake the neighbors. Mike's mom began to slam up into him as he fucked down at her. She started to pant and moan and grasp his ass with such enthusiasm that I was sure it was no act. Whatever fictions might have been going on in Ann's head at that moment there was nothing fake about her lust. From where I sat I could see Mike's stiff cock plunging deeper and deeper into his mother's pussy as he pounded the crap out of her. And I could see the moisture seeping out of his mother's pussy like a river. Between the noise of their bodies slapping together and the sounds of their simultaneous moans and vocalizations as they both climaxed together it is a miracle that someone didn't call 911 and report a fight or a murder gong on in our suite.

And as they came Mike was saying something like, "Yes, yes, yes, Mom. Oh, God, I love you Mom." as he filled her pussy with his sperm, while at the same time she kept chanting something like "Yes, Daddy. Yes, Daddy. Fuck me, Daddy. Cum in me, Daddy." I would have cum myself then except that I think I was too shocked to appreciate the eroticism of what I was seeing. It was only later that I realized that not only had I seen Mike's incredibly sexy mom naked, but I had seen her getting her brains fucked out at the same time. It was a memory I cherish to this day.

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