Spring Break

by Morganna la Fae

Caution: This Horror Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, NonConsensual, Rape, Coercion, Mind Control, Drunk/Drugged, Magic, Slavery, Fiction, Zoophilia, Extra Sensory Perception, Paranormal, BDSM, FemaleDom, Rough, Humiliation, Sadistic, Torture, Orgy, Interracial, Bestiality, Water Sports, Public Sex, Caution, Violent, .

Desc: Horror Sex Story: Spring Break is fun for many people, but for some it becomes a nightmare that haunts them for the remainder of their lives.

The sun shines brightly but gently on an anonymous stretch of beach. On the beach man and woman stand together with a large white dog sitting between them. They are both tall and blond, beautiful people by all appearances, the woman is slightly taller than the man, who stands about six feet tall if someone were to measure him. The man is carrying a professional video camera and wearing a blue Speedo that is tightly molded to the bulge of his cock and balls.

The idyllic scene and beautiful people however conceal a darker reality; the center of which swirls around the woman who could pass as a Nordic goddess. But only the woman and man seem entirely aware that there's something wrong in the small seaside city which has become a Spring Break destination for many young people.

The woman is wearing a white t-shirt that is cut to ribbons almost as high as her nipples and a pair of string bikini panties that is lovingly molded to her camel toe. When the woman moves it is easy to see that her breasts are unrestrained under the thin knit of her shirt. That is if the visible contrast of her nipples which tent the thin material is not enough of a clue. The woman also carries a microphone which appears to be wireless.

Each of them wears a hat that is emblazoned with the words: Official Photographer. They also have fairly large fanny packs. The packs are almost large enough to be called rucksacks. They have flip-flops on their feet and wear mirrored sunglasses.

In the direction the camera is currently pointed an orgy is in full swing. As the couple film the scene they discuss the action, "So Dick, how long do you think it will take the police to get here this time?" the woman asks. The discussion which seems friendly to outside observers. The truth is much darker, because a tendril of dark power flows from the woman to Dick encasing his body and mind in a straight jacket that only allows him to say what she desires to hear for the most part.

"Sandy, I think it will take about as long as it takes some wrinkled old bat of a woman to complain," Dick answers.

"That's rude!"

"You can't say that it's untrue though can you? Have any of the complaints that we've been able to source ever come from a man?"

"There was that dirty old man of a priest."

"Who counts as a wrinkled old prune at least, but since we've spotted him looking from places he thinks he can't be seen, I still say he should count as a wrinkled old bat of a woman."

"You won't include the fact that he was more interested in your cock than my pussy in that evaluation, though will you?"

"Oh that has something to do with it alright, but I still think he wouldn't have said a word if he hadn't been worried that he had been recognized by those old bats who were just down the beach."

Their conversation is broken when a couple of young women come over to flirt with the camera. Dick senses the moment that Sandy's power shifts the attention of the approaching girls from him to her. Even so according to the instructions the woman has imparted to them they begin to preen and pose. Almost immediately the dog gets to his feet and sticks his nose into each girl's crotch.

"Down Spot! Bad Dog!" Dick says pulling on the leash that until that moment had been invisible, forcing the dog to at least back away from his enthusiastic sniffing and licking at the girls.

Sandy's power subtly shifts the girls' attitude once more during this incident. Dick is aware that they would normally have been embarrassed at having the dog's cold nose, and hot tongue in their most intimate and guarded area. Instead they giggle and experience a shot of arousal.

After the girls have held a whispered conversation with Sandy, which includes a deep kiss with lots of tongue and some moaning, each of them leans over, practically flashing their tits at Dick while they make admiring comments to Spot.

"So will they be back?" Dick asks as he watches the women join in the orgy that they are filming.

"Kitty, that's the blonde," Sandy tells him, "seemed interested, but she's not drunk enough yet."

"That'll wear any booze that they have in their systems right out," Dick indicates the energetic orgy in front of them.

Sandy then turns against Dick and pulls him into a kiss. "I slipped them something that should keep their interest up," Sandy whispers to him.

"God I love you," Dick says as he backs away from Sandy.

"Can I get some of that?" a bold, chocolate colored woman asks, as the pair separate.

Dick has just enough time to realize that the woman is able to shrug off Sandy's attempt to redirect her attention before he feels Sandy's rage begin to build. Her approach to the woman is at first deceptively mild, but soon escalates. "You want to kiss me too?" Sandy asks as she pulls the slightly younger woman to her.

"I've never done that..."

The older woman who has caught the interloper's hair says, "Maybe you really want me to slap your silly little ass so hard your children feel it?"

"You can't do that!"

Sandy pulls the younger dark skinned woman back far enough that she can lay a resounding slap across her breasts.

"Help! I'm being assaulted!" she screams.

"What's going on here?" a policeman asks, as he approaches the altercation.

Hope flares in the girl's eyes at the approach of the lawman. Her hope however is short lived as the woman who has been slapping her apparently has some sort of hold over the policeman as he doesn't blink at the woman's answer. "This nasty little cunt was trying to horn in on my man," the woman who has an iron grip on the dark skinned girl's braids tells him.

"Do you need any help, Sandy?" the policeman asks.

"Sure, if you could hold this slut while I ask her some questions."

While the dark girl is still gaping at the exchange, the policeman gathers her arms into a hold that twists both of them up behind her head.

"Hey! I'm... ," she starts to say.

"I know what you are," Sandy lays another slap across the girl's breasts that knocks one of them out of her swimsuit. "You're a nasty little slut!" Sandy tells her while slapping her breasts hard enough to leave a mark and draw a sobbing cry from her victim as she manages to catch both of her now exposed nipples.

"What," Crack!


"I," Crack!


"Want," Crack!


"To." Crack!


"Know." Crack!


"Is." Crack!


"Where." Crack!


"You." Crack!


"Think." Crack!


"You." Crack


"Are." Crack!


The dark skinned woman has been reduced to sobbing and sniffing by the slapping that has been done to her breasts. The policeman shakes his head and lays her mostly unresponsive body at the feet of the woman who beat her. "What a worthless cunt!" he says, "I might fuck her but it would be like fucking a new corpse even if she was awake."

"Thank you for your help, Officer Lopez," the woman says, "I suppose you have to break that up?" she asks pointing to the orgy just down the beach.

"I do, and Sandy, a word to the wise: Don't leave any trash on the beach."

"I'll remember that," Sandy replies. When Officer Lopez' back is turned to her she shifts her swimsuit bottom to the side and straddles the face of her still whimpering victim. She lets loose a stream of piss that hits the crying girl's face and eyes before she has a chance to avoid the humiliating shower. This is especially true as Sandy has her feet on her hair.

"Why'd ya do that?" the woman on the ground asks.

"Because I can. Now, again, Where do you think you are?"

"Uhhh... ?"

"Does that mean that you have no idea of where you are, or are you trying to figure out what I really want to know?"

"What do you want to know?" the girl asks between sobs.

"I didn't know that asking where you thought you were was a trick question," Sandy says tapping her captive on one of her nipples with a long thin stick she has made appear from somewhere.

"OWWWW! Mexico... ?"

"What made you think that trying to horn in on my man was a good idea while you were in Mexico, slut?"

"I'm not..." Craack "OWWWWWWWWWWWWW!"

"Hey Dick, piss on this slut so she'll wake up," Sandy orders her partner.

Dick unlimbers his cock from his Speedo and begins to piss on Sandy's captive, taking aim at her partially open mouth and somewhat open eyes. The woman jerks her head hard enough to rip some hair loose trying to escape the stream of piss that is hitting her face. "IEEEEEEEEEE! YIEEEEEE! EEEEEEEE!" She shrieks. The man takes advantage of her open mouth to aim his stream there. This brings coughing, gargling shrieks from her.

When Dick stops pissing on Sandy's captive she taps the girl's face and says, "Are you done being a stupid slut?"

There is only whimpering and low sobbing from the woman. Whack! Sandy strikes the woman's breast "I can hit you with this until I get tired or I draw blood," she presses the end of the stick down on the welt she has just raised and continues, "You can nod if your answer is yes for the next few questions: So are you ready to answer some questions?"

The woman on the sand nods carefully so as to avoid pulling her hair as she moves. "I see you can hear me and maybe you're smart enough to be trained: So, did someone teach you manners?"

The girl on the sand nods. "Do you think the person who taught you manners would think that approaching another woman's man and offering him sex was good manners?"

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