Sister's Mistake

by blackrandl1958

Caution: This Brother/Sister Incest Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/ft, Consensual, Rape, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Interracial, First, Violent, .

Desc: Brother/Sister Incest Story: His little sister think she knows what she's doing. She's wrong and the lesson is nearly tragic.

Mark Bolin was worried about his little sister. At her age, she had all the arrogance of the typical teenager. She was smart, he conceded to himself, but she was also hopelessly naïve. She was also as cute as a kitten and she knew it. Since she was obviously smarter than he was, anything he told her went in one ear and out the other. His mother and father worshipped the ground she walked on and thought she could do no wrong. Mark was very fond of her himself, but he knew trouble when he saw it. He was a member of the FBI hostage rescue team and he had seen more than one rodeo. With his parents out of town, she had just spent a week staying with him. She was highly offended, believing herself to be grown up enough to stay by herself. Their parents had stood up to her for once and made her stay with her brother. The second night she got quietly up and snuck out.

Calaney was excited. Her friend Kesha had a nineteen-year-old boyfriend. Kesha and Jaquinn were picking her up in the alley and they were going to a party. She crept quietly down the stairs, past Mark's room and out the front door. She put on her shoes and ran to Jaquinn's waiting car.

Mark was a light sleeper. He heard the stairs creak and he got up and slipped on a black t-shirt and a pair of black sweats. He cracked his door and was very disappointed to see Calaney sneaking past. He grabbed some things and watched her, following her to the alley. He saw her get in a car and jumped on his Ducati Panigale and followed them. They drove to a rundown apartment complex and he killed the bike and watched. They got out and he shook his head. He had met Kesha before. She was a slender little black girl, very cute and bouncy and she flirted with every man she met. Mark had been no exception. At 24, he was ten years older than her, but that didn't matter to her. He was tall, good looking and had a cool car. That was enough to make him a target to her. Her boyfriend was obviously a thug. He wore the typical, low hanging pants and an unbuttoned shirt over a black t-shirt. He walked like he had a limp and he was all over Kesha.

They walked around back of the building found a murky pool. Music was thumping out of a box and there were a two dozen young people there. Most of them went to the same school as Calaney and Kesha. Most of the boys were either already graduated, dropped out or seniors. Most of the people there were black. There was a sprinkling of white boys, mostly athletes at the school and there was a cooler of beer. The smell of weed was heavy in the air and the party had been going on for an hour or so. As the night progressed, the partiers got progressively higher and Calaney, the only white girl there, was increasingly uncomfortable. Couples began to pair off and she found herself at the center of increasingly bolder advances. She pushed hands away and squirmed away from bodies pressing against her. She felt like she was the main attraction at an exhibit.

Her defenses were weaker and weaker as she got higher and she became the target of a group of young men that found her blonde hair and golden skin very exotic. It was a challenge to them to get this young white girl out of her clothes. Kesha and a couple of her friends were down to underwear and they had jumped into the pool. Calaney found herself sandwiched in a group of four young black men. They were feeling her up and attempting to get her shirt over her head. The constant barrage of hands on her firm young breasts and fondling her cute little ass were making her cranky. She didn't want this but it was becoming harder and harder to make them stop. She gave one of them a shove and walked over to the pool.

"Kesha, I want to go home," she said.

Kesha was in Jaquinn's arms in the pool and she was getting a little uncomfortable too. He was trying to take her bra off and although she wanted to let him, she wasn't sure she wanted to do that in front of all these people. She felt like she was ready for the next step in their relationship, but she just didn't want to do it in public at some party. She wanted to go on a date and then maybe go to bed with him.

"Jaquinn, we want to go home," she told him.

Jaquinn wasn't at all happy with that. This little bitch had been teasing him for weeks and he wanted some of that fine ass. He wouldn't mind tapping some of that fine pussy on Calaney either. If he was lucky, he might fuck both of the bitches at the same time. They were young, but Jaquinn had tapped a lot of fine young pussy. He'd never had anything as fine as these two bitches though. He had been working on Kesha for two months. They were both high and he had felt sure he was going to get in that pussy when Kesha let him strip her down to her underwear. Now this little white girl was getting felt up by the brothers and she was trying to fuck everything up.

"Let's go up to my place and dry off," he said. "Then I take you girls home."

He had no intention of taking them home, but they weren't going to put out here. If they were a little reluctant, no one would hear them up in the apartment. Once he got them going, he was sure that they wouldn't want to stop.

They climbed out of the pool and Jaquinn led them up to his apartment. The four that had been hitting on Calaney followed them after a minute. Jaquinn let Kesha into his bedroom and got her a towel.

"You ain't never going to get dry with them wet things on," he told her.

She went into the bathroom to take them off and dry herself before putting on her dry clothes. Jaquinn waited a minute then opened the door. Kesha looked up, a little shocked. Jaquinn's jaw dropped at the sight of this naked young girl in his bathroom. Damn, she was fine. Her little tits were just a handful, but her ass was fine! Once Jaquinn started tapping that ass she was going to be his bitch until he got tired of her. He pulled the naked girl up against him and gave her a feel of the cock. He cupped that fine ass and pulled her pussy up against his cock so she could get a good feel. She wanted him to kiss her but Jaquinn wasn't much interested. He just wanted a piece of that pussy.

In the living room, Calaney was getting impatient. When the four guys that had followed them came in she was even more so. They gave her a joint and she took a toke or two, but at this point she just wanted to go home. She wished she had listened to Mark. She had been furious at him when he warned her about hanging out with this crowd. He had seemed like such a racist.

"I like Kesha," he told her. "Bring her over here if you want. Hang out with her at school or at Mom's. The problem is, sooner or later she's going to get you in trouble if you party with her."

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about," she yelled at him furiously. "You just don't like me to have black friends."

That got Mark a little angry. "I have black friends," he told her. "I'm not a high school girl. Sooner or later she's going to want to set you up with some guy. He's going to be a thug because that's the people she hangs with."

"What's wrong with that?" she said. "You're just being racist, Mark. You don't get to tell me what to do. You're not my Dad."

"No, but I'm the closet thing you've got to one. I'm telling you that it's dangerous for you to hang out with a bunch of black guys that are older than you. It would be dangerous if they were white. They're not, and you're some kind of trophy to them. Don't be stupid, Calaney. I don't care what you think you know. Don't get the reputation for being a slut."

"So I'm stupid now, and you're a fucking racist," she stormed off to her room.

Now she wished she had listened. The four guys had her trapped on the couch and she knew she was in trouble. Two of them had their hands in her shirt, mauling her tits and the other two were holding her legs and pulling her shorts down. She was struggling wildly, but she was getting very tired. They were much stronger than she was to begin with and she didn't stand a chance. The two guys got her shorts and panties off over her struggling legs and the other two had ripped her shirt until it hung in tatters, her heaving breasts exposed to their hands and eyes. Her little patch of blonde pubic hair was exposed and they were all over her. The two holding her arms were hurting her nipples, stretching and pinching them while one of the others was holding her legs open. The fourth knelt between her thighs and stuck his finger up in her tight little pussy. She was dry and tight against his finger and he spit on her pussy and his finger, making her slippery.

She was disgusted with the thought that he would actually spit on her! He did it twice more and she was wet enough to make him happy. He opened his pants and his cock sprang out. He advanced toward her pussy and she began to scream.

"Shut her up," the guy about to fuck her told the two holding her arms. One of them opened his pants and stuck his cock in her open mouth. Her screams were muffled by the cock in her mouth and she felt the head of the cock slip between her spit soaked pussy lips.

Kesha heard Calaney scream. She tried to sit up but Jaquinn wouldn't let her. She found herself in a similar predicament as her friend. Jaquinn had his cock against her pussy and she knew he was going to fuck her. This was too much! She just wanted to have fun, flirt around with some older guys and get high. She wasn't ready for this and she began to struggle.

"Stop, Jaquinn," she yelled. "Something's happening to Calaney. Let me up."

"Your ass ain't going nowhere," he told her. "Some of the brothers warming your girlfriend up in there. When I'm done fucking you, I going to get some of that white pussy too. If you real nice I let you fuck her too."

Kesha knew this was bad. She began to fight in earnest now, screaming at Jaquinn and punching him while her feet kicked at him. She heard another scream from the living room and the sound of someone being slapped.

Calaney was fighting frantically on the sofa, but she was losing. She felt the head of her rapist's cock slip between her pussy lips and he was inside her. She bit the cock in her mouth and her attacker cursed and jerked his cock away. He gave her a viscous slap and she screamed again. The door shattered and flew off its hinges.

Mark had been watching the party from across the street. He wasn't going to get involved if this was what Calaney wanted. He felt bad for her, but everyone has the right to be a slut, he thought. She didn't look like that was what she wanted. He saw her repeatedly brush hands off her tits and ass. She pushed the aggressive guys away again and again. He saw her tell Kesha she wanted to leave and watched as they went inside. He grew concerned when he saw the four guys that had been groping her follow them inside. Mark got off of his bike and went into the apartment building. He had no idea which apartment was the right one and he thought about how furious Calaney would be with him if he interrupted something she wanted to do. He heard her first scream from the floor above and ran up the stairs. He could hear a muffled keening sound from down the hall and he hurried toward the sound. The second scream rang out and he heard a slap from the door to his right. It was locked and he stepped back and kicked the door. It burst off its hinges and he took in what he saw. His little sister was being held by two of the thugs while a third was trying to get his cock in her mouth. The fourth had his cock already half buried in her pussy and she was fighting like a mad thing.

When he kicked in the door everything froze. He pulled his 9mm and showed them his badge. "FBI, motherfuckers; down on the floor!"

They slowly laid face down on the floor. The one that had been fucking Calaney still had his dick hanging out and so did the one that had been fucking her mouth. She jumped up and ran to him, sobbing as she clung to him. He pushed her away.

"Calaney, get your clothes and put them on," he ordered her. He could hear sounds of a struggle going on from a room off the living room.

"Kesha," Calaney said. "He's raping her."

Keeping his eye on the four lying on the floor Mark slammed the door open. Jaquinn was on top of Kesha, buried to the balls in her pussy. Mark could see that she was bleeding. She had been a virgin!"

"Get up slowly and walk in here," he ordered. "Lay down beside your buddies."

Jaquinn eased out of Kesha and with his dick flapping walked to the living room. Mark backed away from the door and made sure Jaquinn was down.

Calaney was sobbing near the front door. "Calaney," he said sternly. "Kesha is hurt. Go help her. Get some clothes on and take her to the front door."

He could hear the two girls sobbing in the bedroom as he kept his weapon on the five rapists on the floor. The girls came out, clinging to one another and crying as they made their way to the door.

"Calaney, how do you want to handle this?" he asked her.

"What do you mean?" she wept.

"Do you want me to arrest them? Do you want me to call the police?"

"Yes," she said. "The bastards raped us."

"This is going to be hard to explain," he said.

"What's to explain?" she asked. "They were raping us!"

"Yes, I know. You snuck out of the house to come here. Both of you came willingly. You're both high. You came into this apartment willingly. It's going to look like to the police that you wanted these guys to fuck you. You being high is a big problem. They're going to test you and find drugs in your system. I know you girls didn't want this, you were just stupid. The police won't know that. They'll arrest them but you're going to get destroyed in court."

Calaney began crying hysterically and he moved over to put his arm around her.

"That's not what happened, Mark!" she wept. "They were raping us."

"I know, baby," he said. "It's not about what happened. It's about what we can prove happened."

"You ain't got shit on us," Jaquinn spoke up from the floor.

Mark stepped forward and kicked him in the balls. He screamed and puked on the floor, his body ridged with pain.

Calaney looked on with some satisfaction. "Are you telling me that they're going to get away with raping us?"

"If you let them," Mark said.

"What can we do?" she asked.

"Well, I could shoot them," he told her. "That would be a little hard to explain too. I will if you want me to. We'll make it look like they were attacking us and I killed them in self-defense."

"Oh God, please don't kill me," the guy that had his dick in Calaney begged. "We was just having a little fun with these bitches."

"What did you call my little sister?" Mark stepped forward. "Did I just hear you call her a bitch?"

"I ... I didn't mean nothing," the man began to cry. Mark kicked him in the ribs and heard bones crunch. He screamed and writhed on the floor.

"Don't shoot them, Mark," Calaney begged. "I can't stand it. I won't let you kill them for me."

"I'll shoot them," Kesha said. "The rat bastards deserve to die."

"No, Kesha," Calaney said. "Let's beat the shit out of them and leave them here."

The two girls got two big wooden African statues off the bar and as the five men tried to get up, the two girls went to work on them. Mark pistol whipped the two that made it to their feet and by the time the two girls were finished the five men were a bloody mess on the floor. They were unconscious and the two girls each took a shot at their balls before they dropped the candlesticks and walked out.

When they got to the street, the party was still swinging. "Either of you girls interested in partying?" Mark asked.

They both hung their heads. "I'm so sorry, Mark," Kesha said. "I should never have brought Calaney here. I should never have come here myself."

"Please, Mark; take us home," Calaney begged.

"I came on my bike, so that's a problem," he said.

"Call me a cab," Kesha said. "I'll just go home."

"Are either of you injured?" Mark asked. "Do you need to go to the hospital?"

They shook their heads. "Did those guys cum inside you?" he asked. "Do you need to see a doctor about that? They might have had STD's."

They shook their heads again. "That guy had just got ... just got inside me," Calaney said. She broke down, sobbing and clinging to Mark. He called a cab and they waited for it.

"Kesha, I want to talk to you," Mark told her. "Can you come over tomorrow?"

"Yes, it's Saturday," she said. "Please Mark, don't call my parents. Please don't tell on me! I know I was stupid. I'll do anything you say, just don't tell anyone, ok?"

"I don't know what I'm going to do yet," he said. "I'll tell you tomorrow."

They put her in the cab and walked to Mark's bike. He gave Calaney his helmet and she stood looking at him for a minute. Her shirt was ripped to shreds and her breasts were exposed. He tried to pull her shirt around to cover them, but it was hopeless. He took his off and gave it to her. She put it on and looked up at him.

"I'm so sorry, Mark. I called you a bunch of names. I thought I was so smart. I acted like a stupid little bitch. I deserve whatever you do to me. Are you going to tell Mom?"

"Do you think I should?" he asked.

She hung her head. "Yes, I guess I do. I don't want you to, but if you do I know I deserve it."

"The worst part of it is, I trusted you Calaney. I love you and you called me all those names and snuck out of the house. You didn't even trust me enough to tell me you were going."

"You would have said no," she flared up. "No, I'm not going there. You would have been right. I don't know what to say. You were right about everything. Are you happy?" she sobbed a little.

He took her in his arms. "Jesus Christ, Calaney! How did this happen? Do you really hate me so much that you think this would make me happy? Do you think I need to be right? I'd die for you! Do you think it makes me happy to see a big bruise on your face? Do you think it makes me happy to kick in a door and see some rapist bastard's cock stuck in my little sister? I don't want to talk to you right now! Just get on the bike!"

She was sobbing hysterically. He got on the bike and she got on behind him, wrapping her arms around him and clinging to him. "I'm so sorry, Mark. I'm so sorry," she said over and over again. He could feel her small body shaking against him and it broke his heart. He started the bike and drove home. She was still sobbing uncontrollably when he parked the bike in the garage and they got off. She pulled off the helmet and he picked her up and carried her into the house. She clung to him and wouldn't let go when he tried to sit her on the couch. He sat down and held her on his lap. She buried her face in his chest and continued to cry.

"I'm sorry I yelled at you, Calaney," he told her. "I know you've had a tough time tonight."

"No, you can't ever be sorry with me again," she said. "It was my fault. I was just so miserable and so stupid. I can't stand the thought of how stupid I am so I took it out on you. If you hadn't come, Mark; I don't ... I don't know what would have happened. All those guys were going to rape me. Oh, Jesus, they were all going to..." her voice broke into sobs.

He held her an petted her. "It's over now, baby. It's going to be ok."

She sat up and looked at him. "How did you know where I was, Mark?"

"I heard you leave and I followed you to make sure you were ok," he said.

"Why didn't you come and make me leave?' she asked.

"I don't own you, Calaney," he said. "If that was what you wanted, who am I to make you not do anything? You said it; I'm not your father. If you didn't want it, I was going to come get you. I thought you guys were getting ready to leave. I didn't realize for a while what was going on up there."

That made her cry even more. "God, Mark; you're so good to me. You were going to let me do that, even though you hated it?"

"I love you Calaney. I want you to be happy, even if I think it's stupid."

"I won't ever do anything again you think is stupid," she said. "I owe you, Mark. I'll be your slave for the rest of your life."

"No, you won't," he said. "I don't need a slave. You don't owe me anything. I just want a little sister that loves me and trusts me."

"I do love you," she said. "You're just so infuriating sometimes. I trust you too. I know you wouldn't ever do anything you thought was bad for me. I don't care what you say, I still owe you and I'm going to think of ways to start paying you back. Damn, Mark, you were ready to kill those guys for me. I had no idea you loved me that much."

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